No One’s Slaves

By John Farnam

Finger Gun vs Quran Islam
“Sharia Law” will soon be the law of the land in the UK and the rest of Europe. Moors have invaded, all over again, with no less brutality and cruelty than the last time!
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The world has no particular objection to vice, but it does have an insuperable repugnance to hearing vice called by its proper name.” ~ William Thackeray

Last week in the UK, a local police commissioner, Alison Hernandez (suffering from an attack of “malicious honesty,” albeit only temporary), indicated that she was open to the idea UK citizens arming themselves, with guns, as a defense against Islamic terrorists. She voiced her opinion during a radio talk-show. (audio below)

Such a thing would, of course, require significant revision of the UK’s current array of anti-gun laws that make private ownership of nearly any species of firearm illegal.

Ms Hernandez was quickly slapped-down by her superiors who ever-so sanctimoniously declared that the very idea of privately-owned guns in the UK is unthinkable. I suspect Ms Hernandez can forget her next promotion!

“Enforced helplessness” is currently public policy in the UK!

Our British cousins are unhappily discovering that the glamorous socialist/Marxist “nanny state,” so piously promoted by all the “beautiful people,” that they foolishly thought would bring about a utopian society where no one had to do any work, has cunningly enslaved them (as it always does, everywhere it has been tried), suffocating every vestige of individual initiative and personal dignity. They have been deceived, gullible victims of their own vanity, vice, and cowardice, and they know it!

The same can be said of most of the rest of Western Europe, now in the process of being voluntarily “Muslimized,” with scant resistance, nor even significant opposition. Their ultimate religious/political “conversion” to Islam will be violently, brutally forced upon them. And, there will be no “ going back!”

“Sharia Law” will soon be the law of the land in the UK and the rest of Europe. Moors have invaded, all over again, with no less brutality and cruelty than the last time!

And, amoral socialist collaborators don’t really care, so long as they’re on the winning side.

Over here, we still have our Second Amendment protecting us, at least for now. However, we’ve experienced relentless efforts by our own leftist collaborators (Democrats and RINOs) to regulate it out of existence, already successfully in places like NYC.

Personal defense is not just a “choice.” It means accepting full responsibility for individual safety, immodestly claiming our own magnificence, and the magnificence of our religion and culture. Asking permission from no one, and upon our own summary command and judgement, we defend ourselves with grace and strength, confident in the righteousness of our cause.

This is our birthright as Americans.

We are no one’s slaves!

“A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” ~ George Washington


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    1. I guess I am new to this but I know not to even try and reason with Gil the troll. True Christians are not pacifists. I noticed no answer about good works and fruit. It must be that there is no argument but The Islam faith has produced nothing but death and destruction. God is like a surgeon who operates and talks out cancers and uses good people to do some of His surgery. He tears down to build up says the prophet Jeremiah. Show me something like that in the Koran but oh wait there is nothing.

      1. Hey Pistol Packing… Gill the Troll is I would have to say correct with some issues like about some Christians killing or slaughtering. As you know such as the middle ages. When science, Alchemy could get someone exiled, tortured or killed. Or Joan of Arc who said God spoke to her and she was burned because of political reasons. Or Pilot did what many politicians do, he didn’t want Jesus killed but Pilot had to go with the majority or he would have been outed. What Gill doesn’t understand is God also gave man free will and there are churches today with political influence, Christians today who think everyone is going to Hell except them, there are people who call themselves Christians today who would rather condemn and judge someone, such as a murderer or child molester, instead of praying for their salvation and hope they find God in their heart. Gill doesn’t understand according to God, sin is sin no matter how big or how small, God does not put a price on sin. Christian is just a universal label. A true follower of Christ would want more people in Heaven even for what they have done in the past, the past is the past. If a murderer or Molester finds God in their heart and is true a true Follower of Christ would wish salvation. I am not saying someone shouldn’t pay for their crimes or I wouldn’t protect myself or my loved ones, in fact God wants me to even if I have to use lethal force. I am sure I don’t have to thump you with the Bible, all the people in the Bible who strayed from God and did bad things then realized their sins and God welcomed them back.As I say I have seen it all in Christian Churches yet I also have different opinions. Pistol Packin correct me if you have different thoughts it won’t hurt my feelings. Gil, it is the free will of man, not the Teachings of Christ…

    2. thank you but no thank you for waiting so long on my simple comment. There are so many rough comments and you wait this long on my sterile comment. Please do not post anything and I will not comment anymore.

    3. “Last week in the UK, a local police commissioner, Alison Hernandez (suffering from an attack of “malicious honesty,” albeit only temporary), indicated that she was open to the idea UK citizens arming themselves, with guns, as a defense against Islamic terrorists. She voiced her opinion during a radio talk-show.”

      Perhaps Ms. Hernandez should apply for a U.S. resident visa and bring her entire family. She could be a consultant to HLS or another alphabet agency.
      She could carry a gun when she gets her green card.

