SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun ~ Gun Review

by Michael Cumming
Michael gives us his review and range results of the SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun.

SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun
SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun

Ammoland Shooting SportsU.S.A.-( About a month ago, I got an opportunity to get a really good deal on a few pistols. I have all the major brand striker fire pistols and I really wanted to take an opportunity to see what the hype over the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun is about.

SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun

SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun
SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun

Is the SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size pistol as different as they say it is? Being a 9 mm, is it really that much smoother shooting compared to any other stock striker fire pistol on the market? I had to find out.

I received my pistol through a Federal Firearms License transfer. When I opened the box I was definitely excited. There sat a brand new bull barreled, factory flat triggered, slide lightened, Sig Legion-esque gripped pistol with four 21 round magazines, fully adjustable LPA Dawson Precision sights, and a gun safety lock. It also has an extended beavertail and the groove for the slide lock is gone.

LPA Dawson Precision sights on the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun
LPA Dawson Precision sights on the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun

Looking closely at the slide, I noticed the Dawson Sights are removable and RMR Adaptor Plate can be attached. The base is made for a Sig Sauer Romeo 1 Mini-Reflex Sight to slide in without modification. Neatly socked away were extra filaments in red and green for the Dawson Sights. It also comes with a removable mag well and a grip weight to balance out this striker fired beast.

Note: It does not come with an allen key to remove the magwell.

In preparation for sighting in the SIG P320 X5 and the test, I took some time to get to know her. That included a thorough cleaning to remove the preservation grease Sig Sauer puts in their pistols, lubing, and dry-fire exercises with some 9mm Snap Caps. This allowed me to get to know the P320 X5 trigger before it was game on. The take up is minimal, and the break was crisp. The reset was very clearly audible with a very distinct feel that said, “Ready to go!” The pull weight was 4.6 lbs from the factory, which is one pound less than the stock P320. The other major difference between the X5 and stock P320s is the reach to the trigger. The P320 X5 seems to have a slightly longer reset, which will take some time to get used to.

Ahh, my favorite part of the review – range time!

I took some time to adjust the rear sights and put about 200 rounds through the pistol to confirm functionality. Shooter beware- this gun was designed for competition and is not zeroed from the factory. The LPA Dawson Precision rear sight was set dead center on the lowest vertical setting. To sight it in, I used 50 rounds at a slow pace to get used to the feel of the gun. Then I used three 5 shot groups at 7 yards with support. The pistol was 3 inches high, and I adjusted elevation from there. Knowing the pistol was dead center before we ran the test, which consisted of 100 rounds being fired at a relatively high rate of speed, the slide was lubed to manufacturer’s specifications. The gun ran and without any issues. There was one failure to fire, but the ammunition appeared to be the culprit, as the primer was depressed. I was using Aguila 124 grain 9mm ammunition.

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Full Size Nitron Stainless Slide with Lightening Cuts. The ideal slide weight for function and finished for ultimate corrosion resistance.
Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Full Size Nitron Stainless Slide with Lightening Cuts. The ideal slide weight for function and finished for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Is the Sig Sauer P320 X5 the softest shooting, lowest recoil production striker fired pistol on the market? The answer is a very solid yes.

It is also the flattest shooting production pistol I have ever shot. Sig Sauer must have a wizard in their design department. The balance is impeccable, resulting in a shooter experience that is very tame. With those qualities, I believe this would be a great pistol for someone to be taught to shoot with. That being said, this will be the first pistol my daughter will shoot when she is old enough.

So after running the SIG Sauer P320 X5 through some of its paces, what critiques did I have? My biggest critique is Sig Sauer should make sure to recheck that the pistol has all of its listed components. I was missing the grip weight on the P320 X5. I called the SIG Sauer and their customer service fixed the issue very quickly. I didn’t have the gun on hand to give them my serial number, but the agent sent me an e-mail and I was able to respond in a timely fashion. Within 3 hours of my response, the parts were shipped.

There are a few things that I do need to note. The compatibility throughout the 320 line is solid. The old 17 round mags will not work if you take off the magwell. The ears on the magwell are too thick to seat properly. SIG Sauer has made an adjustment to their new mag based plates to allow cross compatibility throughout the whole line. The grip will work with the generation one and generation two fire control units. The new FCU fits and all the previous grips and will also work with previous generations slides. This cross compatibility shows a lot of forward thinking on the part of SIG Sauer.

