One Question About Las Vegas Evaded by Prominent ‘Gun Controllers’

By David Codrea

Pray for Las Vegas
Pray for Las Vegas
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( There are more questions than answers concerning the Las Vegas massacre. In the frenzy to cover a story with so many glaring unknowns, contradictory information comes out.  Some reporters are focused on getting a scoop, others on parroting the official line, and others on exploiting the situation to advance an agenda.

What’s real, what’s not, what’s being deliberately planted, and by whom?

With a flood of information coming from so many sources of indeterminate reliability, it’s almost impossible to know who – or what to believe. So we ask questions.

First and foremost, because government officials control what information about the investigation is released and withheld, why should we automatically assume everything we’re being told is straight, and just the facts without spin? Especially when they’ve given us plenty of cause to question their trustworthiness from past examples of systemic corruption? Whose fault is it if some of us take what we’re told with a grain of salt, and if others flat-out don’t believe a word they say?

For that matter, what incentive has the “mainstream media” given gun owners to believe them?

But doesn’t that lead to disinformation and “wild conspiracy theories”?

It can.  That’s why it’s important that those of us who are serious about the right of the people to keep and bear arms keep our heads, ask questions and evaluate answers with a critical eye for reasonability, past source credibility and the like.

So why would we automatically believe the FBI when they tell us there is no ISIS connection when they haven’t even been able to turn up prosecutable evidence after months of investigating the Trump campaign for collusion with the Russians to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s election?

Determining the truth requires a sober analysis with eyes wide open. And there's one question that needs to be answered but won't be.
Determining the truth requires a sober analysis with eyes wide open. And there's one question that needs to be answered but won't be.

What’s the deal with “shooter” Stephen Paddock?  Did he really act alone – or at all? Was he a patsy? And he’d been there for several days and the hotel staff noticed nothing out of the ordinary?

Did he really have no religious or political affiliations? Was that him in that anti-Trump demonstration video making the rounds? Should we believe those who say “Yes” or those who say “No”? How is it he’s such an enigma, the one guy we can find practically nothing about, especially on social media?

And why is “progressive” media so determined to discredit questioners?

How does his having been “white” play into the SPLC meme of who the dangerous extremists are? And speaking of that, more than one “progressive” blood dancer has celebrated the fact that the victims at the country music concert were overwhelmingly white and of middle class means. The “flyover country” demographic has heretofore been less sympathetic to gun owner control edicts than any other, and it’s fair to ask: Will we soon see targeted efforts to change that?

What effect will this have on pending legislation, specifically efforts to advance the SHARE Act and nationwide concealed carry reciprocity? Will “moderate” Republicans be anxious to associate their names with that before the mid-terms, and if so, how will they vote? CNBC reports Paul Ryan “has no scheduled plan.”  That should surprise no one.

How will the larger effort to oust President Donald Trump play out? His “message of unity” notwithstanding, can we expect an uptick in “climate of hate” rhetoric?

All these and more are questions that will continue to be asked, and that we can expect answers to – whether we believe them or nor being another story. But there’s one question that will not be answered, at least by top Democrat politicians and/or gun-grab groups of national influence.

Something must be done!” they scream in unison whenever a blood dance opportunity presents itself.

Ask them, “What?” and they have no definitive answer.

Oh, sure, we’ll see no shortage of impulse control-challenged celebrity lunatics, safe-district collectivist politicians and apparatchik “journalists” out there foaming at the mouth about banning all guns being the “solution,” but those pulling the strings know better than to show their hand before it’s time.

So force their hand. Throw one question at them and don’t let them get away with stalling, equivocation or changing the subject:

“What ‘gun law’ would have prevented the Las Vegas massacre?”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 112 thoughts on “One Question About Las Vegas Evaded by Prominent ‘Gun Controllers’

    1. Okay 2 things. Anyone else see a suspicious pattern of each mass shooting having a higher body count than the one before? It’s almost like someone says ok 12 deaths didn’t get the law changes we wanted let’s try 20 then 28 then 35 then 49 and finally 59.. my numbers aren’t exact but there is a pattern.
      Next thing is we don’t know a motive but I’m suspicious of the target being country fans which cold be mostly republican trump voting gun owners. Also the sheer overkill of weapons and ammo in the room. If his motive was to try to show the worst possible damage that could be inflicted with guns with the hope of getting gun laws changed how can the antigunners square themselves with giving him what he wanted? If that ends up being his motive even the most antigun person out there can’t think giving him what he wanted is right. I really think it’s very possible that ends up being his motive. No way we can let someone kill there way to getting what they want.

        1. I agree.. he had too much for one person to use. It wasnt like he had them staged in several other rooms he could keep falling back to as he made his escape down to different floors and out the building. In one picture I saw 30+ large mags stacked up and I assume there were more similar piles. Why so many guns when it would be faster to just drop mags. Even if he had a backup for the backup of the backups backup that’s still 10 guns more than he could even shoot let alone carry as he left. Why did he kill himself so quick when he had so much ammo left and guns he didn’t even touch? They say the shooting lasted 10 min or so but swat didn’t enter till 72 min after 1st shots. What went on for that hour? Why did he not pick up one of the guns and keep firing? I’m not wishing he did I’m glad he didn’t but something doesn’t pass the smell test here.

      1. @Repo… Think about fast and furious . I have photos some where of a arms cash found I think in Arizona and one dead baddie what ever he identified with. There were stacks and stacks of everything. I wondered for a while for maximum damage why not use one or two laws rockets . But I answered my own question, wrong kind of weapon to get the reaction from liberals and demo senators and congressmen anti gunners.

