CNN Downplays ‘Good Guys with Guns’ Capturing Dangerous Escaped Convicts

By David Codrea

Would this have been the likely result had the escaped convicts instead encountered a media personality or a “common sense gun safety law” advocate?
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “Surrounded by law enforcement officers, Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe were handcuffed and lying face down on a residential driveway in Central Tennessee,” CNN selectively reported Friday. “Nearly 60 hours before, authorities launched a multistate search after they escaped from a state corrections bus in Central Georgia and allegedly killed two prison guards.

“While they were on the run, the pair allegedly stole five vehicles, robbed two homes, tied up and terrorized an elderly couple; and led police on a chase where speeds reached 100 mph,” the report elaborates.

You have to go over to the sidebar or the supplemental video to see this story “highlight”:

“Homeowners with guns help capture fugitives in Tennessee” and “Escaped inmates caught by Tennessee homeowner”

In an honest report, armed citizens saving the day would have been the headline.

You have to go 30 paragraphs down into the story to find out the homeowners didn’t “help capture” the fugitives, they captured them. And while it’s fine and proper to credit the man and his neighbor with being brave, it was the fact that they were armed – with guns – that enabled them to successfully act on that bravery.

Would the convicts agree that “funny” Jordan Klepper is smarter than their captors?

Compare the results with the bloodthirsty and deranged image of gun owners dominating most of the media. Watch snarky metrosexual media “progressives” like Comedy Central’s Jordan Klepper disparage the concept of a “good guy with a gun” using Alinsky Rule 5 ridicule. How do you think he or any of his self-impressed media counterparts would fare against murderous desperados with nothing to lose – as compared to the people they present themselves as being smarter and more knowledgeable than?

They not only want to scare people out of having a gun in the home, Heaven forbid a mere commoner take one outside with the intent of having it for self defense.

The gun-grabbers want you to be unarmed when young worthies like these come into your life.

The takeaways? The gun owners did not fulfill the fake “bloodthirsty yahoo” stereotype being promulgated by the media, but instead acted responsibly, all without shooting anyone. That they were armed actually prevented violence – a concept the gun-grabbers either don’t get or don’t have any intention of acknowledging. It was the unarmed couple who were physically abused, taken hostage and fortunate to escape with their lives. And it was armed citizens, not the “Only Ones,” who stopped the predators in their tracks.

[UPDATE: A revision to the CNN account says the initial homeowner to encounter the escapees never even had to draw his firearm. Just the fact that he had one helped the cons make up their minds about their next course of action and was enough of a deterrent to prevent an attack and induce a surrender.]

Even when the proof is right in front of them, the gun-grabbers find the truth a hard pill to swallow, let alone admit without obfuscation. That’s because, if you take the edicts they would impose on their countrymen to their logical conclusions, they’d rather the homeowners confronted by the convicts had been killed than armed.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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I’ve been running an armed citizens thread on a Pa firearms website. (Pafoa) I posted a Cnn story about 20 minutes after cnn put out their first article on the story. They did credit the homeowners early on. But when I clicked on the link last night, the story was gone. Here is the original story. Homeowners with guns capture fugitives, hold them until cops come Escapees were shooting at pursuing deputies until they crashed stolen Jeep (CNN)Two inmates from Georgia suspected of killing two corrections officers in an escape from a prisoner bus this week have been captured… Read more »


Over and over and over, we are told ‘the MSM doesn’t understand…………..’; YES they do; they want YOU, and ME and EVERYONE but them and their ilk disarmed; they will LIE, CHEAT, AND LIE some more to get what they want; If YOU don’t belong to a Pro GUN organization YOU are not doing YOUR part……..Join the NRA, GOA, CCRKBA and you state organization TODAY; GET informed and get INVOLVED!! Only YOU can help ‘Make American Great Again’.

James Bailey


Thank you for yet another example of superb writing, exemplary logic, and hardcore empiricism!
Though it shan’t do any good, I’ll be relaying this to Liz Cheney, barrasso, and Enzi.


How many more innocent lives would we have lost if not for armed homeowners stopping these psychopaths in their tracks? This article does a great job of recognizing the opportunity cost aspect of privately owned firearms that is rarely discussed, even among the pro gun rights side.

Bill Andryuk

I was totally terrified that these crazy people were out on the loose Killers Stone Cold Killers captured by law-abiding citizens… what a concept good people with guns stopping bad people with guns… God bless our new president Trump and God bless the law-abiding gun owning citizens of the great state of Kentucky.


Great idea. But rather than have David do it, email it to your Reps yourself. You can find their email addresses online fairly easily. Once I hit “submit’ here I’ll take my own advice and send this article to my Reps. Thanks for planting that seed.

Gregory Romeu

David, it appaulse me that you are not a frequent News Commentator on Fox News along with those of; Judge Napolitano, U.S. Marine Medal of Honor recipient Cody Meijer, US Army Ranger Kris “Tonto” Pronto and others of such Integrity with your information, knowledge and your excellent delivery in reporting?

Gregory Romeu

Side Note: I HATE this, “auto-correct speech impeding programming”!

Gregory Romeu

Appaulse = appalls… Damn David! How is it that your verbiage comes out correct after you push the send button?

The Revelator

Not Surprising at all really. I will be printing this article and handing it out around work.

Pistol Packin Preacher

Self-defense, act of defending self. Wonderful concept, wonderful example and wonderfully written. Thank you Mr. Codrea. It’s too good for CNN and MSNBC because there’s too much truth and goodness for them.


Well written, David. I am conflicted, though. On the one hand I am glad that the armed citizens held the criminals until the cops showed up rather than shooting them, which shows that gun owners are responsible people and not the trigger-happy knuckle-draggers as often portrayed by the media. On the other hand, they could have saved the state a lot of money which will be spent on a trial and further incarceration for years. Plus the fact that it is not impossible they may escape again in the future and kill again. Hopefully, if convicted of murdering a law… Read more »


Even if given death, the average time between sentencing and execution (as of 2012) was 190 months (15.8 years).
The longest time on record was over 36 years.
Is there any doubt these two did the killing?

Gregory Romeu

That would be up to We the People to demand that be changed, but since we are familiar with sitting on our butts and doing absolutely nothing the demand won’t be any more than a puff of wind coming out of our backside.


What is this CNN and MSNBC of which you speak?
I don’t have time for such foolishness, I’m out back at my range behind the garage.

Jack Lawrence

Just don’t watch CNN, MSNBC or any BS Late Nite shows,when you do you are feeding the beasts, including Facebook.


I really hope that NC legislators take note and pass constitutional carry. We are half way to it now.

Terence Colligan

Referring to corrections officers as “guards” is the same thing as calling a plumber a “turd chaser”.

Brandon A

Navy much?

Gregory Romeu

Plumbers don’t chase Church they wait until they settle in a pond and then capture them while they are sleeping.

Gregory Romeu

Church = turds

Gregory Romeu

They are exactly the same. The title, “Corrections Officer” is the PC upgrade from the title GUARD in order to provide a, softer, gentler and more congenial form of baby-sitting the little shut-sucking weasels that permiate out peace and tranquility in society!

In THIS particular case, had the Good Guys had shot the Bad Guys, We, The People, would not have to be PAYING BIG TAX DOLLARS to BABYSIT, THESE little SSWs!

2nd Amender

plumbers do the actual piping, (of all kinds necessary by local codes), drain cleaners and plungers chase blockages and poor choices on the part of the ‘flusher’ down and out of the sewer lateral!
your plumber is first protection against many health problems, too!

40 years……plumber/fitter…….thank you!