It’s Spring – Time for Turkey Hunting Season in Texas

Turkey Hunting
Turkey Hunting
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

USA -( Don’t put your camo away yet! Spring has arrived and prospects for Rio Grande turkeys are good this season. Bird numbers are booming after a few years of mild weather.

A youth-only weekend for Rio Grande turkey kicked off the season in the South Zone on March 11. The first youth-only weekend for Rio Grande in the North Zone is March 25 – 26.

Eastern turkey has a limit of 1 bird, and the general season is April 15 – May 14.

Rio Grande turkey has a bag limit of 4 birds, and the general seasons are:

  • South Zone: March 18 – April 30
  • North Zone: April 1 – May 14
  • Special 1 turkey bag limit (10 counties) April 1 – April 30

The Outdoor Annual lists all dates and zones and has a Spring Zone Map. You can check county listings for your specific dates, regulations and bag limits. There are no changes in this season’s regulations.

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The Need-to-Know:


Before You Cook Your Bird:
Turkey is a naturally lean meat, so brining your bird before you cook it should enhance its flavor and juiciness.

Brining is to soak the turkey in a combination of salt, sugar and water or lemon juice. Here are instructions on how to brine and roast your bird.

Don’t overcook your turkey. Use an accurate thermometer to determine when it’s done. The internal temperature of properly cooked poultry is 165 degrees.