NRA Files Suit Challenging Florida Gun Control Law

NRA Files Suit Challenging Florida Gun Control Law

Fairfax, VA – -( The National Rifle Association today announced that it has filed a lawsuit challenging the State of Florida’s newly-enacted ban on the purchase of firearms by young adults between the ages of 18-21.

Florida’s ban is an affront to the Second Amendment, as it totally eviscerates the right of law-abiding adults between the ages of 18 and 21 to keep and bear arms.

The ban is particularly offensive with respect to young women, as women between the ages of 18 and 21 are much less likely to engage in violent crime than older members of the general population who are unaffected by the ban. Despite this fact, the State of Florida has enacted a sweeping law banning all young adults between the ages of 18 and 21 from purchasing any firearm from any source.

Chris Cox, the Executive Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, stated, “Swift action is needed to prevent young adults in Florida from being treated as second-class citizens when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.

We are confident that the courts will vindicate our view that Florida’s ban is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment.” The case is National Rifle Association of America, Inc. v. Bondi, and it has been filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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    1. The Revelator, I doubt that these two (one?) are Gil, he doesn’t write that intelligently, not stating that these do, but he writes on a second grade level, these two write at about the 6th grade level, though their comprehension level is probably lower than Gil’s.

    2. Everyone wants to know what is wrong with people theses days.A lot of people made comment where was God?He is where is Has always been.A better question is why America is leaving God.When I was going thru school we knew the Ten Commandments.If you read them they all are law of the land or used to be.We all said pledge of allegiance every morning.We all grew up pretty damn good.In high school there was a 22 or shotgun in back truck window depending on what I was hunting.Fights!We had our share,you either gave an ass whipping or got one.That was the end of,you went on with life.Anyways back to where I started, I know bring God back to schools would help.When they took God out of the schools,you could see them starting to go all to hell.Now the left wing liberal snowflakes doesn’t want God Back,because it was them that got rid of him.Just fuel for thought.Back up history an Do some research

      1. Douglas, even as an Atheist, I agree with you. I was taught tolerance and belief that we are all equal. I was raised Methodist, but decided not to believe. However, I do not disparage those that do believe. Everyone needs to make that decision for themselves. I do pray with others when they want prayer, that seems to make them feel better, that’s what we should do as empathetic persons. Unfortunately, the anti-rights Leftists don’t believe in tolerance, unless you believe as they do.

    3. What is happening to our culture is scary. For the few people commenting that understand the problems we have always faced trading rights for regulations:
      The poorly equipped people I see at the range who close there eyes as they yank on the trigger.
      The police officers who hate guns.
      The police precincts who make officers pay to practice there ability to shoot.
      The “no term limits” Congress that has slowly turned our representatives into slaves to the masses; because of that one fact, what’s right is no longer an option for them when voting.
      The tribal attitude that has slowly sent us into smaller and smaller groups unwilling to talk with other groups.
      The NRA who now refuses to consider any gun control.
      The zealots who insist that any gun or weapon control is unconstitutional.
      The survivalists, who make all gun owners look bad instead of doing the right thing… hide what your doing instead of screaming about it.
      And finally, the Anarchists… who in reality can not wait to prove that they were right by doing nothing to advance our culture and whine about it instead.

      1. Sounds like you’re doing a lot of whining your self! Also sound like you’re one of those anti-gun people that missed that part of history where the nazi’s loaded rail cars with Jews after confiscating firearms! You’re opinions and the tragic deaths of school children do not trump my second amendment right to defend against a tyrannical government!

    4. Riddle me this Batman… If the bump stock was the target of the Vegas shooting or a precursor to the Florida shooting set up by a money man or group ? If the weapon used at Vegas was fully auto, and there was a second shooter (or perhaps the real shooter) and what’s his name was a pawn . I heard the question why wasn’t someone seen leaving. Where would be the best place to hide and where did the security guard disappear to ? Who owns all of the elite rooms above the 34th or 35th floors and wouldn’t they have private elevators inaccessible to everyone else. What better place to hide ? Did anyone hear of any other rooms or floors being searched ? Just smells awfully coincidental how everything happened and the bump stock deal was dying down and the scripts were ready for those school kids .

