Trying To Kill Each Other & The Impending Election

By Major Van Harl

Ammunition Hoarding
Ammo is cheap and plentiful for a few more weeks before the election, you should stock up.
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-( One of my pre-Revolutionary War grandfathers was a Horton from Long Island, New York.

Many of his direct descendants with that surname were in Iowa when the Civil War broke out. Three brothers from Muscatine, Iowa joined the Union Army, Charles, James and Edwin. Lt. James L. Horton became an officer in the 8th Iowa Cavalry.

In August of 1864 the 8th Iowa Cavalry was with Sherman on his march to Atlanta, Georgia. As the Confederates were being pushed out of Atlanta, they fell back to Lovejoy’s Station, which was a major supply depot.

Sherman wanted it destroyed and this turned into the last win for the Confederates on the battlefield in the Civil War.

Young Lt. Horton had just taken command of his unit.

On the morning of 20 August, in a rush to arms, he grabbed one of his Sergeant’s jackets and rode off into battle. Lt. Horton was killed that day.

Artillery Grapeshot is substitute the large cannon ball for a cloth packet of small rifle balls.
Artillery Grapeshot is substitute the large cannon ball for a cloth packet of small rifle balls.

He was wounded so many times that he either took a volley of rifle fire or was the victim of artillery grape shot.

Grape shot is where you substitute the large cannon ball for a cloth packet of small rifle balls. When the bag is fired into a crowd of men, it opens up, spreads out and works like a giant shotgun. It is extremely nasty stuff and to this day the military still uses a form of grape shot.

Lt. Horton’s body was not really recognizable, but his men knew it was him and they buried their young leader at Lovejoy’s Station.

In 1866 James’ two brothers drove a horse and wagon team from Muscatine, Iowa to Lovejoy’s Station to remove his body from the battlefield grave site and return it to Iowa. On the Iowa State Civil War Monument there is a statue of Lt. James Horton representing the cavalrymen of that state. The family was never really sure it was James they buried until years later at a reunion of the 8th Iowa Cavalry. The Sergeant whose jacket James had mistakenly put on that morning of his death was there to tell the family the story. With sadness the Horton family was relieved.

Several years ago I got a phone call from a man named Hord. He had the pistol his Civil War grandfather had carried and wanted some information on restoring the handgun. We had such an enjoyable time speaking on the phone that we met for lunch later that week. Mr. Hord’s grandfather was in the First Texas Light Artillery known as the Douglas Artillery. It was the only Texas artillery unit to fight east of the Mississippi River. My civil war grandfather Private George Bennett (on my mother’s side) was in the 24th Indiana Light Artillery. The 24th Indiana and the Douglas Artillery were in multiple engagements, facing off against each other from 1863 to 1865.

On 20 August 1864, the 24th Indiana Light Artillery, the Douglas Texas Artillery and the 8th Iowa Cavalry were all at Lovejoy’s Station. There is a good chance that Lt. Horton was killed by canon grape shot, but from whose canon? The battlefield was very fluid and mistakes were made on both sides as to who they were firing at. It was a running gun battle with artillery firing and then moving quickly to a new location to fire again. Artillery units were firing counter battery fire at each other, as well as troops in the open.

Mr. Hord’s grandfather was trying to kill my grandfather, and my grandfather Bennett was trying to kill Sergeant Tom Hord. In the process my distant relative Lt. Horton was killed. I can only assume if a Hord had killed a Bennett or the other way round at Lovejoy’s Station, I would not have been having a very enjoyable lunch that day. One of us would not have been there.

So what, this is old history? The word is secession.

That was what the eleven southern states did when they left the Union in 1861. Secession is a word I see all too often in today’s communication. Texas and secession appear more and more on the internet.

You can laugh it off at first but it really is not funny.

The above story was only a small part of my families’ involvement in the Civil War. I had Union and Confederate members fighting on the maternal and paternal sides of my family. I am not sure all the wounds of our last Civil War have completely healed.

