Nation’s Best Sports Kicks off Live Training with Brandlive

Aiming Archery Target Bow Archer
Aiming Archery Target Bow Archer


PORTLAND, Ore. -( Brandlive, the live video platform for brands and retailers, and Nation’s Best Sports (NBS), a nationwide sporting goods buying group, announced the launch of a live video training and communications program for over 375 NBS Members operating more than 1,200 retail sporting goods stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

NBS will use Brandlive to launch new products and train its membership around the country on the latest products and opportunities through live demonstration videos for all categories including Outdoor, Athletic, Hunting/Shooting, Snow Sports, Archery, and Fishing brands.

“We are excited to be working with NBS to enhance the level of vendor engagement and connectivity with the NBS Membership. By leveraging the Brandlive platform, vendors are able to deliver meaningful and relevant content and information to the NBS network of independent retailers in real time,” said Mac Howard, VP of Strategic Markets for Brandlive.

Going live makes it possible for NBS Members to ask questions during an interactive live video experience powered by Brandlive, with an ability to utilize vendor and NBS resources for information. The platform will also be used for NBS communication, and events will be archived for future member reference.

“Going live allows us to connect Vendors that have created the products and innovation directly with our NBS Members. Members will be able to learn first hand from Product Managers, Engineers, Presidents, etc. about products and technologies that aren’t simply available in a product sheet or collateral,” said Jim Chandley, president for Nation’s Best Sports. “We believe that live video opens the door to real-time interaction, with collaboration among a group that is able to ask questions and gain insight for success in their stores. Other likely benefits include increased vendor partnerships, as well as keeping our membership informed of happenings within the NBS organization.”

The Brandlive platform has powered close to 7,000 events for brands and retailers over the past few years, and brings together the critical elements to enable an optimal interactive live experience: live streaming at scale, rich merchandising and eCommerce, robust audience interaction and a complete event registration system.
About Brandlive, Inc.:

Brandlive provides a multi-channel live video platform that includes audience interaction plus robust merchandising and e-commerce integration. Brandlive is used by top brands and retailers to conduct live interactive online product training, marketing and e-commerce events. The platform enables brands to connect their best product experts directly to global online audiences, who can then interact with those experts. Customers such as GoPro, Levi Strauss, adidas, REI, Pottery Barn, and Rockwell Tools use this solution to launch products, increase eCommerce sales, create innovative live marketing programs, and conduct more cost-effective training. Brandlive is based in Portland, Oregon, and can be found on their website.

Vendor inquires on Brandlive can be sent to Mac Howard at [email protected], or Kie Wagner at [email protected]


About Nation’s Best Sports:

Nation’s Best Sports (NBS) is a nationwide sporting goods buying group. Established in 1956, NBS is comprised of over 375 independent retail members representing over 1,200 storefronts across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. NBS offers independent retailers a diverse portfolio of buying, marketing, technology and service opportunities in all categories of outdoor sports and general sporting goods.

Nation’s Best Sports is based in Fort Worth Texas and can be found online.