        1. Was that the shootout with El choppos guys where they found the barrett 50 and a bunch of other guns from fast furious after the shootout? I think I remember the pic of the rocket launcher an wondered why they didn’t use in the shootout. If this guy wanted a bigger body count he could have nosedived one of his planes he owned into the same crowd after he packed It with gas and tannerite. Something stinks…

          1. @Repo believe that’s correct there was only one baddie there and boarder patrol were on him to fast , He bought it there and then. Like I said earlier plane would be the wrong weapon to get the reaction they wanted . Had to supposedly use AR types because that’s what they want to ban. I still think it sounded more like a belt fed M-60 . listen to the cycle rate plus where did all the brass go, into a brass catcher and removed with the gun during the next hour before they breached the door.

            1. I agree if it was about body count instead of optics he wouldn’t have used the rifles. As for the amount of brass the couple pics that showed spent brass seemed to be the same spot and can’t tell where they are in relation exactly to the window he shot out of. He also shot from a 2nd window and I don’t think they showed both spots to be able to see brass. Who knows which way the brass was flying and what it my have been deflecting off. I also would be surprised if he got off more than 800 rounds and that is alto but I juse shot 300 to 400 the other day at a range that was mostly empty. When I was done I swept all the brass up and the pile was not as big as I expected. A thousand rounds fits in a green ammo can if it’s just brass I think you can fit 1300 or so. The shots I heard had a lope sound to it like he was using a gat crank. I haven’t heard a string of shots from him that went longer than 30 to 50 rounds before stopping and restarting. I’m not convinced about anything yet but something definitely stinks. Im not saying I know what happened but these are very possible answers to the questions being asked.

            1. @Oldvet, don’t feel like the lone ranger, they are moderating my posts, also. It seems some get it and some don’t.

      2. If 59 were killed with bullets than the number is higher than before. If some died from being trampled to death that number must be subtracted. The biggest mass killing in the US was the Branch Davidian compound where 90 died. The US government is responsible for that one.

    2. Out of respect for those who died I vote to tear down Las Vegas and turn it back into a desert. We need hotel control not gun control.

    3. I’m just thinking. Would he have been able to hurt and kill as many people as he did if he didn’t have that stock?
      This guy had money, why didn’t he just buy full auto rifles? Maybe it would of flagged him somehow.
      I read some people saying their was a second shooter and there was muzzle flashes on the 4th floor. Magic Windows?
      This is horrible. We all want to fix it. But their is no answer.

      1. what makes a 64 year old well to do guy wake up one day and decide to kill and maim as many innocent people as possible, with or without help?……someone who has converted to islam, this isnt rocket science, and when has ISIS taken responsible for a particular act of violence?….that they didnt cause?

        1. I think he is more likely a lib. who has been stirred up by the constant Trump attacks on CNN, NBC, the View and other rabid shows.
          Remember the “Fast and Furious” gun running that Obama did? Giving guns to the cartels, so they would show up in the US, and would be a reason to pump up enforcement budgets and tighten gun laws?
          I half think this idiot is causing a tragedy so his liberal idiot partners have a reason to tighten up gun control. Why else have almost 50 guns with him. You know he probably only used a few at most. But having 50 is crazy and draws heat from the brainless mob. Plus, like the NBC lawyer said… no sympathy because country music fans “often are Republican gun toters”.
          That is what the left really thinks about republicans, and conservatives.

        1. Sounds like a great idea. Let’s have Comey do the investigation. When he’s thru, it will all be solved and the shooter will be classified as a right wing extremist out to kill as many democrats as possible. That’s why 2 windows. One to kill the left wing country music stars, and the other to take out the overflo of lefties in the left wing crowd of country music fans. What other result could Comey possibly come up with?

      2. He didn’t need to be accurate. With 22,000 packed together like that you didn’t even have to aim. Bullets would go through one and into another. And how many were killed and injured by being trampled? Lots of fans at football games in Europe and South America are trampled to death in riots.

    4. One of the difficult parts of setting up to shoot from a public building would be getting your rifle/rifles and ammunition in place WITHOUT DRAWING ATTENTION TO YOURSELF!

      So . . . TWENTY NINE RIFLES?????

      Seems to me that 29 rifles arranged around the room are more for a PHOTO-OP after the fact.
      If you limit the number of firearms and ammo – you generate your confiscation list in keeping track.
      The confiscation list is their prize.

      This is a carefully orchestrated massacre designed to stop the advancement of the hearing protection act – concealed carry reciprocity – and any possible/probable supreme court reversals of unconstitutional state laws that effectively repeal the second amendment, by a desperate political party that refuses to accept the BIG NO of the last election, have no political power to force their agenda, and are resorting to VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS to win their cause.

      1. And why haven’t we seen footage of Paddock’s coming and going from the hotel? Surely it exists. Why has nobody asked about this or have they?

      2. You are so very right about that, those people, God Rest Their Souls, were deliberately sacrificed for a political cause. This cannot stand, it must be expanded and revealed. Like petulant children throwing a tantrum, these politicians must not be allowed to “get their way because they said so”. I cannot fathom the depths of hatred and maniacal control these people harbor to inflict this amount of pain and suffering upon these innocent folks, however, just what do they have planned if they don’t get their way this time around? They got their massacre and body count they craved this time, the next one will be worse. One could not have set up a more perfect scene of crime and death with all the elements, save for suppressors, to drive their point home. Problem is, everybody on their side isn’t falling hook, line and sinker for it. Even non-conspiracy theorists smell a rat.

    5. If he was given a prescription for psych meds, why was he not on the “hold list” for gun purchases? In Florida, if you come under the care of a psychiatrist and are medicated, you are supposed to go on the list of persons who may not purchase firearms. To get off the list your shrink must sign off on a form ststing that you have been stable for the last 5 years and are not a danger. My guess is his shrink never reported him. I am assuming Nevada has similar laws.