With the current political climate and our upcoming election I continue to hear the word secession. I, for one, find it sadly funny as people on both sides say if the other person wins “I am moving to Canada.” I have lots of relatives up there and the Canadians do not really want us to move en masse to their country and bring all of our problems with us.

I do not envision States against States and new borders drawn up like back in 1861, but I do believe there will be an increase in pockets of violence and opportunity driven crime.

Fifteen minutes after Obama was declared the winner of his re-election four years ago the phones were ringing off the hooks at the ammunition selling websites. The retail ammo sales went through the roof in hours and stayed there for over two years.

22LR ammunition was nowhere to be found and to this day there is still a shortage.

If you are planning on getting a new firearm for yourself this Christmas I suggest you get your holiday shopping done before the November election.

If “she” is not elected then you simple have beat the Christmas retail rush this year. If “she” is elected and you did not make that purchase, you will be standing in line behind many a desperate and, yes perhaps foolish, potential new, want-to-be gun owner, who will be feverishly trying to buy anything left on the shelf.

Am I using scare tactics and trying to incite panic in the uninformed, and desperately tardy firearms buying consumer base, I truly do not believe so?

Secession is ugly and civil war is even uglier. Be advised the Department of Defense still has grape shot for their artillery in the form of flechettes–known as beehive rounds and they are the ugliest.

Secession is ugly, but long before that ever happened in 1861 there were many a dead American who died at the hands of his fellow American. Died because of politically driven violence, and the fact that so many average citizens were improperly armed and unprepared to defend from evil coming to their door step.

You must ask yourself, can you delay evil?

The Italian banks are about to crash and Italy will most likely leave the Euro, hoping to get out before the entire EU crashes. We in the US are fixing to have a lame-duck in the Whitehouse who cannot or more sadly will not make the right defense decisions to protect this nations. And now, Putin has orders all the non-essential Russian citizens home ASAP.

If you are Russian and living or even studying outside of mother Russian you are expected to get on a plane and get home now. Do not wait until the end of the school semester. This is what the Germans did just prior to invading Poland.

Putin was counting on $100 a barrel oil for years-to-come to pay for the re-arming of the Red army. Oil is not going to get much better for Putin, so why wait. If the EU is going to crash and the US is going to be rudderless for the foreseeable future, then why not act now if you are Russia? You are going to do it anyway.

The minute you hear that Russian planes have landed in bulk on Swedish soil, it will have started.

Suggestion, go to Wal-Mart , buy some fresh ammo and lots of Twinkles (they have a long shelf life).

Ammo is cheap and plentiful for a few more weeks.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

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About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

  • 21 thoughts on “Trying To Kill Each Other & The Impending Election

    1. Grapeshot really? Does he think the new civil war will be set piece battles in echelon like during the first Civil War? Does he expect a second Picket’s Charge. No. Think Vietnam and you will have the next Civil War. Oddly enough, It will be a lot like the original Red Dawn only the nonseceding would play the role of the invading Russians. Also note that most firearms, cannon, and aircraft manufacturers are located in states that would be prone to do such a secession. Forming a new country is not desirable though and would play into certain globalists hands. Henry Kissinger himself said that a strong America is all that stands in the way of their One World Dictatorship. No, if there must be a war, let it be a war of restoration to restore the constitution as the law of the land. Most of this war can be fought by simply only electing people you know and trust to congress and then to presidency. Only when the Jack boots come do we need a resistance movement to liberate the country.

    2. Better to Die Fighting on Your Feet than to Live as a Slave on Your Knees.

      Best of all is not to Die Fighting and win the War.

      But Alas, tis Better for me to fight than my Children and Grandchildren.

    3. Those of us here who know our world history, IMHO, have to decide what our roles will be in the coming chaos and beyond. Initially, this may be as cataclysmic as nukes flying everywhere. In the following several years, if that is the case, there will be abject devastation but probably not everywhere.