    5. @WildBill, Heed & Old Vet: Four of us, about nine yrs ago, were going to go in together and purchase a Dillon Minigun. Purchase price was just North of $400K and we figured if we offered cash we just might be able to get it for just South of $400. All well and good and we’re happy campers UNTIL we realized that the damn thing eats 5-6,000 rounds per minute and, even with two of us reloading, we’d never be able to afford the ammo! It was a lot of fun imagining the possibilities! 🙂

      Trolls like Lee will never imagine the fun because they’re too busy sitting in the basement, furiously typing the next reply, trolling.

        1. @Vann and OV, Le Trol does not strike me as the out of doors type. He does not even strike me as the ground floor type. His buddy Lulu trip just can not be a NRA member. He does them more damage than good, does not know anything about the Second Amendment or federal statues, and he does not know about businesses the are weapons based. I think that he is a false flag propagandist.

        1. @ Wild Bill, OldVet, all others.

          In case none of you have caught on or pegged it yet….

          Lew,or Lewis is most likely none other than Gil. Yes…. He’s back like a case of VD. Still follows the same formula though for his arguments, how he pieces together his comments, and the time frame at which he posts comments.

          So easy to track it isn’t even funny.

    6. To start with I am a life member of NRA at the Endowment Level,I don’t always agree with everything they do,but they do more good than not.Also I am a Life Member Of GOA.I missed Nam by couple years,but have several friends an family that was there.I was in age when 18 come I could by beer whiskey,vote or anything else.I am few months short of 60 years old.Hell I was buying beer an whiskey at 16 years old.What FLORIDA is trying to do with age is BS an I hope NRA law suits comes out on top.As far as owning machine guns or tanks or what ever you can.Just pay the government in what I call a privileged tax you can have any you want.Finger prints back check included.Anybody that agrees with FLORIDA,you got to be a democrat.As long as nothing effrect you,it’s aright an to hell with ones it does.Not very patriotic at all.You Probably agree with nfl assholes kneeling for anthem

    7. I posted almost the exact same comments on the Washington Post (I read a lot) and guess what… almost the same reactions! “You are an idiot,” “you have no idea what you are talking (sic) about,” and the best… “read the Constitution”!

      Post there sometimes. It is important to try and pass some information on to the people who have probably never touched a weapon of any type. You all should try that without resorting to simple name calling. As long as fewer and fewer people disrespect the other side, we will inch closer and closer to becoming a country in turmoil, and heaven forbid, anarchy. Have conversations with people on the street if you can. All of that will help at least as much as the NRA… our politicians are not listening any longer to either side that does not speak logically and factually.

      By the way, it is impossible for private citizens to own a fully militarized (i.e. petroleum based flame throwers, grenade launchers that fire anything other than flares, and any other weapon that throws exploding projectiles downrange). Old cannon balls… depends. Blanks… certainly. Anyone know what Lexus-Nexus is? Who owns an operating surplus M114? Tell me please… I want a legal one and a place to play! Now that would be fun!

      Regulations and laws are a necessity in anybody’s life. Mother Nature, Mother Russia, or the good ol’ USA. Take your pick.

      1. Ignorance truly is bliss. I suppose by your reckoning Knob Creek and the associated launchers, with live RPG’s just don’t exist, they’re a figment of someone’s imagination? You really have no idea what you’re talking about. It is perfectly legal to own “destructive devices” (live rounds not marker rounds). Start getting an education before you continue to embarrass yourself. BTW, at Knob Creek two years ago there was a full armed, privately owned, attack helicopter with rocket launchers. It put on quite a show and the owner must have had stock in the US Mint to be able to afford it!

