School Orders Student Who Made Anti-‘Gun Control’ Video to Get Psych Exam

By David Codrea

So are schools supposed to teach children how to grow into free-thinking citizens or compliant inmates? [News 12 New Jersey/Facebook]
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( “A Manville NJ High School senior says that he was ordered to go for a psychological exam after an anti-gun control project he was assigned last year was found on his thumb drive at school,” News 12 New Jersey reports.

“[Frank] Harvey was assigned the project during his junior year for a college career readiness class. He was tasked with putting together a video arguing against gun control laws.”

The teacher doesn’t dispute that – she just tells the family she doesn’t remember giving that assignment. Harvey says he remembers getting an “A.”

That should be easy enough to check on, assuming records are kept. They are, aren’t they?

But say Harvey can’t prove his “innocence”—since when is supporting a Constitutionally-enumerated right cause for questioning mental health?

And why would someone finding a thumb drive not stop at identifying its owner? And just what kind of hysterical “progressive” administrator would then turn around and sic the cops on the kid?

It’s curious—when Ahmed the clock boy brought his device to school, “progressives” all the way up to the president tripped all over themselves condemning the teacher, administrators and police for following official DHS “If you see something say something” protocols. But no devices were found on Harvey – just a video making the case for armed self-defense and presenting political cartoons pointing out the dangerous absurdity of “gun free zones.

The anti-defense zealots are not just against guns, they’re against the idea of guns. And in true Soviet fashion, any who challenge official doctrine become candidates for the gulag under the pretense of “mental health.”

What’s unknown, since Harvey withdrew from Manville rather than subject himself to offensive mandated indignities, is what effect that will have should he later in life wish to actually purchase a gun. Especially if he stays in New Jersey.

This whole sorry episode highlights why gun owners need to be on vigilant guard against eroding the right to keep and bear arms via so-called “mental health” prohibitions – even those proposed by presumed “friendlies.”

What protections will exist to offset politically-connected anti-gun judges, politically-appointed boards, and “expert” adherents of the American Psychiatric Association’s “Position Statement on Firearm Access, Acts of Violence and the Relationship to Mental Illness and Mental Health Services.” It’s fair to ask, because APA includes in its advocacy platform registration-enabling, background checks, “smart” guns, storage requirements, “gun-free” zones, doctor-patient boundary violations, tax-funded anti-gun “studies,” all outside the scope of the training and credentialing of those making these proposals.

Also of interest – or it should be – how will rights be restored when there is no longer a compelling mental health prescription to deny them? What universal appeal mechanism – affordable to all, not just to elites for whom money is no object – will exist to declare a person is once more “eligible” to keep and bear arms? What guarantees are there that the same biases that colored the disability ruling in the first place won’t reassert themselves in the “parole” process? And have we identified psychiatric evaluators, risk management administrators and insurers who will be willing to subject themselves to malpractice liabilities should a person deemed “fit” be misdiagnosed? Or will the pressure be to “err on the side of caution”?

What due process protections equivalent to a jury trial will exist before going after a fundamental right?

There are those in the gun ban camp – no coincidence the crazier ones – who advocate that just wanting a gun is a sign of mental illness. Underlying that, we are portrayed as racist (naturally), impulsive, paranoid, angry, and suffering from “a crisis of confidence.”

There’s a reason why they call us “gun nuts.”

UPDATE: has posted the video that got the school bent out of shape at Harvey over.  Watch it yourself and you’ll see there is absolutely nothing threatening about it, and anyone who believes there is needs that psych evaluation they wanted the kid to submit to.

It also says “an official” from Child Services was sent to the family home.

There’s a lot of “he said/she said” going on, but the bottom line is, if the video on the thumb drive was the cause for school actions, that’s appalling. Regardless if this is a case of school hysteria or a subjective presentation of events,  the public has a right to know what really happened.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Dave from San Antonio

…and some say we don’t have a “police state”. Reminds me of the Stalinists, Maoists and Nazis.


But the way, after the school bureaucrats, the teacher included, have undergone the recommended , and obviously all to appropriate psych examination, they should be permanently barred from ever having any contact with school age children, in any “official” capacity.


How about psych examinations for ALL the school,officials, the teacher included, as it seems that the student was “guilty” of one thing and one thing only, completing some assigned school work.


