Student Holds Anti-NRA Sign in ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (come and take it) Hoodie

Student Holds Anti-NRA Sign in ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Hoodie
Student Holds Anti-NRA Sign in ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Hoodie

Arizona -( This picture, from the facebook page of MSG Firearms, shows a student with an anti-NRA sign while wearing a hoodie with the motto ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ and the date 480 B.C.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is what the Spartan king, Leonidas I is said to have told the Persian Emperor Xerxes I, when Xerxes demanded that they lay down their arms.

It means, “Come and Take Them!”

The same motto was used by Texicans in the battle of Gonzales in the first battle of the Texas war for independence. That war started with the Mexican tyrant Santa Anna attempted to disarm the Texas citizens of Mexico. In response to the Mexican Army’s demand that the citizens of Gonzales return a cannon that had been lent to them for defense against Indian raids, the citizens defiantly said: “Come and Take It!”

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ has become a powerful symbol for activists fighting for the right to keep and bear arms. Many Second Amendment supporters, when faced with a new set of proposed infringements, simply say: No. Your Move. They say that if you attempt to disarm us, we will shoot you. Most supporters of disarming the population think it will be painless for them, and that only Second Amendment supporters risk anything in such a conflict.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ says that those who attempt disarmament by force will pay a heavy price.

Second Amendment supporters are filled with current and former military and police and have strong connections with current law enforcement and military forces. Recent attempts to require registration of rifles has met with massive civil disobedience. Over 90% of rifle owners refuse to register their guns.

It is unknown if the student in the picture was pressured into the anti-Second Amendment demonstration and decided to protest with the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ hoodie. If so, she made a powerful statement that is resonating around the United States and the world.

If she was simply clueless about history and the meaning of ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, she did the same.

We may never know what her motivation was, but the picture sends a powerful message that injects thought, history, and facts into the otherwise purely emotional push for knee-jerk restrictions on weapons that are seldom used in crime.

Those who know the meaning of ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ will be amused by the image. Those who do not know the meaning will be educated on social media, where the image is going viral.

The power of the image is that people who know nothing of the history of weapons and control will have to learn something of it to attempt to counter the point that free people have weapons and that tyrants always desire to disarm their victims. It also brings into doubt the “wisdom” of children to direct the countries policies.

The same movement that demands the country take direction from children for policy choices, also demands that weapons be denied them until they are 21 years old. The vote is a much more destructive and powerful weapon than mere rifles. If people under 21 are to be denied rifles, they clearly should not be allowed to vote.

But those who wish a disarmed population are not interested in logic, facts, or history. They lose the debate when those things are discussed.

Thus, the attempt to use childish emotion to force passage of laws that would never pass under cool consideration.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

Link to Gun Watch

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Ed C

And Around the day they had their little walkout protest, a boy in Florida got a friend to go into the woods with him where he beat the boy to death with a baseball bat. all because the boy was trying to date a girl he liked. But gun violence is the problem? Teen kids are the problem , they have no clue how to handle rejection or anything because they have been coddled and pampered with participation trophies. Morals should be taught at home and reinforced in school.

Jim Macklin

Don’t forget, the schools begin demanding parents get a doctors to medicate the child with Prozac or Ritalin . I’d bet the schools have a list of “doctors” who know what the schools want to moderate normal childhood development.
Just watch TV and notice all the ads for mod drugs that always mention thoughts of suicide [homicide] and young people.


I am not sure the liberal teachers know anything more than these mush heads know. They were taught just like they are teaching, not all of them but most. Remember you have to be smarter than the kid to be able to teach the kid anything.


The problem with that is you do not have to have a teachers license to teach any more, so ,more and more so called teachers are not really teachers any more, they are gust a talking head, they have a program now that is called common core , basic math and reading, hell my 8 year old niece brings home a page to be colored in from a coloring book, and also a connect the dots page as homework, now you tell me what the hell is that shit ????????

Clark Kent

But could YOU connect the dots? I doubt it.


