OSU ‘Study’ Bolsters Meme that Gun Owner Control Opponents are ‘Extreme’

By David Codrea

Because nothing says “moderates” like raised fists, bullhorns and pink pussy hats.
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “A group of Oregon State University researchers recently concluded gun violence prevention groups in the United States are ‘middle-of-the-ground’ in ideology,” the Corvallis Gazette-Times parrots unquestioningly. “This surprised the professors as it contradicts some depictions of gun violence prevention groups as ‘anti-gun,’ they said.”

“The researchers spent two years studying national and regional gun violence prevention groups and concluded they are motivated to reduce death and injury by firearms, but that they want to do so while reserving the right to own guns,” the article assures readers.

So they all have big “buts”?  You know, I believe in the Second Amendment but…

In other words, (if you’re willing to turn a blind eye to the end game gun ban goals) all the Bloomberg Moms and Bradyites want are “common sense gun safety laws” and “reasonable regulations.” Which are demonstrably code words for: opposing the bearing of arms; ending private sales; bankrupting the firearms industry; imposing prior restraints; banning the very types of weapons needed by a citizen militia; ignoring due process; and treating freedom like a disease…

Left unadressed is why the most effective “gun violence prevention” seems to be an armed response.

The selected example the authors gave of a being “’in the middle’ of the gun debate” is telling:

“[O]ther constitutional rights have restrictions, the researchers said. “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater …That is a restriction on the First Amendment right to free speech.”

If you're going to quote Holmes, get it right.

Oh bull. Not that ridiculous and tired old strawman again. Of course you can — there are no prior restraints. It’s just that there had better be a fire. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ conveniently misstated quote was:

“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.” [Emphasis added]

You can’t open fire in a crowded theater either, at least not unless it’s also legally justifiable. No one but a deceiving gun-grabber would try to get people to think otherwise.

And that leads us to question if the “researchers” are truly unbiased fact-finders, or if they might have indications of personal biases and motives that merit further scrutiny of their conclusions (rather than just blindly swallowing what  the Gazette-Times regurgitates on their behalf).

The title of the “study” in question:

“Addressing the Wicked Problem of American Gun Violence: Consumer Interest Groups as Macro-social Marketers.”

“Wicked”? Bursting right out of the starting gate with virtue signaling hardly suggests room for acknowledging when the application of violence with a firearm (or its deterrence) might be “righteous” and “beneficial.”

So she's a demonstrable advocate.

Featured author Aimee Huff’s credibility for fair-mindedness would be less susceptible to skepticism if she didn’t use her Twitter account to retweet a link from a Hillary Clinton donor calling President Trump “a megalomaniac”; to applaud Facebook and other sites for banning gun ads; to promote slick Saatchi and Saatchi propaganda spots from “Evolve”; and to promulgate as legitimate another “PSA” that my 2015 FOIA request proved specified “actors” on the filming permit.

Might Ms. Huff have some predispositions on the subject?

Her co-authors are also marketing wonks: Michelle Barnhart, Brandon McAlexander and James McAlexander.

By presenting such “researchers” as the arbiters of what is moderate, it makes opponents seem unreasonable and extreme, which is the goal. Having that message crafted by professional marketeers means we’re being fed selected information by people who areusing their skills to influence, to manipulate and to promote a disarmament agenda.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 22 thoughts on “OSU ‘Study’ Bolsters Meme that Gun Owner Control Opponents are ‘Extreme’

    1. You may not falsely yell fire in a crowded theater, but they don’t duct tape your mouth closed when you enter to prevent you from doing so, they just punish you after the fact. These anti freedom liberals want to punish honest firearms owners before any crime is committed.

      1. I think the duct tape idea would be great applied to the antifa groups who are apparently in favor of it for everyone but them. The gun grabbers in Congress are of the same mold, restrict everyone else’s rights but theirs.There’s probably a special place in HE-double toothpicks for that type of hypocrite. It probably resembles Nazi-Germany

    2. Anyone slightly to the right of Mao is a centrist to these gun banners. They absolutely want to ban guns, but losing multiple national elections due to the gun issue and the polls showing a 180 degree turnaround since the 90s on gun rights has forced the cultural marxists to hide their true thoughts out of political necessity.

    3. This “study” is obviously weak propaganda. Follow gun control groups directly, record their rhetoric and internal chatter: it’s everything you’d expect, but the hard record of it helps whenever they try to rebrand themselves as “moderate”.

    4. Wrote the left coast off a long time ago. Much like Illinois and much of the Northeast. Remember the revolution that founded this nation was fought to defeat this kind of suppression and subversive ideology.

    5. Another sad example of the direction we are headed here in Oregon. I graduated from OSU many years ago, when it was a much different place. Prior to the hostile leftist takeover. I was once proud of my alma mater. Now it is just another sinkhole of so-called higher education. Believe it or not, the University of Oregon in Eugene is even more liberal than is OSU. Truly a sad state of affairs. Even though we are on a dark path, I do still believe that the true Oregonians will fight to keep our state from becoming as f-ed up as Kalifornia. There is still hope here.

    6. “Our side” is always moderate. “Their side” is always made of dangerous radicals. Jim Carville wrote We’re Right, They’re Wrong: A Guide Book for Spirited Progressives in 1996, and doubled down with We’re Still Right, They’re Still wrong, the Democrat’s Case for 2016.

