Aero Precision Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle Giveaway

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Aero Precision Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle Giveaway
Aero Precision Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle Giveaway, with key parts from and Vortex Optics.

Manasquan, NJ -( New and existing subscribers to the AmmoLand Shooting Sports Newswire emails will ALL be eligible to win an awesome custom built from Aero Precision parts, Arctic-Camo AR-15 Rifle Package.

One lucky AmmoLand Subscriber will take this custom gun home!

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, Aero Precision, and Vortex Optics are giving away a limited-edition arctic-inspired custom built rifle package to one lucky AmmoLand email subscriber and that could be you!

Custom built from Aero Precision parts Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle

Aero Precision Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle Profile
Custom built from Aero Precision parts Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle Profile : Some lucky AmmoLand News reader will win this!

Aero Precision Dream AR-15 Rifle Specifications

  • 100% American made
  • M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver finished in Arctic Camo. Upper receiver is assembled and includes the forward assist, dust cover and barrel nut.
  • 15″ Enhanced Gen 2 KeyMod or M-LOK Handguard finished in Arctic Camo
  • Billet Trigger Guard in Arctic Camo
  • AR15 Gen 2 Lower Receiver finished in Arctic Camo
  • Magpul CTR Stock and MOE Grip – Arctic Camo
  • Magpul PMAG 30-round Magazine

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 Optic Specs:

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Optic
Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 Optic
  • Battery: CR-2032
  • Click Value: 1/2 MOA
  • Eye Relief: 3.50″
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Focal Plane: Second
  • Illumination: Yes
  • Length: 10.5″
  • Max Magnification: 6
  • Min. Magnification: 1
  • OAL: 10.50″
  • Objective Size: 24mm
  • Reticle: BDC
  • Tube Size: 30mm
  • Weight: 17.6 oz

Read AmmoLand’s reporting on the Aero Precision Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle build found here.

But you can’t win it if you are not in it!

The giveaway is being processed. Come back to this page in a few days as we will announce the winner here.


  • The giveaway enter dates runs from December 15th, 2017 to January 31st 2018 with the winner drawn on February 1st, 2018.
  • Everyone who signs up, or is an active existing subscriber, to the AmmoLand Shooting Sports News daily & monthly emails is eligible to win.
  • Eligible Winners, must be 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States and be lawfully eligible under local, state and federal rules to accept the transfer of firearms through a licensed Federal Firearms License. NOTE: Residents DC, CT, NJ, IL (Cook County only) and NY may not be eligible to win. Take your complaints up with your local anti gun lawmakers.
  • No monetary compensation or substitution for ineligible winners. You are just out of luck.
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About Aero Precision

Aero Precision is known for two things: superior engineering & machining, and the ability to get the customer what they need, when they need it. Their products have been recognized across the country by members of the military and law enforcement communities for one simple fact – they work better. For additional information on Aero Precision, visit their website.

About Brownells:

Serious About Firearms Since 1939, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Visit their website.

About Vortex Optics:

American owned, Middleton, Wisconsin based Vortex Optics designs, engineers, and distributes a complete line of premium binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, tripods and related accessories. Dedicated to exceptional quality, value and unrivaled customer service, Vortex backs its products with its unconditional, transferable, lifetime VIP – warranty. Built on more than 20 years of experience in the optics industry, Vortex is rapidly emerging as a leading brand in the optics market. Vortex – The Force of Optics |

About – Shooting Sports News: is the web’s leading Shooting Sports News Service for the Ammunition, Firearms, Shooting, Hunting and Conservation communities. AmmoLand has a FREE Shooting Sports News Service that is seen by 10,000’s of Ammunition, Shooting and Pro Firearms enthusiast every day. Visit them at

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I was disappointed about Not winning Arctic Camo AR-15 Rifle Giveaway. I always wanted one. The guys at the gun club would be jealous or at deer camp.

Jeff Chagnard

Who won the rifle? Has it been posted?


Since I was the first to ask….. can I have it?


Who won?

Frank G

I was thinking the very same thing HR.


What a nice gun to have. Thank you sponsors for the chance at winning it.

Jan Mencke

Ill take one


Fellow patriots, these next few months will be very critical for the survival of our country.

Research who Q is

Q and Trump are leading this country to Prominence again but the bad actors of this world are trying to stop it. Please pray for your fellow American and for our president.

God Bless

Thomas Monroe

I’m 58 years old and don’t have an AR yet, but would love to win this beautiful rifle. I passed my Winchester down to my son and I’m missing having a good rifle on hand. Best of luck to everyone but this ole’ Okie is gonna win this one.

