The Lawman’s Code!

By John Farnam

Say No to Empty Gun Holsters
The Lawman’s Code!
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The Lawman came with the sun.
There was a job to be done.
And so they sent for the badge and the gun
Of the Lawman.

And, as he silently rode,
Where evil violently flowed,
They knew he’d live or he’d die by the Code
Of the Lawman.

A man who rides all alone
And all that he’ll ever own,
Is just a badge and a gun, and he’s known
As the Lawman” ~ Theme from “The Lawman” TV series, from 1958-1962, starring Dan Russell

The foregoing put into words the ideal that persuaded me that I was born to be a cop! That is the image that I aspired to. “Lawman” was the title I bore with a fierce pride, and still do!

Those principles of personal honor and duty are now obsolete, I’m told by liberal friends. They’re all dying, and I’m sure I’ll die with them!

Illustrated by the events of 23 Sept 16 in Washington State:

An elected “sheriff” found himself unarmed and unable to protect himself, his wife, and five other innocent citizens who were shot to death, in his presence, at a shopping mall, by a Turkish-born murderer.

This “sheriff” wasn’t carrying a gun that day, and thus found himself every bit as helpless as the rest of the herd of clueless sheep wandering about the mall.

In the aftermath, our “sheriff” pathetically bleated:

“I wish that I had been armed and proactively done something…”

Yes sheriff, don’t we all. Our “sheepdog” was asleep at the switch!

But, like all self-righteous hypocrites, he now is doing his best to “ justify” his personal cowardice and incompetence.

He is a disgrace to our profession, and our Code!

He should resign in shame and go back to eating grass, but in our “enlightened” era, he’ll be praised by our liberal, gun-hating media.

For those few sheepdogs among us who still take our oath and Code seriously, going armed is not an “option.” It is a way of life.

Lawman” is not what we do.

It is what we are!


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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I carry a SIG1911 OF COURSE a .45 acp under my left arm in a shoulder holster. A SIG P-229 .40 S&W under my right arm, Both have extra Rd mags in them along with 2 extra mags. AND!!! A .357MAG W/ 2″ BARREL IN A ANKLE HOLSTER ON MY RIGHT LEG. THIS IS MY E.D.C!!! SIGN’S OR NO SIGN’S, IF U DON’T!!! TELL ANYONE I USUALLY WALK RIGHT IN AND NO ONE’S THE WISER.(don’t ask, don’t tell) I’VE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 9/11, I LIVE NORTH OF D-ROIT””(DETROIT) AND THE LARGEST ***TOWELHEAD, SAND NIGGE$#, CAMEL JOCKEYS, POP. NEXT TO… Read more »


100% right Brother.

Gordon Smith

As I read the other post two things came to mind. It may, or may not a common thought but have we not worn out “Judged by 12 rather tan be carried by 6? I’m just asking; no opinion. Secondly (and final) I have been carrying since I was 25 I am now 68. I carried before it was lawful. No one can tell me that all the people that carry get enough practice and the practice they partake of has no ken to what will happen the split second you have to pull out the weapon, or not. Too… Read more »


Guess my first post didn’t post. But if your carry concealed and do it right no one should know that you have one even in a gun free zone. When I lived in Massachusetts, I was able to go in most courts with it or they provided a lock box. Now that I live in the free Republic of Texas there is a lot less nonsense about carrying. But there are still places where you cannot carry open but concealed and places where you cannot carry at all. But then again if it’s well concealed………………….. BTW wholefoods is one of… Read more »


Forgot to add, I am retired law enforcement.


IF you keep it concealed well enough no one knows you have it. I’ve been allowed to carry in courts in of all places Massachusetts. I live in Texas now but there are still businesses that don’t allow carry at all. I would rather take my chances with a jury of twelve then be carried by six.

Manuel Reyna Jr

There have been many people that have died on the phone with 911, because the police didn’t get there on time. There have been many battered ex-girl friend, wives etc. that were killed with a protective order in their hands who also called 911 because police did not arrive in time. Police can not be sued for not protecting you it’s already established that it’s not there responsibility to protect you, the individual,l but society as a whole, That only leaves you the individual to protect you, and ladies instead of a protective order in your hand or a phone… Read more »


The “ANTI-GUN” policy of the VA pisses me off because it makes me a helpless victim;
Thanks you woman molesting , rapist Bil lClinton.


Sometimes I leave the house without my pistol. I turn around as soon as possible and go back and get it!

Witold Pilecki

Except for the secured area of airports, court houses, and any other facility where you have to pass through a metal detector, I carry. Most of those have armed security at the entrance, so although I would prefer to be armed, it is better than nothing. There are no other “Gun Free Death Zones” in my world, because I carry EVERYWHERE. My firearm, secured in my concealed holster, is known only to me, and does not pose a danger to anyone. Except of course, those that would try to do harm to myself and others. I will deal with the… Read more »

VT Patriot

A good friend of mine in the US Army returned home after Malloy had banned most semi’s. Upon getting home from a deployment in the ME, he discovered he was a felon for not turning in his ‘semis’ on time.
Not a happy camper.


John Russel played the Sheriff on Lawman, not Dan Russel.


!00% correct… AWESOME SHOW ! He was also in Pale Rider as the bad sheriff. Great actor and bad guy for a Clint Eastwood movie.


And he portrayed Bloody Bill Anderson in Outlaw Josie Wales.


Also in John Wayne movie “Rio Lobo”

Michael A. Hall

Mick, You are absolutely right Pal. It is John not Dan. I was fortunate enough to sit with Mr. Russell at the dinner table at a Golden Boot Awards function. I was working for Colt at the time and we were donating an engraved SAA for auction. Mr Russell was very sick at the time but was a gentleman and fondled that Colt several times while sitting there. I was able to get his autograph on my program along with Peter Brown, ( Russell’s sidekick) Jock Mahoney and Guy Madison. That gun came out of the box a lot that… Read more »


I have nightmares about needing my pistol and not having it and I try to never go anywhere where I can’t legally carry.

The biggest problem is my company won’t even let me keep my pistol in the car in their parking lot so I am disarmed much of the day on the way to and from work and on most errands on the way home.

I need to find a job that is more supportive of the 2nd ammendment.

Gees Mill

That is unfortunate War Eagle. In the state where I live (New Mexico) my vehicle is an extension of my home. My employer also says we are prohibited from having weapons in personal vehicles, but the State Supreme Court ruled that employers are unable to dictate weapons in vehicles as they are an extension of our homes. The signs are still up, but at the annual workplace violence talk there is no longer talk about firearms in vehicles. Everything really changed after San Bernadino, when upper management admitted that the only person responsible for our safety is us. They even… Read more »


My employer also changed after San Bernardino. We now have Active Shooter Training. If I recall correctly, we are to barricade ourselves. And as a last resort, use chairs or fire extinguishers to defend ourselves. Don’t rightly recall. I suppose the AS training didn’t take.


“Gun Holsters” – Isn’t that a veiled reference to Hillary’s thighs?