Advance Our Agenda, For Once

By Mark Walters

We Won Winners
Advance Our Agenda, For Once
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( A unique opportunity exists for us in today’s political climate, one that allows us to push our agenda for the first time in decades.

This climate also has proven a point that I’ve been making for years, that the so-called “mainstream” media has posed the greatest threat to our republic than any one individual, or ideology by and of themselves, alone.

The election awakened the “spidey” senses of millions to something I’ve talked about forever. That the “news” is nothing more than the opinion of one columnist that makes a headline or the subject of a television anchor’s “story” written by men and women who themselves have an individual bias. The “news” is then spoken in the tone of the person delivering it as “news,” many times exposing their own agenda with facial expressions and tone, inflection, etc..

Example, remember the 2010 and 2014 midterms?

A Republican BBQ grill smoked the Democrats resulting in the taking of the House in 2010 and adding to the majority in 2014 as well as taking control of the Senate and a majority of governorships that same year. If you had parachuted down here from the planet “Sucker” in the days and weeks after those elections and watched any “dominant” or “mainstream” media coverage, you would have never known the Republicans shellacked and humiliated their opponents.

It was like living in bizarro, upside down world, the world where the story wasn’t how the Republicans won and why rather the story was interview after interview of loser Democrats explaining how it was possible they lost and what they were going to do to stop the Republicans.

It’s the same phenomenon that let millions of Americans fall into the trap of believing that Barack Obama and his anti-gun, socialist, liberal, progressive agenda had somehow actually transformed America from what it truly is, a center-right, conservative nation, into some form of Socialist Utopia. A 24-hour news cycle blasting that false narrative up our…skirts…hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, began to take its toll. Millions of dunderheads began to believe it. Hence the “shock and awe” of the Trump victory that the media told them, or made them think, was never possible.

Those same dunderheads must also believe that somehow America suddenly flipped a switch and magically, a nation of 325 million people instantly became more conservative, literally overnight. [or the Russians did it]

In reality, America never was what the media, the Democrats and Obama wanted you to believe it had become. Not only was the Trump victory possible, but it was also inevitable and came with many gifts for us to take advantage of if we are smart enough. I’m talking about taking back the narrative and the language stolen from us by the leftist media, who have now been embarrassingly exposed for what they truly are and always have been, mouthpieces of the gun grabbing left.

One of those gifts a Trump victory bestowed upon us is that virtually EVERY American knows it and sees the media for what it is!

So what do we do about it? How do we take advantage? How do we exploit this once in a generation opportunity to declare victory?

We can do it on two simple, steps:

  • First, we must declare victory! We shout from the rooftops that we have defeated our enemy. We won, and we make no bones about it.
  • Second, we silence our opponents. We stop providing them a forum from which to bloviate their bull$&%.

Look, no clear thinking American believes that gun control has been effective in Chicago. The numbers tell the truth.

So why then, does Tucker Carlson on his evening Fox News show, for example, give some gun grabbing loser a forum in front of millions of viewers to bloviate his bull$&% that Chicago needs more gun control and blame murders on guns coming from Indiana? I would have rather seen Carlson use his forum to declare decisive victory over the notion that somehow gun control is effective. To use Chicago as proof of his position, report the gun control crowd as liars and hypocrites, using the stats from Chicago as evidence then laugh at the notion that there are people who believe that more gun control would solve those problems. But I digress.

We won, and we must learn how to act like winners. The first step is to declare complete victory over our enemies, then shut them down. We don’t do that by continuing to give additional publicity to the losers. They lost, treat them as losers and move on. There will be a time and a place to bring them to the airwaves on our terms, but now is not that time nor is it the place.

Let’s stop focusing on their failed, tired, arguments and begin moving our winning agenda forward.

We won, let’s start acting like it.


About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

  • 35 thoughts on “Advance Our Agenda, For Once

    1. I watched Truckers interview with the Chicago gun control advocate, it was very well conducted. Trucker asked questions that made him look uninformed and incompetent. I think Trucker did great service to those who support the 2nd amendment by exposing the gun controllers for their lack of knowledge and facts.