    6. Anybody who’s decent shot with a scoped AR (and determined enough) could have killed 58 people in a kill zone that densely populated without a bump stock if they were allowed 10 – 11 minutes of shooting time – especially if they had sighted in for that distance and practiced a bit at that shooting angle.

    7. I see many saying the response to be”What gun law would have prevented the Vegas insanity”.I personally would take it further,what law or laws would you see passed that would prevent the Vegas insanity,not just gun laws but any laws.


      Well hot diggity, bam bam. I can’t believe even a smaller paper is willing to find fault with Big Pharma and by extension, the American Psychiatric Association, which sees mental “illness” in just about anyone besides its members. See, what they’re implying is that having a psych diploma gives them immunity from mental “illness.” Heart doctors would be howled down if they implied their degree gives them immunity against heart disease. Psychiatry is the enemy of gun rights, same as Pharma and Big Media. All are owned mainly by Episcopalians—not Jews. In the Revolutionary War, the Church of England here changed its name to Episcopal Church so as to reduce the heat it was getting from American patriots. The wealthy Episcopalians on Wall Street are British loyalists who want the public disarmed so we can be Crown serfs again.

    9. How the 2 Amendment works:
      If all those cowboys were not disarmed for the concert, the gunman would have had seconds before being taken out by by overwhelming return fire.

      1. Umm, no. It would have taken a sniper rifle to do that. Something even a 2nd Amendment friendly concert wouldn’t have. And peppering Mandalay Bay, the strip and beyond with pistol fire would have been well, pretty damm stupid.

      2. Dumbest comment of the day award, mudboy!! Yeah, let’s shoot with a handgun at a Window from 400 yards away and 32 stories up, and hope to not hit anyone in the floors below or above. Very very few if any could make that shot accurately on the spot with factors such as wind, lighting, and like somelse said chaos all around you. Not to mention pulling out a gun in that situation might get you killed by friendly fire thinking your the villian.

        1. Let’s take a 9mm pistol – We’re talking about having to aim approximately 20 FEET above the target at that distance and angle. If there’s any wind, that makes it even more “interesting”. Now add in blood-soaked people falling all around you, bullets ricocheting all around you, people being trampled to death, you being knocked senseless by 20,000 terrified people trying to escape, horrific screams, poor lighting – and NOT KNOWING WHERE THE SHOTS ARE COMING FROM. Have you done a lot of shooting at that distance in THOSE conditions? Even Hollywood would think twice before suggesting anyone could make that shot with a pistol.

      3. @MudBoy … As I stated the other day the only thing you would accomplish is a shotgun spread affect on the side of that building.

      4. @Mudboy …Go to the top of the page and read the article on the DB9 carbine along with the comments below it might help you understand .

    10. Speaking from the perspective of a police officer who worked in narcotics cases, in my jurisdiction, the F.B.I was corrupt and untruthful. I find no reason to believe that they are any different anywhere else. I trust the F.B.I not at all. I suggest you don’t either.

      1. You’re not the only one. LAPD used to have an entire Intelligence Unit whose sole duty was to “tail” and shadow every FBI “Special Agents” assigned Los Angeles, and those FBI “Special Agents” that arrived at LAX on visit or on assignment. Pressured by Leftist elements this unit disappeared along with the “Hat Squad,” the “Red Squad,” the “Organized Crime Intelligence Division (OCID)” and the “Public Disorder Intelligence Division (PDID)”

    11. When we cease to rely on a governent of flawed and failing people, ignore the lies and agendas of a dilusional, market-driven media, discard the forced fallacy of the world’s “normal” and refocus our reliance and strength on our relationship with GOD, our true meaning will be restored. My heart breaks for the tragedy, orchestrated or impromptu. I wept when I first saw the news. In a fallen world, this is the manifestation of evil.
      BTW – I am a christian AND a licensed concealled carry individual (and do!)
      The weapon is not to blame – man is.
      BTW – I AM a christian AND licenced to conceal carry (and do).

    12. i have a right to defend myself, those i care for and others as i choose.

      a firearm is the best tool to accomplish that end.

      i own firearms as the means to the end of defending myself, those i care for and others as i choose because that is the best tool to accomplish that end.

      the real question in all the gibberish is this: why deny me the right to defend myself? put another way, why demand that under the appropriate scenario, i must become a victim?

      the urge to punish all for the actions of one is a result of collectivist thinking. the collective is a mob, bereft of reason and driven by emotion.

      i will not consider being placed in a position that i must become a victim under the appropriate conditions to satisfy the rantings of an emotion driven mob. i intend retaining the ability to defend myself by owning, and using if necessary, the best tool to prevent my victimization and the victimization of those i care for and others i choose to do so. retaining my right to defend myself is not dependent on whether, or not, others abuse the same right.

      1. Quite correct, Beau…

        Liberals wish to punish YOU for someone else’s misbehavior. They will soon demand that the DUI problem must be solved by making it harder for sober people to buy cars… same demented mentality.

    13. “What ‘gun law’ would have prevented the Las Vegas massacre?”
      This question is as fundamentally flawed as any answer to it. Setting up a speculative argument only to claim that the answer is wrong is ridiculous.
      I think we as the gun owning community need to continue to emphasize the importance of owning firearms for defense of self and liberty, and not go down the road of conspiracy and speculation. From the outside, it only makes us as a collective look just as insane as the Las Vegas shooter.

      1. Rick,

        I totally agree that the aurtor’s question is fundamentally flawed, but it sure did get a number of us regulars and a few new faces in the mix. Here is my last 2-cents for the day. Oh, BTW: a friend just called saying that it has been confirm that there was a second shooter. But, while your pondering that here goes:

        Their official story is outrageous. The militarized Deep State has done this to the gullible American public many times in the past 55+ years, since the planned assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK.

