Trijicon Introduces Their New 4-16×50 AccuPoint Riflescope

Trijicon 4-16x50 AccuPoint Rifle Scope
Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint Rifle Scope


WIXON, Mich. -( Trijicon has created another Brilliant Aiming Solution with the introduction of the new 4-16x50mm AccuPoint riflescope.

The latest model in the AccuPoint series gives tactical marksmen, long-range hunters, and precision rifle shooters the ability to accurately extend their range in any light – without the need for batteries.

Packed with features for the serious shooter, Trijicon’s new 4-16x AccuPoint is built around an advanced fiber-optic and tritium illuminated reticle that speeds target acquisition and extends available shooting time. This battery-free dual-illumination system automatically adjusts the aiming-point brightness to existing lighting conditions. Shooters can also easily control the brightness of the reticle with Trijicon’s unique manual brightness override feature.

The Trijicon AccuPoint provides outstanding optical clarity and brightness with multi-coated broadband anti-reflective glass. The rugged, aircraft-quality, hard-anodized aluminum body offers all-weather protection, and the 30mm tube is compatible with a range of mounting options. A 50mm objective lens provides optimal height above bore and affords generous eye relief for use with heavy recoiling rifles.

The easy-to-use capped turret controls offer precise windage and elevation adjustment. Graduated in .25 MOA or 0.1 mils, the 80 MOA adjustment range provides users click-after-click accuracy and tracking without the need for tools. The 4-16x AccuPoint is equipped with a side parallax control that quickly adjusts focus to engage targets at any range.

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Users will enjoy fast and precise variable magnification with a 4x zoom range from 4 to 16x magnification. The integrated zoom ring knob with optional extender also makes magnification changes quick and easy whether gloved or in high-stress conditions.

The new 4-16x AccuPoint is available in six of the most popular AccuPoint reticles, including the classic duplex crosshair (green), MOA-dot crosshair (green), MIL-dot crosshair (green), and triangle post (red, green, or amber). Each is in the 2nd focal plane, offering pinpoint accuracy at any magnification.

Designed for use with both traditional bolt-action and modern sporting rifles, the reticle options, optical clarity, rugged construction, and intuitive features make this the ideal choice for applications demanding long-range precision.

For more information on the AccuPoint line and the complete array of Brilliant Aiming Solutions for the hunting, shooting, military and law enforcement markets, contact Trijicon, Inc. at (248) 960-7700 or visit their website.

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Wild Bill

Wasn’t Trijicon sold to the Chinese some time after Glyn Bindon died? Or is that propaganda for commercial purposes?


Amazon’s price is, drum roll please, $827 and change..


I own some Trijicon glass and while pricey it is great stuff. I have a 1.5×4 on my AR with the 6.8 upper and it’s a perfect fit of scope to gun/caliber, at least in my opinion.