Gould Brothers Best Trick Shots of 2016 ~ VIDEO

Gould Brothers
Gould Brothers

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Comments by Steve Gould ~ As we get ready to head to Vegas for the 2017 SHOT Show it’s hard to believe how fast 2016 flew bye.

2016 was an amazing year full of fun travels, live exhibitions, and of course, trick shot videos. To highlight the year of trick shot videos we took some of our favorite shots and packaged them together into a “Best of 2016 video” (above).

One of our top highlights from the year was filming a video with Dude Perfect, one of the largest channels on Youtube.

We were blown away by the whole experience. The guys and their crew were so much fun to work with.

We filmed for two days in the scorching 100+ degree Texas heat, this was the result, Shotgun Trick Shots | Dude Perfect (below). At last check, this video had over 13.7 million views!

The most difficult shot we filmed this year was Aaron shooting 7 hand thrown clays with the gun over his head. It takes a lot of practice to be able to shoot 7 clays from the shoulder, but then to put the gun upside down and over the head brings it to a whole new level. With a shot like this, there is no getting lucky, the only way you can pull a shot like this off is through years of practice.

Aaron nailed this shot for the Dude Perfect video and he did it in short order. I wonder if he could get 8?

My favorite shot of the year was the basketball shot on the Dude Perfect video. I had been thinking about this shot for a while and when the opportunity came up to make the video, with Dude Perfect, I thought this would be the perfect shot since he has become well known for making crazy basketball shots. I really had no idea if this was a doable shot or not, but within a shot or two, I knew I was going to get it.

A common question is how many basketballs did we go through and to answer to that question, more than one…

These videos are a ton of work and involve long days of shooting, but we’re not complaining. Having the opportunity to go out and attempt to capture fun, interesting, and very difficult shots as brothers is a dream come true.

We have been working hard toward the dream of shooting for a living for the last eight plus years, but we didn’t get to where we are on our own. We owe a huge thank you to all the events that have booked our live shows, the amazing companies that have partnered with us, and all the people that have watched our shows and our videos. Thank you for being part of our dream! We have a ton of more content coming out in 2017 so stay tuned!

For even more trick shooting and behind the scenes content, connect with us on social media.

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Equipment and Brands Used:

  • Cinematography: Capturyd http://bit.ly/capturyd
  • Eye Protection: ESS http://bit.ly/ESSEyePro
  • Firearms: Winchester SX3 12 gauge Sporting Model http://bit.ly/WinSX3Sporting Winchester SX3 20 gauge : http://bit.ly/WinSX3Field Winchester Model 101 http://bit.ly/WinchesterModel101
  • Winchester SXP http://bit.ly/WinSXP
  • Ammo: Winchester Ammunition http://bit.ly/WinchesterAmmoWeb
  • Choke Tubes: Trulock Chokes http://bit.ly/TrulockChokes
  • Hearing Protection: WildEar http://bit.ly/WildEarPro
  • Trap Machines: Promatic http://bit.ly/PromaticTraps
  • Secure Firearm Travel: TruckVault http://bit.ly/TruckVault-GouldBros
  • Clay Targets: White Flyer http://bit.ly/WhiteFlyer-BassPro
  • Magazine Tube Extensions: Nordic Components http://bit.ly/NordicComp
  • Custom Paint: DeadEye Liquid Graphics http://bit.ly/DeadEyeLG
Gould Brothers Best Trick Shots of 2016
Gould Brothers Best Trick Shots of 2016

About the Gould Brothers

We’re just two brothers that have taken our passion for trick shooting, dreamed big and pulled the trigger to turn our passion into a career. We specialize in performing one of a kind live exhibition shows across the country and producing crazy trick shooting videos. Visit www.gouldbrothers.com for more fun.

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I would like to see you use a lever action shotgun!