        The complicit media keep the public so perpetually distracted and riveted on the ‘mass casualty’ issue (real and horrifyingly deadly, as in Vegas – or simulated by crisis actors – as in other events like Sandy Hook, and Ferguson that were street theater emergency training drills).

        If anyone, like myself begin asking cogent, logical questions he is mocked, ridiculed or quickly silenced,(even on pro-gun websites like this one) while the terrifying reality of the expanding power of the lethal shadow government goes unchecked. And exactly who is going to speak up about these assaults on our civil society by powerful elements that have been embedded throughout our bureaucracies and agencies since J. Edgar Hoover arranged for the murders of JFK, RFK and MLK?? (I can see some of you already saying OMG! A conspiracy theorist….) But, this went on right through this past year withthe ‘elimination’ of one Seth Rich, along with literally hundreds of inexplicably premature sudden deaths of people who just knew too much to be permitted to live any longer, and now the wholesale slaughter in Las Vegas just four nights ago, who we are being told was a ‘lone wolf’ with no military experience..

        Who, or the better question is WHEN ARE WE going to expose and stop this kind of massive secret power? President Trump must force Sessions out or force him to indict Hillary Clinton. NOW!

        1. A conspiracy theory is only a theory until it is proven to be true, so the whole ridiculing of people as “conspiracy theorists” is ridiculous. I’m not saying I’m buying into all your theories, but I’ve learned enough to NOT discount them either.

        2. Garry Owen,

          By God you have it !

          I have called for Sessions ouster months ago. He is a Deep State weasel if there ever was one. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to indict Lois Lerner. Hell, he certainly won’t indict Hillary Clinton !

          Your entire synopsis was spot on.

    14. Here is some truth
      1. It is illegal to own a machine gun made after 1986 older ones are very strictly regulated,
      2. It is very illegal to modify a semi to full auto.
      3. Evidently that piece of garbage used a bump stock which turns a semi into a full auto.
      4. In order for that or any other device to be legally marketed the ATF has to approve it which they did.
      5. So if its illegal to modify a gun at you home but am able to buy a device to do that who is to blame.
      6. Why was that device allowed in the first place?
      7. Again due to the incompetence of the government law abiding gun owners are being trashed by the clueless antis

      1. The bump fire/slide fire stocks allow the recoil to reset and then fire the firearm at a faster rate than the normal semi auto rate, with practice. The movement from the recoil replaces the finger movement. It does illistrate why machine guns were developed, they are best against cloesly spaced masses.

        Beyond that the young and foolish think its fun to burn up/waste ammunition/money, until they realize how much that fun really costs.

    15. Tell a lie long enough and the ill informed will believe it My ref .is to Chucky S. and the other anti gun crew. They know the difference between silencer / suppressor /subsonic and supersonic. Don;t be a fool, they tell a lie so all the other fools ,out there who do not know WILL BELIEVE.

    16. The obvious gun controller answer to the question of ‘What law would have prevented this?” is “A law that bans AR-15s, AK-47s, and the like.”

      And guess what, pro-rights people only have weak answers to this suggested ban. There is no response that will satisfy the gun controllers desire to enact the ban. None.

      It is a fundamental disagreement in philosophy that can not be resolved. Thus, the solution to the problem is a separation. People who believe in full gun rights (i.e. military equivalent equipment for private citizens), must establish a separate existence from those who oppose it. It is time. It is best for each group to organize their own society around the philosophies each of them hold, free to pursue their own designs on government. It is time.

      1. @ Mark Mercer, it is evident you know nothing about an AR-15. The AR does not mean assault rifle. The rifle is a gun used for sport and hunting. The crazy that used it in Las Vagus to kill 58 people had modified it to a bump stop so it would shoot faster. You can’t regulate crazy and that is the cause of this tragedy. It is not the individual gun. The gun didn’t break out the windows, build a perch to stand on or point itself at anyone. Get a grip on reality. If it wasn’t a gun it could have been a car or a truck. This crazy was hell bent on killing a bunch of people regardless of the tools he used.

        Get off your liberal perch and face reality.

        1. Consider this as an alternate mass murder scenario: I read somewhere (have not bothered to verify) that this guy owns two airplanes. Fine. If he REALLY just wanted to end as many lives as he could, compeltely fill the fuel tanks on the larger one, bring along a big btch of bomb material made from tne ammonium nitrate they found in his car, and fly the thing nose first into the crowd.

          No, death to many was NOT his agenda. It HAD to involve the guns. The shadows behind his actions are at this point unknown. To me, his agenda is anti gun and most likely anti-Trump and all he stands for.

          1. I really like your argument as to motive; what you say makes perfect sense. Can’t wait to see how this unravels, assuming fair coverage of ALL aspects of this tragedy being faithfully relayed by our unbiased, covering all sides equally media…..

          2. @Tionico…No the use of an air plane would not serve the purpose behind the whole attack. It was to inflame against the AR type rifle and the bills in congress which have picked up momentum lately. I personally think it sounded more like an m-60 belt fed gun. My fear now is with the FBI involved there will be a big cover up just like JFK in Dallas.

      2. Marc Mercer: The right to self protection by use of arms, is a Constitutionally guaranteed right laid out in the Bill of Rights. Our group organized it’s own society well over 200 years ago. If another group (anti 1st and 2nd Amendment libs) wants to form their own society with their beloved Socialist government, maybe they could find a deserted place in another country to make that happen.

        1. You guys really should go back an read what I wrote. I advocated for military equivalent arms for citizens. Really. Go read it. There is no point at which I argue for stronger controls. Geez.

    17. With the growing crescendo to outlaw “bum stocks”… as an easy fix … Consider the result of not ONE … but 21 trigger fingers in that hotel room simply snapping off one-second semi-auto rounds simultaneously = 1260 rounds per minute WITHOUT any “full auto” function. Again… the specs of a particular weapon of choice is not the problem…. or the solution. Gunman ( or gunmen ) could have killed and injured more people with a large “caliber” motor vehicle driven through the open gate of the concert venue.

