David Coy, NRA Board of Director Profile – Please Vote for David Coy

David Coy
David Coy, respecfuly requests your support for 2018 NRA Board of Directors.

Michigan, USA – -(Ammoland.com)- David Coy is a Benefactor Member of the NRA and a current member of the Board of Directors, first elected in 1998. His committee assignments reflect his working-world and shooting backgrounds, which are to the Finance Committee as Vice-Chair, the Audit Committee as Vice-Chair, the Shotgun Shooting Committee, and Chair of the Investment Oversight Subcommittee of the Finance Committee. He has previously chaired both the Finance and the Audit Committees.

He is a fiscal hawk regarding expenditures of NRA monies.

David believes in a “NATO-Type” doctrine when it comes to defending firearms ownership rights. Any attack on ANY category of guns or gun-owners and shooters is an attack on ALL types of guns, gun owners and shooters. All such attacks must be repelled! No exceptions!

As an experienced and dedicated no-compromise Second Amendment activist, David does his best to spread the word about NRA’s good works and the vital importance of the Second Amendment. He authored the National School Shield Resolution adopted at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting. He continues to engage in activities such as debating prominent anti-gunners at various events at Colleges, Universities and other places, giving testimony at the Michigan State Capital in Lansing on both pro- and anti-gun legislation, doing radio programs, newspaper interviews and speaking at numerous pro-gun events. He serves as an NRA Front-Lines volunteer.

He is an Ambassador for NRA’s Heritage (Planned Giving) Society; Member, NRA Whittington Center Founders Club; and NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He has also served as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor, is Treasurer for Troop 659 in Adrian, Michigan and has earned his Wood Badge.

Until recently, David served as Treasurer of the Lenawee County (Michigan) Friends of NRA Committee. This committee, which he helped found some 20+ years ago, is ranked as one of the top committees in the USA, having raised net monies for the NRA Foundation in excess of $500,000.

David has authored over 100 magazine columns on legislative matters. He is a hunter, a competitive trapshooter and a Life Member of the Amateur Trapshooting Association, and has registered more than 20,000 targets. He is a gun collector who holds a Federal Firearms License as a Collector of Curios and Relics (a type ’03 FFL). David is a member of Ohio Gun Collectors Association, Maumee Valley Gun Collectors Association, the America Dewars Shooting Association and the German Gun Collectors Association. He also belongs to Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association, Illinois State Rifle Association, Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association, National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, The Fifty Caliber Shooting Association and other shooting and hunting clubs and organizations.

Education and training in marksmanship is one of the core competencies of the National Rifle Association of America. It is the reason NRA was founded and David wholeheartedly supports them.
Further, competitive shooting is a natural evolution of this process, because it validates one’s marksmanship training. Both of these core competencies of NRA are an important part of NRA’s rich heritage and culture and must be preserved, improved, modernized and expanded.

David resides in Adrian, Michigan, with his wife Emily, and two bird dogs; Tucker who is a Brittany, and Dart, a Springer Spaniel. Emily and both of their adult children, William and Robert, are NRA Life Members. David and Emily are members of Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church (ELCA). David is an active Shriner (Zenobia Shrine Center in Perrysburg, Ohio) and serves as their Treasurer. He belongs to several units, most notably the Highlanders, and he helped form a new unit; a shooting club called the Zenobia Shrine Marksmen.

Please consider re-electing David Coy to the 2018 NRA Board of Directors.

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David Thurman

So you are part of the NRA Swamp right. You need removed! If the BoD voted to Keep Wayne the Thief and Cux

Mike Winkelman

Mr. Coy is a Trumpublican and refused to even listen to ANY criticism of the NRA’s endorsement of Trump even before the Primary was over. Now. look where we are with Trump and the NRA. David Coy is what’s WRONG with the NRA. They care more about money. What happened to “nit one inch” “No Compromise”. All talk. Vote AGAINST David Coy.

David Coy

Larry, I don’t know who you are or what you are talking about. So I’m calling you out on this. These statements are lies. Period.

Talk is cheap. Back up your words.