Clark Kent, you think your BATMAN ?? its called indoctrination , and that’s what the schools are doing with the children, and as far as connecting the dots , I went to a private high School and grade school, and we where instilled with history ,social studies , economics , science ,and math, algebra, trig , so on and so forth, AND YES , I CAN CONNECT THE DOTS ASSHOLE………….you got to be a millennial ass dumb shit……


“You can’t fix STUPID” (R.W.). whether it be the one being taught or teaching.

Timothy Votaw

It’s great to read these comments, and know that at least a few of us, hopefully many more, realize that the youth of today are so easily duped and led by those with dark agendas. I am convinced the *general* level of intelligence of these kids is at a discernible low compared to past generations. That makes them fertile soil for planting destructive and foolish ideas, revving them up, turning them loose, to act like the child in the photo, likely having no inkling of the true meaning behind “molon labe”. We certainly do, and I for one will resist… Read more »

Jim W.

” KIds today ” We try you know but YOU JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID !!

Clark Kent

You are living proof you can’t fix stupid due to the fact you can’t even spell ‘kids’ correctly. What a dolt!

Douglas Kuykendall

You sound like a communist who is unpatriotic to America.Maybe you would be happy in Russia,being you don’t care for our constitution.Maybe you would be happy in England,you know the ones who got the shit kicked out of them in the revolution.The revolution was for a purpose,to get rid of a government that run people’s lives.If you was taught any history at all,you would realize that. I or imagine you probably are a school student that needs to be taught history.You should go to your school library or public libraries an educate yourself.

Jim Macklin

Please study history using a selection of book printed before 1952 to verify the accuracy of the newly published text books. Even “old publishers” have updated new editions of their US History books and sections of encyclopedias.

Jim W

Sorry I forgot to release the shift before I printed the letter i !


Hey Kent, your just a little kid dumb shit, that thinks he is BATMAN ,, haha your the kind of idiot that makes all kids look stupid, because your just one ignorant ass of a kid, kids like you are the problem, and grown ups like us will solve your problem kid…….pull you little tiny head out o\f your ass , your have shit all over it………


Three students at Parkland have already been arrested for violence after the shooting. I’ll let you read up on that instead of writing the info here. I live in Martin County, Fl. Several counties above Broward. It’s the sheriff and F.B.I plus the students that have blood on their hands. Within hours of setting up to mourn the Parkland students, their idea morphed into what it is now. The students here have told me adult outsiders have taken over. We know who the organizations are. I have a sign being made for the Saturday rally in Stuart, Fl. on the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@recon, That is interesting. Can you keep us updated on that?

Carole Gragner

The western Hero “SHANE” said the following, and I quote:

A gun is a tool, no different than a shovel or an ax. A gun is as good or as bad as the man behind it”


Going into the sign business …
Fill in – …………… (choose) … Auto Co’s., Tobacco Co’s., Drug Co’s. You get the idea!
There is
On your hands
“It’s not the tool, it’s in whose hand wields it”

Carole Gragner

The western Hero “SHANE” said, and I quote: ” A gun is a tool, no different than a shovel or an ax. A gun is as good or as bad as the man behind it”

You were right on!


The kids today are dumber than ( screen doors on submarines ) , they are not behind the protest , you and I know that , and we also know who is really behind the protests, democrats and left wing idiots Ophra, and sorros and a bunch of others , the kids themselves are being exploited by the left wing democrats and liberal idiots in Hollywood, and the kids are so stupid they cant or wont see that they are being exploited by politicians and actors and all other liberals, we need to change the schools themselves , and what… Read more »

J Martin


Clark Kent

Who, exactly, is ‘Ophra’? Look in the mirror if you want to see a REAL idiot.

Timothy Votaw

Why such vehement comments from you? What is YOUR agenda here, “mr. Kent”?

