Mental-Health Examinations to Purchase a Gun? Yeah that is Freedom..NOT


Thought Police Poster by Liberty Maniacs
Thought Police Poster by Liberty Maniacs

Ft Collins, CO –-( “And what do Democrats stand for, when they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as “the mob,” a word betraying a Marie-Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals?” ~ Camille Paglia

“Mental-Health Evaluation,” prior to legally obtaining a gun? This is one of the proposals currently enjoying the light of day in the liberal press.

What other Constitutional Right requires you to undergo a “mental-health evaluation” before it can be exercised?

Must I pass a “mental-health evaluation” prior to writing a newspaper?

Several days ago, a group of self-proclaimed elitists on “The View” TV program smugly declared our current Vice-President “mentally ill,” because of his professed Christian faith. You can see where this is going. Christian faith is now to be considered prima-facie evidence of “mental illness?”

It is proposals like the above, always made to unhesitant cheers of Democrats, that drive Second Amendments advocates into the trenches, with firm resolve never to give an inch. We are too familiar with world history, and the pitiful fate, suffered over and over again, by disarmed populations.

The inescapable fact is that governments, ours and everyone else’s, ever demonstrate that they are ineffective in protecting citizens, often even unwilling, as we see with the FBI’s, and various social agencies’ endlessly repeated failure to thwart the FL school murderer.

Supposedly responsible government agencies possessed abundant information that should have easily enabled them to prevent the massacre. But, they collectively dropped the ball!

In light of the foregoing, it makes no sense to enact still more fluffy “feel-good” laws that the cynical in government have no intention of enforcing, nor that even can be enforced!

The only purpose for enacting such laws, far from furthering public safety, is to provide totalitarians with additional tools that the “political class” can bring to bear against law-abiding citizens, in order to transform our nation into a feudal kingdom, and us into slaves.

That scenario is hardly unprecedented!

“People never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” ~ Edmund Burke


Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

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American Patriot

They might just be on to something. If they had to go thru mental screening before anyone can run for an elected office there would no longer be any Liberals left in office…Problem solved.


The bleeding hart dogoodears and fing dems can pass what ever i dont care .i will not give up my guns and i will cc till the come and get me i am 74 years have packed for 30 years have not shot any one yet so fuckem


Amen, Brother!

Wild Bill

, They will not come for you in the way that you suspect. Remember how the feds came for Coresh in Waco, and remember Ruby Ridge. They will surveil you, come when you do not expect it, burn your house down and kill everyone inside, even your dog. Better to win in this political arena.

Robert J. Lucas

The lawmakers of the land, need to enforce the Constitution of the United States of America, for which they have taken an oath to protect, with their hand on the Holy Bible.
With regards to mental health examinations, who will examine the examiners? The power of the Constitution, Trumps any reinterpretation of what the Left thinks.

Wild Bill

J. All true, but what allows the feds, states, counties, and and even cities to deviate from the Constitution? They all have private armies of armed people to enforce their dictates. Police enforce the dictates of the city council, city manager, and chief or police. Sheriff’s deputies enforce the dictates of the county commission and sheriff. All of the armed agencies of the federal government enforce the unconstitutional dictates of the federal executive branch.

VT Patriot

@WB, LOL, and look how effective they are in Chicago. There, the armed ‘agencies’ of the city live in one area and do a great job, doncha think??

Wild Bill

@VT, Yes… well… there is always that! Maybe it is good that we do not get all of the government that we pay for. : )

Robert J. Lucas

True but they still have to follow Federal Law.


Robert: “True but they are supposed to follow Federal Law.” – there, fixed it for ya.


Robert, they don’t need to ‘enforce’ it as much as simply following it. One example: far too many hoplophobes claim that the Constitution, in particular the 2nd Amendment, only refers to muskets.

Robert J. Lucas

Where does the word musket(s) appear in the second Amendment?

Green Mtn. Boy

Somehow I failed to discover that in my first reading of the second amendment and even failed on the second reading of it
The Lefts new pre qualification to exercise my natural civil right,reminds me of the ever successful pool tax.