    4. How religion keeps getting tied into islam I’ll never understand.
      Islam is an ideology of a mad man. Man who sat in a cave for five years and wrote a book that contradicts itself, and offers asylum to every sort of vermin. My point is, we need seperation of church and state for one, two, we need for religious leaders and groups like islam to be held accountable as a whole since their communal teachings are to wipe out non beleivers and convert by force if necessary. To think we in the states haven’t much to worry, think again islam already has several American free zones where Americans are violently reacted to when passing thru. Do a google seaech and also realize places like Deerbourne Michigan are almost full islamic places of inhabitants thanks to Obama and liberals like Killery Klinton.

      1. Don’t you mean we need joining of religion and state? If Christianity is the official national religion and lawmakers are free to decide what other religions are not allowed then you would get what you want.

        1. Thanks to our magnificent Constitution, there is NO “official” national religion, and Gil damnably-well ought to KNOW that (if he does not know, he is too rock-stupid to be allowed out in public without a keeper!). Which means Gil is outright lying, and therefore completely lacking any credibility.

          Christianity does happen to be America’s predominant religion, but that is entirely a voluntary situation. Granted, it’s predominance does indeed affect every aspect of America’s life (social and political)… but we Christians want it that way (we do not have such a situation thrust forcibly upon us by a tyrannical government).

          Don’t know that Admin is done with this worthless Troll, but until that happens… Gil is fair game for the sane adults here.

    5. Eventually, some the people in the UK will organize privately, and the “authorities” will have a double insurgency on their hands. One by the Jihadists, and another against them. The IRA certainly had no trouble obtaining firearms, or using them. Sadly, the recent Mosque attack was probably only the beginning.

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”
      – John F. Kennedy

      1. I agree this could happen, but who would the authorities be arresting and killing? Yup the rightful citizen’s defending themselves. It’s nauseating to think.

    6. Spot on article. The only bad part is moronic gilly baby with his pro jihad beliefs. I’d love to see him move to a sand castle in the middle east and keep his views (or head on) and come back to tell us how wonderful it is. In the meantime, we have to put up with his “comments from mom’s basement” BS. Carry on gilly baby, carry on.

    7. Sadly, this article is spot on. Also sadly, the comments and divisions amongst us infidels (as reflected in the comment section) mean that we are unlikely to present a united front to the invaders.

    8. I find it difficult to eschew welcoming the moslem take over of Europe. The moslems will kill off all the socialist/closet, soccer moms, girlyboys, communists, destroy liberal government, and the tough survivors will be able to own RPGs if they like. Perhaps a week of Islamic control would not be so bad for the U.S. either.

    9. Don’t feed the gil. When you reply directly to one of its idiotic statements it either gets paid as a troll or a boost to its ill ego. Reply to it thru the Comment box or ignore it. But please, don’t feed the gil.

      1. @No Bull you are quite right about feeding GFYG. Nor am I responding to anything that the VPC shill has written. I tell you NB, We the “armed to the teeth, provisioned, and trained” People could resist a moslem take over while the moslems make a blood bath of worthless politicians, judges, bureaucrats, democrats, and VPC liberalcraps. As it stands, We the People are rendered impotent by our own federal, state, and local, LEOs.

    10. Why the antagonism against Christians? We’re peaceful, loyal, law abiding citizens that aren’t trying to “rule” anyone. We are simply using our God given,constitutionally protected rights to enter into the conversation about what kind of America we will have. We stand for the social morals that have prevailed since we were founded. We get our ideas about morality and freedom from the Holy Bible. Where do others get their information?
      Dictators hate true Christians because we can’t be bought or intimidated. We’ve been slaughtered by the millions and today there are more Christians than ever. It is estimated that in the near future China will be a Christian nation though they are being persecuted horribly. Go ahead. Fight God. He was here when you got here and he will be here after you are gone.

    11. I do not mind competition. I do mind that radical muslim shits wish to kill me if iI do not subscribe to their beliefs. I do not wish a confrontation, however, I agree with James Mattis, when he said: ” When you meet someone, be polite and be professional and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

    12. Yeah right, Conservative Christians want to rule society based on the Bible yet think it’s bad when the Muslims want to do the same thing.

      1. Talk is cheap, Gil. If you want to be a big dog, jump off the porch and stand for something. Keyboard commandos are a dime a dozen. Or, “Put up, or Shut up.”

      2. Followers of Christ have a theological mandate: Love one another; Islam also has a theological mandate (which of course you know nothing about because you haven’t read the koran) — kill you and your family.
        WTF is wrong with you?

