Lance Statement on Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting

Congressman Leonard Lance
Congressman Leonard Lance

Ammoland Shooting SportsWASHINGTON, D.C. -( Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) released the following statement after a gunman today opened fired during a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game in Alexandria, Virginia:

“My thoughts and prayers go out to my friend Steve Scalise and his family as well as the others wounded in this morning’s cowardly attack. May God speed their recovery.

“I commend our U.S. Capitol Police, other law enforcement and the first responders for their actions in the line of fire. Their heroism undoubtedly saved lives and we are forever grateful for their bravery. These fine men and women have a challenging job every day.

“Today’s senseless act of violence is not only an attack on my colleagues but an attack on the Congress of the United States as an institution. We must come together as a country and debate the great issues of public policy in a respectful and thoughtful fashion. Let us all remember that we are one Nation under God.”

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They were stupid . Why didn’t they secure the field ? Guy asked who were there , red flag . They knew the guy was at the protest , why not look for him there ?


I saw the interview with the legislator to whom the sleazeball addressed this question. He was just leaving the practice and didn’t think anything about it until 15 minutes later when he got back to his office, turned on his TV and learned about the attempted assassinations. Like most sheeple, he was in Jeff Cooper’s Condition White and doesn’t have a clue about possible real world dangers. What’s even worse, it’s highly unlikely they can change their worldview to acknowledge that evil people exist. Not surprisingly, only one legislator voiced an opinion supporting the concept of personal responsibility and being… Read more »


The hypocrisy of the Left is on full display. They’ve encouraged the vile invectives and ad homenum attacks of their most strident supporters; their leaders have even participated in these attacks. Now that their encouragement has born fruit in an act of violence, they call for coming together in unity all while dancing in the blood of the victims as they call for even more gun control that will only hurt law-abiding gun owners and citizens. To compromise with evil and stupidity is evil and stupid. Here’s a thought: how about they meet us halfway for once and pass meaningful… Read more »


Very well said Cal, you give clear prospective with hopeful solutions.

Wild Bill

@Cal, You say, “… pass meaningful 2nd Amendment legislation including Constitutional Carry, 50-state CCW reciprocity, and repeal of ALL Gun-free criminal empowerment zones.” Our Second Amendment Civil Rights already covers those.
If the things that you mention are given to us by Congress, then Congress or the executive branch agencies can take them away. If we demand our God given Second Amendment Civil Rights, then Congress or some bureaucrat can not take them away. These issues were decided before We the people would ratify the proposed Constitution.


Amen Wild Bill! God given rights as outlined by the founding fathers. If anyone out there doesnt know our lord get yourself a bible and find out who you are. If you dont believe in god now you will on judgement day.


add the end of the FedGov prohibition against interstate handgun sales… make them follow the same rules as long guns. WHY are they handled differently? If I can buy a “black and ugly” rifle in Georgia, me being a resident of Texas, why can I not also buy a Glock at the same time? NICS checks both times……. WHAT is the difference>Gummit stupidity, that’s what.


You are right! Laws do not stop a killer or criminal. Laws only apply to legal, law-abiding citizens.

Webfoot Logger

More precisely, senseless cowardly murder incited by the senseless cowardly traitors of the left.

Wild Bill

@Webfoot, I suppose that you are right…but looking on the bright side: there is one less lobbyist in the District of Corruption. That lobbyist was there to influence someone. Maybe a corrupt bargain was interrupted. And we got to see our heroic leaders in action. The situation clearly showed every politician scurrying to get away, then preening and trying to look heroic on camera this morning. Yes, I heroically dived into the dugout. Another heroically ran from the field. One less democrat useful idiot and voter. Too bad that Bernie’s man had to use a firearm when a baseball bat… Read more »

Herb T

Truthful, concise and to the point. Don’t be surprised if you hear a loud knock at your door in the middle of the night. Might be democrats offering their thanks for your truthfulness.

Pistol Pete

The democrats and the liberal news media caused this with their lies and hate, that comes out of there mouths.
The shooter was brain washed that the rich did not pay the share of taxes, instead of listening to democratic lies he should have found out the truth that the rich pay 95 Percent of the taxes in this country. The democrats portray the republicans as evil and free loading fools believe it.


This is the type of stuff you get when you have a communist wanting things his way bernie Sanders is a socialist communist type of thing, who many people were killed in the name of communism, something like 40 million well bernie sanders just proved he has nothing good for this country. The monster that did this was some sort of creature that hated everything that this nation stands for, the shooter in this case hated everything good and only wanted to harm the Nation as a whole we he has caused plenty of harm, not only to the people… Read more »


Bernie Sanders is not the problem. The a** clowns who keep him in office are the problem !

Wild Bill

@Dan III, The clowns are only part of it, Had Bernie Sanders chosen to be an accountant rather than a politician, the clowns could not keep him in office. Same with a lot of other hate and violence inciting politicians. We the People need more and stronger tools to control our political employees.


Senseless, cowardly murder.