Police Warn English Subjects Against Using Guns to Resist Terrorism

By David Codrea
In response to terrorism, police are warning English subjects to run, hide, and tell.

A different time: A sergeant instructor explains the working of a rifle to two members of the Home Guard Local Defence Volunteers (Imperial War Museum).
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “A police commissioner has caused alarm among rank and file officers by suggesting that members of the public who own guns could help defend rural areas against terror attacks,” The Guardian reported Monday. “Alison Hernandez, the Devon and Cornwall police and crime commissioner, said she was interested in having a conversation with the chief constable about whether ordinary people with gun licenses could assist in a terrorist crisis.” (audio below)

“Under no circumstances would we want members of the public to arm themselves with firearms, not least because officers responding would not know who the offenders were, and quite obviously they would not have the time to ask,” Devon & Cornwall Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton quickly responded, discouraging such a conversation from happening, let alone resulting in any change to the U.K.’s draconian gun bans and restrictions. “Our message to the public is a simple one: to run, to hide and to tell.”

“Fight”? With what?

That seems to be the message of “Only Ones” everywhere, including here in the U.S., where our Department of Homeland Security adds an anemic “fight” to the instructions, without adding how someone disarmed by “rules” is supposed to do that and what the odds are likely to be for success.

Further agreeing with Constable Netherton, and further asserting that U.S. gun laws enable and abet terrorists, are American gun-grabbers, with their position laid out in The New York Times. That allowing insufficiently vetted foreign nationals into the country in the first place may be a factor is left unexplored. Also ignored are how many killers took advantage of “gun-free zone” restrictions and the inconvenient truth that the five million members of the National Rifle Association – arguably the most heavily-armed civilian population on the planet,” have a lower homicide rate than Britain.

It’s clearly not the guns.

“(European-style terror attacks are) going to be the new normal in our world,” former NYPD Commissioner and LAPD Chief Bill Bratton predicted in a “No, duh!” moment. “That type of attack is quite likely to occur in the United States at some point in time.”

And true to carrying on in the finest European traditions, Bratton has been a career denier of the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

“What we are beginning to remember is that for thousands of years everyone on this island was armed at all times with daggers—with swords if you could afford them, with throwing axes and longbows for truly special occasions,” a guest post on The Burning Platform reflects ruefully. “Personal defence was not just a choice, it meant accepting full responsibility for individual safety beyond city or castle walls. Defending ourselves with grace and strength and skill was something we once took great pride in.”

American gun owners should look at what’s happening “across the pond” and view it as a canary in a coal mine of sorts, and a predictor of the shape of things to come. And all would do well to remember that when it comes to “gun violence” and terrorism, the UK ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Re the leadin headline, Police Warn English Subjects Against Using Guns To Resist Terrorism,given that few of the referenced SUBJECTS have access to arms, the point might be moot. That said one wonders as to what action, if any, might be acceptable to the police who it seems issued this warning. What, one wonders might Joe Blow, English Subject, do? Possibly “assume the position” and offer up a quick prayer. Seems to me that the game they, the police say the “subject” should play, is a loosing game, but then while I lived in London for a time, many years… Read more »

Mike Burcke

The Brits have apparently lost the will to live, as a culture. I lived in the UK for eight years in the late ’80’s and at that time they seemed to have some personal pride in being British. Now, it looks like they’ve given up and are just waiting to be out-populated and out-reproduced by freely-accepted Muslim invaders (which is the Muslim Brotherhood’s publicly published plan, actually). Too bad. Used to be a beautiful place to live.


Of course, cower and die is a far better choice. What a**holes !


“Under no circumstances would we want members of the public to arm themselves with firearms, not least because officers responding would not know who the offenders were, and quite obviously they would not have the time to ask,” – Netherton responded. What an idiot. Wouldn’t want anyone to defend themselves against terrorists. And when the police arrive, the good guys are the ones that put their weapons down and stop shooting, not the ones that turn and shoot at the cops. And what makes this guy think, even if they did have time to ask who the good guys were,… Read more »

Capt Ed McCourt USMC (ret)

Check the laws, in the mid 1800’s congress realized , LEO’s could NOT secure and defend every citizen in their Area of responsibility.