      Including myself and two of my sons, both sides of my family have served since ww1. We all took the same oath to protect and defend. Not the government, not the politicians and not a flag but the constitution of the United States. The concept of individual freedoms that can stand and thrive only if each individual respects those rights granted under natures law by natures God.
      I will follow that. I will, if not caught up in the massacre, be a part of the re-boot that is surely coming. Those of us who know our history have an obligation to hold on to it and pass it on to those who will truly need it’s guidance. I will fight! Then I will teach. I believe we owe that to our children and progeny.

    4. Pretty good article…right up until Major Van Harl tried to put the blame for the approaching danger of WWIII on Russia. But, what else could we expect from a career soldier? Ooh-rah!! Yada, yada, yada. More warmongering, Neo-Con propaganda.

      Major General Smedley Butler (1881-1940), USMC, double-recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and author of “War is a Racket”, stated:

      “I spent 33 years and 4 months in active service as a member of our country’s most agile military force–the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was part of a racket all the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service.”

      Some things never change. The U.S. is collapsing economically…slow-motion for the time being. Like Rome…and every other dying empire throughout history…we are thrashing about in animated death throes and threatening to take the rest of the world with us as we descend to 3rd-world status and chaos in the streets.

      There isn’t enough room here to educate the simple-minded knuckle-draggers about every foreign policy hotspot around the globe. But, the vast majority of the problems around the world have been instigated by Mordor-on-the-Potomac in Washington, D.C.

      One brief example currently topping the list – Syria. The U.S. and its allies have been arming and funding Al Qaida terrorists all over the Middle East…most recently, in Syria. Yes, the alleged flea-picking masterminds behind 9/11. Additionally, so-called U.S. allies in the Middle East…think Saudi Arabia and Qatar (and others no doubt)…have been funding and arming ISIS…from its inception…with our knowledge and tacit blessing, no doubt.

      So…all you flag-wrapped football fans…when the nukes start flying…and all your preps and your families are going up in nuclear mushroom clouds “from sea to shining sea”…blame yourselves for not “looking behind the curtain” to see who your real executioners are (they will all be safely underground in F*USA in fallout shelters for D.C. VIPs only)…and for not following Thomas Jefferson’s timeless admonition to “refresh the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike” from time to time.

    5. The balkanization of the United States is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

      Major Harl’s sub positions in this article ring rather true: economically, neither the United States nor the EU can stand on our own two feet anymore!

      Politically, United States is even more divided now than we were in 1860. There is no room for compromise, because the Left is utterly and completely in control of the Democrat Party and is socialist in the Marxist sense, to its very core. Marxists despise capitalism, and capitalism is the core Doctrine of what remains of the GOP (sans RINO’S) and of at least 50% of average Americans.

      This is why compromise cannot be had.

      The Left in America literally believes that conservatives are inherently evil, truly evil, monsters.
      There can be no compromise with evil. The Left also despises the Constitution: the Constitution stipulates that the right of the individual almost always supersedes the right of the government.

      The Left of course, believes that government is the answer to all problems and it is only individuals who are the problem: the collective is the Premier ideal.

      There is therefore, literally no room politically for either side to compromise: one side Must Destroy the other one way or the other!

      As a side note, the War Between the States was never truly a civil war in the classic sense: the South did not want to invade the North and Conquer it. The South simply wanted to be its own Nation, live by its own laws, and to be left alone by the North.

      The problems today politically speaking, are far more complex now than then: today we are more balkanized politically, the Left Coast is all blue, the other states overwhelmingly until you hit the Great Lakes are basically Red, with Colorado still trying to figure out which color it is.

      Then it’s Red generally speaking, until you hit the Northeast and actually from Virginia to Maine for the coast states: then it’s all Blue.

