Super Bowl Ad Blasts Humane Society of the United States

Washington, DC-(, a project of the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom, is airing a satirical Super Bowl commercial titled “Lawyers in Cages.” The ad, which will air during pre-game prior to kickoff, parodies the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) weepy commercials by illustrating that HSUS’s priority isn’t pets—it’s politics.

View the video here:

Despite its name, and what most Americans believe, HSUS is not affiliated with local humane societies, and gives them only 1 percent of its $140 million dollar budget. And even though it’s called a “Humane Society” and raises money with images of needy cats and dogs, HSUS doesn’t operate a single pet shelter.

However, it does employ dozens of well-paid lawyers and lobbyists. Worse yet, since 2012, HSUS has socked away over $150 million of contributions into offshore Caribbean accounts. But all the lawyers, lobbyists and offshore accounts come at a cost to animals: HSUS recently stopped funding a wildlife care center due to budget shortfalls!

“The public needs to know that they—and shelter pets—are being abused by HSUS,” said Will Coggin, managing director of the Center for Consumer Freedom. “People who are sick of the scam should send their donations to local shelters. That is where they can make a difference”.

To learn more about the Humane Society of the United States, visit

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The HSUS was founded in 1954 to care for animals in crisis and tackle systemetic abuses on a national and global scale.That is cruelties beyond the reach of local organizations and agencies.The HSUS is under attack by animal abusing industries.The truth is HSUS is the largest and most effective animal welfare organizations, with a staggering long list of accomplishments, and that is why animal abusers are terrified of what they have accomplished on behalf of animals. HSUS along with their affiliates are the number one provider of Animal Care among animal organizations. Just like the National Rifle Association doesn’t run… Read more »

Mike in Texas

How much do you get paid by HSUS to spin the B.S. you just wrote?


No pay from HSUS here, just an informed animal activist. Although I would like to thank you and the other staunch misinformed advocates against HSUS for compelling me to make a substantially large donation to HSUS. THANKS!!!!.

Wild Bill

@Bovegan, Perhaps I am misinformed. Where are the HSUS animal shelters located?


I am no fan of yet the HSUS can’t refute their information. If they could they would sue their pants off and the site would be taken down. All they have is spin – they are far better at spin than actually helping animals. They’re also very good at manipulating an unsuspecting public into giving them money. Their agenda is the same as PETA’s – force everyone to be a vegan, no hunting, no fishing, and no more animal ownership. One doesn’t need to see for themselves they are enemies to those who do have a sincere love… Read more »


Following the Joplin Mo. tornado, the HSUS and their volunteers, of whom I was one, were largely responsible for saving the lives of over 500 cats and nearly 800 dogs. Every HSUS volunteer on site worked their tails off for those animals. The ASPCA came and held some news conferences and then did little else. I was very much impressed and became active in the HSUS. Unfortunately I ALSO BELONG TO THE NRA, DUCKS UNLIMITED,AND A LOCAL GUN CLUB. I soon became a persona non grata for anything but my $$$$$. I now work with a local no kill shelter… Read more »

Edward Rambo

HSUS are no better than Scam Artists, their frauds, they only give about 1% of what they take in from people that want to help Animals and all they are doing is taking care of their selves, Don’t give these Crooks one red cent, and tell everyone you know about these Criminals, and with everyone’s help we can put these Crooks out of Business….

Mike in Texas

Somebody please send this to country singer Carrie what’s her name, who supports these scumbags!


Wake up people… You’re being manipulated and it’s not by HSUS. This is the propoganda paid for by big agriculture and other organizations that exploit the suffering of animals. They are trying to destroy HSUS because HSUS have been so effective in their campaign to expose the horrendous suffering and cruelty in factory farming ect. HSUS has not only exposed the horrific cruelty to animals, but has also exposed practices in big agriculture, factory farming, and the dairy industry that poses health risks to humans..Look at who is really behind the attacks of HSUS and who is paying for this… Read more »


You’re basically taking the stance that the end justifies the means with regards to deceptive ads from HSUS.

You also don’t address the issue of HSUS supporting anti-conservation and anti-gun rights bills that have nothing to do with the treatment of domesticated animals.