Law Enforcement is just that., LEO’s enforce Laws after the fact , response! LAW Enforcement !! Security is an individual’s soul responsibility ! Due to lack of FUNDING and Man power, American’s can not expect their local / Federal LEO’s to defend us.

This country would be speaking with a British Accent if we didn’t protect ourselves back in the day!

God Bless American and the second amendment!


Wild Bill

@Capt E McCort, Welcome to the site. I look forward to reading more from you later. Oh…, and thank you for your sacrifices for our American freedoms.

Jim S

What a choice. Run, hide, tell. What a bunch of cowards. Stand up, be counted, do the right thing. I am so sorry for Britain.


“…the five million members of the National Rifle Association…have a lower homicide rate than Britain.” That’s a fascinating stat, and one that I’d like to repeat loudly and often. But I’d like some attribution. Where, may I ask, did those figures come from?


Simple math. Take the American murder rate, minus the inner city gang and drug murders, and that gives an average murder rate per million (other than gang and drug violence), multiply by 5 (as in 5 million NRA members), and that’s your answer.


I moved to NJ six years ago and boy, what a major mistake. Shame on me for first not realizing this state has some of the highest taxes in the nation, more importantly, does not even have an inkling of care or concern, for the safety and protection of their law abiding residents. It is extremely easy for criminals to get and possess guns, but not for law abiding NJ residents. No right to carry in this State, even with Chris Christi our current republican governor or our new Republican governor candidate Kim Guadagno. Not only do you have to… Read more »




Why shout, your comment is in caps. That said, I agree with your comments, especially given the following. Various courts have ruled multiple times as follows, not their exact words, but it boils down to the following. The police owe the individual no particular service, protection especially, as they are there ” to protect society” whatever the hell that might mean, not the individual.


By the way, the courts I refer to are various courts in this country. Who knows how British courts might rule, though I believe I could make a damned good guess. They would not rule in favor of the individual defending himself or herself.

Heed the Call-u

Alan, the Brit courts are much less in favor of the individual right to defense. We even have an 0bama SCOTUS judge, Sotomayor, that believes we do not have the right to self-defense and stated such many times, including in her dissent to the Heller decision. In the UK, if you defend yourself against an assailant and harm the assailant in any way, you will be charged with assault. If you used anything as a weapon, you will be charged with assault with a weapon (just as in the USA, it is a felony). If you are carrying anything “without… Read more »


Might the above explain why people in Britain are described as “subjects” rather than “citizens”? Additionally, might we be moving in the direction of creating such a system or idea here?


I believe I’m aware of this condition.

William Lane

Why do you think so many citizens are being shot by cops? Because the NRA has promoted universal gun ownership & concealed carry. Cops must assume that everybody they meet has a gun, & so they shoot first.


WL you must live in one of the less than free states or in one of the imperial cities. Although there are certainly some bad ones, most cops out here in the rural west tend to show a little respect to gun owners, particularly CCW holders. First of all, almost everyone who lives rural has guns. This state is a no-permit open carry and no-permit for in/on a vehicle. Lots and lots of hunters too. Cops know we have been background checked both to buy the gun, and to get the permit. Also, like it or not, appearance and attitude… Read more »


If you are shot by a cop, then 99% of the time it means you didn’t follow that cop’s orders (the NRA didn’t do that). Watch the show LivePD a couple times and you’ll see cops have a lot of restraint and that most of the people cops come into contact with are tools and still aren’t shot at.

James Andrews


Roy D.

William, if you use a water hose you should be able to get that sand out of there. You will feel better and perhaps be able to think more clearly.