      2. Lee, not only read *our* Constitution, but *comprehend* it. Of course your anti-rights BS is going to be trashed by those that believe in *our* Constitutional rights, and one or two may even call you an idiot for not knowing our rights and laws that are easily found on the Internet.

        As pointed out by many, your ignorant post on what arms we are “allowed” to have, is an example of the ignorance and stupidity of anti-rights people such as you. That is why we don’t respect your opinion, you have no clue about the topic on which you are posting. And that is the reason we don’t want ignorant fools legislating our firearm laws. Look at that ignorant Virginia Democrat that illegally manufactured a short-barreled rifle (SBR) as a “protest” against the AR-15, wanting them banned. As we have stated, enforce our current laws. And I surely hope she is prosecuted under our current laws. Maybe she will learn something, I doubt it, though.

      3. Start reading 27CFR, when you get finished, go read all of GCA ‘68

        Oh, I forgot, start with the NFA. In about two months com back and then start telling some of us what we can’t own as we send you pictures of what we do own. That’ll be interesting. In the meanwhile, go away troll and let the grownups play.

    8. I think The NRA may have shot themselves in the foot on this one. I have not been a member for years as they are no longer in the attraction business. They attracted me into the sports of shooting at the age of 12, and I have been shooting for 54 years now. I plan to teach my Grand Buds to shoot and hunt, but the oldest in only 6, yet I should live long enough, and guess what I want them protected as well as we protect our Government Buildings. As for FL and 21, good for them. Now don’t judge as I am in the top 1% of gun owners and shooters in the USA, and I ain’t leaving, yet I support FL, and the NRA is full of money and little people that have lost their way, sad…….

      1. If your youngest grandkid is 6 and you haven’t started any firearms basics yet you’re waiting too long. As for supporting FL, your ignorance is showing and it’s about time you stopped letting whatever bias you have, that’s getting in your way of the facts. The fact that you “say” you’re in the “top 1%” of gun owners and shooters means nothing if you are factually wrong and don’t understand what you’re talking about.

      2. if a MAN or WOMAN is old enough to marry, buy a house, drive, fly an airplane, sign up for the military, start a company, sign binding contracts as a primary, WHY can thy not also own a firearm to protect/defend those things for which they have worked?

        My Dad tells of when he was in grade school.. almost all the boys and some of the girls would regularly bring their own guns to school. Walking, on their jorses, or later on the bus…. and my Dad was the bus driver at 14 years of age. At twelve he ran the wagon and team for haying on the farm.. he was too scrawny to bick hay so he had to run the wagon, no easy task. He’d been shooting since so young he cna’t remember for sure when he fired his first shots. And he was pretty typical.

        Flroida are doing a stupid kneejerk grandstanding stunt which is illegal and unconstitutional. It wasn’t that long ago high school kids (14 or so) would go duck hunting before school, then go on to classes with the shotties in behind the seat in the pickups. Then the stupid Certified Defenseless Victim Zone laws cane in, so they couldn’t have then on school property any more. So they parked the truck off campus and walked. Hah, one 18 year old got arrested and charged for viiolating that Act in California, kicked out of school, etc. When they measured the distance from where tje truck was parked to the nearest corner of te school’s patch of dirt, they had to backtrack.. he’d measured too, and was more than the thousand feet away.

        SOE kids are not responsible enough to buy guns at 18 or 20. Others are married, hold jobs, own homes, have children at that age. WHY punish the responsible ones for the acts of ONE dirtbag, who was aided and abetted by FAILURE in government at so many levels? FOUR separate icidents that rose to disabling factors WERE NEVER REPORTED AS REUIRED BY LAW, had ANY ONE of them been reported to FBI and NICS, he’d not have been able to buy those guns. Of course, that does not mean he could not have gotten them.. but he had to have lied on the BATF form 4473 when he went to buy them.

        1. @Tionico…Don’t know how old your dad is , When I was in what they now call middle school I took my own .22 rifle to school with the teachers permission for a demonstration in a class project . He didn’t have to ask anyone else for permission either . And yes I have had a full time job since I was 14 myself .
          Different time different people, great teachers !