    18. If the murderer was in fact solely responsible for committing this heinous act, he had to have been radicalized. Not by the camel jockeys in sand land, but rather by the far left in this case. There is no other possible motive here. Look at the targets and the killer’s background. His father was wanted by FBI, and he had liberal connections. Hillary, Bernie, Schumer, Pelosi, their ilk, and the lib media are wholly responsible for creating this monster. This will continue to happen. Who else is prepared to stop the next one?

    19. Here’s what no one talks about: SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY statutes. What are they? Simple answer, it’s not the job of the Police to protect “any” individual or property. 36 States have actual SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY statutes, the other 14 have “stare decisis,” which has the same effect. No one has ever successfully “sued” a Police organization and “won” on the issue of the Police “failing to protect them.” It’s not the Policeman’s job to protect you. He might choose to “protect” you, but, he can’t be held legally responsible if he doesn’t. Along with the 2nd Amendment, SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY statues are why “we” need firearms, all types of firearms. Let’s argue from the correct perspective.

      1. While all of this might be right. The blogger here posited the correct question and response to this.

        “What ‘gun law’ would have prevented the Las Vegas massacre?”

        Don’t play into their hands to argue about why the 2nd amendment is correct etc.. Just ask that simple question. It can’t be answered.

        Which is why the media have been foaming to talk to the gun store owners that sold him the guns, they want to find that he was sold guns illegally, etc.. The fact that he gathered these over years seems to mess up their line of attack, that he triggered no current laws, that he had no run in’s in the past, etc…

        Which is now why they are focused on “Bump Trigger Stocks”… They were trying to make the argument that he had a full auto, then they were trying to point out that NV allows full auto, until it was pointed out that the Fed’s do not unless it’s prior to the current laws etc… They keep hunting for their smoking gun and can’t find it.

        DO NOT fall into arguing their argument with them or for them. Just as the question: “What ‘gun law’ would have prevented the Las Vegas massacre?”

        There is no answer.

        1. @Firebrand: “NV allows full auto, until it was pointed out that the Fed’s do not unless it’s prior to the current laws etc…”
          Is it true that to purchase a full auto firearm and be Federally legal you fill out a form, pay $200 and wait 9 months to a year to get approval from the Feds. Gun DOES NOT need to be pre1986.
          Am I correct?

          1. No only pre 86 guns are allowed to be owned by civilians. The rest looks to be correct. There is more involved once you own the gun with unannounced inspection of weapons and other fun govt interaction but you got the majority of it

      2. Yup. that interesting Second Article of Ammendment clearly assigns the burden of “the security of a free state” to THE PEOPLE. Not military, government, law enforcement. And THAT is precisely why the right to arms is preserved TO THE PEOPLE, because WE are the ones who NEED them to assure “the security of a free state”. Hard to do that without the appropriate tools. Maybe a few citizens at that concert should have brought their scoped elk guns……

        but no, our “betters” have decreed we can’t even be AT such outdoor events and armed at the same time. Now we know one good reason why we SHOULD. I won’t attend such events in good part because of my firible disarming at the controlled and restricted entrances. Just think… when its tough to get in through that gate, its also tough to get OUT.

        1. I’m pro gun and I think trying to return fire in this situation would hAve been dumb at best and probably killed more people. 1st not many could even tell exactly where the shots came from. 2 a cold bore shot into a single small target at that range takes talent. Most people if they had guns would have pistols not scoped rifles with them. You would be lucky to hit the hotel at that range with a pistol. Probably hit more innocents or in this case you would be more apt to be shot by a cop or other good guy because you would have to stand up in the middle of crowd and squeeze of a few rounds. People might think you are the shooter at this point. 3rd and last the police had long gus and more Intel than any average Joe and they were not returning fire from street because the chance of hitting wrong target was huge and they were not sure of exact shooter location. I’ve yet to see any video of gun shot flashes from shooters room. There are plenty of active shooter events that being armed would save life’s and stop the shooter but this wasn’t one. Short of a door breach to his room and shooting him suicide was the only other way it would stop.

    20. The democrats scream for gun control after a senseless act like the shooting in Vegas but yet they are against the death penalty for convicted murderer’s.
      The democrats in congress think that abortion is okay so every day countless babies are killed before they have a chance at living, why aren’t the democrats screaming about that.
      Death is Death and until they do something about abortion I don’t want to hear them about gun control.

      1. Democrats are against the death penalty for a number of reasons. One reason is the extraordinary number of cases where the convicted have been exonerated of there crimes. Sometimes to late to save them. ( Second the high cost of prosecuting death sentences, and carrying them out ( Third the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime. As if high level drug dealers and terrorists arent already constantly worried about being killed by a rival or an airstrike. Personally I think murders should have to sit in a cell all day watching home movies of those they killed and once a week get punched in the face by someone they hurt. But that’s me.

        Onto Abortion. Democrats are not “Pro Abortion” we are Pro Choice, we feel that the decision to continue a pregnancy is best left to the woman carrying. I do not know the challenges that potential mother is facing. There are literally hundreds of complications that a pregnant woman could have that might influence her decision to abort. Maternal death rates in the US have been going up, in 2013 there were 18.5 deaths per 100,000 births a rise of almost 10 deaths since the early 1980s ( Democrats are Pro life of the mother because only she can decided what is right for her and her family and needless restriction on her choices endanger her and her children.