What kind of a twisted mind blames the NRA for cops shooting citizens? Most of the shootings to which you refer are hoodlums who appear armed and as Mike says, act like hoodlums. They don’t do anything that an honest citizen would do like stop, keep hands in sight, follow orders, etc. Even average kids should know better than to point their toy guns or even fingers at a cop who’s obviously armed and telling them to stop and keep their hands in plain sight. Those kids with toy guns or BB guns they pointed at cops have been taught… Read more »


happy i do not live in an s-hole country that wants you to die instead of defending yourself


That’s the way it is New York City if you’re mugged you basically have two choices run away or hand over whatever the sleaze ball wants. If you defend yourself and you hurt the scumbag he comes back and sues you for everything you have or will have.
I’m waiting for New York City to unionize the muggers so they can have a medical plan.
If you choose to be a professional mugger you must be prepared for the occupational hazards of that occupation like death.

Jim palmer

I was raised with guns and hunting. Went to vietnam for two years and made life and death decision every day. I don’t need anyone trying to tell me about when to use my guns. government leave me and mine alone.

Pixel Dust

only God can help them now, since they are forbidden to help ourselves…thank goodness we live in Texas; good luck with passive resistance here.

Heed the Call-u

I, fortunately, live in the good Commonwealth of Virginia where firearms laws are even more liberal than in Texas. Please join us in the free state where we honor all CC licenses/permits, and OC is legal without a license/permit and legal for all citizens of the USA who are legally allowed to possess firearms.

Bill N.

I’m beginning to see where the democrats get their anti gun ideas. They are inherited from the EU. After the Orlando and Berkley incidents the first words out of Obama’s mouth was stricter gun laws. After the Paris incident the European Union convened and the first thing announced was the same damned thing. If memory serves me correctly, England was disarmed shortly after WW2. The attitude seems to be inherited by own Democratic Party. None of them go anywhere without their body guards armed to the teeth. All we have to do is let Trump have his travel ban and… Read more »


Good points.

R. W. D.

I agree Bill they want their protection with them,yet they want to restrict or deny us the safety &protection a gun would provide for us.These people(mostly democrats who are afraid of the common people that they lie to constantly) rant&rave all the time that are for the people, yet want to deny them their constitutional rights daily!!!

Don Fowler

RWD, I am a democrat and have carried for 20 years with. CWP, but I have owned guns since I was 9. Republicans have pushed for stringent gun laws also. Re: Reagan and the Brady Bill…. Do not be deceived by the evil one.


Sinton was responsible for the Brady Bill. Brady was an antigun Demwit.


Don’t group Reagan in with the Brady Bill. He still sided with the right to keep and bear arms after he was shot. The Brady Bill didn’t pass until 1993 when CLINTON was in the White House. Daddy Bush was more wishywashy as he “resigned’ his NRA Life Membership during a re-election campaign. I feel like his membership was only a campaign ploy to begin with.

Don Fowler

It is much easier to read when everything is not capped. Just saying.

Don Fowler

That was meant for R F Horka.

Jo Ann

It sure where the “caps are shouting ” thing started, but it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, given my vision on these tiny phones, it is easier for me to read caps. Let’s don’t be so dang sensitive and get those undies unbunched out there.

Bill N.

Oldvet, you are so right. I didn’t forget but the Brits brought this on themselves with the joining of the EU. So far since Pres.Trump’s election I don’t think we have anything to fear that we as citizens of the USA will not be drawn into that idiotic UN action.


Re the sagacious advise from British officialdom, or might it be “officialdumb”, what might the law abiding Brit do? Hope, pray, hide somewhere, under his or her bed perhaps, who knows as guidance appears to be lacking. Sounds to me like an important point is being missed here, somehow.


Man I feel for the GOOD people in UK. They have got to get rid of the idioits running that country. Arm up and aim for the neck up.