        1. Gerald, I am glad to see you used the term “Followers of Christ” because, in my opinion “Christianity” is just a label, in fact, it is. I am sure and I don’t want to preach, followers of Christ were originally labeled Christian as a slam, or, bad name. Too bad today Christianity is broken. I say that meaning although Christians are all supposed to have the same goals , to make disciples out of men and spread the word, so many different denominations interpret that basically everyone is going to Hell, except them. Gil is just a troll, although, yes some so called, labeled Christians thump the Bible on everyone yet they are not physically forcing by cutting people’s heads off. True, when the Holy Bible was first formed as a book, if people read anything that wasn’t in the Bible, they could be killed and adultery on other things were different back then, today it is not the same. I have seen it all in Christian Churches, my dad that bailed on my family who was going to and a member of the Playboy Club back in 70’s, he had a girlfriend while married yet was just relocated, I have been married into a Mennonite family – my ex, and my wife’s family now is Pentecostal. So what I would have to say, it isn’t the church that what matters, it’s someone’s own personal relationship with God. So I guess Gil would rather have people busting down his doorwith AK’s and machetes than be Bible thumped.

          1. Gerald, I meant my ex wife family is Mennonite and my wife I am married to now her family is Pentecostal. I am a believer in a Creator, I have different opinions about God. I believe there is so much more out there left out of the Bible, and there is, so I just take it as it is I don’t label myself as Christian. Christian is just a label and you have it on the spot it is whether if someone is a Follower of Christ.

        2. Christians didn’t take over 1/3 of the world through love. Unless it’s the same “love” that Muslims bring.

          1. within two centuries of the murder of Christ, His followers had, indeed, gone into every corner of the then-known world with the gospel. And NO ONE was killling anyone else, though many of them were killed. Their message of real love, looking after the cares of others, was a threat to those in political power.. the very reason Jesus Himself was falsely accused and executed.

            1. @TioN, Yeah, Christianity did not take over any part of the world. Christianity is not a political system.

          2. Read the Koran ……… It is the duty of every Muslim to kill all Non Believers ….. That is you !!! Defend your self
            be like William M Butler, MSG USA ret .. What General James Mattis said is so true in real life”
            ” When you meet someone, be polite and be professional and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

            1. I would like to meet you, someday Gil. I am sure we would get along.

          1. You left out the word “IGNORANT” in front of the word “troll”.
            It does display a definitely lack of brain cells and intelligence.

            1. Yes and I’m sorry I got myself in a religion debate when this article is about the UK and it is slowly happening here. I most times don’t debate politics, religion because there always has to be someone with the last word, right and wrong. So, no more of me feeding Gil the Ignorant Troll…

      3. LIE… conservative Christians have no intention to “rule society”. You prove your ingorance here. The mozzies DO indeed want to rule… by brute force, everyone, and everywhere.

        Personally, gill, I don’t care a whit whether you make your own individual decision to follow Christ and His teachings. Do or don’t, its nothing to me or any other believer. But we DO know it matters a lot to YOU, despite your refusals.

        You see, there is nowhere a mandate to any of us in the bible to rule society, to take over, inflitrate, etc. Nope. NOwhere. Again, you prove your iggerunts. The only two mandates we really find are first, to love God and our Neighbour, second to spread the Word, preaching about the arrival of God’s Kingdom. Then, once YOU have heard, YOU are responsible for how YOU live once you know. Reject, laugh about, take it up and live it.. YOUR choice. No notches on MY gunbelt, ever.

        VERY different than the mozzie racket. Oh, and true followers of Christ will never demand you bow and scrape to them, nor make any attempt to exact a tax from you if you don’t comply. Or a tithe when you do. Its all on you, buddy. Not me. YOU stand or fall before the One who created you. Never before me….. it is He with whom you have to do. No one else.

        1. Amen brother. It is obvious that many people have been hurt by false religion and bad reps of Christ. Good article Mr. Farnam. “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” – George Washington. If we had to choose between Christianity and Islam and knew nothing much about what they teach but had to pick based upon the produce each has. Let’s look at their fruit. Have you ever heard of Muslim hospitals, feeding programs, good infrastructure in their countries. Are there organized efforts to house or help people in their countries. I say the Muslim countries have nothing but destruction and death to give. Christians are not perfect but we do have many more different denominations working together for good than evil. I have traveled the world and have seen Christians of most all nations that work together and that does include the Middle East, Russia, China and South America. I have never run across a Muslim hospital or feeding program but I have seen many Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Jewish and non denominational hospitals. Jesus said you shall know them by their fruit. I am a PistolPackin Pentecostal Preacher who lives in Tennessee,USA and am proud with the God kind of pride. My family arrived here in 1635 and have preached, loved and fought for this country even up to the present. There is no country like the USA because of Jesus Christ and His followers whether you like it or not. We are many and diverse but mostly loving and ready to defend our freedom and not to instigate. We have made mistakes but do not back down to who we are. Molan Labe and go USA

        2. Rather the extremist Christians paved the way so you can claim to be a pacifist. As said the West didn’t become Christian by peaceful conversion but force. Tell me how peaceful of a Christian you if you found your faith under active persecution? Fortunately for you and others Christians took over American society from the early onset and are why you claim to be a peaceful Christian.

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