We are in the midst of an ultra low-intensity civil war. The opposition is not interested in debate, facts, or reasonable argument. They are interested in victory, and the sooner we stop pandering to their non-existent good nature, the better. We have to match or exceed their intensity, while being fully aware that they will alternate between bullying us one minute and playing the frightened victim the next. They prey on our bourgeois desire to want to be liked and to be seen as reasonable. Understand that we have a fight on our hands, and that we should also seek… Read more »


Well the post by “trumped” trumped my recent post, which probably won’t be edited for publication anyway, so I will simply add that it is easy to play “armchair” politics and it is quite another effort to take the needed information and DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Nobody here can make any changes in that school district but the superintendent or the principal or any of the school board members CAN and should take this incident and do the responsible thing that any of them were put in their position to do, get the the raw real FACTS of the matter… Read more »


Y’all are asking many questions and making many comments but how many of you have tried to use your common sense and do a simple Google search on any of the school identifiers such as address, superintendent’s name, email address, website, should I go on??? I found, on the very first hit on the very first search, this information: The super’s name is Anne Facendo. The school’s snail mail address is: Manville School District Schools 410 Brooks Blvd. Manville, NJ 08835 The school’s website is up there on the 1st find. (Minus the slashes and the “superintendent”, for those… Read more »


Dr. James Brunn
Manville High School
Phone: (908) 231-8500 x6806
Voicemail: (908) 280-3000 x8507
[email protected]

Anne R. Facendo
Superintendent of Schools
Central Office
Phone: (908) 231-8500 x8545
Voicemail: (908) 280-3000 x8545
[email protected]

The Gottfried teacher has her number and email removed from the website.

Wayne Clark

What I would like to see is a follow up story on if anything was actually done. There are all these recommendations for what SHOULD be done (& some great ones I might add) but it’s all just gum flapping if nothing is done. It pisses me of too & I could give my two cent oplinion but if nothing is pressed, it will never change a damn thing.
Follow up Ammoland & not just incite anger!


The irony with Manville N J . schools suspending a student for a Pro Gun report is they have just shown all their students what dictatorship and state censorship looks like. By doing so , the school underscores the Founders intent behind The Second Amendment. — Most excellent jobs Komrade teachers.


This is another example of why no one should send their kids to government schools.


I remember an assignment I received in an undergraduate Social Psychology class that required me to give a class presentation supporting the NAZIs. We were studying Leon Festinger’s concept of “Cognitive Dissonance” ( a very widely misunderstood concept and an equally widely misapplied label these days). Had school officials reacted this way to my presentation, I’d have been forced to either drop out of school or undergo an unwarranted psych eval, as a consequence of carrying out a required class assignment. Nevertheless, whether or not the video was made for a class assignment is actually irrelevant. There is nothing in… Read more »


Communism at it’s finest, still think we live in a free country ?


We edge closer every day to
The masses are being dumped down at every turn, via school, media, and those in powered to protect our rights.


I would like to encourage the mother of this student to file both criminal and civil complaints against the teacher, Principal, School District, etc. for a KNOWING, OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW. References: Criminal 18 USC Sections 241, 242 Civil: 42 USC Sections 1983, 1985, 1986 Use the 14th Amendment to “pierce” any claim of “qualified immunity” which they may raise and use 18 USC SEction 4 to obtain the cooperation of the US Attorney for the district, and other high ranking officials if necessary, to actually bring the criminal complaint since they… Read more »

Pistol Pete

I would not go but I would file a law suite against the school, the teacher, and the school district and the person or person that said I had to go

Shawn Alexandre Grammont

This is bullsh*t and absurd.


I recommend lots of phone calls to the school.

Kevin McGonigal

I understand that the student has withdrawn from the school and is now on home instruction. This makes it difficult to pursue legal action but, clearly, this is a matter for the ACLU. Has anyone contacted them about this?


NJCLU think there’s only 9 amendments in the Bill of Rights.


I understand that the student has withdrawn from school and is on home instruction which make it hard to pursue legal action but, clearly, this is a matter for the ACLU. Has anyone contacted them on this?


The aclu will not represent this guy he is not a black man, there are people that will represent him though and those places have a moist excellent record, organizations like Liberty law and a few others. This is a fellow that can file a rather large lawsuit, what was done is called invasion of privacy and a few other things as well, what was done is also a felony.

Matt Bracken

Welcome to the USSA, comrades!


Nothing that happens in The Peoples Republic of New Jersey should surprise you.

Jacob M. Opperman

One of the damn things I don’t get is how the hell can a school system demand any student get any kind of a psych eval. The way I see it is they over stepped them selves and if I had a child in that system I would pulling them out so fast that the dollar sign would fly for a month. I now understand why a lot of parents are now home schooling there children. School systems are going to far and have way to much power any more. I am glad I do not have any school age… Read more »


It’s getting scarier and scarier to live in a country that is dominated by the PC worshipers…the US is still the best country in the world…but is rapidly losing ground as far as our American Bill of Rights is concerned…with neither the Democrats nor the GOP seemingly not to care.

