CCDL Response to Mayor Boughton Gubernatorial Exploratory Committee

Mark Boughton was a member of the gun control group "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"
Mark Boughton was a member of the gun control group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”
Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Connecticut Citizens Defense League

Groton, CT-( The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest gun rights organization) release the following statement after Danbury mayor Mark Boughton announced the creation of an exploratory committee for the governor’s seat in 2018.

Statement from CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“Mark Boughton was a member of the gun control group ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’. The Mayor also made several public statements about recently passed anti-gun laws that were very troubling to gun owners in Connecticut”

Mayor Boughton did finally severe his affiliation with MAIG towards the end of his last gubernatorial campaign because his being associated with gun control hurt his campaign. As far as CCDL can tell, there has been no outreach or attempt by the mayor to mend any fences. We must assume his position hasn’t changed in the last few years.

We hope that the mayor of Danbury is aware that gun owners do vote, and they do not forget.”

Wilson also stated:

“It would be an extremely difficult hurdle for any candidate to overcome a prior platform position that included gun control in a statewide election. Mayor Boughton would not just be campaigning in Danbury, but across the entire state”.

About the CCDL:

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 25,000 members from across the state.

Thanks to this large supportive base, the CCDL has become a fixture at the state capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit:

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Ugh, I am so tired of the expression “illegal guns”. A gun in and of itself cannot be illegal, it cannot commit a criminal act or perform any other function either legal or illegal. It takes a human using a legally manufactured weapon and using it in an illegal manner that now becomes the illegal act. Someone please get it right!


Right you are…. but truth nor reality have aught to do with Bloomburg’s version of reality. He should be behind bars for conspiring to deny millions their God-given rights. But, he chose that name carefully, “Mayrs against Illegal Guns”. One “benefits” in his twisted mind is the frequent association of the two words “illegal” and “guns”. He is that devious, and relies on the massed ignorati to swallow his bitter pill whole. Thinking people would immediately ask “well, what mayor would NOT be against guns that are illegally possessed or used?”. And further “what law abiding citizen would not be… Read more »


If this years election is any indication of where Connecticut stands on gun control, one must look at the statewide and national results. Although gains have been made in the Conn. House and Senate, it is still short of having a pro-gun majority that can modify or repeal the current oppressive gun law hastily put in place by the Democrat majority and signed by Malloy. The Conn. representatives and Senator Blumenthal, Democrat all liberals and stanch anti-gun politicians were sent back to Washington by the voters of the state. This in itself does not bode well for the future of… Read more »


Like almost every politician who ever ran for office, this guy will change colors in an instant to get the vote and then go on with his agenda. Hopefully voters will see through this.


Putting ‘Lipstick on a Pig’ doesn’t work anymore, it never should have.