Democrat’s Bump Stock Ban On The Move in Maine, Legislative Alert!!!

Slide Fire SSAR-15 SBS Bump Fire Stock
Democrat’s Bump Stock Ban On The Move in Maine, Legislative Alert!!!

Maine – -( when several people were exclaiming how lucky we are

that we don’t live in MA, where they just outlawed “bump stocks”, demanding their citizens turn them in for destruction? No money, not “sorry”, no conversation. Turn in your property, or face jail and become a Felon.

Well, we’re not “lucky” anymore.

For almost 2 months the radical Democrat leadership here in Maine has been trying to weasel something just like their MA Comrades did into our Maine legislature, as EMERGENCY LEGISLATION. It looked like it was going to “go away” but this latest round of propaganda slinging has revitalized them and the Legislative Council will be voting to bring it up to the full legislature next Tuesday (2-27-18).

Think about this for a minute. This silly plastic accessory that thousands of us have been using for competition, recreational shooting and just good solid range time for almost 15 years, without a single problem, is now facing a ban similar to what they just did in MA. How will you like being a felon if you don’t turn in your personal private property for destruction or face jail time?

In case you are not familiar with what happened in MA, or completely understand the bump stock issue, here is a link to an informational video I uploaded a few weeks ago, in anticipation of this, here, in OUR HOME. Today is that day unless we work diligently.

For those of you who don;t think “a bump stock is worth fighting for” let us clue you in a little as to what will happen if this is put up as a sacrificial lamb: Today it will be this innocuous device. It will be crossed off their list. The next thing they will demand that “no one needs” is a magazine capacity over whatever arbitrary limit they place and shove down our throat. You can turn those in as well, or face jail time. Next will be the guns they deem “aren’t appropriate for civilians”, and following that will be all the hunting guns that they will finally admit we were right about because they are the same thing, just more powerful.

So this isn’t “a bump stock issue” but our constant giving and NEVER receiving anything in return. EVER.

We constantly have things taken away while they completely ignore our outcry to do something useful, like fix the mental health system and put armed guards in the schools. Children continue to be put at risk, more than ever, in “soft areas” only due to their inability to harden them up to have to admit their policies have failed for so many years. They are putting our children in harms way ONLY to mask their inability to admit that the fantasy of gun free zones doesn’t work. All while having no problem with armed security looking out for their money, their Hollywood Celebrity friends and their own security details.

It is time to say ENOUGH with the foolishness. We are not compromising our liberties anymore. We have done nothing wrong and refuse to be patsies for their failed policies.

What can you do?

Watch the video above if you do not understand this Bump stock issue or are not familiar with what just happened in MA and is heading this way.
Contact the members of the Maine Legislative Council and let them know that they are not fooling anyone. Bump stocks have never been used in a crime in Maine and are owned by thousands of law abiding citizens who use them appropriately, and have for over a decade.…/legislative-council-mem…/9241

Contact your Senator and Representative and ask that they also oppose such ridiculous and unnecessary new legislation. This is not an issue on Maine, and certainly not an EMERGENCY, as our Constitution only allows during a second session.

Share this information with everyone you can so they see the underhanded politics being played right here in Augusta, to mirror their extreme Massachusetts comrades.

Join and supportGun Owners of Mainein any capacity you can. We have beaten Billionaires and have a damn good track record in protecting and preserving Maine Gun Rights, but we are nothing without you. It is our true, knowledge-driven, boots on the ground, grassroots energy that ensures our continued success. Join / Donate

Please be polite and factual in your correspondence. You are representing our community and we needs friends in the Capitol if we’re going to expect them to listen to us. Many of these legislators are completely uninformed about this issue, and these devices, and the more information we can provide them to PROVE they are being intentionally lies to about these, the better. Please remember these factual points:

  • Bump Stocks DO NOT convert any firearm to a machine gun.
  • They do not alter the mechanism to fire any faster than it is already capable of.
  • They ONLY EXIST so law abiding people can comply with the law and is not a “work-around or loophole”. They are completely legal and have been deemed as such by the highest legal authority (BATF) who is certainly not a pro-gun organization.

These have been in existence, as they are sold today, for almost 15 years and thousands of Maine citizens own and use these without incident.

Maine is not a “Gun Control Pioneer” like the crime ridden states that have adopted similar legislation, and has a long tradition and heritage of simply complying with Federal law. We have no “problem” to fix, much less rising to the level of an “Emergency Bill” for this session.
Whatever you do, please don’t assume “it will never happen” or that this isn’t an important issue. Everything we sacrifice, in an attempt to appease those who wan’t all of our guns outlawed, only brings them closer to their goals and accomplishes nothing of substance. While this specific device may not be of direct interest, the next thing they demand, will be. They must be stopped now. We are not Maineachusettes.

Jeff Zimba

Gun Owners of Maine

About Gun Owners of Maine

Gun Owners of Maine is an all-volunteer, grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and promoting the gun rights of Mainers, and we are the only Maine organization focused on this issue alone. We monitor developments affecting gun owners on both the State and Federal levels, tracking bills in the Legislature and the Congress, and act as a watchdog on governmental agencies. Visit :

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Robert Riversong

Why do men with such low self-esteem that they need rapid-fire accessories to feel like a “real man” then spend so much effort whining about democratically-passed legislation intended to prevent another Las Vegas massacre?

