Stag Arms Announces Partnership with HERA USA to Offer CQR Buttstock

Stag Arms Featureless Rifles
Stag Arms Featureless Rifles
Stag Arms
Stag Arms

USA -( Stag Arms is proud to announce a new partnership with HERA USA to offer their featureless CQR Buttstock.

This all new buttstock will allow for a featureless version of their right and left handed Models 1, 2, 2T, 3 and 3T.

Each model variation will feature a 16” target crowned barrel, that is made of 4140 steel with a 1/9 twist, an ambidextrous safety and the newly designed Hera CQR featureless buttstock.

The Model 1F and 1FL has a M4 thermoplastic handguard with double heat shields, a removable A3 carry handle with integrated sight, and an F-Marked A2 front sight.

The Model 2F and 2FL has a M4 thermoplastic handguard with double heat shields, a Midwest Industries flip up rear sight, and an F-Marked A2 front sight.

The Model 2TF and 2TFL has a Samson Star-C free floating handguard with 4 picatinny rails, a Diamondhead classic aluminum flip up rear sight and an F-Marked A2 front sight. Accessories can be easily installed without affecting the accuracy of the rifle.

Stag Arms Featureless Rifles
Stag Arms Featureless Rifles

The Model 3F and 3FL featureless rifle will offer a Diamondhead VRS drop in modular handguard, and a picatinny railed Gas block.

The Model 3TF and 3TFL featureless rifles will offer a 13.5″ Free float Diamondhead VRS-T handguard and polymer Diamondhead low profile front/rear flip up sights. The Stag Arms 3T series provides the shooter with a rifle that is readily usable with many of today’s shooting styles.

CQR Buttstock
CQR Buttstock

The Hera CQR featureless buttstock will also be featured as a lower half and a stand-alone product on Stag Arms website.

For more information on the Stag Arms Featureless models or to learn more about their vast line of AR15 style rifles, visit their website or Facebook.

Stag Arms Featureless Rifles
Stag Arms Featureless Rifles

About Stag Arms:

Stag Arms was founded in May 2003 with the goal of producing reliable, 100 percent American made Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR). The Company quickly became a market leader and one of the largest MSR manufactures in the United States. Since its early days, Stag has remained at the forefront of innovation, first by offering both left and right-handed MSR platforms, and by designing new models and features based on customer recommendations. All of Stag’s rifles come with an industry leading lifetime transferable warranty and an infinite shot guarantee on the barrel.

For further information please visit their website.

  • 25 thoughts on “Stag Arms Announces Partnership with HERA USA to Offer CQR Buttstock

    1. The problem is NOT guns in this country! The problem is a growing cancer of no good citizens. Look at the average urban blacks in this country…enough said.

    2. Wow… That’s a little different. Kind of looks like someone stuck a 2″ x 8″ on it. You should look at the Thordsen FRS-15 stock. I have 2 of them mounted. One on a 5.56 and the other on a 6.8 SPCII, and they’re quite comfortable. I had to make a spacer from a 2″x2″, painted it black and mount it between the butt pad and the stock to get the correct LOP for me but, other than that, they’re great… Just a suggestion.

    3. Holy Cow, guys! You’re all complaining about this design without even giving it much thought. If you’re wondering where to put your thumb and you never figure it out, let me know and I’ll surely tell you where you can stick your thumb (ha! Just rest it in that center indent.) If you’re such a weak shooter that you can’t figure out how to hold this rifle, and you cannot manage to fire this then maybe grown-up guns are not for you. Red Ryder had something more your speed, I’m sure.

      The CA legislature has signed into law the requurement to register the AR as an Assault Weapon, or else remove Evil Features such as a rifle’s pistol grip. Including a thumb-hole in the stock does not qualify as the removal of the pistol grip.

      These are fixes that are offered to CA AR owners so they don’t have to register their AR firearms in a state “Assault Weapon” registry. I’m fed up with assbags who lump us all into a fruits and nuts liberal basket, assuming none of us are outraged at the legislative process. I did not vote for this. The douche that offered this bill for the Governor to sign wasn’t from my district. Those of you who expect only pro-gun positions from their legislators are probably twelve-toothed hillbillies; there are other state issues beside gun control and the hope is that the economy and immigration are equally addressed.

      An outright ban, while undoubtedly coming, has yet to occur. Legislation requiring the owner to remove the Evil Features or register the rifle as an Assault Weapon are the only legal options beyond hiding or getting rid of the rifles. When you guys from elsewhere hear about our CA gun issues you ridicule and denounce us and catagorize us as spineless for accepting the laws, not realizing non-compliance can become a felony, thus jeoardizing our ability to own ANY firearms. When my in-state peers hear of those that want to flee the state they also equally criticize, claiming that fleeing only makes it harder on those that remain behind.. It becomes a no-win.

