Panteao INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters – Real Instructors vs the Posers

INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters – Real Instructors vs the Posers
INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters – Real Instructors vs the Posers
Panteo Productions
Panteao Productions

Columbia, SC-( Panteao has released the first two segments of Episode 1, Part 1 from the new online series, INSIDE STORY. The first episode in the series, The Warfighters, is being released in segments highlighting each question the guests tackled. Robert Keller, Aaron Barruga, and Kyle Harth draw from their firearms training and military experience to present their viewpoints on firearms training.

Episode one was filmed in downtown Columbia at the Bourbon Columbia whiskey bar on Main Street, across from the state capital bldg. Special thanks to the staff of Bourbon Columbia for their hospitality. The episode is sponsored by BLACKHAWK!

Full episodes, as well as individual segments of INSIDE STORY are available for free on the Panteao website as well as the Panteao Make Ready Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV channels, Panteao Make Ready mobile apps, and social media channels. New segments will be released over the next two weeks.

Segment 1: Panteao INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters – Real Instructors vs the Posers

Segment 2: Panteao INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters – What kind of experience should an instructor have?

About Panteao Productions:

Panteao is based out of Columbia, SC and produces the Make Ready firearms training video series, documentaries, industrials, and the Make Ready to Survive training series. For more information about Panteao, visit

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Wild Bill

, Can you elaborate a little on who is Bruce Siddle or at least tell us what PPCT is, please?


You need zero experience, zero education and zero military service or training and you can be a world renowned instructor and author, just like the scam artist and famous liar BRUCE SIDDLE of PPCT. He made millions lying and teaching complete fabricated nonsense then was finally sued in Nashville Tenn Federal Court and lost millions.
He even wrote books on how to kill and gunfighting, all from his mindful fantasy, not actual experience.
You don’t need to be real to be an Instructor, he is living Proof.