How Bulletproof are BulletSafe’s Plates? Great Plates at a Great Price

BulletSafe Strike Face bullirproof plates
BulletSafe bulletproof plates
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USA ( Our business is doing really well because we are focused on one thing, providing great protection at a great price.

$169 ($122 wholesale) is a great deal for our level IV ICW plate and $299 ($222 wholesale) is a great value for our ultralight level III plate.

You see more information about our plates online.

BulletSafe now has over 250 (and growing) dealers nationwide.

Feel free to call myself of Jennifer at 1-248-457-6877 if you have any questions.

About BulletSafe: is operated by PriveCo Inc. We have been in business since 1998 and we operate out of our office and warehouse in Troy, Michigan. PriveCo owns and operates a number of medium-small retail websites that sell items that are difficult to ask for in person. Inexpensive Bullet Proof Vests seemed like a good retail venture for the company and we are happy to put our support team and expertise to use in getting you great products at an unbeatable price.

For more information, please visit

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Dave in Fairfax

NIJ Level IV armor is rated to stand up to a SINGLE round of 30–06 caliber AP (APM2) with a velocity of 2,850 ft/s or less. Testing it against 5.56 is meaningless. Ceramic armor fractures to absorb the impact as opposed to steel which fragments the round. That is why ceramic is not rated as multi-strike. It’s nice that this is multi-strike capable for a different round, but you can buy steel, which weighs more, and stands up to multiple .30-06 AP for LESS than $100 for TWO plates. No, they don’t float, but they’ve “got your back” as well… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

The prices are cheap for ceramic and plastic plates. It’s about the performance you should expect from them. Steel does better but the weight is the tradeoff.
One thing not mentioned is do their plastic plates float?

HMLA-167 Warrior

it isn’t “bulletproof” and when a company uses that phrase I have very little confidence in their products as they are either scamming the ill-informed or are themselves I’ll-informed. The video goes on to show exactly how un-bulletproof these plates actually are.

Not impressed.


Considering my issue $700 Safariland won’t stop one (1) .223 I would say it is pretty impressive.


3 hits in exactly the same place with the 4th penetrating. Multi-hit ceramic plates can take lots of hits spread over the plate. 4 shots in exactly the same spot to penetrate? That is how ceramic plates work. They fragment at the impact spot.

If you want something that will take hundreds of rounds to the same spot, buy steel. The trade off is weight.