    2. Criminals always PREFER unarmed victims. If this pervert had been taking incoming fire from all his victims, he would have been possibly the ONLY casulty. But of course, this is another profound demonstration that background checks and gun free zones have failed AGAIN. AND ALWAYS WILL!
      So, to stop a bad man with a gun, that requires any good man wih a gun. Instant responders beats 1st responders EVERY time. And bring back public hangings for such artrocities-then put his picture on the news AFTER the execution and Good Riddance!

    3. Why is this Libtard Troll, RAA, even visiting this sight? Another anti-gun snowflake, who only believes the sewage published by the liars in the “mainstream Media”, spewing his vitriol.
      Ignore this moron.
      FBI statistics show that in every state not dominated by the anti-gun, anti-self defence, socialists, violent crime has seen a reduction.
      Think pleasant thoughts, like how much our PEOTUS is giving idiots like RAA conniption fits.

    4. The shootings occurred in a NO GUN ZONE. Unfortunately no “ilks” were allowed to take a concealed firearms into an airport so the ISIS supporter was able to randomly shoot people at his luxury. If an “ilk” would’ve had a gun it would be reasonable to expect there would be less people shot. Ma’am you definitely are short a sammich for a picnic.

      1. And people like you are short on sanity.

        These types of incidents don’t happen in the rest of the world on a daily basis.

        Americans are getting fed up of terrorist sympathizers like you going on spree attacks.


        1. RAA-youlre proof positive of the saying “Ya can’t fix STUPID” Now go back to Hufpo and bloviate amongst other stupid people you ignoramus. This sight is for adults. Crawl back under you rock where you belong.

        2. It does happen in other countries, all over the world. You are just ignorant of this fact. You are ignorant of a lot of things, I am sure.
          It happens everywhere, sometimes crazy people kill, be it with guns, knives, or even cars.
          You’d be wise to shut your ignorant mouth and start praying that when something happens and your child or family member is there, cowering defenseless in the corner because you told them it was the morally right thing to do, one of us is there to stop the lunatic before your ‘ilk’ is harmed!

        3. Boy, you are a SPECIAL kinda of STUPID, aren’t you? All kinds of mass murders happening around the world, and you’re not aware of ANY of it? Did mommy disable the news channels so you would come out from under your bed?

          By your insinuation, simply because I own some guns, I should have bodies stacked like cordwood in the yard (I don’t). I’ve been shooting for over 55 years, retired military, 12+ years as a cop, former NRA certified firearms instructor, and small arms expert for over 40 years. Ho much experience, IF ANY, do YOU have with guns (SuperSoakers, Nerf guns, and cap pistols not included).

          Now, call up to mommy and ask her for more Bosco and cookies.

        4. You’re right; Americans ARE fed up with terrorist sympathizers. That’s why we elected Donald Trump. We WON. You LOST. GET OVER IT.

          If you publish your address, I’ll send you some Vagisil and Prep H.

      1. Yes and most americans don’t want to own a gun.

        Your 50X more likely to commit suicide or murder against yourself or a loved one with a gun in the home than stopping a criminal threat.

        You people are really the deniers of reality.

        Your just more brainwashed sheep for the NRA and the Gun Lobby and your too simpleminded to see it.


        1. Raapgaa, You are parroting the narative of the “moms against everything” BS. You are the perfect example of the uninformed, basically moronic mouthpieces mentioned in this article. Europe? Do you mean like France, Belgium, Germany? How many mass killings have you missed in these ‘peaceful’ countries? I used to travel often to Europe, and there is no way I would go there now. I much prefer to stay here and carry every day. Been doing it for over 20 years, and haven’t committed suicide nor gone on a killing spree. What is wrong with me?

        2. More foolish lies and false statistics. You people can’t win this argument with the truth, so you make up lies as you go. And it is soooooo transparent.

        3. @RAPGAA, Well, there goes your credibility. From now on, everything that you write will be suspect, even when you desire an honest dialog. People are going to remember your false “facts” and insulting comments.

        4. A heads up for you, and you may want to update your info… MOST Americans DO want to owna firearm. You are 100% correct about the “brainwashed sheep”, look into any mirror to see one.