Larry from MI

I have known David Coy for decades in MI and seen him at countless events. He is the biggest self-promoter I have ever met, always wanting to be seen and heard but when the stage lights disappear, so does Dave Coy. Pure showhorse, but we need a workhorse. His inclusion by Hammer makes me question how much other pure patronage she’s handing out and this one will NOT be getting my vote.

David Coy

I have replied to several of these comments. I hope my responses have come through. If not, please advise. I am not able ti read them after I posted them.

My thanks to all for your inquiries.


Let me think, he has been the head of the finance committee and the investment committee. I wasn’t aware the Lutheran Church was against guns so that appears to be another strike against him along with the high salaries of the honchos maybe it is time for him to retire. He sounds to me like a fox in the hen house.

David Coy

I do not support or agree with the ELCA’s position on guns or on many other issues. Neither do a lot of my local congregation. I support my local church and my friends in this congregation. That’s as far as it goes.

Compensation issues are handled by a compensation committee. Outside consultants are used so comparable salaries can be determined fairly. Disclosure of this is made to the full Board in Executive Session.


We know most who write columns for Ammoland follow the comments so here’s a question for Mr. Coy and every other person who asks for our votes: Do you repudiate Marion Hammer’s comments and those of the NRA, specifically, but not inclusively, regarding “Bump Fire” stocks? Simple question, yes or no answer. Well, Mr. Coy?


Sorry Mr. Coy but it appears as though the NRA is now attempting to “flood the market” and confuse members with so many candidates biographies that they are unsure who to vote for.

I’m voting for one person and one only, Adam Kraut, in the hopes that this is a start of reforming the NRA Board. We, the members who are tired of being soaked of our funds then stabbed in the back, are determined to take back the NRA.

David Coy

No. I do not repudiate Marion’s comments. I agree with them and I stand with her. I don’t expect you to like this answer, but I hope you respect the fact that I’m giving a straight up direct answer. Regarding bump stocks, NRA’s position has been misrepresented. They did not propose any sort of ban. NRA called out BATFE and said, “Do your job. Review them.”. Let’s be real. BATFE was going to do this anyway, given what happened. At this point, unless and until BATFE issues some sort of rule, there is nothing to respond to. For me, I… Read more »

David Coy

Other than to observe that you may have a different opinion of things if you attended an NRA Board of Directors meeting, I respect your right to vote as you see fit. I may not agree with your opinions, and I may disagree with your reasoning as to who to vote for, but I very much respect your right to vote for whoever you choose.

We do have common ground. We both want the best for NRA and for the RTKABA.

I sincerely thank you for your comment and I sincerely wish you well.

Ozark Muleskinner

I too question Mr Coy’s membership in and allegiance to the ELCA. I was a ELCA member but left and joined the NALC because of the ELCA’s liberal, progressive, anti-religious freedom positions on a number of issues as well as their written support of various UN initiatives. His membership in the ELCA does not automatically disqualify Mr Coy in my eyes but I would be interested in his further elaboration on key ELCA policies and positions, and their support of various anti-gun organizations. Lastly I am grateful to Ammoland for providing this forum for rank and file NRA members to… Read more »


I would recommend Mr. Coy end his membership with the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, who are notorious for their push for gun control. See https://www.exposingtheelca.com/on-other-critical-issues.html
Scroll to toward the bottom of the page to see articles about the ELCA and gun control.

David Coy

I do not support ELCA’s positions on guns or many other issues. I support my local congregation, which isvery small, less than 100 people, and no kids.I am there for my local church and my friends in the congregation. They don’t buy ELCA policies either. I do not contribute to ELCA. My money stays local. I am ELCA by default. I was confirmed in the American Lutheran Church, which became ELCA. As an old “Red Hymnal” Lutheran, my values are old school. And I know that I don’t need to go to church to talk with God. I believe in… Read more »

David Coy

I am aware of their positions. As stated previously in response to there comments, I am there for my local church and and my friends in the congregation, which is very small, less than 100 people and no kids. . My money stays there. I do not agree with ELCA positions on guns or many other things. I am ELCA by default. I was confirmed in the American Lutheran Church in the 1960’s in my home town, Detroit. ALC merged with someone to form the ELCA. My congregation may fail. At that point, I will look elsewhere, or simply maintain… Read more »