Rolf Wagner

Wild Bill – They’re not being paid to make comments here. Your little conspiracy theory is rubbish. (Though I love the detail about only being paid per response, how you bother to answer everyone through your weird way of addressing each etc you’ve really thought this through!) The reason people you personally don’t agree with are making comment on these issues is that we’ve just had another mass school shooting. People feel passionate about it. There is no paid army of bloggers bothering with this little website.( just some Russians on facebook trying to win an election for Trump!) you’re… Read more »

Wild Bill

Well Rolf, how do you know that they are not paid to make comments? Do you know them personally? We had a previous troll, little by little confess and give us the details. We all note similarities to the the techniques and m.o. of the one that confessed. We take notes, compare, and then come to our conclusions, Rolf. As to your assertion that “There is no paid army of bloggers…”, the Hillary campaign admitted that there was. You people come and go in waves. That is no coincidence. Therefore, I believe that there remains an army of Soros/Bloomberg/Clinton paid… Read more »


Bump stocks… purpose built accessories for mass murderers and terrorists.

Dave Brown

Good Goss. I do not own an AR as I don’t have room with my SKSs, AKs, MACs, and other stuff. I own a number Arm Braces which was a stretch to see them legal, but they are neat, and God Only knows if they are ever shoulder. As I said they are a stretch on the legal end. A Bump Stock, why as I can get a few of mine to Bump without having a stock. But the stock I will guess adds a method of control that really works. However, they should never have been made legal and… Read more »

Edward Weber

What a duffus. The 2nd Amendment is about arms equivalent to our adversary. If it is about Muskets,,,then the 1st Amendment is about the printing press,,,not computers and such. BTW,,,you’re NOT a 2nd Amendment guy. If you were, you would understand the last four words,,,”Shall not be infringed”.

Wild Bill

Weber, You are Constitutionally correct! DB is wrong and his theory of what the Second Amendment is about was repudiated more than seventy years ago.

Edward Weber

Where do these people come from?


Where do you people come from that think 2A will or even does protect you from government.? The government has a lot more than a safe full of AR-15s. The government could take all you document lovers in a thrice.
Look at Waco in the first instance. Watch your TV in the second instance and whatch havoc our government brings from land sea and air in any theatre of war you care to mention.

Seems to me that if we get to keep our guns we’ll put up with all manner of tyranny.

Wild Bill

W, It is their job. Soros, Bloomersberg, and even the Hillary campaign have admitted to paying people to invade sites like this to make us feel isolated and on the losing end. I guess that the theory is to make us give up and not bother to vote.
They get paid per response. So I try hard not to respond to them directly. The things that need saying, I say to others about the little socialist propagandists.

Wild Bill

W, A certain G, of the Socialist persuasion, asks, “Where do you people come from that think 2A will or even does protect you from government.?(sic)”. They come from the category of those who read.


Wild Bill I’m not being paid. I’m not writing for a political party. It’s not a conspiracy. People have opinions different to yours, that’s all. Get used to it.
We can’t all be sitting at home stroking our xerox of the 2A all day- some of us have jobs and real world experience. We can’t all be keyboard warriors like you

Ged Diggs

Arms equivalent….bah ha ha! the population will never achieve this. The whole 2A argument that it protects from government tyranny is absolute rubbish. Look at the hardware and software and resources the government has. Look at what they throw at people in other countries. Your collection of ARs no matter how well stocked you are will never achieve equivalency or protect you.

And let’s face it it’s not even the reason people own one.

Wild Bill

@GD, We will not be depending on ARs. We have places in Tx where you can train on crew served weapons, to include: MG40s to modern miniguns; 105mm howitzers; and Leopard I A5s; and MiGs in our air force; and all full charge ammunition. We have a little hardware ourselves.

Ged Diggs

Arms equivalent…bah ha ha! the population will never achieve this. The whole 2A argument that it protects from government tyranny is absolute rubbish. Look at the hardware and software and resources the government has. Look at what they throw at people in other countries. Your collection of ARs no matter how well stocked you are will never achieve equivalency or protect you. Don’t be ignorant.

And let’s face it it’s not even the reason people own one.

James Higginbotham

right you are Edward.

Mr. Walkker

News Flash: Washington State Passed Legislation yesterday (Feb. 23, 2018) Banning the sale possession and use of the dreaded “Bump Stocks” signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee.Takes effect on June 1, 2018. WA state Patrol will give owners a $150.00 cash refund for turning in their Bumstock. ( Then the name will go on a LIST as an AR15 owner) This Is Complete Insanity. Soon, there will be Magazine Bands for anything over 10 rounds. Then The Complete Capture and The Left Coast Loonie Farm will be Complete. That is right folks, this is how mission creep works, a… Read more »


Yes you loyal sons and daughters of Maine, do not surrender your inailable right to own a tool for your defense.Those
who oppose your right to self defense will chip away at any all opportunities to do so. Just because you may not agree
with the utility of a particular weapon or acessories ,does mean it should be banned.
What will you say or do when you’re skeet shotgun is deemed a weapon of war. The socialist left will not stop until
you have only your fist, with which to defend your self or your family.