ISRA Addresses Monday’s Ohio State University On-Campus Attack

Ohio State Attacker's Car
Ohio State Attacker’s Car
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

USA -( On Monday, a person of Somali origin attacked people with a vehicle and butcher knife on the Ohio State University (OSU) campus. He took a chapter right out of the ISIS play book.

Not surprisingly, the perpetrator had recently spent time in Pakistan. Also, not surprising, no one noticed, or if they did, they didn’t care.

The perp had also posted rantings on Facebook and once again, no one noticed or cared.

The media, police and the usual assortment of talking heads are trying to figure out if this was an act of terrorism. Well duh! From my vantage point, from somewhere in the basket of deplorables, it seems pretty clear that it was.

I can also tell you there will be more of these attacks. Suppose an Ohio coal miner went into the rather large Somali community around Columbus, Ohio, where this guy lived, and did the same thing to them.

How long do you think the media, police and the talking heads would take to call that terrorism?

Fortunately, there was an armed good guy there to stop the impending carnage – something that the anti-gun cupcakes are having trouble digesting. Of course, OSU has no campus carry, but that will undoubtedly be discussed.

Texas recently passed open carry on college campuses, which will give people like the Somali nut job something to think about if they try such activities there. OSU immediately instituted their “Run, Hide, Fight” strategy. Suppose you aren’t so good at running and hiding?

You are now down to the fighting option and there you are facing one or two people with knives or machetes. What do have to fight with?

Not such a hot prospect without a gun. Not too good with a gun, but at least you have a chance, a really good chance if you have been training.

Situations should show you that things can happen anywhere, anytime, which is why concealed carry numbers continue to rise. For those who have concealed carry licenses, you need to carry everywhere you can, all of the time.

The people at OSU were lucky that a policeman showed up when he did. You need to be prepared to be the good guy with a gun.

It is interesting to watch the appointments President-Elect Donald Trump is making to his cabinet and advisory staff. One of those is General Michael Flynn. General Flynn is the real deal, which is why the New York Times and the rest of the liberal media of various sorts get acid indigestion at the mention of his name.

General Flynn committed the egregious sin of telling President Obama the truth instead of what he wanted to hear. That won’t be happening with President Trump.

Many are questioning the motivation behind the Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton recount when it won’t change the outcome. Why would Jill Stein be able to raise twice as much money for the recount than she did in her run for president?

Clearly there is something more going on. I believe their mission is to study how voter fraud is discovered so that they can do it better next time.

Rumors are circulating that when President Obama pardoned “the turkey” at Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton became quite excited until she was informed it was the other turkey.

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Andy Buckmichael

I would hope that local law enforcement in this country would take notice of the The Ohio State University police officer. He is intelligent, he is educated, he is properly trained, he did not need an armored vehicle, he did not need a swat costume and he did not have a shock effect shaved head. He is a professional police officer.


Thank GOD the good guy was there with his weapon or much more harm would have been done.