David Heselton

The police are part of the problem over here all too busy harassing and victimising anyone that tries to stand up for themselves or other Britain’s. You quite literally cannot defend yourself without the risk of prison .all forms of self defence can put you inside . Anything they decide that can be used in defence is illegal. I have witnessed with my own eyes how British police operate even in small towns , park up around the corner until the public put an end to the disturbance, then come charging in and arrest the ones least likely to resist… Read more »


David, what you said is what I feared was the case in the UK. I’m sorry for you and the loss of your great culture (which we share). What happened to a People who could inspire phrases such as these these? Men of Harlech, on to glory! See, your banner famed in story Waves these burning words before ye “Britain scorns to yield!” Thomas Oliphant “And gentlemen in England now a-bed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day”. William Shakespeare If you go… Read more »

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

We Americans have it right – This excerpt is from a Marine who was a Khe Sahn in 1968 -“This siege lasted for 77 days and was the most intense fighting of our history. Some reports say there were 1,000 of us and as many as 400,000 of the enemy. Other reports show 6,000 Marines at Khe Sanh, but this was not the Combat base. This figure had to include the surrounding hills and supporting units. Khe Sanh Combat base wasn’t that big! Essentially, it was a runway. We were taking some 1,600 rounds of incoming per day every day… Read more »

Wild Bill

@VE Veteran- Old Man’s Club, Message Received, and thank you for the sacrifices that you have made for our freedom.


Fortunately, plenty of parts of the U.S. aren’t too concerned with self-defence and also allow for the use of deadly force for property and honor defense.

Darren P.

Yes Gil, I have the GOD GIVEN right to defend my property and not be a victim of robbery. If he’ll steal my wallet, what’s to stop him from stealing my life or the life of one of my family members. Gil, you just don’t get it. What do you say about the hunting trip Gil? Just give me an address and I’ll pick you up. Sure we’ll have a great time.


I prefer a bank roll of 20 Kennedy half dollars. Or the 1776-1976 halfs that inspire patriotism. But to each his own. Carry on !


Rebellion? Just asking.

Old Grunt

Back in WW2 my grandfather donated a 1903 Springfield rifle to be sent across to Britain and help to arm The Home Guard. Seeing as the Bobby’s and the Administration there are so anti-gun? I’d like it back.


Old, unfortunately, all 300,000 odd rifles that were donated were destroyed after the emergency was over (iow we saved their sorry butts once again for which we received scant thanks or credit). Can’t have the hoi polloi armed to the teeth or anything.
OTOH – there just ‘might’ be a few of them squirreled away somewhere – just in case. But woe unto a mere citizen actually use it……………


And what, push coming to shove, might the referenced police officials do? One wonders.


Alan, most of them – while willing to do what they should – simply will not as most of them are STILL unarmed and cannot intervene in a life (yours) or death (theirs) situation. PCs stood around (more or less) while Drummer Rigby was slaughtered. And it took EIGHT minutes for a flying squad to arrive on scene at the latest murderous rampage. But it’s OK since the victims were a diverse group, or so the London chief claimed.


hell of a mess isn’t it, worse yet, self created.


What ever happened to CQC?


I never want to be in a position where I cannot defend myself or others from someone trying to kill us.
Never would shoot someone over material items only in a life and death situation.
That is why I have a concealed carry permit and carry a Kimber Micro 9 with +P Hornady ammo in it.
I know what I am doing and I would not be afraid to act if necessary.

Wild Bill

@OV, Who in the Bible said that there is no greater love than a man give up his life for his friends? Or something like that. I would describe such a young man as a good intentioned amateur that really needed training, mentoring, and practice, but now is too late.


exactly right, John 15:13 for anyone who might be interested “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” NIV




“Run, hide, and tell.”

“I’m tellin’! Mommy, mommy! Achmed won’t stop bombin’ me!”


if citizens/subjects have guns, the police wont know whos who…heres a hint, the bad guy is over there dead, weve been waiting for you to get here officer…and the innocent aint running all around firing at will


I’m 78 and cannot walk more than 15 min. and CERTAINLY cannot run! BUT as long as I am strong enough to hold my handgun, AR or shotgun in firing position and pull the trigger YOU BETTER NOT attack me or my family or other innocents near me!