Wild Bill

@Tom Monroe, I would never try to talk you out to buying a modern sporting rifle or a militia standard rifle, but they are a pain in the butt to clean.


No matter what. All i can say is. I hope that all of you will get the chance to own it. Good luck fellow armed patriots.

Hector M. "El Torito"

Good day Mr. Trinidad, the AR sure is very nice. I have always been a person that never wins anything. But there is always room for at least one win for me. My safe is gasping to have that beauty next to my other rifles, they feel hot and they need a new buddy like the Artic to keep them nice and cool. Good day Sir.. P.S. I am ready for my luck to change..


Reading all the comments give me a laugh ! Some beg ,some admire, some just hope they will strike it lucky. Anyway, great looking firearm, good luck to everyone!!

Rodney C Kuenzer

Don’t need snow camo here the desert, but it sure would be nice to win it.

Ozark Muleskinner

I live in the Midwest and am enjoying snowy artic conditions now. I guess if I won this gun, I’d have to then buy the spring, summer, and fall variants too! 😉


I’d love to have it to use and then pass down to my kids.


That rifle sure is pretty.


I’d love to own that rifle.


I’ve already got all my snow camo out because Michigan is cold. I’d love to win so my camo would match that pretty rifle. That rifle would last forever.

Wild Bill

@Jimbo, In winter, wrap gauze around your current rifle and scope, in Autumn use burlap. Gauze hides the sharp profile that painted camouflage does not. Straight lines and sharp angles give you and your position away.

Frank G

Now living/retired in Southern TN ………………. I would move back up North in a heart beat, truth be known I miss the snow and ice of/in New England. This would be my GO to long gun for sure. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. From the spot the game could not see came the shot it never heard.


You should paint the scope to match the rifle!
Both Cerakote and Duracoat have air dry versions that are safe to apply to optics

Frank G

That is great info, I have a few “high end optics” reluctant to coat with anything until now.

Michael Cooper

This is the rifle you keep on handing down from father to son, generation after generation. It just goes to show the quality of this rifle.
Didn’t I seen this rifle and color patterns in the new ” STAR WARS ” MOVIE?
I couldn’t afford to own a work of art. Sooner or later I would be lucky to win one in a conf


no you will not get them twice. If you are subscribed to the Ammoland Daily Digest than your already in the drawing for the Aero Arctic gun. Just make sure you open an email and click some links every thirty days or so and you will be an active subscriber.

Frank G

Believe me I have my Artic (Extreme Weather) gear all picked out. I WILL spend the $$$$$$ if I win this to match this AR. Oh well ONE can dream ……………………….

David Fisher

Sweet. Merry late Christmas present to me?

melvin cheatham

hey im not moving to the ardtic. but let me win and dream of snow in south texas.


Perfect firearm for hunting coyotes in the badlands of South Dakota. We have the snow and weather to help this gun blend into the hunting environment. Loved the article associated with assembly of this firearm. I would put his rifle to work the day after it was assembled.

Steve W

I’ll never win. But it would be Very Nice!

Dan Altman

Honey, I need some artic camo to match my new rifle


2200 hrs 24 Dec 2017 Dear Santa Ammoland, Please award me this pretty little AR for my soon to be 20 year old drop dead gorgeous daughter who is often my shooting buddy. She is a good girl/young woman, is responsible with firearms, familiar with the AR platform in .22LR and 5.56 NATO. She does not have an AR of her very own and she would look even more beautiful slung with this. She’ll send you a picture. Our AR-15s all have Vortex Strike Eagles on then so she know this scope too. Please Santa! please. I’ll leave cookies, nuts… Read more »


Pick me ammoland

Hector Mallen

Being the Holidays it would awesome if I could see myself wrapped around thst beautiful artic camo frame. Very informative on how getting on together, thanks Ammoland for your outstanding articles.


Just waiting on the confirmation email

Wild Bill

Way to go Ammoland!


Spot-on, Bill. If your kid wants something bad enough, set it up so they can earn it, and then make sure it’s done correctly re: laws and safety. I believe this is a must so we can perpetuate responsibility in our young; once they go ‘south’, the other liberal mothers of commie dissent, not to mention De Blasio and Bloomberg will be all over it. When you teach ’em right, enforce what you teach ’em, it’ll have a better chance on being ‘how they pass it along to the grandkids’.

Frank G

Oh WOW………………..Love the Arctic Camo colors.


Look forward to receiving my rifle when I win! Looks very cool.

Donald L. Cline

I already get Ammoland daily alerts. Am I now going to get them twice?

John Dunlap

Somebody forgot to mention California in the list of legal nightmares. I don’t think that rifle is legal here.

Green Mtn. Boy

Good Article and explanation of tools involved.