      I made a number of efforts to stand my platform, from debating signature takers over the ammo ban to writing paper complaints to the Governor, so lumping me into a group that doesn’t care is ridiculous, incorrect, and unfair. The Assault Weapon registration requirement is legal. The requirement to alter your rifle in lieu of registration is also legal. None of these were voted on, but have still been signed into law, in spite of my outrage or the outrage of my fellow shooters. I challange any of you in other states to offer credible advice beyond that bunker mindset of “let ’em try to take my guns.” I already put up with the truck-bed idiots in my own state who claimed that non-compliance is the way to go, but no one can tell me what non-compliance looks like. As of this moment, non-compliance can be a felony. Non-compliance means everyone owns a safe queen that will be better hidden than a husband’s young mistress.

      I applaude these companies willing to develop fixes and alternatives to Assault Weapon registration. The legislators pushing gun controls are getting face time in a bid for Governor, and I suspect any of them will use the registration list as a tool to zero in on AR gun owners when a ban does occur. By then, an owner won’t be able to hide their rifles, and will have to provide supporting documents as to the status of the rifle, or be subject to criminal liability. I advocate doing whatever is necessary to stay off of that list, and if a company can supply products like these buttstocks then I applaud and appreciate those efforts. The AR owner need merely exchange the stocks, store the original, enjoy the shooting experience, and then replace the original stock when better times come, replace the stock when the riots start, or replace the stock and hide the rifle when worse times come.

      Not hating on any of you, but showing hate to your fellow gun owners who are in a really bad position they didn’t create is chickenshit.

      1. 1, 2, 3… welp, they was some left over after I ran outta fingers, an’ it’s too cold to take off my shoes and sox, so I guess they’s more’n twelve in there.

        Yeah, I was complaining mostly about the fact that this kind of travesty has been made necessary by elitist rulers and the small minded people that vote for them.

        And, I’ll have you know, I got myself a divorce, so I don’t have to hide my girls anymore 😉

      2. You mad Bro? Truth hurts sometimes. When I was deciding where to settle down 41 years ago I selected a state that I thought had people who had my way of thinking. Not everyone mind you, but most. And even here in Oklahoma we have come a long way regarding firearm legislation in those 41 years. But it was in a good direction because the people are right minded. As originally set out by the founders of our nation the states were to be laboratories to find out what worked for the people living in those states. That is what is going on now regarding guns in all states and it may change in the future. If you decide you can’t abide what is taking place in your state you can leave if you wish, or you can stay. Just because you don’t like our comments doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy.

        1. I didn’t have the luxery of deciding where I lived 41 years ago. My parents did. Your argument is akin to blaming starving Africans for their plight simply because they were born there. Not hatin’ on you, bro, but it’s foolish to claim clairvoyance to the degree that you’d know what the laws would be a generation from now. You just happen to pick a rather rural state and claim an edge on smarts when everybody knows that rural states are more moderate for a number of reasons, not just gun control. I was raised on a farm and returned to my rural, fairly moderate roots after serving this country.

          The U.S., as well as CA, has been struggling with gun control issues for quite a while, but urban crime – and CA has quite a bit of that – has no ready answer, as anyone with any intelligence can figure out. Political cowardice has relied on blaming guns for crime when education and the economic standards are a larger influence. You can’t discuss long term control that requires hard answers, so pick easy answers – such as blaming guns. No one cares that gun-free zones often have higher gun crime, just tell your consituancy that you’re doing all you can to control crime and the Republicans block your efforts and you can stay in office. You have the luxery to gloat at how good you have it but that’s because you never have to deal with tough issues. That’s cool. But it’s stick chicken shit to gloat to people who are dealing with an untenable condition.

          For what it’s worth, a quick look shows Oklahoma has the weakest state economy two years running, and suffers the 10th highest state violance in the nation. If you’re not careful, some of these laws will be coming for you.

          1. Well said. I’m a gun owner living in red, rural upstate NY and we have to deal with the same type of ridicule from people living in “free states”.

          2. Sounds to me like you are still mad. So your parents decided where you had to live when you got out on your own? That’s too bad. For what it’s worth, I am not “gloating.” If anything I am just showing what making informed choices can do for a person. And I will say it again; you can still leave, if you want to.

            1. You entirely miss the points of my platforms, and I can’t see myself getting anywhere with you. Sure, my parents didn’t decide on where I lived when I got out on my own, but I returned to help a cancer-stricken mother when I actually planned to live elsewhere. This was no sacrifice, considering. After her loss, it was easy to stay. Nice weather, etc.