    9. I’ve been married 61 years. It hasn’t been perfect but there is no way I’m leaving.
      I’ve belonged to the National Rifle Association most of my adult life. It ain’t perfect but there is no way I’m leaving.
      If the N.R.A. disappears our gun rights will soon follow. I belong to other gun rights organizations.
      If I can’t afford a few dollars a year to support those who work to protect my rights then I am to broke to afford ammunition.
      I anyone thinks we are better off without the N.R.A. then they are to stupid to own a gun.

    10. Lee, but we are “allowed” to own most military weapons, they much more highly restricted, but not barred from private ownership. You and your ilk are why we [need] stand strong. Compromise has only cost us more ground.

      1. Now Heed, don’t go telling Lee the truth: “He can’t handle the truth!” He is just another wannabe gun person spouting his ignorance for all the world to see.

      2. Wrong, you are not. Not no,hell no. You people have to carry things way to far. I suppose you think you can ride around in tank, firing live rounds and machine guns. I wonder about the sanity of some of you.

        1. I’m at a loss Lew? Of course we can. Send us your address, one of the boys or girls will be happy to be right over and do a strafing run in the front yard for you. Breaks up the soil, makes it easier for planting! Speaking of which, we used to use dynamite to lift up trees to make giant colonies of red ants really pissed off! Now THAT was fun. We also used to break sticks of dynamite over the bumper of the pickup and use 1/4 sticks for target practice with our 1911’s. Those were the days!

            1. Lew, “KKK”, you do realize that is a creation of the Democrats, the same ones that passed the Jim Crow laws that prevented blacks from firearm ownership and the right to vote, right? Also, the female that started Planned Parenthood was a Democrat that believed in Eugenics and put abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. Then there was LBJ that stated passing the “Civil Rights Acts” would have blacks voting Democrat for 200 years.

              My last post proved you to be an idiot and a fool. Yes, you can drive tanks and shoot live rounds.

              Also, just so you are less confused, my screen ID is not pro-war, it is a reference to a Clash song that was anti-war, stating *not* to heed the call-up. If you have any sentience, you will see that the call-up is of English origin, not USA, otherwise it would be “the draft”. But you are probably too daft.

        2. Lew Tripp, I don’t believe one could get a tank to meet the codes to get it registered to drive on public streets, and none of us remotely suggested such a thing – except you. As far as firing “machine guns”, as long as we do it on our own private property or on someone else’s that has given permission to do so, yes, it is legal. It is illegal to shoot firearms on public streets, unless you are LE or in defense of self or others. Sadly, ignorance of our rights and laws is the primary value of the anti-rights people.

          Please educate yourself, the world is much bigger than the iron cage of ignorance that you have trapped yourself in.

            1. Can you finally just shut up and read the law or will you continue to prove yourself a complete fool along with being a troll?

              “Under the National Firearms Act of 1934 full auto firearms are required to be registered with the ATF. In order to register, you must have a tax stamp. To obtain the tax stamp, you must pay the ATF $200. The ATF will ask for some additional paperwork including fingerprints and a photograph – basically everything they need to do a background check. In conclusion: you can own a full auto if you pay the ATF $200. They will send you a “tax stamp” to let you know it is legal for you to possess the firearm in question.”

              Now, shut up and go away.
              PLEASE, everyone else do as I’m about to do and ignore anything else these asses have to say.

            2. Lee, or a tax stamp. We have explained this to you previously. Are you now going to admit you are wrong, lying, or ignorant about our rights and laws regarding firearms?

        3. @Trippy, You write, “I suppose you think you can ride around in tank, firing live rounds and machine guns.” One sure can! If you don’t have your own, you can rent them! How do you think that Hollywierd makes war movies? All kinds of companies have everything that you think we should not have.
          If you keep on telling us how you think, we are liable to believe that the head schnozes at the NRA think the same way. Haven’t you done enough damage to the NRA? Maybe you are not with the NRA. Maybe you are a false flag propagandist.