Jim Macklin

An obvious first step to restore or better, prevent some legal procedure, a commitment for a mental EVALUATION, no disability, restriction or prohibition should be applied unless and until the doctors [plural] who examine a person complete a study and make a valid and verified diagnosis that warrants further legal action. Also any person needs to be able to present their own doctors and be represented by an attorney. A recent story about a Michigan man who was denied, without any of the above protection was just recently reported. As for NJ and IL, even nin states such as AZ… Read more »

Jeff Hoser

Pretty much par for hoplophobic NJ, I’d say. I filed away my NJ teaching license circa 1975 when it became apparent NJEA was “influencing” local school boards to give preference to the products of NJ colleges with degrees in education over “outsiders” with subject matter majors. And there’s certainly some serious issues raised by the unauthorized access of his personal “papers and documents”. But he unfortunately resides in the “peoples democratic republic of New Jersey” where the U.S. Constitution is more history than fact. Like you and others here, I hope the young man’s stalwart stance for his rights won’t… Read more »


or emigrate to another state which have a better track record of protecting the rights guaranteed us all.

Ken Simon

NO! Let those that don’t want to live under our laws leave, we just need to work to have our laws observed. Ken Simon


Yeah but your school staff DO NOT GO BY THE LAWS!! Are they above the law?? It sure seems so. What kind of f*cking laws do you have their in NEW JOISEY??? I guess the law makers and officials can break the laws any time they want?? Frank Harvey is NOT the one who needs psychological evaluation! It is all you anti-gun-NUTS!!


Maybe New Jersey should be THROWN OUT OF THE UNION! It is too darn unconstitutional and if the state is making the U.S. Constitution “history” it is time to throw somebody in prison or do something else! I woundn’t move there for a million dollars.


Good on the family for telling the sKool to pound sand. Harassment continues however as ” child services ” was sent to the home as well. Sadly it’s not new, Jay Seckulow at American Center For Law And Justice has been winning these battles for many years. School will pay some kind of restitution unless it reverses itself.


I hope the school pays millions for this crime! Whew! I am pissed off! New Jersey could be guilty for defying the Constitution. I would like to put that damned school through more hell than one could imagine and drag it through the dirt till those damned teachers and staff are begging and praying for mercy. And I want to see them FIRED WITHOUT SEVERANCE PAY! I have had f*ck(ng enough of this DECEPTIVE ANTI-GUN CRIME ! !

Woody W Woodward

School administrators want classroom teachers and coaches to teach student inmates what to think, not how to think. For years now students are expected to leave high school – – as well as many colleges – – ready to become willing uncomplaining workers and/or cannon fodder.


That is why public schools and now colleges are NOW referred to as indoctrination centers. “Students” after they leave there, and go out into the world, are NOW fully indoctrinated obedient COMMUNISTS ready to be manipulated any way the “elites” want them to be.


The person that accessed the thumb drive committed a crime in Florida, someone better read F.S.S. 815.06(2)(a) and it is a third degree Felony. So I hate to see the young man have to undergo an exam for a school ordered project, and when a person commits a felony to access that thumb drive. I investigated computer crimes for more than 11 years here in FLorida. Accessing any data storage device without the permission of the owner is a felony. I don’t know who the police department is that has jurisdiction over that school but since a felony has been… Read more »


CWagoner- unfortunately this apparently happened In Noo Joisee – may or may not be a crime there. In fact, in keeping with increasing gummint over reach, the person who accessed the drive probably got some sort of award.


They have the same thing: 2C:20-23, A person is guilty of computer criminal activity if the person purposely or knowingly and without authorization, or in excess of authorization:

Accesses any data, data base, computer storage medium, computer program, computer software, computer equipment, computer, computer system or computer network; Punishment – Crime of 3rd Degree – 3-5 yrs. prison

Daniel Brofford

Good job cwagoner. I wonder who we email of write to demanding that something be done to the person that got into his thumb drive and also to let the school know that we know they are wrong in the way they treated this young man.

Dave Davison

Couldn’t someone file a mandamus action to force the local police to arrest the person who committed the felony?


I agree and I would like to see that whole school CLOSED DOWN for the FELONIES which the staff their committed against our innocent student who finished his assignment! Goodness this stuff really pisses me off. THE DAMNED ANTI-GUNNERS ARE THE MOST WHO SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE WEAPONS.


It is time to bombard the school system with calls and emails. There is nothing a government bureaucrat hates more than being held accountable and having to answer for their actions.


I ever so strongly agree with you, but what I would really like to see, is if enough of us can start up a civil petition or some sort of class action deal, because I really truly would like to see that damn school staff get the dickens sued out of them. They severely abused their position of power and put the kid through unusual torment, and endagnered his rights in the future. They throw their anti-gun weight around, abusing their powers while they do not want us to have the power to protect ourselves. THEY are the ones who… Read more »


Very well said, where do I sign?