Rekkr Custom Kydex holster for the SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size
Rekkr Custom Kydex holster for the SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size

The SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size is definitely designed for the IPSC and IDPA shooters. The P320 X5 can be carried but not very practical. It will not fit in a standard P320 full-size holster unless it has an open bottom, or the holster is made for the gun. There are few companies that offer holsters for the P320-X5. For IDPA and concealed carry, the guys over at Rekkr Custom Kydex have it taken care of. For the ISPC/ USPSA side, Red Hill Tactical is your company to make your holster.

Red Hill Tactical holster for the SIG SAUER P320 X-Five
Red Hill Tactical holster for the SIG SAUER P320 X-Five

SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Pistol Review Parts List:

About Michael Cummings

The author, Michael Cummings, is a middle school educator residing in Virginia. He has a passion for all things that are loud, need cleaned on a regular basis, and/ or use belts, bolts, or magazines to be fed.

  • 29 thoughts on “SIG SAUER P320 X-Five Full Size Handgun ~ Gun Review

    1. Lo and behold – all comes to ye who can wait: Serial numbers # 58B260704 & 58B260705, each attached to a P-320 X5 have finally arrived after one year, 3 months and 13 days of waiting – but who’s counting.

      Well, I am: Seems that in the EU (according to the dealer) it only comes with two 21-round magazines or maybe the dealer is tempted to elaborate on the already rather lavish price.

      Well, beggars can’t be choosers and by club-buddy and I cant wait to get the toys tested out on the range. Romeo 1 sights included, of course. Only waiting for the powers-that-be (tha pow-leece) to once again decide, that we are of sound mind, have no criminal record and are found worthy of possessing yet another handgun.

      That said: The Danish rules and regulations on firearms are quite sound and seem to work on law abiding citizens: the illegal guns are still plentiful and it is getting worse by the day. Once inside the European Union the chances of getting caught by a border patrol is small.

      In my country everyone from the street can come in to the club and receive three hours of free training in order to see if pistol shooting is their game.

      They come, get educated and we never see them again. The law compels us to do it but I sometimes wonder exactly who I am training and for what purpose. Still, we do recruit new members from it too.

      The upside is, that the villains have little training, watch too many movies and could not hit a bull’s arse with a double bass if they tried. Gang shootings confirm this and the black market weapons are usually outdated and of lousy quality – only there exceptions like military fully automatic M16s stolen from the Army and an abundance of AKs. Very bad guns to have floating around.

      Still: I look forward to my new piece and will file a report on my findings.

      1. @´david more
        Yup. just picked up mine (took forever for the police to decide I could have it and issue the license) with a Romeo-1 sight on it and it is everything they say.
        Have to get used to the trigger which is nothing like the soft, smooth sensation of the P-210.

        I wonder: I got the black barrel too – is it stainless or blue steel? Whatever it is – it is very, very accurate. The bull barrel is obviously a good design idea. never thought I would buy a composite piece but this is in a class all by its lonesome.

        Tried it with soft precision ammo (Fiocchi) and AMA 9 mil (Danish Army 9 mil manufacture, FMJ made for sub machine guns and with one helluva kick, took our issued 210s to pieces) and it handles both types without any problem, misfire or failure.
        Normally you would expect different ammo types to produce different patterns but the spread is remarkably small. The hi-power military rounds are less accurate than the competition rounds, of course, but not enough to re-adjust your sights.
        – and the SIG Romeo-1 red dot is no less than perfect. Pricey too.
        To SIG: I expect a discount on my next piece with all this shameless praise.

        1. I am sure it works for you, Bill – I love my country too and yours, coming to think of it. My family is scattered all over the US as it is. I was the one left behind, I guess…
          My nephew Chris in Oregon describes me as a blue-blooded American held captive in Denmark. He may have a point: I have more handguns than he has.

    2. Out of the box the most accurate 9mm I have ever fired, i would not change a thing on this pistol. I have owned Glocks HK, 1911, S&W, CZ, sig 226, 229 Legion, kahr, And I’m sure I missed a few.

      1. Hi Gary.
        You are have the envy of all us other stiffs waiting for delivery but it is reassuring to hear an opinion from one who actually has first-hand experience – and is not a SIG employee. Somethimes hard to believe the unchallenged praise of the 320.

        Accuracy is the key – not the properties of 9mil versus all the other calibers. As a British mate with an army past said: I never saw anyone walking away from a ‘hearts-and mind.’ When asked to explain the statement: Hearts and mind is two in the chest, one in the forehead.

        Think I’ll stick to IPSC for a while.