      2. From his I.P. address, RAAPGAA lives in the panhandle of Florida, near or in Tallahassee, unless he is using TOR, but he doesn’t seem smart enough to do that. A typical ghetto rat that violated his parole and blames everyone/everything else for his shortcomings… guns, the weather, conservatives, Zika, etc. Pay no attention to it, as we should not feed the trolls or feeble-minded.

          1. Hi Bill,
            We had a great Christmas and New Year. Getting ready to go to the SHOT Show in Vegas. I didn’t get a new rifle for Christmas, but I bought the wife a Bond Snake Slayer, in 45 Colt/.410 with an extra .38 and .357 barrel. She is thrilled. When the weather warms up, we will head to the range and burn some powder. We hope you and yours also had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…. we are thrilled with the election and looking forward to Jan 20th…Yea!

            1. I want to give RAAPGAA the benefit of the doubt. Rather than garden variety dishonest, I believe that he is feeble minded.

    5. You and your “ilk” are the most disgusting evil, hateful and nihilistic people in all of existence.

      One of your own precious NRA nuts just went on a spree in florida and your gloating that you “won”.

      Innocent people are dead because of your perverse and fascist debunked ideology that “more guns, less crime.”

      These incidents don’t happen in Europe, Canada, Japan & Australia on a daily basis.

      Now I will go off to weep for the innocent people that have to suffer because your “right” to murder is more important than the thousands of Americans that have to die for your false beliefs.


        1. Prove it, Cause As far as Im concerned.

          The NRA is once again responsible for this atrocity.

          This didn’t even need to happen if laws were passed to stop this.

          This does not happen in europe, canada, japan and australia on a daily basis.

          And BTW, The NRA and other groups that claim to be “pro-gun” were found by law enforcement sources to have been responsible for arming these same extremist groups.

          The only troll I see is people like you that continue to deny reality.

          “More guns, Less Crime” Does not work and has statically proven to never work.

          DGU are nothing but an URBAN MYTH.


          1. For your information, Scat for brains, airport terminals in Florida are gun free zones. So, even though I am
            Licensed to carry weapons in Florida, I am not allowed to defend myself from a deranged ISSI fighter like this US National Guardsman.

          2. Specifically, given your superior intelligence, what law should be passed to prevent this? Be very specific. Give the logic behind your law that would prevent a criminally inclined individual from breaking your law.

      1. While this is a very sad situation where innocent people are murdered or injured. It is not the fault of anyone except the person who committed the crime. No law or belief will stop these things from happening now or in the future. Guns don’t kill people ,PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!!

        It is the responsibility of every individual to protect yourself. It is not the police officers job to protect you. A police officers job is to enforce the laws of their jurisdiction. They come in after the crime locate the offender and collect the evidence to prosecute the offender. Until the crime is committed there is nothing they can do. They can assist you after the crime has begun but by the time they arrive it will probably be to late. Just remember help is minutes away when seconds count!

        Criminals do not follow or abide by the laws. You can ban all weapons and a criminal will get his from the black market. Just like drugs e.g. cocaine ,heroin and marijuana all illegal but all over the country.

        One more point I would like to make:
        In this country people have the Right (not privilege) to defend themselves. To bare arms to achieve this safety.
        And according to the constitution no government be it the federal or state or municipality can infringe on that RIGHT. Should not need a license to do so.

        This is just the opinion of a law enforcement officer with 36 years of service. A Patriot 57 years

      2. Why are you stating such blatant lies? Do you think anyone other than your “ilk” believes these fallacies?
        Your complete disregard of the truth is why you aren’t ever taken seriously by anyone, if you were wondering.

      3. What proof do you have that he is an NRA member?

        The right to keep and bear arms is not a right to murder. The right to keep and bear arms allows me to prevent a criminal like him from murdering me. Big difference between homical murder and justifiable homicide, but you don’t understand the difference and never will.

      4. #RAAPGAA,
        Are you off your meds again? Do you know how pathetic and irrational you sound? The accusations you make are baseless and most of them barefaced lies with no actual proof. You might have noticed that a lot of the individuals on this page are active and former military, and active and former law enforcement. We have witnessed the atrocities that men have inflicted on others, and we refuse to let ourselves or loved ones be victims.
        Do you really believe if there were no firearms, that a miscreant would not pick up a rock or club and assault you? You live in your own cotton wrapped reality, my friend. Welcome to the real world.

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