The Ground Is Ours, But For How Long

By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

USA –  -( It’s obvious to all of us, who follow the news, that Democrats are partnering with 90% of Main Street Media (MSM) to demonize the Trump presidency and to slow his agenda. Gluing a fake ogre-like facade onto Trump might create a weakened White House even G_d and the truth might not save.

The Democrats are desperate. It’s not just a little bit of disappointment left over from the election. It’s full scale warfare against anything Trump. Foolishly, and very sadly, the Republican Congress isn’t going out of their way to help Trump achieve the people’s agenda.

The level of inventiveness is astounding. The kind of lying we hear daily is beyond anything we can fathom and remember. It’s a full time job just to keep up with the pace of the Democratic response to their catastrophic 2016 election loss.

They are destroyed as a party with no apparent policy except to slash and burn, and with a base of voters who almost appear to be criminally insane, if not mentally irregular. And unless there is a revolution, or Trump leaves the Presidency, they’ve lost the Supreme Court. A fighting Trump gives the Constitution decades of safety.

One might wonder why the left is burning its bridges with those of us who value Freedom and the Constitution – those of us who are concerned about family and country.

Why is the left wing media throwing away what little is left of their former prestige?

One might believe that they have counted us out of their equation for power. They have given up on us, but we found them out. They told too many lies and created too much Fake News.‘ They were abusively corrupt and careless with the future of our country. We may not be through with the Republicans, but we are certainly finished with the Democrats. And they will Double Down.

They cannot get back us, at least in the short term. They need to wait for a new generation of ignorant untutored citizens. Left wing policies don’t benefit the middle and lower classes, but they do make the corrupt richer. When these policies finally fail, social disruption will follow.

While they seem to be imploding and exhibiting disrespect for all we hold dear, there might be a secret motive. While they send out their minions to march, riot, burn and curse, their leaders obstruct the political changes that are to benefit all the folk of our nation.

We watch with wonder. How could these critters have been elected? How could our country have created such obscene feminists?
Are they crazy? Are they demented? Are they mentally irregular? Or maybe it’s ‘crazy like a fox.’ [dear fox, sorry] Are they building their new constituency? New immigrant citizens, of which there are many! Who will tend to vote Democratic? And what of the masses of maturing snowflakes from America’s Universities?

If they fear normalcy, if they revere socialism, if they require constant government care, if they ‘freak out‘ and melt down from all the lies circulating in the cloud, so be it. They’ll live with the Demos.

Don’t watch the melt down with disgust and revulsion; view it as our celebration and control. We stay united and politically active because Freedom has an enemy in the Demos. Carefully, though, we should not underestimate them.

We have come to the incline of the Demos’ abyss, and we are balanced upon its tip. The ground is ours. Now just hold on to it and cut off their heads.

About the authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is the Managing Coach (Ret.) of the Freeport Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Division of the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has recently escaped from New York State to South Carolina. Alan J Chwick – [email protected] | @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years, and is a Senior Fellow in Criminology at the Independence Institute in Denver, CO. She has also recently escaped from New York State, but to Virginia. Joanne D Eisen – [email protected]

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From the story: ” It’s full scale warfare against anything Trump. Foolishly, and very sadly, the Republican Congress isn’t going out of their way to help Trump achieve the people’s agenda”. He is right. The GOP is led by geldings. NO BALLS among the leadership. The GOP leadership in Washington DC needs to be revamped. Trump is on the right track but mcconnell ( a wimp), mccain (he is so bad his own daughter says he is weak and useless), graham ( real loser) and more. The GOP needs to select strong true GOPers to lead congress not the morons… Read more »