Hoss Green

I agree that the 2nd is one of the best things that is in our constitution, but alas the biggest problem as I see it is the progressive left is allowing the enemy in as we speak. The enemy? Islam. We are at war with Islam, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Either your a Muslim, or your not. There is no in between.
This is all about the one world government, and in order to implement it we must be disarmed.

Houston resident

Hoss Green: Sorry to disagree strongly, The enemy is NOT Islam, the enemy is ignorance. OUR ignorance is that we paint every Muslim with the same brush, and that’s WRONG and hate-filled! THEIR ignorance is the blindness of the power of God (not Allah’s). (Before you paint me with the “Muslim lover” paintbrush, please know that I pack a .40 cal Jericho if I’m outside my home, except for the obvious state-denied locations, I teach in a Bible-believing church where the large number of packers in the congregation has been commented on by the pastor in one of his sermons).… Read more »


Just out of curiosity. Do your muslin friends condemn all acts of violence/terrorism committed by muslim’s? From what I read, few if any condemn terrorist and in fact seem to side with and support them. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer was a nice guy and his neighbors like him.

Houston resident

1. All of them do. And two of them are Saudi citizens. There are good people everywhere, and bad ones, as well. And my non-WASP friends are not “muslin”.
2. Good for you for trying to read up on what goes on in the world. You’ve not found the information about the other side of the coin yet, however. Keep reading…..
3. Your comment about Dahmer is irrelevant. Joseph Stalin had scores of Americans who thought he was a fantastic leader, prior to WWII.

Heed the Call-up

Houston, rather implying he’s a bigot, learn about Islam. Read the Qur’an and Hadith, then look at world history, read about the Barbary Wars and why our Marines are nicknamed Leathernecks.

To be a good Muslim, he/she must believe in all facets of Islam, which much more than just a religion.

Islam is incompatible with Western Society and values, which why there has been so much conflict. Being in the USA, we are greatly sheltered from the world around us.

Travel and reading helps us become better informed.

Houston resident

Wild Bill: HHhhmmm…I presume that you aren’t interested in different shades of understanding, are you? Please define what you mean by “Good Koran following Moslems” for us; that appears to be a GROSS overstatement of the grandest order. There are millions of Muslims who don’t give a flip about which “mullah/imam/other-named-cleric” has issued what fatwah about which verse of which Surah. Yes, there are some percentage of Muslims who are tickled to have a basis to kill Christians/Hindus/etc., but there are FAR more that live in peace with all those denominations, and many more. In fact, there are some ignorant… Read more »

Houston resident

Heed the Call-up: I suggest you investigate the definitions of “imply” versus “infer”. I have NOT implied ANYONE is a bigot; but I state that YOU may have inferred it. Please don’t put words in my mouth Second, ignorance is not a dirty word, it just means someone doesn’t know something. But ignorance is truly remarkable, because it allows someone with little knowledge to make broad statements about others and other subjects when they themselves don’t know what they’re talking about. You appear to imply that I should take the time to “learn about Islam”. Well, I spent several years… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Houston, yes, I inferred that you were implying he is a bigot. You didn’t call him one, which I didn’t state you did, but your post made it obvious, just as your reply to me implying that you are so much more worldly and intelligent than me. You must believe you are more intelligent than your posts make you appear. I am not going down that rat hole. In all of your “education” on Islam, you seem to not have understood what you read and learned. Your ignorance is also only inferred, but, it too, is obvious. Countries that are… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Houston, you stated, “[t]here are millions of Muslims who don’t give a flip about which “mullah/imam/other-named-cleric” has issued what fatwah about which verse of which Surah. […] but there are FAR more that live in peace” True, just as only less than one percent of the US citizenry are in the military, there doesn’t need to be that many. Even the Qur’an addresses that. History has shown what Muslims can and will do, European history is filled with that.

Wild Bill

@Houston Res, Jesus may love you and he may love me, but Mohammad and his followers do not. Good Koran following Moslems support the destruction of all other religions, forms of government, legal systems, and life styles.