        1. on your discussion of the death sentences:

          first, yes, far too many are wrongly convicted and sentenced. That is no good reason to end the death penalty. I’ve read of far too many cases, capital and otherwise, where the prosecutor knowingly (and illegally) withholds exculpating evidence when he is obligated to provide that to toe defense. And judges denying the defendant’s constitutioinal right to present ANY AND ALL evidence on his behalf. READ the proceedings on the Zimmerman case, and the Bundy cases, Hammonds too. When the jury is only allowed to hear what the state WANTS them to hear, and never hears what the accused has, they cannot render right judgement, and so don;t. Fix the corrupt court system first.

          As to the high cost of execution…. this is insanity, liberal forces making it as complicated and costly as possible and then some. Whenever anyone undergoes surgery, the IV carries a calculated dose of the general anaesthetic which puts the patient to sleep. I’ve been there, far too many times. Once there, that individual cannot feel or be aware of anything. I know.. four times. NOTHING. The stupid simple and dirt cheap way is to do that first, then administer the heart stopping or nerve scrambling component. The executed one will nave NO sensation or awareness because he was already put to sleep. The next step merely puts him into a permanent sleep. In the states where “assisted suicide” is done, this is what they do. And the cost to have that done is less than a day’s stay in hospital.

          As to the deathpenalty not being a deterrent? Sure… the way things are now it is not. What tiny percentage of those charged with capital crimes are actually executed? Very few… so “I won’t get caught, I won’t get charged, I won’t get convicted, I won’t draw the death penalty, I won’t actually get executed” plays out.

          Fix the court systems to be honest and accurate, then onece ALL the evidence results in the death penalty, carry it out quickly, simply, cheaply. Its the stinking libruls put all this other rot in place because their REAL agenda is no more deathpenalty. They’ve thus made it a farce, effectively ending it. So no, it is not, in reality, a deterrent.
          But it SHOULD be……

        2. If Dems are not “pro abortion” then WHY do you support laws prohibiting the showing of ultrasounds to new Mothers so they can SEE their child? WHY d you support laws mandating pregancy resource centres promote, heavily, in their waiting and clinic rooms, with large ugly signs of specified type size and content, promoting abortion> And why do you favour laws that FORCE medical practitioners to perform abortion and related services when their consciences and tenets of faith proscribe it? And WHY do you insist on public funding of Planned Parenthood yet not one penny ever goes to pregancy resource organisations who put their money where their mouths are to provide for Moms who make the decisioin in FAVOUR of the life of their child yet don’t have the financial resources to carry to term? WHY do you rig the laws to limit the information and options a Mom really needs to make a FULLY informed decision? PP never discuss those options…. the pregnancy resource organisations DO…. and so many of the women they serve, once other options are put in front of them, overwhelmingly choose FOR the life of their new child. Yet PP< on OUR tx dollar, promotes all abortion all the time, no alternatives.
          Sorry, your bias is choking your words.,

        3. And I am pro choice as well. It is my choice to own or not to own guns, not yours. I feel that the decision to carry or not to carry is best left to the person carrying. I do not know the challenges that potential victim is facing. There are literally hundreds of problems and situations that a working man or woman could have that might influence his/her decision to own or not to own guns. I am Pro Choice of the mothers and fathers because only she/he can decided what is right for her/him and her/his family and needless restriction on their choices endanger her/his and her/his children.

      2. Abortion! Excellent point. They always go on that if this law or that law could save “one life” etc.etc. WHat about the million babies murdered in the womb every year! What about the murders in Chicago that they don’t seem to want to do anything about, except to prosecute a random police officer every once in awhile! It’s not “life” they are concerned. These liberal politicians know they cannot have the absolute control they so rabidly want as long as the general populace remains armed!

        1. The DOJ said that last year in Chicago 4400 blacks shot 4400 blacks with illegal hand guns killing 800 which included 28 children under the age of 12 killed in drive-bys.

    21. Chuck Shumer was quick to comment on the pending SHARE legislation. Something to the effect of “what if the shooter had the ability to use silencers?” I really dislike that smarmy guy. He (and the rest of them) don’t even understand the physics of subsonic vs. supersonic, silencer vs. suppressor, and the breaking of the sound barrier by a high speed bullet. The government can’t (or maybe won’t) enforce existing gun laws to protect the public. It is up to the individual (as per the Constitution) to protect themselves and their families.

      1. Commiecrat traitor Paul Ryan shelved the SHARE act within moments of Hillary’s ridiculous tweet. Hearing protection for us civilian shooters is dead.

    22. My one question is if Stephen Paddock was the fall guy in all of this, why him. What is his connection. It can’t just be wrong time wrong place . If anyone has an educated answer I would like to hear the reason.

      1. Michael,

        We’re not sure any of us have the answer as to WHY HIM? But, I do have a thousand questions of WHY THIS FALSE FLAG EVENT was staged by multiple shooter from many different locations/angles, and will we ever get the answers to any of the most basic ones:

        1. Why did a number of witnesses say that a women told them 45 minutes before the shooting started, “Your all going to die?” Especially, if this was a ‘lone wolf shooting’…
        2. Why were the 22,000 fans locked into the compound with the exits blocked?
        3. Why did the stage crew (?) turn the lights onto the crowd of fans for a elevated shooter to better see, rather than just leave them off
        4. WHY did it take the cops 72 minutes to break into the shooters room? Why not bring in a chopper in less than 10 minutes and take out his position?
        5. Here are a few more technical questions related to the crime scene and what we are ‘being told’…. Let’s say he was using a belt feed .308 or even 5.56 in a fully automatic AR 15s and that he was firing at approximately 5-6 rounds per second, in 10-15 second groups. That’s roughly 100 rounds each vollie before he needed to reload or change rifles. That alone is a damn near impossible thing for an expert marksman to do, especially by himself.
        6. Where was all the spent casings? The crime scene photos show maybe a few dozen, but should there not be plies of brass all over the floor, possibly thousand of casing?
        7. They tell us the shooter had a camera in the hall to ‘supposedly’ let him know when the cops were coming, BUT then he had a change of heart and decided to kill himself?
        8. Why all the rifles if he was only using the fully automatic ones for the shooting?
        9. The picture of ‘a dead man’ laying on the floor also makes no sense. His left leg in under a rifle on a bipod. Wouldn’t you think that the violent action of shooting oneself in the head would have knocked over that rifle?
        10. Ballistics: generally speaking we are told he was up on the 32 floor and at 15′ per floor that’s 480′ add in the drop of a .223 or 5.56 at 500 yards (1,500′) and you’re getting close to 500′. Most highly trained shooters could not make these shots with any consistency? OK, he could self-correct as he was shooting in auto mode, but all this takes above average talent. So, where did he train for this?