          1. @ W. Bill maybe Trippy is just tripping or tiptoeing through the tulips. This article sure brought the trolls out similar to rats at a corn spill.

          2. billy, you are dead wrong as usual. You, nor anyone else, can use machine guns and live rounds in a tank. You need some serious mental health evaluation and medications if believe what you write.

            1. Lee, easily researched, I spent about 5 seconds on this search. Here is one of many:

              Yes, you can drive a tank and shoot, too. You may even buy a tank from them, if you can afford it, have the land, zoning, and whatever else one needs to own a tank.

    11. This types of posts are not a great way to discuss or negotiate, but they are a way of exchanging ideas.

      From a Constitutional standpoint, ours gives us great latitude… and denies the right of the Government from completely disarming us. Gee… I wonder why they thought that was a good idea! It is.

      But it does not allow for unrestricted usage of firearms, and it is completely ignorant to bazookas, hand grenades, tanks and fighter jets. That is why those are not permitted at all for private ownership. Those are items that were not addressed in the Constitution, therefore, no court will ever allow ownership of those items. Do you believe that private ownership of an Abrams should be allowed? So now… when the Government comes to your door with a Tank, a brigade of Marines and their latest gunship, what are we to do? Pull out our AR10s. How about a .50 rebuilt full auto Browning?

      So just as we are afraid of any restrictions on our rights to own firearms, so to are all the other people on the other side who cannot understand why it is so good for a “standing militia” (that’s us) to exist.

      They are not idiots… and either are the people whos only response to a post like this one is “You are an Idiot.”

      1. Sometimes it’s so much better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re ignorant than open it and prove it to them. If you want to own hand grenades, 50 BMG’s, bazookas etc be my guest and yes, they are legal for an individual to own. They weren’t addressed in the Second Amendment because there was no need to. It was understood that the Second Amendment reaffirmed the inalienable RIGHT to defend oneself against not only a personal attack but also a malevolent govt and in order to do that you had to have the same arms as the govt!

        Our goal should be the repeal of all laws restricting law abiding citizens because, Lee, THEY aren’t the problem and never have been, correct?

      2. @ Lee

        Perhaps you have never heard of congresses letters of marque & reprisal thus putting the state of the art weapons in the hands of the everyday citizen,perhaps that is why it is a foreign idea to you.

      3. @Lee, The governments have no “rights”. Only people have Rights. Governments have limited powers and authorities. Disarming the general population is not among those powers and authorities. Read the Constitution. Disarming anyone or banning any firearm is simply not in the Constitution. I am surprised that you are unaware of this.
        Nor is there any “allow” in the Constitution. Nor is the private ownership and use of any of the weapons of war prohibited. That is exactly what the founding fathers intended. The Army’s first artillery units were privately purchased and trained. The Army’s first fully automatic,machine guns were private purchases. And that ability has not changed. The US Army has M48As and M60 tanks for trade if you have a rare tank that the US Army does not have in its inventory. Really this is news to you? I suppose that you would be shocked to see my 155sp on display in front of the house.
        When a brigade comes to my door, I’m going to put on coffee for the troops, and coordinate with the commander where to park everything, where to set up the mess, place the latrines and swap war stories. What will you do Lee piss in your panties.

        1. @ W. Bill good thoughts and very humorous last line. Do you really have a 155sp in your front yard? That would be enough to keep the bandits away.

          1. The wife (SFC ret) read Collecting Tanks and AFVs by Michael Green (I think that it was), and got it for me for retirement (note the Army gave me a Legion of Merit, my command got me a coffee warmer). Just a shell no engine, etc, and still lots of OD green painting cost. Yep, came on a low boy.
            I think that I will use it as a coffin, you know, to keep the archeologists busy.

        2. @WB… Don’t believe lee has sense enough to pour piss out of his boot even if instructions were written under the heel.

