Delta & Dick’s Go Limp on NRA & Guns, & No One Cares

Delta Dumps NRA Member Discount
Delta Dumps NRA Member Discount


Ft Collins, CO –-( More hypocrisy, from guess who:

I don’t fly Delta anyway, but it is even less likely I’ll fly with them now, after they precipitously canceled a discount arrangement with the NRA. [Delta has a long history of harassing gun owners.]

As we all agree, the NRA is far from perfect, but we’re all members and need to be.

And, most agree the NRA had nothing to do with the recent FL shooting, despite all the fraudulent blame being currently heaped upon it.

And, then there is Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in one, but they will never enjoy my business now, nor should they enjoy the business of any Operator!

Suddenly, they’re far too pure, too pious to sell “assault weapons,” which they can’t even define.

They need to get out of the gun business altogether. They have no friends here!

Those who do enjoy my business are local gunshops, gun retailers who carry adequate inventory, sell lots of accessories, including ammunition, and are staffed by people who go armed, are knowledgeable, and cater to Operators.

Yes, I’ll take my business there!

Dick’s, and their ilk, can cater to snowflakes.

Good place for them!


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  • 17 thoughts on “Delta & Dick’s Go Limp on NRA & Guns, & No One Cares

    1. Dicks took the verbal antigun crap as a hit in their Viagra bottle, they went 2nd Amendment limp instantly. Ya gotta wonder…. How many anti gun lib/Dems shop locally with their Dicks ? Delta, Dicks, Krogers (I too, never associated guns or sporting goods with them), Walmart, K-mart and others have all caved to the whiney libs/Dems… Nothing but guttless turd stores that don’t deserve NRA members nor sportsmen spending their hard earned dollars there…
      Shut’em down Danno !

    2. I read that Kroger was going the same way as Dick’s. I may have been under the rock too long but I sure didn’t know Kroger sold guns. WTF Never seen any ammo in their stores either.

      1. Kroger sells guns at its 44 FRED MEYER stores. Fred Meyer, Inc., is a chain of superstores founded in 1922 in Portland, Oregon, by Fred G. Meyer. It merged with Kroger in 1999, though the stores are still branded Fred Meyer. The chain was one of the pioneers of one-stop shopping, eventually combining a complete grocery supermarket with a drugstore, clothing, shoes, fine jewelry, home decor, home improvement, garden, electronics, toys, sporting goods, and more under one roof. Fred Meyer stores are located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

    3. Tragic! A bullied ostracized kid does a horrible act where is the media concerning the FBI and local police dropping the ball these children cause merchants to drop NRA , who cares I’m still a member instead of bitching about guns maybe the CHILDREN should apologize to 5he servivers because if they didn’t bully that kid then they looked the other way SHAME ON THEM

    4. Comment…Went into dick’s once looking for reloading supplies . They didn’t carry anything acted like I was a hill billy red neck because I was a reloader . Who needs them , not me.

      1. Exactly my view of them. I stopped buying even loaded amo from them years ago, when they wanted to take down my name for their records. None of their business. Now, though, I won’t even pop my head in.

    5. Delta is simply making a political statement during the heat of the Parkland shooting. They say it’s not politics, but simply that the NRA discount was ineffective. That only five tickets were utilized under the discount to travel to the NRA convention. If that was the reason, why did Delta bring all this bad publicity upon itself on a program that only extends for a few more days and then expires? The NRA convention only lasts for about three days, so why even cancel the discount?

    6. Boycott Delta, I don’t fly them anyway, hope they go belly up. I’m also done with dicks and Walmart let’s all stick together on these issues.

    7. Brand new Dick’s/Field&Stream in my little town in North Dallas. Been itching to go see it……naaahh…THAT itch has been scratched…..

      Delta Air? Well, letsee… they go ANYWHERE that someone else doesn’t go, also? Naaaahhhh….scratch THAT one, too.

      MY actions won’t cost either of these much…..but there are millions of mini-me’s out there…..stand your ground!….

    8. Been in Dick’s once and their prices were to high to suit me,never went back.
      Have not flown since 1979, no need to worry about flying Delta.

    9. I canceled an email subscription to Dick’s. When asked for the reason why I checked the “Other” box and let them know, “Dick’s you are dead to me”. Delta? Never flew them and sure won’t now. I’ve been a Metlife customer for 20 years. Just dropped them like a hot rock. REI? Who needs you?

      Boycotts work both ways dummies.

    10. Never buy a hunting license ,ammo,or a gun from dick’s or Wal-Mart ever again 18 year old can vote and serve this country they should have the right to buy a gun

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