Houston resident

The traffic cop for comments and got confused somehow. This reply is for the last two comments to me from Heed the Callup, NOT for Wild Bill.. Heed the Call-up says: June 20, 2017 at 1:56 AM Houston, yes, I inferred that you were implying he is a bigot. You didn’t call him one, which I didn’t state you did, but your post made it obvious, just as your reply to me implying that you are so much more worldly and intelligent than me. You must believe you are more intelligent than your posts make you appear. I am not… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Houston, you wasted a lot of time and typing to prove I am right about what I said about you. And provide a weak retort about straw men and how your so wise and worldly and rest us are all just a bunch of fools. I’m surprised that you forgot to say we are all just rednecks and yokels. So where in the goal of Islam, that there will be no peace until the entire world is Islam is there room for the rest of us? History and current events show exactly how Muslims intend on reaching that goal. Have… Read more »


To hell with Bratton and assorted others of his ilk.

Woody W Woodward

If not for citizens armed with firearms and other weapons, our nation would not exist. It follows that; if not for the same access to, and the willingness to implement, weapons we will cease to exist.

Don Baker

America we made a huge mistake coming to Britain’s defense in WWII. They are nothing but gutless socialists who are not worthy of defense.

David Heselton

I see you’re IQ results came back negative. Look further than what the state educational propaganda deems you fit to know .

Wild Bill

Baker, I can see your point: Had America not become involved in WWII, then there would be no communism, today, nor any invasion of liberal Europe today. Most of the world, and quite likely Mexico, Canada, and the USA would be National Socialists, today. Something to think about.


AND we’d all be speaking GERMAN AND/OR JAPANESE AT LEAST as a second language!!!


Might interest all to know, that there are still over 1 million (registered) guns owned by
private citizens in England.

Wild Bill

@Lou, Worldometer tells me that there are about sixty-five and a half million people in the UK. So at best that is one firearm for each 65 and a half persons. Some of those gun owners will have more than one gun, and some of those guns will be antiques, too valuable to shoot for other reasons, or unserviceable. Many of the guns will be in the collections of the elites. Hmmm, what must I conclude from this?

Jim Hofwolt

These guns must be kept locked up when not in use with ammo locked up separately. This means that if needed to protect yourself you would have two locked cabinets to unlock as the guns are not allowed to be lloaded in storage. This pretty much means that people will be unarmed. Also remember that pistols are a complete no-no. Rifles will only be allowed if you can prove you have somewhere to use them. All guns are registered and the police can visit you at any tome of the day or night and demand to inspect them wih powers… Read more »

American Patriot

And your point is???

Wild Bill

@American Pat, My point is that at best there is one gun owner in 65.5 persons (plus or minus) in the UK. And I must conclude that that is not enough for the population to protect itself.


“Run, hide, and tell.”

“I’m tellin’! Mommy, mommy! Achmed won’t stop bombin’ me!”

Dr. Strangelove

Subject: Run, hide, tell.
Citizen: Shoot, shoot again, reload.
Any questions?

Pace Shooter

I think they should consider that over 95% of the British police force isn’t allowed to carry a firearm. They would be running and hiding with the rest of the unarmed civilians.

Woody W Woodward

And, from reports of the last terror attack, that’s exactly what some did.


Perhaps it’s time to reread 19th Century philosopher John Stuart Mill, who wrote,
“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things…. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

Wild Bill

, Sounds like XtraTeen Xtra Snot, one of our two local trolls.


F66kOff, Old Useless Bill. Trust me, I can fight my own battles, and trolling, to you, is anyone who disagrees with your asinine, contradictory, hypocritical bs. Period. Fact is, I give meaning to your old, sad, end-of-life existence.

Bill N.

