Repealing One Bad Law Can Reduce Mass Shootings

Repeal Gun Free Zones
Repealing One Bad Law Can Reduce Mass Shootings

USA – -( Mass shooting events in America function much like the water cycle, except one is terrible and the other necessary for life.

With every tragedy, especially when children are involved, one side of the political spectrum shouts for changes to the laws and the implementation of new ones to keep our society safe, while the other hand spams the net with “thoughts and prayers” before retreating into a corner. The debate evaporates into the atmosphere only for a more intense storm to come next time around.

It is the opinion of this contributor that gun rights activists and supporters have to be proactive, rather than be defensive not only to secure our safety but our liberties as well.

Antidotes and platitudes about drugged up children and the heyday of school rifle teams don’t cut it. Gun control advocates are winning for their cause because they throw the punches. Gun rights activists can’t win fights by merely trying to weather the blows. Going on the offensive is the best strategy. But where to begin?

Reactionary politics abound these days. If an out-right “assault weapon” ban is out of the political possibility, platitudes about “common sense” gun laws take their place. No one goes into what such laws are and how they would be common sense. Simply putting the words “common sense” doesn’t make them common sense. Visible proposals that are put forward are merely reactions to recent events. The Las Vegas shooter used bump-fire stocks. Not soon after, with the backing of the NRA, legislation to ban such devices was put forward.

With the recent Parkland school shooting, there is talk about raising the age limit to purchase long guns from 18 to 21.

Most proposals are not only reactionary but also cheap. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean effective. Banning inanimate objects and increased regulation is a cheap fix that works in some countries, assuming we laser beam focus on gun violence while ignoring everything else. This does not address violence at all, but the most visible manifestation of it. It is a cheap fix, far less expensive than dealing with societal problems.

Gun control regulations claim to have reduced gun violence in other civilized countries, granted we are ignoring and increasing other types of violence in doing so. But the US is very different from those nations. Nations like England and Australia are isolated with small homogenous populations with no ethnic tensions and a welfare system that is second to none. The best long-term fix is to fix the social welfare system in the United States. But that would cost the wrong people too much money. So cheap fixes abide. However, there is one reasonable fix that might solve our problem.

More guns in schools via armed teachers and having an armed detail on staff would increase our tax burden—something no American wants.

I propose that the root of the problem are “gun free zones.” I am not proposing we fill our newspaper editorials and social media comments pointing out that nearly all mass shooting situations occurred at on the site of “gun free zones.” The only people who disarm in good faith are law-abiding citizens who don’t want trouble. Criminals have no such compulsion.

Schools are designated as gun free zones, and it has been federal law since George HW Bush signed the Gun-Free Schools Zones Act into law in 1990.

Despite the Gun-Free School Zones Act’s complete failure at preventing school shootings since the law passed it has continued on the books, Instead of proposing new legislation, why not repeal one instead? It is my suggestion that the most efficient way to stop mass shootings, considering both economics and rights, that we contact our representatives relentlessly until a bill is drafted and the Gun-Free School Zones Act can be confined to the dustbin of bad ideas.

The opinions expressed in this work are that of the writer and are not to be construed as being the viewpoint of Ammoland or any of its associates.

Terril Hebert
Terril Hebert

About Terril Hebert:

Terril Hebert is a firearm writer native to south Louisiana. Under his motto-Guns, Never Politics-he tackles firearm and reloading topics both in print and on his Mark3smle YouTube channel, where he got his start. Terril has a soft spot for ballistics testing, pocket pistols, and French rifles. When he is not burning ammo, he is indulging his unhealthy wildlife photography obsession or working on his latest novel. Scourge of God, published in 2017. See more from Terril on youtube under Mark3smle.

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I cannot think of any other gun free zones (not privately owned) other than schools that are unhardened. Congress, federal courthouses, airports, etc all have limited access, metal detectors, and a police force guarding them. Not only the police/guards you can see, but a ready reaction force ready to respond if those at entryways are attacked. The Israelis understand this. arming their teachers and administrators. The ONLY reason we don’t put former military, or retired cops (or cities putting more active cops) in place is that teachers are mostly of one political persuasion and “don’t want to work in armed… Read more »

roger g

Why ,sure they would just ask any dem or lib they have answers for everything .