      “We’re right, we’re moderate, there is no room for honest men (and women) to disagree with us.” That is what the left thinks, especially about gun control. Once you realize that is their rule of debate you realize this paper is something they had to publish. There was no place else for them to go. Supporters of gun rights cannot change their mind (their lock step group think collective mind). All we can do is keep beating them in Congress and the state legislatures (or not, e.g., California) until they die out.

    7. Another sad example of the direction we are headed here in Oregon. I graduated from OSU many years ago, when it was a much different place. Prior to the hostile leftist takeover. I was once proud of my alma mater. Now it is just another sinkhole of so-called higher education. Believe it or not, the University of Oregon in Eugene is even more liberal than is OSU. Truly a sad state of affairs. Even though we are on a dark path, I do still believe that the true Oregonians will fight to keep our state from becoming as f-ed up as Kalifornia. There is still hope here.

    8. I wonder if these “researchers” considered, in their quest for “truth”, a few well known incidents of extreme gun violence in the recent past:

      How about the clown who opened fire in a theatre in COlorado.. a Certified Defenseless Victim Zone, carefully chosen precissely because it WAS, under psych care with pleas for law enforcement to act on strong indications this guy had villent leanigns, with firearms purchased in compliance with things like background checks, no gun show loopghole used, tramsported in clear violation of state laws, etc etc
      How about the pair of mozzies, recent imports from some sandhole, she blew past State Department “vetting” having given a false address that was never checked, had an easily discovered history of terrorst connexions, as did he, bout guns legally in California but illegally “modified” them, had “large capacity” magaisines contrary to law, entered a Certified Defenseless Victim Zone with them, and opened fire…..
      Or let’s not get careless and forget the nutjob soldier, having exhibited multiple signs of “instability” that were ignored (he’s mozzie, you know, and so we can’t risk making a scene……), had in hispossession a loaded handgun on amilitary base, yet another Certified Defenseless Victim Zone, which handgun was procured in full compliance wiith all federal and local laws….

      WHAT LAW do these “wise stoonts” think can be enacted that wil END this sort of violence with guns, that has not already been enacted and yet proven useless, time after time, in every part of the nation, in the prevention of such crime?

      Don’t these eedjits “get it”, that it ain’t the arrow, its the Indian.


    10. SMH – OSU is in notoriously liberal Oregon (almost as far gone as Washington State) – as Dave points out, there is a palpable bias on the part of the ‘researchers’. Never mind that they absolutely REFUSE to state which of the currently existing ‘gun control’ laws are not predicated on ‘reasonableness’ or ‘common sense’. And NONE of them target (pun intended) criminals, their proposals always seek to restrict the rights of law abiding Citizens.

      1. OSU are one of the more far out there iberal socilaist left wing “schools” in the country. I am convinced that it is a strong contributor to the general liveral bent of the entire state.

        By the bye, I live in Washington, and we are not quite as far down the road to perdition as is Oragon. Just learned yestrday from af riend of mine in Oregon that the legislature passed, and the governess signed into law, a ndw bill levying a signficant annual tax on motor vehicles, and instituted the licensing of BICYCLES to includ an annual tax upon same…. all because the government have squandered and diverted funds from their highway maintenance money leading to the badly deteriorated conditioin of their roads everywhere…… so now they’ll have all this NEW money to squander and divert, and wil never fix the roads.
        Considering Kate Brown’s history, none of this is surprising. She epitomises the spirit of the recently reigning kinyun.

        1. “OSU are one of the more far out there iberal socilaist left wing “schools” in the country.”

          Huh? Wow, if that’s the case, the countrys school system is in a world of hurt. I actually attended OSU, graduated with an Engineering degree in 1990. Maybe it’s changed dramatically since then, but back then it was a conservative school. I mean OSU is the Agriculture/Science/Engineering school in Oregon for Pete sake. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of the University of Oregon, now that school was and still is the liberal “hippy” school in the State in Hippyville Eugene Oregon.

        2. Kate Brown, in an effort to raise campaign funds, went on line to ask for Oregonians’ opinions. The only way to get your “opinion” recorded was to donate at least $25 to her fund. Somehow the plea bled over to Facebook where she got absolutely NO favorable feedback.

          So there are a few Oregonians who still know what’s right – and Kate ain’t!

    11. As soon as you see a university (national liberal/commie/dem brain washing centers) doing then “research” you know IMMEDIATELY that the gun owners or pro second amendment people are wrong or the problem and the lib/commie minded scum and their way of thinking are the greatest.

      1. @Rock,

        Yup, UC Davis will soon be spewing garbage now the California legislature has granted them millions to study “wicked” gun violence.

          1. David,

            Thank you for the link. The LA Times wrote about Mr. Garen Wintemute. They tried to make him appear unbiased.

    12. Yawn. What else would you expect from OSU ‘researchers’? Dave, you make it look easy when you pick the low hanging fruit. Ramp up your game.

      1. Cuck Kent, you really are the most pathetic little harpy. If you upped your game you’d be biting the balls of men instead of their ankles.

      2. Cuck Kint says:
        November 25, 2015 at 2:09 AM
        The only change in November of 2016 is that Hillary will be elected POTUS. Count on it. ‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln.

        Predictions are difficult, especially about the future, especially if you’re a prissy idiotic ankle-biting Never-Trump harpy.

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