Connecticut Citizens Defense League “Rally for Our Rights Event”

Connecticut Citizens Defense League "Rally for Our Rights Event"
Connecticut Citizens Defense League “Rally for Our Rights Event”

Connecticut – -( The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (the state’s largest grass roots gun rights group) announces the ‘Rally For Our Rights’ event at the State Capitol in Hartford, CT. The event will take place on April 14th 2018 starting at 11:00am and will finish at 1:00pm. The event will include an opening ceremony, guest speakers and a patriotic atmosphere.

Connecticut Citizens Defense League President Scott Wilson:

“We have seen a push in recent weeks and months by many public figures and some individuals who are connected to law makers call for raising the age limit on gun ownership or simply calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. We have seen the aftermath of what continually occurs in so-called gun free zones. And the only solution being offered by policy makers is to eradicate constitutional rights that go back to the founding of our nation. We have witnessed the vilification of law abiding individuals simply because they wish to have the means for self-protection. This is why we are meeting, this is why we are rallying. Those who support our rights will not simply sit back and let those very rights be trampled on.”

“Connecticut Citizens Defense League asks that all who believe in the right to keep and bear arms join us Rally for our Rights on April 14th, 2018.”

Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Connecticut Citizens Defense League

About the CCDL:

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 30.000 members across the state.

Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture of the capitol, and well recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit

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This is happening nationwide at our state capitols. I’ve tried to have Ammmoland publish it to no avail. Here’s the national link. Your state will likely have a lionk, too.