What we are seeing in Europe is simply due to their gun laws. I remember reading that the licensed hunters in Michigan alone amounted to the 4th largest army in the world. Now just think, that is to say those that can use their brain for something other than a smart phone, these ISIS fighters aren’t stupid. remember that the “mass shootings” here in the USA were all in gun free zones. Berkley, Ca. county office, Orlando, Fl. law is booze, no weapons. Ft Hood, Military base, no weapons,Think about it for just a second. We as US citizens have… Read more »


Not even a thought here. I shall live and conduct my life in responsible “ready” to protect myself, my family and all others with the best and most direct tools available. Currently, these are Firearms. Evil is as cancer, it will propagate until it reaches a boundary that eradicates it. I will be that boundary when a crazy or jihadist enacts any harm on anyone. I care 0% what “laws or rules” are set forth to impede this. Let those who are deluded in creating such “laws and rules” that will eradicate evil. See how that works out. Semper Fi.


Like “Duck & Cover” during the cold war…it’s really going to help if an Atomic Bomb lands in your area. Even back then, we called it “Duck & Cover & Kiss Your A** Goodbye”.


The Britts CAN be GUTSY and tough when pushed to their limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yes they can but always need someone to come and bail their damn asses out.

Anthony Plezia

One thought. After you run,hide ,and they find you,and then kill you. Who are you going to tell?


As it plainly states in the movie Molon Labe, any gun laws that go against the 2A are inherently moot. We seem to be entering a time in our history where a terrorrist event could begin to unfold right in front of you at any time. There may be no time to call the “Just US’s” to come with their weapons to defend you. If some maniac is running down the street stabbing everyone he meets, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to help out your neighbor by placing a pellet right between the offenders eyes ? For me,… Read more »

JJ Swiontek

Re: Ckwunch Don’t feed the troll.

Matt in Oklahoma

These types of attacks have taken place here and were shut down quickly by armed people both LEO and Non. More will come and more of us are training than ever. They will kill some and we will kill them back. It’s a war and that’s what happens in war. The sooner you get through the OODA and figure it out the better it will be on you.

Old Man's Club VE Veteran

This is the message from the leftist elite a**holes – “We know better, we’ll take care of it, and besides you’re not smart enough to figure out what end of the gun you should use.” This kind of B.S. is why we “the great Unwashed Masses” elected someone who wasn’t an establishment puke (politician). Because we are sick of elitist butt plugs trying to tell us how to live our lives and what is best for us. We can figure it out … trust me on this one. Thanks God for the Founding Fathers’ foresight in codifying our natural rights.

Wild Bill

@VE Vet, Thank you for the sacrifices that you made for my freedom. I will try to live up to it.


Hers’s a hint for that sjw ‘police commissioner’, the bad guy’s at the scene will be the ones shooting at the cops.


Excellent point! I sincerely hope that we all (in the US) come to our senses and see that ultimately we’re the last line of defence of our families and way of life. Unfortunately I don’t see it happening; people are just getting more stupid regarding these issues. And by and large, I don’t see LEOs standing up for citizens rights, but I applaud those that do.


Robert the vast majority of LEOs and military are on our side.

Chris Mallory

Yep, they are on our side. Right up until they get orders not to be on our side. They will try to confiscate guns in a heartbeat if their paychecks and pensions are on the line.

Matt in Oklahoma

Robert I’m hear as a LEO and I’m far from alone. You will strive to meet anyone more pro 2A

Heed the Call-up

Robert, a relative of my, since retired, convinced me over a number of discussions that it wasn’t up to him and LE to protect my family and me, that *I* am responsible for my family and myself, and that I need to carry. He convinced *me*, one who is very nonviolent, that the police will only arrive in time to take a report or, if lucky, a victim statement. I had always enjoyed target shooting, but never could imagine harming anyone. He changed my outlook by explaining that criminals really do mean to do harm to others, and will when… Read more »


You’re right about the criminals targeting “victims” (I assume you mean those that look like easy victims). I was at a store in Portland, OR with my wife one day. The 2 clerks working there were very small framed Asian women. As I was waiting for my wife, I glanced out the front window and saw a man pulling a scarf over his face and walking toward the store quickly. I didn’t have a gun then, but stood tall at the window (I’m 6’2″) staring at him, knowing if he didn’t back down, I would have to hurry these ladies… Read more »