    3. The eternal 9mm discussion: There is 9mm and then there is 9mm. If you want the extra punch there is ammo which kicks as much as a .357 but since the velocity is usually higher than the larger calibers, the killing power of a high-vel 9mm round equals or exceeds that of a .40 or even a .357. Fiocchi does some great teflon coated 9mm rounds with a punch requiring a hydraulic shock absorber for my Colt Double Eagle 9mm or it would destroy the end-stop with the stock spring.

      Honestly: .45 had its day, It is slow, inefficient and bulky. Do not forget, that energy equals mass times velocity square: Double the weight/grain and get twice the power, double the speed and get 4 times the (killing) power.

      OK, so I ordered the .357 SIG conversion kit with my P-320 X5 (yet to appear) simply because it is available. I do not see any point in .40 other than it is an expensive round.
      But then again I am from Denmark where we deal with facts and figures rather than with feelings 🙂

      1. Hi Johan
        Where in Denmark have you ordered the P320 X-Five?
        Have been looking at the P320 myself but the non X-five version wasn’t long enough.
        The X-five version seems to be 🙂

        1. Hi Michael.
          I actually have two 320’s on order in 9mm para + the .375 SIG conversion kit, one for me and one for a club mate. When shooting 9mm I sort of lack the kick I get from my Colt Python. Half the fun is scaring the daylight out of newcomers trying to shoot hi-velocity Mags in one-hand stance.

          We have similar rules in Denmark when it comes to barrel- and overall dimensions, so only the X5 qualifies – but I will not see delivery until January or something they tell me. Bummer. It was all I wanted for Christmas.

          The dealer can be found here:

 – where I have bought most of my firearms for more than 35 years. They are great guys to play with.
          I’m afraid the website is in Danish only but Google translate may work for you.

          Have a nice one,

          1. Hi Johan
            Dansk er ikke et problem for mig 😉
            And I also buy my guns at hunters house. But haven’t seen they have the 320 for sale. The old model being too short for the 210mm but the X five I just discovered today would be ok.
            Shot the RX model in Seattle this summer and really like it. So if hunters can get the 320 I’ll have another chat with them 🙂

            1. Well – I havethem on order and if anyone can short-circuit the delivery channels it is Ole 🙂
              I could order one and bring it home from US or Switzerland the hard way (done it before), but the paperwork ain’t worth the hassle – and as a non-entity I come last in line. There is a waiting list like a month of Sundays.

              Whatever you think of the gun SIG certainly learned from Apple on how to sell an item not really available and then only to the few and chosen. Brilliant. I shot the P210 for a long time. Nice gun, slow and cumbersome and it takes two hands to change mags – but accurate and never one single solitary misfire during all those years (starting with the famous/infamous Neuhausen in the army).

              I have my hopes up on Hunters House. Hopefully I will not need to write the not-yet-delivered P320 into my last will and testament…

            2. Nej, jeg kender ikke prisen, men i USA er den ikke så dyr som sine forgængere, så man har lov at håbe.
              No. I don’t know the price but in the USA it is less expensive than it’s predecessors so we can hope.

        1. I don’t think the .357 conversion is available for the X5 – yet, anyway. Have not seen any publication stating that it actually will be available. For the compact it is, but compacts cannot be registered in my country for sports shooting.
          The dealer did not know either and pointed out that the .358 SIG ammo costs an arm and a leg. He is missing the point, of course: I want the conversion kit for the same reason mountain climbers scale Mount Everest: Because it is there…

    4. It is said that Sig Sauer has designed this for competition or having competition in mind. I wonder, for example taking IPSC as the competition platform, which division had Sig Sauer meant this to be used? Because it’s a 9mm, and being a polymer and striker fired, it seems it will automatically be in the production division. But it seems it is not an approved production gun. Or will this later be approved as production gun in IPSC.

    5. I am less and less interested in the 9MM…I suppose that I am one of the ”unreconstructed” fellas. What about the same effort toward a .45ACP?

      1. I’m with you. I believe much of the 9mm popularity is because of the light recoil. I’ve never been very sensitive to recoil so have stuck with 45 ACP and 44 Mags. Naturally, I have .22’s and others like 40 S & W around but no 9mm. I am considering getting one because of the military decision and there may be lots of ammo available.

        1. 9MM Is popular because the police use 9MM. The police use 9MM because a committee decided they will use 9MM. The committee was appointed by politicians. These committees “me too” a decision made by another committee without researching the rationale of the first committee. It’s a decision made by people who avoid doing exactly what the committee was set up to do.

    6. Since Colorado has a 15 round magazine capacity, I won’t be able to purchase one. Just another example of Colorado law being restrictive and Communistic.

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