        3. @AmmoLand … If this old man’s memory isn’t totally gone- it seems you ran an article on Charlton Hesston’s gun vault . Perhaps you could bring it back just for kicks . The pictures were worth a thousand words . Thanks. Old Vet

      4. you said:
        From a Constitutional standpoint, ours gives us great latitude… and denies the right of the Government from completely disarming us.”

        One, GOVERNMENT never has any RIGHTS as against the people. Remember, WE THE PEOPLE comprise government, and governmtnt can only govern with the consent of THE PEOPLE.

        two, coplete disarmament is the end game, but ALL the steps in between are INFRINGEMENTS< and that pesky Second Article of =Ammendment specifically commands ever force and entitu to NOT INFRINGE upon our right to arms. Infringe meand narrow, limit, restrict.
        Saying I can only buy one gun a month is an infringement. Saying I can't buy a certain style of gun is an infringement. Saying I have to pay a fee to my state government and "ask permission" before I can own/buy is an infringement, and yes, that infringement is prohibited by the US Constitution EVERY ONE of the states agreed to those exact terms as they joined the union.

        As to Abrams, jet fighters, etc… the meaning of the term "arms" at the time that Constitution was drafted and retified is simply all weapons of military usefulness, able to be tramsported and deployed (put into use) by a single individual. that would INCLUDE your BAR in .50 BMG, a grenade launcher, any shoulder fired rocket or missile, the fully automatic or select fire infantryman's rifle, handgun, but not an Abrams, battleship, torpedo boat (though John Wayne owned one, but it was "decommissioned" and had no torpedoes to fire. it was STILL stinking fast, though, and beautiful. Good job he was VERY wealthy, as those Allison V 16 aircraft engines used to power the Grey Goose had an impossible thirst).

        1. @Tio, John Wayne was not a special case. Anyone with the cash can buy an old Centurion or two from the British government, a MiG from the Egyptian government, trade for a M48A or M60 from the US government. If one actually wants an operable one, buying spares for parts and a maintenance crew, is extremely expensive. But it is all quite legal.

      5. @Lee …What is the difference between a fighter jet and a P 51 Mustang except a few years. Actually some of the first fighter jets flew at the same time .

        The P 51 Was one of the most advanced fighter planes of its time, along with the P 38 Lightening among others.
        The P 51 is a prized plane used in air races and owned by civilians . You know what I don’t think you have to have an F F L to own one, even though they were fully automatic .

        1. @OV, Yeah, the Confederate Air Force group is full of pilots with these old war planes, Funny they have never heard about them. Whatever do they do with their time.

        1. Lew, what has he been right about? Both you and him are either clueless fools or liars. We explained where you both are wrong or lying. Stating he is right, does not make it so.

      1. is that the NRA< o Florida legislature "not doing anything about the bump stock"? And is that feature or a but?

        What SHOULD be done about them?

        Nothing, that's what. They do NOT convert a semiauto into full auto. AND they greatly reduce accuracy. Just because ONE dirtbag used them, or appeared to have done (no one actually WATCHED him firing, did they? Maybe he just had them in the room… ) in an acti of war does not mean no one else can own them. I suppose now Home Depot must stop renting their pickup trucks to the general public. since some dirtbag rented one and killed eight people with it. Or maybe Home Depot shoild be charged with the murders? Or now require backgroind checks before renting one? Maybe get a special permit from the government before renting it?

        Get real…..