              I am not mad. I use the term outrage, but it’s short-lived and quickly replaced by the same disappointment many of us feel at the legislative circus-act. I dare say you must live in a Disneyesque district in which your elected officials satisfy your every whim; not so the rest of us spread out across the rest of the country. There are those that are happy with their politicians as long as no one attempts to legislate their guns in any way, but the rest of the nation’s grown-ups have to consider things like job growth and state economies and education standards and immigration, etc. Your comment about being free to move is easier said than done (single-parent in a wonderful school district) but completely ignores my own comments about having to face condemnation from my in-state peers who call it cowardice to leave this state – leaving them to fight the battle – over gun control. FWIW, gun control isn’t the driving factor in my desire to leave the state, it’s actually a small componant in a much larger recognition of this state’s political slow meander into PC stupidity. Guns aren’t THAT important to me. Honesty is. I like my guns, and I’d rather not lose them, but I HATE the thought of losing them over political expediancy; the political cry of Getting The Guns to reduce crime is ludicrous but an easy sell when the voter is fearful, and squaking and bleating about gun control not helping to control crime is pathetically useless if that’s the only option offered to the voting mom. You live happily ensconced in your gun utopia, unaware that other aspects of life in your state are less than silver-lined, and you poke at another gun owner’s plight as if it were his own doing. Not cool.

    4. The plate in the thumb hole is removable with an allen wrench. I’m stuck behind enemy lines in the communist state of NY so I’m very interested in this product. From all the featureless options I have researched this is by far the most practical I have seen yet + it’s looks really cool and doesn’t make me throw up.

      1. Here in CA that plate is the only thing that makes it, as far as the grip goes, legal. Removing it renders the rifle illegal, and getting caught with it while not having it registered as a Murder-Gun can land one in boiling water. You might as well just put your old stock back on. On the other hand, this stock really is – like you said – kind of cool. Removing that plate – legalities aside – would make the rifle look awesome.

      2. Fellow NYer here. This option is more aesthetically pleasing than the thorsden stock, but the whole thumb issue would steer me away, I think. Pretty sure if you removed the plate the rifle would then be “noncompliant”, so if you’re going to do that, might as well just buy a stripped lower, order the rest offline, and make is super duper noncompliant.

    5. First thought … how uncomfortable it would be for my thumb! I figured a company wouldn’t have missed such an obvious flaw so it had to be me that was missing something! Glad to read it isn’t just me!!!

      1. Not CA, but the liberal commie $uc&s that were allowed to penetrate a once good state. Be very cautious as this is becoming a trend all over this country. Don’t let it progress! Or we are all screwed.

      2. And New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, most of the Northeast, actually. California’s demise began with years of immigration from the liberal East coast. Those people then set about pushing the same idiotic politics that ruined the states they escaped, as most immigrants do, for some silly reason. That is how the state that gave your Reagan ended up in its current sorry condition. Even being out of work for over ten years, I still managed to scrape up a few dollars for Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio, little good it did in the face of the leftist onslaught. They needed more of us to stand up. What have you done, besides make crude, uninformed jokes? We now have a brief opportunity to really push back. If we don’t stick together, Trump’s election will have been for nothing.

        1. I’ve said before that one of the best things for CA is to observe Trump’s successes in aspects contrary to those beliefs held by the CA legislature. If our governance claims one thing and the citizens see the opposite via Trump’s successes, or success via echo processes, then the CA legislature might be less inclined to liberal ideals. The Courts might be less inclined to allow certain CA questionable laws to stand if it appears likely that SCOTUS may get involved, instead. voOne area that would change is liberal media bias. Liberal media is as it is simply because too many people vocally embrace it; should Trump prove successful, then the lemming-like desire to embrace – or, worse, believe – that same media is reduced or inhibited. Remember how it was unpopular to claim – prior to the election – support for Trump? Successes will cause liberal media to become less popular for the simple reason of the agenda against conservativism become apparent. The media claim no bias because the majority of vocals support them. Should that vocal support end and conservative speech become louder, who knows?

        2. The east coast did not go to California to push the dumb down agenda.
          It is actually an agenda stemming from the U.N. to disarm everyone one step at a time.
          This include the vaccines to infect the brain with viruses. It is called population control, and world control.
          You should read the U.N. 280 page “Operation Guide to the integrated disarmament, demobilization and reintegration standards”. It specifies all details about infiltrating all levels of government to push their agenda. Look it up!

    6. Should we “lop off” our thumbs and have no control of the firearm? “subguy & Thomas Means” comments are absolutely correct!

    7. What in hell are you supposed to do with your thumb? Suck it while your legislatards steal your rights, making laws about things they don’t understand?

      1. Hey, Thomas:
        I don’t think the thumb issue is such a big deal. This is a solution we in CA are forced to embrace to avoid getting our rifles on a CA Murder-Gun list. Any company that makes an effort to help AR owners is right by ne.

        We’d hold this just like we would hold any other rifle; not all rifles have pistol grips, and there’s no rifle I can think of that has a stock as skinny as a pistol grip. This looks wrong to us because it’s alien, but I think it will be fine.

        1. No, not really. I have plenty of non-pistol grip long guns that may not be that skinny, but I can easily get my thumb around, which has the effects of 1) a place to put my thumb, and 2) a better grip on the gun. I just keep thinking of the Far Side cartoon with the cows sitting in the living room, the phone rings and one says “there goes that thing again, and here we sit without opposable thumbs.”

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