        There is not enough room in this little box that Ammoland provides for us, but my last point of interest we should be talking about is: We find it interesting that this was a Country Western Concert, and who do you think are the average attendee to this type of concerts? US! Mostly White, Redneck, Gun Owners, Trump Supporters from middle America. This is not about what law would have prevented this evil event from happening; this is about a full-frontal assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, and proof that the globalist (or whatever group of highly experienced shooters, some are saying Antifa?) but, nonetheless, what lengths, even this kind of mass murder extreme to take our guns away from us.

        Using Andrew Briebart’s one word to discribe it – WAR!

          1. We’re not sure of what type of Doctor you are, but I posted 3-4 links from the Comon Sense and the Before It’s News websites, which detailed my entire post above; but, they would not Post them for you. So your on your own there, Doc.

            But, just so you know, not only was I a US Marine from 1965-70 but was also an NYPD Detective who worked hundreds of homicides and have been involved in easily that many crime scenes and I will tell you without a doubt that the crime scene images that we are being shown from the MSM are STAGED! And, that I will bet my professional reputation on that!

            Your move Doc…

        1. It wouldn’t have been half as hard as you described. Changing mags is pretty easy. I saw pics of 60 or 100 round mags in some of the rifles and on the floor. As for the brass they only showed one area near where he shot from. Who knows where and how it could have deflected. As for his foot being under the gun who knows how the gun may have been positioned before he shot himself. As for hitting so many targets when you are putting so many rounds out and the targets are packed so close together even when you mis you hit. He wasn’t making individual head shots he was just shooting into a large crowd and he hit who he hit.

          1. Repo,

            I just got off the phone with an old Army Buddy, who was a machine gun training officer back when and his report is that a ‘box of 500 rounds’ can be fired in one minute or 60 seconds or 8.5 rounds per second.

            The “mags’ you saw on the floor held 30 rounds, and a belt or box as my Army Buddy described them site on a pedestal and changing them out is not the same as releasing one and clipping in the next, especially for one man to operate.

            Speaking of operating a fully automatic machine gun listen to this other expert:

            “Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use to effortlessly mow down 500 people. Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.

            Far from being a Navy Seal, Stephen Paddock is a retired accountant senior citizen with a gambling problem and a flabby physique. The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.”

            There is so much more to this Flase Flag Event than you and I will ever know…

            1. Look aga in there were lots of 60 and 100 round mags made by surefire in the room. I didn’t see a belt fed anywhere and I was looking. If he did have one he could have had 250,500 or ? Who knows how many rounds on the belt. You can keep shooting till it jams ,r us out of ammo or overheats. He could then start picking up other rifles with box mags and start emptying them. I’d be surprised if he shot more than 750 rounds total. I’ve heard 10 to 12 seperate shot sequences were heard. FI guess 50 to 100 on most. And shooting fromantic an elevated position into a large crowd would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Aim for middle and press trigger repeatedly. Bullet may drop 5 to 10 feet a t that range but everyone so close together even a miss would be a hit.

            2. OOPS!!! CORRECTION!
              The mag I saw in the picture was a “SureFire MAG5-100 100-Round Capacity Magazine” NOT A 60 ROUNDER!!!

        2. Gary,
          Good questions you ask!! We have stayed at the two hotels, Mandalay and Luxor. As a concealed carrier, and instructor, (we train and shoot as much as possible) We carry concealed. Aways wondering where a shooter can place oneself and open fire on the crowd below…..esp at the Luxor. We were constantly on guard and looking for any kind of oddity. We talked to the security people that were carrying firearms, and talked about training and such. The majority of those people did not train or shoot on a regular basis, and in fact most have not fired their weapon in a year. A select few had trained and shot on a frequent basis. The comment was there are few uncrowded gun ranges in Vegas. There are so many people moving in and out of the hotels, it would be easly to move weapons in and out of the hotels, in various hand carts supplied. Or by bell service people. The media wonders how so many weapons can be found in the shooters room! Come on people, get a grip! We chose to ride the elavators alone, wondering what was in all the baggage people were carrying and lugging on carts! One can assume auto wepaons are built, and available in Nevada. There has to be several people involved in the master mind of this shooting. The media stated that the hotel rooms are checked? No they are not! House keeping may knock on the door, but if you tell them no service is needed, they go away. Leave the do not disturb sign on, they wont bother you! My wife was sick and in bed for two day while there, we werent bothered or distirbed. Again, come one people get a grip! When people move out, rooms are not checked, maybe a few hours later. Some of house keeping cannot speak or understand english. How many people did we see standing in lines at food service, or starbucks, with head phones on, or ungulfed in their phones? Oblivious! Awareness out of the question! An outdoor concert with tall buildings surrounding? Not for us! People think daily, ya we are safe, ya it always happens to the other guy. Our feelings and guts hurt bad, for the innocent people that were killed and hurt. What a horrible nightmare to go thru! We send our prayers! Something is definately wrong, and yes there are way too many questions. Just like 911, way too many questions! We hope more people will question and voice to our lawmakers. People forget, that the trigger finger kills and the operator kills, not the gun!

