Comp-Tac Releases Their Highly-Tunable Concealed Carry Holster

Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Holster
Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Holster

Comp-TacHOUSTON, Texas -( Comp-Tac’s Infidel Ultra Max is a high-tech inside the waistline holster made for over 160 different makes and models of pistols.

Image shows holster and visible (when worn) belt clip. Note soft large double layer leather inside waist paddle for stability and comfort.

The technological aspects are the ultra-smooth fast draw aircraft quality Kydex shell is final fitted to an actual pistol not a form, but it gets better. This holster is designed with cant adjustment allowing the owner to adjust pistol position from a reverse cant to a straight drop or FBI forward cant.

A sturdy two layer comfortable formed top grain soft cowhide backing provides a soft formed material backing that sits against the skin while the holster is inside the waistband making it comfortable to wear and adding excellent support.

And as with most other Comp-Tac Hybrid holsters, models can be quickly interchanged by swapping out the front Kydex portion of the holster thus saving money on complete units for the person with several pistols who carries concealed.

Belt retention utilizes a nylon polymer clip (shown in image and all that is visible when worn). The clip has a snap closure and fits up to a 11/2-inch belt.

Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Holster

Special Options:

An optional nylon clip to fit up to a 13/4-inch belt is available for $3.95. Optional leather belt loops are also available for $3.99 a pair to fit either up to 11/2 or 13/4-inch belt.

For use with heavy or some special purpose firearms the company’s CTAC Strut adds another belt loop assembly thus spreading a heavier gun’s weight more evenly. This 2-minute easy to attach or remove option is added to the rearmost portion of the holster–$7.95


  • Holster shell: Specialized aircraft grade Kydex shell.
  • Models: Over 160 holsters to fit various pistol brands and models..
  • Materials: Aircraft Kydex and leather in: Black (Henry Ford got that right)
  • MSRP: $80.99–holster and complete paddle assembly.
  • MSRP: $24.99 for additional Kydex holster body only to fit customer’s existing Comp-Tac leather backing.
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David Workman

I wear the older model Infidel on a regular basis and love it. Very comfortable, gun is secure, easy to draw and reholster. Highly recommend Comp-Tac, and, no, I don’t work for the company. Completely independent. I just happen to love their gear.


it looks nice but doesn’t appear to be tuckable! To bad, But for 80 bucks and to not have the ability to tuck a dress shirt in….. Ill have to pass


Their website (ya gotta look to find out – just a note there) says all their IWB holsters are tuckable.

Carl Brill

I have an older one from several years ago with a cant and the belt clip. I have worn it nearly daily for two to three years with my M&P Shield. Out of my “box” of holsters it is the most comfortable IWB on a daily basis. With the belt clip it is easily removed if needing to go in the Post Office or other federal building. The belt clip has been very secure and works well with a good gun belt. I purchased one for my Sig P320 and have several other Comp-Tac’s. Customer service is great and they… Read more »