I agree, I cant believe that many leo types will put themselves in jeapordy by siding with citizens. Do you really think they posess that much morality? NO. Who is going to willingly turn themselves into a criminal. They wont want to give up all that power they will have in that type of situation. They are not on our side, you better just forget that. Same goes for the military. Yeah, a few might, but thats all it will be, a very few, mostly in rural areas.


i would never harm another. Until this made news it had not even crossed my mind. I would be too concerned of harming innocent people, and it distresses me even thinking what if its a misguided student in fancy dress. How could you even look the parents in the face to say sorry, knowing you harmed their student child by mistake, because some cop thought it was ok to get gun owners with no training to defend against terrorism. Gun owners will mostly think the same, we drink tea and talk about quarry and fire at clay, we take extreme… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

Couldn’t hear you for the bleating. Did you say something sheeple?


I’m guessing you live in the world that was once the proud home of men such as Churchill? He’d be disgusted.

Wild Bill

I have fought alongside the Brits. I know GD well that the pu$$y that wrote that is not representative of all the British people.


Let’s put two of your sentences together, so they really make sense. “I would never harm another”. “Any sane person would think that is a ludicrously stupid idea”. It’s not just stupid, it’s an evolutionary dead end. NEVER harm another? Really? Not if you are assaulted? Not if they are attempting to rape or kill your spouse, child, or mother? If so, you are a pitiful example of humanity. Cops shoot bystanders by mistake too. Wasn’t there a bystander shot in the last London attack? Is alternative is to do nothing? Self defense is a continuum, not an either/or. Simply… Read more »


“Cops shoot bystanders by mistake too.”
The difference is that cops can do that and if they can say “Good faith” 3 times without laughing it’s OK. For We the Peons, not so much.


revjen45 – Let me guess: Proud BLM member?


A number of years ago Obama went to the CDC and asked them to do a study on how many times a year a gun had been used to stop a crime. He thought he could destroy the statement that guns save lives. The results were never published by Obama because the CDC said that a firearm had been used 300,000 to 2 million times in a year to prevent rape, robbery and murder. 98% of the time the gun was just shown and not even fired.

Heed the Call-up

Ckwunch, so when some lowlife is beating you senseless you will be apologizing to him/her for unfortunately being in the wrong place at the wrong time? You can’t possibly be serious. Even though I am nonviolent, I will not allow myself to be a victim. I have now also decided that I will also carry a weapon to equalize the disparity of force, and when I can’t, I have also learned unarmed self-defense. I don’t drink tea and I don’t shoot clay. I do shoot paper targets and enjoy doing so; shooting is fun and relaxing. Yes, situational awareness certainly… Read more »

Old Man's Club VE Veteran

Sounds like Ckwunch is one of those Snowflake a**holes I mentioned in my previous post. I am of the old school and was raised to be a protector of the weak. But in his/her/its case only – I would not use my gun to protect them if they were being attacked out of respect for their anti – gun beliefs. He seems to be afraid of our amount of training, however I feel compelled to share an old axiom ” Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until your sure of your target.” Then its … Center mass –… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Ckw, Could you, please, have your name tattooed on your forehead? We’d like to know what happened to you when you go missing, and your head is on an Islamic pole, on the green of Stupidshire, county of Pathetic, UK.


there has never been a war that some innocent people have not died; to that thought would you rather, even though it was a death, not want to protect yourself or your family. i have to go with this thought ” keep on until all enemy quit shooting and let the Lord sort them out. don’t get the idea that i shoot for no reason, i am not going to let my samily be harmed so as some no life can buy drugs booze or anything . takes to long for the police tyo long to get to my house.


You must not have children or grandchildren. I would not hesitate to take a life of someone that was trying to hurt one of my family members. Maybe you should make a point of getting some professional gun training before you criticize others. At least then, you would speak with limited knowledge.