Graf & Sons, Inc. Kicks Off 60th Anniversary Celebration

Graf & Sons, Inc. Kicks Off 60th Anniversary
Graf & Sons, Inc. Kicks Off 60th Anniversary
Graf & Sons,
Graf & Sons

MEXICO, Mo. -( Graf & Sons, Inc., The Reloading Authority is kicking off the official celebrations of its 60th Anniversary, this month with the Ultimate Reloading give away.

For 60 years, Graf & Sons has been devoted to providing knowledge, product and support to all enthusiasts of shooting and reloading. In 1957, Arnold Graf, his wife Velma, and their son Bob purchased a gasoline service station in Mexico, MO.

With the Graf family’s love for shooting, they naturally expanded into reloading and now stock over 20,000 products.

“We’re proud of our history and know that our philosophy of treating everyone like family has allowed us to achieve this important milestone,” said Paul Siegfried, President. “This goes for our customers, our employees and our vendors, all of whom we invite to celebrate with us.”

The yearlong celebration will showcase 60 for 60 monthly saving specials, giving customers product specials at 60 percent off, monthly give a ways of reloading supplies, t-shirts and other swag, hosting chamber of commerce events and more.

The kick-off for the 60th Anniversary celebration will take place this month with a drawing on January 27, 2017 for the Ultimate Reloading package. Customers can enter to win on Grafs social accounts and by visiting The package is perfect for the novice and advanced reloader.

The Ultimate Reloading package consists of the following:

  • Lock-n-Load Classic Single Stage Reloading Press
  • Lock-n-Load Powder Measure
  • Digital Scale
  • Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading
  • Three Lock-n-Load Die Bushings
  • Primer Catcher
  • Positive Priming System
  • Handheld Priming Tool
  • Universal Reloading Block
  • Chamfering and Deburring Tool
  • Powder Trickler and Funnel
  • One Shot Case Lube
  • $400 Graf & Sons gift certificate to ensure the winner gets the dies and components of their choice.*

Customers, vendors and media are all invited throughout the year to join Graf & Sons in celebrating their 60th Anniversary.


About Graf & Sons, Inc.:

Founded in 1957 Graf & Sons, Inc. is known as the Reloading Authority. Our mission is to provide knowledge, product and support to all enthusiasts of shooting and reloading. To achieve this, we carry over 20,000 products, ship domestically and internationally, and are one of the largest powder distributors in the country. Our technical staff is available to provide knowledge and support from the novice reloader to the experts.

For more information, visit their website or call 800-531-2666. Follow on Twitter and Instagram.

*Graf & Sons employees and member of their households are not eligible to participate. No purchase is required to enter and win.

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Jerrel Hall

I am pleased to have discovered this GREAT shooting sports supply company! Not only did I find a hard -to-find load in my caliber, the price beat everyone else’s, and it was in stock! I havn’t made the order yet, as I just found this today, Graf & Sons will be my go-to for ammo now.

David Leal

Eight guns and rifles make a reloading package a great prize.

Charles Stansbury

One of the most realistic giveaways that have come a lon gin some time. My hartly congratulations to all concerned !


O.K. I have questions, great give away by the way, I’m a shooter, own many pistols, and three ar platform carbines and have been hunting and shooting from around nine years old, but I know squat about reloading, other than a little bit an older brother taught me back in the late sixties and early seventies when doing reloads for his 357 python.(wish I had it) Now for the question. A lot of the 223\556 ammo I buy and see looks to have burn marks about half way up the brass case, and some people I asked didn’t know why,… Read more »


No, it is done before loading the brass.
The “burn marks” come from annealing the brass.
Brass is a work hardened metal, so as it is drawn it has to be annealed. To anneal the brass you are heating it up to restore the structure of the metal to be less brittle. This step is done prior to loading the cartridge. It is annealed from the factory and many reloaders will anneal the brass as it gets worked with multiple firings.
You normally don’t see the evidence of annealing on most commercial rounds as they polish the brass.


Thanks Bob, that makes a lot of sense, as I see how after multiple uses the brass could get brittle and crack, and I have seen some spent 9mm cases with light cracks at the range. I used to use reloads from different companies, and most looked good, but when you can tell the difference in power, and the sound I kinda wondered about who was doing the loading, and was they sleeping when the propellant was going in. I came to the conclusion that for me it was better to pay the few pennies more for the new ammo… Read more »


For reloading, it all really depends on what you are shooting when it comes to how much you save. For example, if I used Lapua manufactured cartridges for my 338LM, it would cost me about $6.10 every time I squeeze the trigger. Lapua brass cost about $290\100, the bullets cost $78\100, the primers are about $37\1000 and powder is about $27\lb. Presuming I use 90gr of powder and only ever use the brass once, It costs me about $4.07 per trigger pull. If I can reuse the brass 3 times, works out to about $2.13 per trigger pull. Since I… Read more »

Edward Lawson

It’s nice to see a great site and family tradition supporting shooters and reloads everywhere.
Thank you

BillyBob Texas

Well……………..SHOW ME !!

Chuck Sortor

Great Missouri made products