Douglas Kuykendall

You didn’t pick up on Kent?He is a school kid on the liberal side like his parents.He is an example of what the schools are putting out these days.He needs to be taught real history

Timothy Votaw

I see. Another evident example of what I referred to in my own comment on this thread earlier. We really are seeing a generation of glassy-eyed, illiterate and borderline morons coming up. It feels like a pestilence of some kind of vermin, looking at them in the various media examples. Really- take a close look at them at these rant gatherings. They look vacant, mindless. I guess “like father/mother, like son/daughter” might be a clue to a lot of this.

Beth Heaton

These little morons have no clue what they are talking about, just what they are told to do. Bad thing is that these kids are taught a liberal way of thinking from the day they enter school. Hell, they cannot or don’t even teach real history, only their opinion, just like fake news. The worst of it is they never grow us but they become voters. Being liberal is a sickness in itself and maybe there is no cure. It is sad but real, these kids grow up not learning to work, hunt or fish, but they get a trophy… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘They never grow us’? And YOU complain about young people when YOU can’t even complete a correct sentence? Ignorant dolts like YOU will be the end of the USA as we know it.


You literally NEVER have anything of value to add. Is this what you do for fun? That’s really depressing.


That’s not a girl; it’s a “sheit”!

Missouri Born

The girl was probably given the sweatshirt and she thinks it’s neat with the picture of the helmet.
Maybe she wants to go to UCLA for college.


Umm, wouldn’t it be more likely that she (?) would head for Michigan State? Spartans versus Trojans – oops that would be USC – UCLA is (are?) Bears…………
I do have to wonder if the ‘mixed messages’ was intentional or pure happenstance.

Douglas Kuykendall

Unbeknown to her,it’s really people like her that has the blood on their hands,face an body.I wonder if she saw what happened in Maryland school.Little piece of shit got blowed away,two students hurt.If not for the officer there an How he engaged the little piece of shit,it would have been worse.Wonder why you are not hearing nothing on news about it.They got on Dana ,I think that’s her name,spokeswoman for NRA when she said something like News strives on killings for ratings.This is proof. You hear nothing about Maryland but a few minutes.Fl school shooting was all the time all.… Read more »

Richard Lyons

I do not remember any of the killers with guns or bombs in the news were NRA members with blood on their hands. I do know that the NRA promotes gun safety in a big way through classes, posters, books, and trained Range Safety Officers etc..


You are so right!


The kids simply arent that smart and they are being educated and led by other not so smart people who ARE promoting an agenda. Tough combination to beat. Its the same combination that allows terror organizations to recruit suicide bombers.


She is simply clueless. Student are the most easily led by almost anyone that is against anything. Common sense and reasoning is foreign to their nature.

Ozark Muleskinner

“The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan


It is actually you students who have blod on your hands. Your classmates have done the shootings, your classmates have taunted your fellow students and caused the shootings and now you want to blame others. Your liberal teachers have taught you well.


Stop eating the Tide Pods .

Clark Kent

Keep eating the Tide pods……


The art of reading intellectual books is on life support and the people of our country are proof of that.

Plus education. God forbid they teach anything of any value in school.


The kid probably thinks irony is a vitamin supplement.

Jim Macklin

May I suggest another sign?

There is blood on your hands because you created the Disarmed Victim Zone.
Your school teachers demand students be on Prozac and Ritalin because teachers don’t keep order.


Obviously, history isn’t being taught in the classroom.

Green Mtn. Boy


The young are not being taught history or civics in the government indoctrination centers.
One can’t know when their rights are being violated,if one doesn’t know what their rights are.

Richard Kennedy

In the battle for the 2nd Amendment, the ignorance of the left doesn’t just raise its head, it jumps up and screams “Look at Me”.

James Slemons

Most of the protesters are driven by outsiders ! It’s all about the DOLLAR !!!


I am sure the dummy thought the Spartans link would somehow bolster her argument. Just like the bozos who wear shirts with terrorist and killer Che Guevara, now where the hell did I put my Hitler t-shirt? Today’s citizens have no knowledge of any knowledge.