Obama Nearly Doubles Commutations in Month

By Alan Korwin

Obama Wants To Ban Guns
Obama Nearly Doubles Commutations in Month
Alan Korwin
Alan Korwin

Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:

USA Today, Gregory Korte — “President Obama announced another 111 commutations, adding on to the 214 he issued weeks ago.

He has used his clemency power more times than the last ten presidents combined, according to the Department of Justice… part of the Obama administration’s two-year old clemency initiative… About a third of Obama’s 673 commutations to date have been for people serving life sentences.

“As successful as we’ve been in reducing crime in this country, the extraordinary rate of incarceration of nonviolent offenders has created its own set of problems that are devastating,” he said. “Entire communities have been ravaged where largely men, but some women, are taken out of those communities. Kids are now growing up without parents. It perpetuates a cycle of poverty and disorder in their lives. It is disproportionately young men of color that are being arrested at higher rates, charged and convicted at higher rates, and imprisoned for longer sentences.”

Those granted shorter sentences Tuesday were convicted of drug offenses for trafficking cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine. But sixteen of the commutations [by Obama] granted Tuesday also included firearms offenses. In his August 4 2016 press conference, he said he’s tried to “screen out” inmates with a propensity for violence.”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Obama of course hasn’t doubled prison releases of criminals, or shortened sentences of criminals, he has a czar organizing this.

The czar has hired an entire department of people to go over the records of criminals to select the criminals to be released. They are highly paid, sitting in well equipped high-security offices with access to everything they could want or need. They are white executives from the suburbs with 2.3 children in private schools and family vans, or since that would be racist, maybe they’re not.

The point is, you don’t know who is poring over the 11,477 records (as of Aug. 11), picking the criminals to be released, and the “news” media isn’t looking, doesn’t care, and isn’t informing the public. You’re lucky they’re even telling you Obama is vastly increasing the numbers of criminals Obama is releasing back into the public, because their sentences are “too harsh.” They didn’t identify what those sentences are, or what the harsh crimes were.

They “reported” it, because Obama announced it, and they are mimics, not reporters.

Apparently in a mental haze, Mr. Obama seems to believe black children are growing up without parents because black drug dealers are arrested in ghettos, overlooking the 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate in black communities, unmentioned in his “news” briefing about releasing criminals. “Kids (‘young men of color’) are now growing up without parents. It perpetuates a cycle of poverty and disorder in their lives,” he said.

The president of color is releasing young prisoners of color, issuing clemency at ten times the historic rate, and no one sees any racism in this?

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President Barack Obama is simply trying to right some wrongs. Long over due, but needed. Again, rather than viewing EVERYTHING through racist, hating eyes, use you brain & memory. The Criminal Justice is broken & corrupt. Over & over again, instances are found of evidence being suppressed & eye witnesses being disallowed to speak, by the prosecution, to make it easier to obtain a conviction; instances where the LEOs clearly lied “under oath” to make it easier to convict someone, etc. Where have some of you people been? Down in some hole where the only outside information comes in via… Read more »

Wild Bill

RR51 = paid by hiLIARy campaign troll, unworthy of a reply.

Mike McAllister

Wild Bill – I just enjoy schooling liberals. I know it like teaching a rock, but you never know one might wake up and see the crap they have been living on is just that CRAP. I enjoy reading your posts and will try RoadRunner51 for a while before I blow him off for the rock he is! Take Care.

Mike McAllister

RidgeRunner51 – What planet are you living on? The DOJ is more corrupt now than ever. Clinton was caught and the FBI and DOJ game her a get out of jail free card. You sight a lot of vague things with not solid evidence, so I assume you have been reading the Huffington Post and the like for your evidence.. Have there been wrongs done yes, but I’ve see more evidence of voter fraud from the Donkeycrats than anything your talking about. Let’s see the last eight years I worked no pay raises because of pussy boy Obama’s policies, He… Read more »


I’d say “flush-it”; but there isn’t a sewer large enough to dispose of this POS-anywhere!


I find that this is just one facet of what should be called the spiteful Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. We have been asked to be tolerant towards this man, and what has he done with that? He’s failed us both domestically and on the world stage, degraded our image, prestige and power, and given away the store to internationally recognized paraiah nations like North Korea, Russia, Iran, and other bad actors. While doing all of this he has spent a fortune on family vacations, golf trips, world tours that he uses to further tarnish the image of the United… Read more »


First term wasn’t enough to finish us off, so the freebee crowd gave him another chance.
You have to admit, he is number one. The number one worst president we have ever had.


And Obama said to the DOC, let my people to


meanwhile more than a dozen patriots are rotting away in solitary confinement in Multnomah County Jail for the “crime” of standing up and protecting unlawful federal control of public lands, and one of those protestors was murdered in the first degree at a well planned and executed highway ambush. These people bore no threat of bodily harm to anyone who obeyed the laws as written, yet are in jail indefinitely. One of them has a bullet still in his arm, which his captors desparately want to remove because it is the ONLY stolid evidence that federal agents fired upon the… Read more »


Visit (black on white crime) at (new nation news.com), still want to give up your second amendment rights?

Mike McAllister

Pussy boy Obama better put one in the drawer for Clinton, she is going to need it when Trump win’s the election!


From The Columbus Dispatch, Jan. 2016: “The man charged with killing an ex-girlfriend and two of her children in a North Side stabbing rampage early on Tuesday likely would have been deep into a 12 1/2-year federal prison sentence if sentencing guidelines for convicted crack dealers had remained unchanged. Wendell L. Callahan, 35, twice benefited from changes in federal sentencing guidelines, which reduced his sentence by a total of more than four years, from the 150 months he was first given in 2007, to 110 months in 2008 including time served, and 100 months in 2011. Columbus police charged Callahan… Read more »


The scumbag wants to take our guns away, while at the same time he turns loose more reasons to carry them.


You got that right Sir.


For the last 7+ years has the ‘Monochrome Coalition’ counted on Obama to recruit more new members?