G2 Research Releases The World’s Deadliest 12 Gauge Round

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G2 Research 12 Guage Self Defense Rounds
G2 Research 12 Guage Self Defense Rounds

G2 ResearchWINDER, Ga. -(Ammoland.com)- G2 Research’s NEW extreme performance self-defense 12 gauge round.

In development for over three years by G2 Research this new high-performance 12 gauge self-defense round will hit the market this Fall. The all brass 303-grain individually machined CNC slug is designed for incredible performance against soft targets.

First of all the G2 slug is 0.725-inch in diameter (about a quarter inch larger than a .50 cal. Bullet). When combined with the proven G2 Research R.I.P. technology which releases six trocars (large metal petals) into the target the result is incredible and instant devastation.

Upon impact the six trocars will open, detach and independently spread through the target some 6-inches wide delivering 9-11 inches of penetration resulting in massive damage and shock. The .70 caliber base of the slug will continue forward for another 5-6 inches.

Recoil is greatly reduced due to the lightweight all brass 303 grain slug.

The $49.99 price for five-rounds is painful but this is not intended for shooting at tin cans and cinder blocks. The typical scenario is the average person will go to the range and launch a round or two at a target of some type and load the remainder into their gun for the time should the need arise.

Mike Nickerson, G2’s marketing director says, “This 12 gauge round is very specific in its design and mission; that of a person defending his life and/or that of his family. The real question is how much value we put on put on our own life or that of those we are protecting.”

G2 Research 12 Guage Self Defense Rounds
G2 Research 12 Guage Self Defense Rounds


  • 12 gauge
  • 0.725-inch diameter 303 grain all brass precision CNC machined slug
  • 1430 FPS velocity depending on barrel length, etc.
  • Effective performance design range 0-10 yards
  • MSRP $49.99 box of five

IMPORTANT NOTES: This round is designed for self-defense only and has a true effective performance expansion range of 10 yards. Several reasons for this: Much beyond that range the slug will begin to yaw which can affect correct strike angle for it to open as designed. Beyond the design distance of 10 yards it will still do massive damage however.

Second, it is not designed to be used for hunting, sporting or barrier penetration–it is designed for self-defense. Self-defense means just that and it is difficult to convince a jury that self-defense much past 30 feet really is self-defense.

Will it penetrate hard objects such as doors, walls, etc.? Of course but it may not expand as designed and, shooting through doors and walls presents a difficult legal case of self-defense in court.

This round must NOT be fired in guns with rifling, compensators, chokes or modified barrel cylinders, etc. The only type of barrel safely used is a modern smooth bore riot type shotgun barrel.


About G2 Research:

G2 Research specializes in the evolution of ammunition. Solid copper fracturing R.I.P. and RipOut, Maximum Expansion Trident & Cold Tracer V.I.P. Round

For more information, please visit their website.

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Rit Sterns

i live to live some people live to kill what do you want for your family dicuss this in your mind god bless america

Rit Sterns

what is your familys life worth id like to know price it for me

Rit Sterns

if your son or daughtr got shot by otaw ain front of you and you are not defending your rights would you feel really good that you thumbed down egual rights or rights that we can and will exercise think about it wish it was different but it isnt use common sence


Did anyone ever survive a center mass hit from A 12ga rifled slug from 10 ft?
Looks like a waste of money to me


I think the round is a waste of money. I also think that those that don’t want to buy one because of what the prosecutor may try to charge you with for buying ammo advertised as extra deadly are being a little too cautious. The same argument could be made for anyone that buys a gun or one that holds mutiple rounds or is more accurate or has higher velocities. Under the more deadly bullet argument one could claim premeditation just for having a gun before you needed it. But as long as you act only in defense none of… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

YES ! to all the comments……..

But it sure does look cool !!!!

Dave Hicks

When posting about “#4 shot”, please differentiate between “#4 buckshot” and “#4 birdshot.”

Bruce Jackson

I need to get a better look at it and from different angles. I also wonder where the ballistic gelatin test videos are. Seems like those are a must for all new ammo. I will say they hyped up the R.I.P. ammo, undeservedly, as the early fragmentation leaves smaller wound channels that would allow the wounds to be ‘self-sealing’ and leave a perp with the ability to fight longer then if it was just a single channel. If this frags like R.I.P, then it will be less effective.

Roy F. Wilt

1 and 1/4 oz of Lead will do the Job! At a buck 20 a round! and I think that is toooooooo expensive! Maybe The standard rifled slug will/won’t go through body Armour? But it will knock him on his ass! This stuff is just a new way to steal our money!


I encourage innovation in the firearms industry however, this product is overpriced and really doesn’t outperform current slug or buck shot technology.


I agree completely!


$10.00 per round, wow, even # 4 shot at 30 foot will be lethal let alone 00 buck and a lot cheaper. Not near as much grief in court either. Come on!


Tell us Mr. Gun owner, this G2 shotgun round, it is “specifically designed” to kill human beings, correct? So by purchasing these and loading them, “you planned on eventually shooting and killing” someone, correct? Well the material here says “not for target shooting nor hunting, correct? Does your police dept use these. No? what do you mean, No?
Your Honor, lets just go ahead and hang Mr. Gun owner the premeditated killer.


You have made excellent points. Let me make just a couple more. Read all the hype above, in the story, with a skeptical eye and what do you walk away with, the biggest load of PR one writer could possibly fit in a short space. At $10.00 a round I suppose they feel they need to really shove it on us. Now let’s take a practical look at this. You can’t use it in a rifled barrel so you have to, at the very least, purchase a cylinder bore tactical barrel for your hunting shotgun if you don’t own a… Read more »

Bruce Jackson

I hear this argument often, but I have never been offered any documentation that this actually occurs and their ad is not really any different from most defensive ammunition ads. However, if you are worried about things like this you could always put a beanbag round in front of it, or even give the ‘fruit salad’ approach: Beanbag, bird shot, buck shot, slug. Thus you have the same gun, but an increasing amount damage, that would show a desire to NOT kill.


Load these up in a DP12 and your all set to take on any ANTIFA thugs…Would like to see these in 20 gauge also…


I’m thinking , OVERKILL. Just gonna be messy and more clean-up to perform.

Wild Bill

@Cary, Yes, …trocars. I am sure that this new gizmo is the ultimate answer.

John Dunlap

I can see unscrupulous prosecutors and legislators doing with this, what they did with Winchester Black Talon ammunition.

Wes Koehler

I still have boxes of Black Talons (Diane Swineslime’s favorite cartridge! ) in .45 ACP and .357 Magnum. Just waiting for that special occasion!

Bruce Jackson

That was the press. They have been re-released as Ranger SXT. Yes it is not black, but it is close enough that the joke is SXT stands to Same eXact Thing.

Mike S

Did we really need this? Really?


Do we need more options? Why not? Options are always good when you’re making an important decision. Plus, shooting a single projectile is much easier to account for than say, 9 projectiles from my 00 Buckshot, so technically it’s much safer to use. I’m looking forward to it.


At close range there’s no problem with accounting for them, they don’t spread. Or, you could save yourself a ton of money and load 1 oz slugs.

Mike S

Hi Russell – Yes, options are great to have which is why I’m willing to have my wife scowl at me when I’m cruising gunbroker and find something interesting. As for this particular round, is it seriously that much more effective for close range (<10yds) defensive 12ga anti-personnel purposes than a good 3" #4 shot? Or a 2 3/4 – 3" 00 buck? I guess it depends on how good your lawyers are going to be because you WILL get viciously sued and maligned as a murderous pariah in the media worse than WhatHisNutz in Sanford that shot Trayvon. And… Read more »