You said: “More guns in schools via armed teachers and having an armed detail on staff would increase our tax burden—something no American wants.” Go and learn about the FASTER programme developed and implementd in Ohio in the aftermath of the Scammy Crooks “incident” in Newtown CT. Adults who are already at the schools daily can volunteer to take a very intensive and comrehensive training course, get (if they don’t already have it) their Mother May I Card (most already have this and carry everywhere they already go EXCEPT schools), get their own handgun (on their dime) and carry rig… Read more »


This would go a long way towards stopping these shootings! Gun Free Zones are an open invitation to nutjobs!


GFZ’s are the only way to stop the nut jobs from mass killings.


rappini – I hope you are kidding!

Dave in Fairfax

“Nations like England and Australia are isolated with small homogeneous populations with no ethnic tensions and a welfare system that is second to none. The best long-term fix is to fix the social welfare system in the United States. But that would cost the wrong people too much money.” I recommend that you watch the news and learn something about healthcare in those countries.All those assumptions are incorrect. Further, WHO would these “wrong people” be, who would be expected to pay for a US national health care system overhaul? Are you recommending targeted billing of a group of people, or… Read more »

Wild Bill

If the US fixed its social welfare system huge slum lords like Valery Jared would suffer a great loss of income. The DNC can not allow that to happen.


Exactly true.

Jacob M. Opperman

It is time the Federal Government BANS ALL I REPEAT ALL GUN FREE ZONES. Every thinks banning guns and and taking them away from the common folk is going to work. IT WILL NOT CAUSE A PERSON WHO WANTS A GUN BAD ENOUGH WILL GET IT AND THAT PERSON WHO WANT TO DO DAMAGE IS GOING TO TAKE ONE LOOK AT THE WINDOW WITH THE ANTI GUN STICKER ON IT AND SAY TO THERE SELVES OPEN SEASON. I say do away with them and the Federal Government should and needs to pass a law or bill to ban all of… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Unarmed or Disarmed victim zones attract killers. It shouldn’t add much to the tax burden if teachers and school staff are simply allowed to be armed . Teachers are not going to be searching the school and they will know who the attacker is because the killer is the one trying o kill the students and teachers. Teachers might be an elderly woman in a wheelchair or a recently discharged NAVY SEAL but most of the “special training” being mentioned is unneeded. Shooting the attacker, the killer, quickly saves lives. There are 100,000 schools in the U.S. and a million… Read more »


I completely agree with this.

Carl Wilson

Put an end to gun free zones. This is telling a would be shooter he is safe to do what ever he wants. Need signs pose that say Teacher and administrators are armed and trained in stopping threats with deadly force

Ozark Muleskinner

Would-be school shooters are already free to do what they want. The only people disarmed by these stupid gun-free zone laws and signs are, by definition and actions, law-abiding citizens who as a result of obeying this law, not the Constitution itself, disarmed and at the mercy of the would-be school shooters. Wishful thinking is NOT thinking!

Jay S

Gun Free Zones are the equivalent of a free shooting gallery to an individual so inclined.. We protect most inanimate objects of value with a firearm.
Our kids we protect with a sign!!!!
Repeal the Gun Free Zones act and arm educators that want to be such. With appropriate training.


I like to call them unarmed victim zones
As a parent, I am demanding armed guards in the schools!

Marc DV

I’ve Been Harping this for Years
Gun Free Zones are Shooting Galleries !!!!

Nut Jobs know Exactly Where to Go !
Area’s of Least Resistance and Abundant Targets .


Problematically, no useful discussion can occur when one side argues facts while the other side resorts to emotions as a crutch. In order to reach an effective solution to the human-violence problem – it is not a “gun problem” – Democrats must first accept three facts. 1) Laws punish wrongdoing, Laws do not stop wrongdoers. (Reread that… very carefully.) Laws – ink on paper – alone will not stop criminals. 2) On the issue of firearms, there is only one salient point… the only thing that matters is Who is wielding that gun, and why. Nothing else (not caliber, barrel… Read more »