NHFC Draws Attention to Two Important bills in Concord

New Hampshire Live Free or Die
NHFC Draws Attention to Two Important bills in Concord

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Next week two firearms related bills are being heard in House Committees in Concord and I need your help.

On Tuesday, January 16 at 11 a.m. the House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee will take public testimony on HB 1313 which was introduced by Rep. John Burt (R-Hillsborough 13)to extend last years Constitutional Carry law to snowmobiles and ATVs.

HB 1313 is a simple bill that merely repeals the requirement(s) that those who wish to carry a loaded pistol or revolver on a snowmobile or ATV first obtain a New Hampshire Pistol / Revolver license.

These statutes are inconsistent with Constitutional Carry and need to be repealed. We expect that HB 1313 should pass into law without significant opposition. However, the recent opposition to HB 1749 (statewide preemption) by some who believe they are actual Second Amendment advocates is causing concern for us as well as the sponsors.

Since politicians will be politicians we need to keep the heat on to make sure that HB 1313 becomes law.

Please click here for a list of the members of the House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee. We need you to contact all members of the committee and urge them to vote HB 1313 “ought to pass” without any amendments or changes. You can send one email to all Committee Members.

I also have to tell you about an extreme anti-gun bill, HB 1406 which is sponsored by Rep. Timothy Horrigan, (D-Strafford 6) will void your Pistol / Revolver license if you change your city or town of residence.

Since 1979, thats right for 39 years, licensees have been able to provide written notification to the issuing authority in their new place of residence and the license remains valid until its stated expiration date.

But not solely content to punish movers, HB 1406 also reduces the term of validity of a license to 3 years. Make no mistake, this is a far left attempt to try to slip a change into the law in retaliation for the enactment of Constitutional Carry.

HB 1406 will be heard by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, January 16 at 11AM in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Please click here for a list of the members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. You can send one email to all Committee Members by clicking here.

Thanks for your support!

In liberty,
Alan M. Rice

President – NHFC, Inc.

PS: You might recall that I wrote to you about a terrible anti-gun bill, SB 500 which was introduced by Senator Kevin Avard (R-12) and Senator Jeb Bradley (R-3). Sadly, these two Senators ignored your calls and emails and have refused to withdraw SB 500. Therefore, we must focus our calls and emails on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Click here for contact information for all Judiciary Committee members.

SAMPLE EMAIL: Please vote SB 500 Inexpedient to Legislate. This is an anti-gun bill that will greatly harm New Hampshire firearms owners by using the federal definition of a firearm as well as making tinkering changes to R.S.A. 207:7 regarding carrying arms in vehicles. The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition told me that we can follow federal law without making it part of New Hampshire law and creating new regulations on frames, receivers and sound suppressors. Please vote SB 500 ITL.

PPS: If you are an NHFC member, you should have already received a paper renewal letter in the mail. Please consider renewing now by clicking here. Its quick and easy to renew your membership online and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to renew or misplacing the paperwork. If you renew online we will send you a new membership card by return mail. If you have been receiving our alerts and find them helpful but are not an NHFC member please consider joining New Hampshire’s only no compromise firearms civil rights organization by clicking here. NHFC is 100% volunteer with low overhead and no paid staff. We use your membership dues to pay for mailings to stop anti-gun legislation and to hopefully, enact pro-gun reform legislation.

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Adam Samuels

What would one think if they were suddenly told that the head of the NH Firearms Coalition (and author of this article) is currently a Massachusetts Police Officer but had to resign previously (without reason given) as a New Hampshire Police Officer (hint: it was a firearms law-related issue).

This is all true and public knowledge.

Would that cause you to question his authority and viability as a 2A advocate?

HB 1749 is a bad bill for NH Firearms rights.
This comment will likely be deleted.


Alan Rice isnt trustworthy. He is attempting to keep the “suitable person” language in law to stop gun owners from hunting. Careful who you listen to. Anti Freedom is what he is in reality. He and Joseph A Hoell actually attempted at the last minute to stop Constitution Carry in NH. They failed because we caught them


NHFC is a danger to NH and NH firearms owners..HB1749 as introduced will hand over NH’s firearms preemption to the General Court and make NH New Jersey or New York or Connecticut…Remember, these are the same people who allowed the names of NH veterans to automatically be sent to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and the same folks who would trade their grandmothers for an email list or a cash donation…Do not be fooled but ask yourself, have you ever gotten a communication from them that didn’t ask for money? Maybe, when your organization is run by a… Read more »


Where is the link to email committee embers?

vincent smith


Green Mtn. Boy

The Anti Freedom and Liberty types aka Communists / Socialists / Regressives / Anarchists / Commiecrats are trying some of the same in neighboring Vermont as well.