      The bottom line politically, is that one side must win and one side must lose, and the resolution cannot be accomplished politically, because the Left no longer believes in Fair and Honest elections. The Left no longer believes that only Americans should be able to vote in American elections: they want any vote that will be their’s, forget about legality.

      Violent, horrific, destructive, Civil War is the only answer that is available to us, to resolve the outstanding issues facing us all.

      The biggest issues as to who will win and who will lose, is where the US military comes down on all of this, how the States’ National Guard Commanders come down on the politics, and for both the US Military proper and the National Guard units’, how the Officer Corps comes down on these issues.

      The issue of whether to remain loyal to the Constitution, or to individual politicians, and to the political platforms of those politicians, will be the question that all those officers will have to face and answer.

      The same question must be answered by all sheriffs in the country, why are police chief’s, by all mayors, City council’s, County council’s, and every state legislature in the nation.

      This is the level of complexity that is now facing us.

      I believe Hillary Clinton will win by both hook and crook: this election will see the greatest number of Dead People voting Democrat in the history of the American electoral process. Same kind of volume for the Illegal Alien Vote and the Felon Vote.

      Our nation has had a pretty good run, historically speaking. However, all nations descend into chaos at some point, because at least half its citizens no longer believed in the core values upon which the nation was founded.

      We’re at that point now, and it’s just our turn at bat.

    6. RonH – This is what liberals always do. If they can’t fight it on it’s face they try to make it look bad!

    7. Did you ever notice that when an article is published in social media that is conservative or patriotic in nature, how the paid Trolls attack it like a pack of starving hyenas?

    8. Fomenting anarchy in America is the only way those on the ‘Left’ can achieve the “Hope and Change” they really desire!

      1. You say Anarchy, you mean chaos. Anarchy is the only thing that will save humanity.
        Relying on Government to fix the problem they’ve created isn’t the solution.

        1. Anarchy or chaos your post only proves you’ve never been in the middle of either. If you’re a Libertarian maybe you should move to Yemen? There’s neither law or government there. A Libertarian Paradise. LOL

          1. The Government using your money in order to steal more money from you seems like a much better idea. Let me know how that works out for you.
            Every problem in the world is either caused by Government or religion. I’m sure Yemen would be a lovely place to live in the absence of both.
            Maybe you should move to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where flag worship is mandatory and everyone loves the Government. A statist paradise…

            1. no problem caused by religion.. but by government using religion as a tool to dominate by just one more means. “Religion” itself is so personal it cannot be a means of control unless abused by those “in authority>

              talking about anarchy.. how’s this….
              “the head of every man is Christ”. no earthly central control. The truest form of anarchy….. every man doing what is right…. per the commands and direction of Christ. THAT would work. But its never been tried.

            2. @Lysander Spooner – Whatever gave you the idea I’m for “The Government using your/my money in order to steal more money”? “A statist paradise”, is the Obama, Clinton, and Democratic Party ‘wet dream’!

    9. Major,
      Who is the “lame duck” in the White House you are talking about? Hillary Clinton?

      If you’re speaking about Trump, it just shows what a tool of the establishment you have become.

      You have already spoken so much BS previously on this channel, with all your pro-New World Order nonsense, that I would not be surprised you are on here talking your crap, once again.

      1. Ummm, Harry, just to let you know, neither HRC nor DJT qualifies for lame duck status. Websters dictionary defines it as: ‘an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor’; ‘an elected official whose time in an office or position will soon end’ I believe the Major was talking about BHO. PS…I have no argument with anything in this article…he doesn’t say when, he says if…big difference…if we would get into a war with Russia, extra ammo and Twinkies will be the least of our problems. More likely there will be a run and price spike on ammo if HRC is elected. Buying so called ‘cheap’ ammo (.22LR was .04-.05c/rd. before BHO) now, is simply hedging your bet. PPS…LOVED the Civil War story
        …my ancestors were PA & LA Inf. and NY Cav., although I don’t have any good stories about their service time.

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