Historic Bills Pass Committee in Texas

Permitless Carry
Permitless Carry

Texas State Rifle AssociationTexas-(Ammoland.com)- Today the Republican members of the House committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety voted along party lines to pass HB 1911 by Rep. James White (R-Hillister) out of committee.

HB 1911, referred to as Permitless Carry is a major step forward to restore the handgun rights Texans lost in the 1870s.

A Texan eligible under state law to acquire a license to carry would be able to carry a handgun without the license. For instance the carrier would be required to be 21 years old and this would not include college campuses.

We want to stop and thank the Republican members of the committee for their patience and hard work. Each member spoke on record as they voted. Some would have liked more, others still had questions but all agreed HB 1911 needs to be moved to the House floor for a vote.

Chairman King, a long-time friend to gun owners, spoke of the witnesses who came to testify for HB 1911 and HB 375, a similar bill and he spoke of aggressive, abusive calls to his and the other members' staff. These were from proponents of the issue.

We cannot thank this committee enough for their patience and commitment to passing good legislation which improves and protects Texans' gun rights.

Please thank the committee members for HB 1911!

  • Chairman-Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford)
  • Rep. DeWayne Burns (R-Cleburne)
  • Rep. Justin Holland (R-Rockwell)
  • Rep. Will Metcalf (R-Conroe)
  • Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler)
  • Rep. John Wray (R-Waxahachie)
  • Thank you to Terry Holcomb (SREC) a hard working, dedicated friend.

Also today:

The committee heard testimony today, for and against, on 4 very bad bills: HB 234 by Anchia, HB 255 by Anchia, HB 3989 by E. Johnson, and HB 4200 by Hinojosa.

Although there was no vote on the bills above, we know we provided good information and logic to the committee and we couldn't do that without help.

This means we find witnesses and thanks to witnesses, who gave their time for TSRA and Texas gun owners and drove from as far as Houston to participate in an 8:00 hearing in Austin.

One more thank you!

Thanks to TSRA members, for writing and calling the committee when we ask. Your voice makes the difference.
In Austin for YOU

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  • 18 thoughts on “Historic Bills Pass Committee in Texas

    1. Damn I am glad I live in Missouri!! We have excellent gun rights, lots of water, trees and ZERO sanctuary cities. I never realize how good us men and women from Missouri have it until I read Ammolands articles about other states gun and knife laws. Hang tough my fellow gun rights advocates!

    2. Take what you can get and deal with the negatives, including King later. Don’t be an all or nothing Neal Knox. I stood with Neal, Jim Church et al, back in the day against Wayne L, but time has proven Wayne right and us wrong. Incrementalism works as well for us as it did for the left. Look where we are today! Look where we can be tomorrow and further. One bite at a time.

      1. I’m not taking an all or nothing stance. Not sure where you get that. We’ve already compromised and given away enough to craft a bill that was even further gutted. At some point politicians need tinge held accountable instead of given excuses like ” we’ll take what we can get.” That’s not how liberty works.

      2. Not sure I would use Wayne as a glowing success story. I also stood with Neil et al back in the day and have watched NRA give away and back down on our rights over the years all while making some of the most egregious deals ever (Ackerman McQueen). All this at the cost of members Rights and dollars. Have they done good? Of course. Have they done anywhere near what they could have if they’d stood firm, kept the weasels out and had a Knox or Carter still leading? In my opinion if we had those type folks one of the things we’d still be enjoying is modern Title 11 manufactured firearms for sale to the public. That’s just for starters.

    3. Wait a minute! “… members of the House committee … voted along party lines to pass HB 1911…” So it is just out of committee is all ?!

    4. Here’s what HB 1911 does as passed: it links your right to carry with the state’s right to steal your money. If you get behind on your taxes – no right to carry. If you’re delinquent on your child support – no right to carry. If you are arrested for a crime (whether you committed it or not) – no right to carry until your case is resolved. If you are convicted of or plead to ANY class B misdemeanor or higher, you lose your right to carry for five years. It also requires that you sacrifice your 1st amendment free speech because if you are charged and/or convicted for using profanity or flipping to bird in public, you lose your right to carry. While it may sound absurd, it’s also within the law to lose your rights for farting in public (see Texas Penal Code 42.01).

      The grassroots groups got together and came up with a great compromise between HB 375 (the first constitutional carry bill filed by Rep. Stickland) and HB 1911 by Rep White. These provisions were removed so that 1911 would allow ANYONE who could legally purchase a handgun could carry it without a license. Rep. King, who the TSRA here is calling a “long-time friend to gun owners” is the sole reason that unlicensed carry is now linked to the unconstitutional requirements of licensed carry. This is especially stark considering that just prior to the vote five republicans on the committee of nine total members specifically noted that the bill didn’t go far enough.

      In other words, the votes were there WITHOUT King to pass the agreed upon committee substitute, but he refused to allow the committee to vote on that version and stripped it of its liberty. If King were truly a “long-time friend to gun owners” then he wouldn’t have stabbed gun owners in the back and all the activists who have been fighting for months to make 1911 a better bill by forcing a vote on the watered down version. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less form the TSRA that has done nothing but stand in the way of gun rights and do everything possible to minimize progress in the Lone Star State.

      1. We in North Texas stand by you as one of the only true voices for gun rights that have no agenda as the mentioned parties.
        We have given King a chance to prove his commitment to the constitutional carry of guns as he has so often touted and will now make him answer for his lack of spine on this issue.

        What I find ironic is the statement appearing here made by a less than stellar company, ammoland that we refused to purchase from years ago due to poor service aligns with a political mouthpiece that has done little to nothing for the actual promotion of gun rights in this state yet espouses a huge mouthpiece when the outcome is in the right direction, much the same as their little buddy, the NRA.

        I send my personal appreciation to you and those who do not find front page coverage but deserve it for their selfless sacrifice in making these issue take front stage in our inalienable rights of self preservation.

        1. In all fairness, AmmoLand isn’t to blame for this. They also publish press releases that Open Carry Texas sends out, just like this. These politicians talk a big game, but when they sit in that room on their thrones, they do something else. Only ONE person is responsible for the scrappy bill that passed and that’s Chairman King. If the bill is passed without fixing what he broke, he is to blame. I hope there is a better candidate willing to take a stand and not just talk about one.

        2. This is the best that i believe as American wish should hve the right to bare arms in texas.if you are criminal you should not have right if a officer for drivet license an comes up as felony you have no right carry firearm also police officers shouldn’t that eveybodu would carry is a criminal an not jumb gun when someone carry give them benefit.the best ever past the bill put a age limit on it like no one undet 25

            1. that makes absolutely no sense at all,, what do tattoos have anything to do with constitutional carry of firearms ? absolutely nothing

      2. “I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less form the TSRA that has done nothing but stand in the way of gun rights and do everything possible to minimize progress in the Lone Star State.’

        I’m curious. Why would you expect TSRA to be any different from its parent organization?

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