    12. I was drafted. The old draft before the lottery. It was a great feeling knowing almost all of us would end up in Vietnam. Ok for killing but not allowed to vote or even buy a beer. Of course, on base, we could buy the 3.2 beer. Back then you weren’t considered an adult till you reach 21.(1967) I was in training until June 1968 when I went to Nam. On my 30 days leave before deployment I still couldn’t vote or buy a beer. I ended up extending in Nam after my first year there. Six months each time. Went over my ETS date by 1 year 6 months. Home on a medical leave.(1971-now 22yo) Hassled trying to buy a bottle of Boones Farm in my home state of Conn. I showed my Conn drivers license and military I.D. but that wasn’t good enough. In Conn, you needed a “majority Card”. Another state proof you were 21. Told the guy that I didn’t have 3 weeks to wait for that I.D. I even showed him my orders which showed my birth date. Finally gave up.
      My points: I now live in Florida. This law needs to be challenged. Just like in Conn two legal forms of I.D. were no good due to another feel good law-the “Majority card”. Yet people let it pass. In 1972 the law changed so 18 was the new legal age. You could vote and buy a drink. A few years later the drinking age raised back to 21. Why? Another feel good law. “Kids too young to drink”. Some got into accidents. But it happened all the time to others who were older. We have to stop these feel-good laws. If you can’t be an activist on the front lines at least keep donating to the NRA, GOA and other legit groups. We have a big fight ahead with the PC groups telling us what our rights should be. This is starting to be a state by state legal fight. Sorry for the long post.

    13. It appears more anti-rights people have found our site, based on posts to recent articles and commentary. Please note, pro-rights people will not be cowed by Lefstists, in the face of opposition, we stand strong. Many of us have stopped “turning the other cheek” and are making our voices heard.

      Compromise is not an option any longer, time for the pro-rights suffrage movement. We need to vote out the anti-rights Leftists, make them pay at the ballot box.

      1. @Head the Call-up: You’re right about anti-gun comments here. I believe most of these comments are being posted by “left-wing trolls” who are members of gun-control groups whose purpose is to invade pro-gun sites to spread misinformation and derogatory remarks. These people are despicable!

    14. Governments, and other municipalities, have always had some form of gun regulation and laws. Anarchy in defense, medical services, teaching, or any other segment of a group within a group has never resulted in anything good. Even our American Revolution had rules, regulations, and laws.

      The problems for us is when we refuse to let a Municipality issue any kind of regulation because then the gun haters (unfortunately there are many more of them!) see us as crazy.

      An 18 year old in the Army is under constant supervision. An 18 year old without a father or mother is not only sad, but dangerous.
      Three day waiting period? Even for permit holders? For most of us, that is not really a problem! Wink-wink!
      Ten round magazines? I know how dumb that is… but they feel more comfortable. Most trained individuals do not see this as an obstacle in a Civil environment. War… that is different… so keep your old magazines safe!

      Please do not respond by calling me an idiot… that is why I have not renewed my NRA membership. We must engage in discussions to at least let people know no matter how scared they are of guns, never touch them, and never buy them… they should thank goodness some people are armed for their protection.

      1. Even our American Revolution had rules, regulations, and laws.

        Oh really? HOW much time have you spent researching that era? Not much. The “regulation” was the fact that local militias met for drill and training weekly. The “rules” about how could actually fight ware more suggestioins. Young men fourteen, even fourteen, were on the field as part of their militia. Some carried armes regularly, others only when others were hit and they’d take up THEIR weapons. Men “too old to fight” took to the field to do what they could…. some of them into their eighties, and quitted themselves in stellar manner. Hah, even one old widow woman took six British Grenadiers captive, bringing them to the local militia captain for “handling”. Tjeir weapons were whatever they had, no reestrictioins.

        The US Constitution plainly declares that the right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be restricted, limited, narrowed, denied, removed, or in any other way infringed. By any one, any government entity, or anything else. It charges the Federal government with preserving that right against all threats. And every state that has joiend the union agreed to those terms, and thus Florida are out of line in their illegal attempt to impose this new infringement on a portion of the population. Same with any municipality. NONE many infringe.

        1. @Tio, He reveals himself by his own writing. Do you suppose that he is afraid that we militiamen will make him drill with us at the city park someday?

    15. The Negotiating Rights Away has a problem with the age of majority infringement but not the other infringements,I’m sure they will right the wrongs to the second amendment,Not.

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