            1. still a good post with some great points. I believe anyone that takes their safety seriously wouldn’t have gone or at least left when they noticed they were locked in. Just my opinion though.

        3. I’d like to see the ballistics and barrel print reports of recovered rounds. HOW many different rifles were used? THAT would be something importand to assess. Will they?

        4. Garryowen,

          Your insight and perspective is that of a reasonable, THINKING man. Unfortunately, it will be lost on the many who support the all-knowing state and their thug enforcers who stood down during this conspired shooting. Dozens of weapons allegedly found in the, ahem, “shooters” room makes no sense for one man.

          Chances are the truth will never be made .gov official. Unless, of course, fedgov decides to issue another cover-up like the Warren Commission report.

          Good synopsis/questions Garry Owen !

        5. You succinctly nailed every point I and many others have been talking about since this happened. Tothem, that is unacceptable, we must be silenced. The sooner the better.

      2. Isis has made a second claim that he converted with in the last 6 months. I still don’t think he killed himself. Whats different about this attack— HE”S WHITE ! What better body to leave at the scene . He’s not going to answer any questions.

    23. Clark, understand your point. However Dave offers nothing to believe, just that common sense dictates that we should not trust anyone in today’s world. Especially gov’t and media!
      I am willing to wait for the investigation to conclude, then will draw my own conclusions as to credibility.

      1. Walker,

        You mean you are looking forward to seeing a .gov “investigation” like the conspired murder of POTUS JFK, as contained in the facade of the Warren Commission report ? Good luck with that !

    24. I am not even going to wait around for an official verdict. I intend to start now, hammering my congress critters both state and federal, with that very question. Sure take all the guns away, so we can all be Chicago. Works for me. All these liberal morons that think the framers wanted us all to have muzzle loaders. “What militia are YOU in?” I am in the same one they are as is every American. If they want to follow the framers intent, they have to follow ALL the framers intent.
      Write your legislators, governor and the president. Don’t give them an excuse. We can’t let them make us all into victims.

      1. Keith,

        Do you belong to a rifle/gun club? How many members are there? We belong to a 4,000 member club, and my answer to your ‘hypothetical question’ about what militia we belong to is always the same – “Oh 4,000, give or take a few hundred, why do you ask?”

    25. Dave: Why would anyone automatically believe YOU; especially since journalists have ‘given us plenty of cause to question their trustworthiness from past examples of systemic corruption’? Were YOU at the crime scene? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      1. Okay Pooper man, what would you do? You sound like you think its the gun whispering sweet nefarious things to the person in the middle of the night so that they act on them. NO! Or you might believe it is because the shooter thought “this is cool I’ve got a gun, now I’ll just kill a few people I disagree with.” Or whatever fallacious reasoning you might be adhering to causes you to think “More gun control is the answer.” Well sorry to piss on your parade, but its NOT THE ANSWER! You could take away all the guns and a person bent on committing evil would still do so! What if he’d have used a flamethrower … what then?, Or grenades? Or improvised Claymore mines? Or went berserk with a sword?, Or how about he hijacks a bus and plows through the crowd? What then?

        Until you cure the evil in a human heart, you will NEVER eradicate acts of mass murder. So why take away peoples right to defend themselves? Is it because you can’t look beyond the weapon used? If that’s the case I pity you as you have a small mind. Grow a brain and get some morals. Human’s and the evil that they get imbued with are the causes of the acts, NOT their choice of weapon.

        David Codrea the author is only saying what is true, every time there is a mass shooting incident, the left jumps on the pile of still warm bodies and screams for gun control. They want stuff that just won’t work, because they don’t really care about humanity, they just want the power to get their ends achieved. That is a total disarmament of the American populace. If your type wants mine, in the words of King Leonidas upon Xerxes telling the Spartans to surrender their arms … Molon Labe which roughly translates to “Come taking” … fair warning though … the cost will be more than some of you will want to bear.

        “The sword is but a tool in the killer’s hand.” – Seneca the Younger, Ancient Rome

      2. First, he is not reporting on the event, because he wasn’t there. That, alone, demonstrates kournalistic integrity. Secomdly, his past record has demonstrated honesty and integrity without fail. So your cherry-picked quote answers your own question as Mr. Codrea’s past performance eliminates him from the class of journalists you are dishonestly trying to place him with. You should not attempt to debate when you have no weapon with which to debate.

      3. “… good for the goose is good for the gander.”

        THERE is a non-sequitur !

        Liberals/Socialists (and you) have somehow – delusionally – decided that the answer is to remove (all) guns from honest citizens. That is the exact equivalent of solving the DUI issue by making it harder for sober people to buy cars. THAT mindset [which is a shining example of your best (still impossibly miserable and beyond correction, but your very best) problem-solving skills] unquestionably proves exactly why Liberals have no business in any position of leadership… ethical, moral, legal, religious, or political. All socialists should have their intentionally-ignorant asses unceremoniously bounced across the parking lot… in order to let sane adults address the issues.

      4. I’ll believe what Mr. Codrea writes because I have followed his writings for some ten years now, and never yet found him to be wrong or misleading on amything signficant. I remember when he was first writing about Fast and Furius, AKA Project Gunwalker… Obama’s guns into the Mexican Drug cartels, breaking dozens of “common sense gun control laws” and putting a few uncooperative ethical honest licensed gun dealers in prison because they’d not play along.

        When ONE of the mainstream media serial liars can show a track record half as accurate, I MIGHT begin actually reading their stuff. Until then, its just one more MarvelMystery Comicbook Story.

        There is good reason Mr. Codrea’s work is NOT found in the mainstream media “resources”. I’ll let you figure that out. .

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