Your greatest responsibility is to use your voice. That is what the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International effectively do, they are the voice for the voiceless. The Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International are there to be the voices for the ones that are never heard, even when they scream!!

Kathleen Kastner

The HSUS has done wonders to pass laws to save animals like dogs used in dog fighting. They have also helped stop the inhumane use of gestation crates for pigs where they spend their whole lives confined not able to turn around, standing in their feces, while nursing their piglets. The HSUS also helps stop the use of battery cages for hens and veal crates for baby calves who are stolen from their mothers at birth and are slaughtered at 4 months. We need organizations to be their voice. Animal shelters are wonderful and help cats, dogs and rabbits find… Read more »


What do you call 20,000 laywers at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico? A good start.

Wild Bill

Now biker, A lawyer is like any other tool. It can be used for good or evil. Your tire iron… good or evil. Your shootin’ iron…good or evil. Your lefsa iron…good or evil.


Wild Bill, I’m with you on this issue, it pays to check on any CHARITY ORGANIZATION THAT ASKS FOR DONATIONS and there are several ways to check on them. I recently got a call from a organization asking for a donation and upon checking up on them found out that only 10% of funds go to help the recipients of the charity, when their pledge form arrived I wrote on it, “When you give 80% to 90% of your funds to your charity recipients then I will contribute to your charity.” and sent it back to them. On the same… Read more »

Wild Bill

Thank you, sir. You are very kind.

M Reyna

Same here. I had many dogs and cats over many years and never did I go out and looked for one.
They just showed up and my wife and I fed them after
That they were well cared for until they died.
There are millions of people that do the same thing plus help the local shelter

Wild Bill

Good for you, both. Yes, the good citizens of Texas have been very generous to me, sharing their dogs. They keep driving away before I can thank them, though!


In our area there are a lot of small organizations which do a really good job.
The Houston Humane Society (which is not affiliated with the national !) is as good as it gets for large organizations.
The bulk of their money actually goes to care for the animals.
The SPCA (like the HSUS) is pretty much universally despised, for several good reasons.


Wild Bill, that’s great. Unfortunately, I live in a subdivision so I am limited to how many dogs I can have without being a pest to my neighbors. We have two dogs we rescued from the local shelter and they are great companions plus good watch dogs. Dogs do not have to be trained to be mean to make good alarms and if the threat would ever occur there is the backup of propelled lead to finish the job.

Wild Bill

Good decision on your part. A man dogs combination is hard to beat, as long as they work together.

Colleen Geno

Why those dirty low down scoundrels! Play on people who are so compassionate towards animals that they’d give their last dime to save one, and take it with out thinking twice about it! Is that what has become of this wicked world?! To screw people over again and again by bowing down to the almighty dollar? Blatantly lie to get their greedy little fingers in everybody’s pie? It’s all just a crying shame! People, politics and pollution….They all suck!

Wild Bill

@COLLEEN, Don’t get upset. There are hundreds of millions of good hearted people that work hard and donate much to keep their local animal shelters no kill. We have a “Friends of the ______ City Animal Shelter”, a support group that has remained no kill for six years. I have an eleven dog security team. There is the back yard security division, composed of the youngest and healthiest dogs. The inside geriatric division, composed of the most experienced dogs. And what I call the guest dog division. They don’t have any home, but show up every morning for breakfast, patrol… Read more »


The hsus has been trying to push bills that would eliminate such activities as hunting and target shooting, they are also one of the organizations that are behind many of the anti gun bills that have been going around, bills such as the no lead ammo crap and many of the other bills that have been going around. They have absolutely nothing to do with animals, fact is they would rather make it so that people cannot even have a dog or cat or any other type or kind of pet, just like that peta group. The hsus needs to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Bandit, Yes, HSUS is a deceptive fraud. They use the predicament of animals to prey upon the unwary donor, they rescue no animals, and operate no shelters. Yes, they need to be investigated and prosecuted.

Wm Hogsten

Thank you for spreading the word. People thought I was crazy for saying what you are putting out there. I do believe in local shelters as being the best place for donations. Looking forward to that pre game ad.
Thanks again.

M Reyna

I totally agree. Local shelters is best way to help.
National Organization use very little money to help.
It’s wasted on big salaries and lawyers plus advertising