Springfield Armory XD-E Pistol – The Hammer Reinvented

Springfield Armory XD-E Pistol - The Hammer Reinvented
Springfield Armory XD-E Pistol – The Hammer Reinvented
Springfield Armory
Springfield Armory USA

GENESEO, IL, April 28, 2017 (AmmoLand) – Springfield Armory is pleased to announce its all-new patent-pending hammer-fired, single-stack, 9mm compact pistol, the Springfield Armory XD-E Pistol.

The principle behind the new XDE –– the best elements of Springfield Armory’s world-renowned XD Series, condensed into a pistol that’s intuitive, comfortable and accurate.

The XDE sculpts unmatched Point-And-Shoot ergonomics into a sleek frame just an inch wide, for hand and holster fit that is extremely conducive to everyday carry. The patent-pending hammer design grants the XDE a Low-Effort-Slide (L.E.S.) that requires 27% less racking effort when compared to leading semi-automatic pistols. Thus, resulting in fewer slipped pulls, sore fingers and missed shots. The exposed hammer clearly shows gun mode, and the single/double action trigger offers options for shooting style. The XDE packs 8 + 1 rounds of 9mm. With the Magazine X-Tension the capacity increases to 9 +1. Even the flat-base concealment magazine offers an extended base plate that allows a full grip. Three magazine configurations let you personalize capacity, comfort, and concealability.

The High-Hand beavertail and trigger guard design naturally lifts the shooters grip to a higher position for increased control and improved stability. GripZone provides three texture zones to secure the shooters grip, minimizing slippage and twisting during recoil.

“When we listened to the challenges that gun buyers face, it was apparent that many people struggle with the operation of compact semi-automatic pistols,” observed Springfield Armory Chief Executive Officer Dennis Reese. “We decided to design a compact, safe, and carry-friendly pistol that was much easier to use whether you are a new shooter or skilled gunner. Now, buyers won’t have to make compromises when choosing a self-defense handgun.”

For carry, the XDE delivers peace of mind. The first double-action shot requires an intentional, longer and deliberate trigger pull. After the first shot, the XDE reverts to single-action operation, giving the operator a much lighter, crisp trigger break. The result is improved accuracy, controlled follow-up shots, and most importantly, the confidence to hit a target, even at longer distances.

Supplementing the double-action operation is a combination manual safety and de-cocking lever. Fully ambidextrous, the de-cocking system allows the user to safely lower the hammer without pulling the trigger.

“We firmly believe that a carry gun should be one that users want to take to the range for practice, training, and fun,” stated World Champion shooter and Team Springfield Captain Rob Leatham. “Especially for a gun suited for self-defense and concealed carry, it’s important to make the gun as easy and pleasurable to shoot as possible. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the XDE –– I think shooters will agree, sometimes the hammer can be the most important tool in the tool box.”

The new XDE qualifies for the Gear Up: Magazine Madness promotion when purchased prior to June 30, 2017. Customers will receive free gear including four additional magazines, mag pouch and holster. The free gear valued at $180 can be redeemed online at www.springfieldpromo.com.

About Springfield Armory

“The First Name in American Firearms,” Springfield Armory was founded in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the American Revolution. In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major American conflict. The original armory closed in 1968. In 1974, the Reese family took ownership of the Springfield Armory name and began making the M1A rifle. Today, Springfield Armory develops many products loyal to the company’s heritage, like the 1911 pistol, while ensuring its future with innovative products, including the XD, XD Mod.2, XD(M), XD-S, and XD-E polymer pistols and now the new SAINT AR-15 rifle.

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John Doughty

A have no problem with two different trigger pulls, even with a sticker-fired pistol, I use a different trigger pull for tactical vs target shooting. I like and will continue to buy Springfield Armory products.


Sorry to hear about the Gun Politics in Illinois, but this gun fit all my needs and I’m extremely happy I purchased it. I didn’t vote for Baby Clown Trump but I’m sure some of you did so, I don’t feel so bad I crossed the line, you voting for trump is 1000 times worse than anything!

jay heathman

Getting rid of my SA weapons to trade for CZ and Glock; NO support for ANTI- freedom and ANTI 2nd Amendment companies like Springfield. NO to Springfield, and NO to Rock River. Screw them. Hope they go our of business.


There is a reason that the old hard pull first shot and easy pull consecutive shots pistols were abandoned for the same pull every time newer ones. The older ones never gave you a consistent trigger pull, and hence, you got an inconsistent accuracy result. Wouldn’t buy this gun even if Springfield wasn’t run by a bunch of morons.

Mark Wagner

The Springfield XDE allows you to have your gun in single action only mode if you like. That is one of its benefits.

Tony Tripp

So , No one here is going to buy a GM product because they have plants in South America or Ford trucks because they were going to build a plant in Mexico,but changed their mind?


Tony: Read the words. This is about their politics, not their production sites.


Actually, almost 70% of GM vehicles are made in CHINA !


I handled it at the NRA show, along with the lady. What a pos. The trigger reminded me of an early keltec or bodyguard s&w… Ergonomics, sucked!

Besides the sellout, I wouldn’t buy Springfield. If I had to have an M-14, it would be a build. Same with rock river. I still cannot believe what they did!


Ironically, I saw the hubub on this pistol & while checking it online…ran right into all this stuff with Springfield and Rock River Arms. As for the response from the CEO/OWNER of Springfield, I can only wonder if he is using the same PR people as the CEO of United Airlines (who now says he realizes passengers are PEOPLE)?!?!?! I wonder how these 2 companies enjoyed the few days at the NRA Convention/Show? Did anyone attend? Were the CEOs of either of these companies present at their respective booths, or perhaps they decided to see Underground Atlanta instead?!?!?! Oh, and… Read more »


Yeah, I’ve gone from one of the biggest Springfield Armory fans to never buying from them again. Pretty upsetting how they sold out the citizens and small business gunshop owners of IL.

Raymond Hudson

Please catch me up to speed. I have no idea why you feel this way. I am all ears! RH


RRA and SA threw their Illinois dealers and customers under the anti-gunner bus in exchange for a carve-out::


It did not win them any friends in the firearms community.

Raymond Hudson

Thank You for the directions to that article. And, I am also shocked that manufacturers of firearms would fund gun control legislation. Makes no sense. other than Money makes for strange bedfellows!!


It gets even better:


I don’t think they’ll be able to walk this mess back. Oh well. Plenty of other manufacturers of firearms.


For me, with everybody else with plants in America, I see them as an insult to me. My hands are good enough to give them money, but not make their product.


The New Judas model!


Lol, I think that you’re right!