Corporate Tyranny Is Now Dictating American’s Rights


Corporate Tyranny Shameful Harassment
Corporate Tyranny Is Now Dictating American's Rights

USA – -( In the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas Mass Shooting, several corporate entities, unnecessarily fearful of, and bowing to the pressure of gun control groups, have enacted numerous different policies promoting to gun control.

Dicks Sporting Goods was the first, creating a firestorm when they announced publicly that they were pulling so-called “assault weapons” from the shelves of their Field & Stream Stores, ceasing sales of “hi-capacity magazines” and other accessories and raising the age to purchase ALL firearms to 21. Walmart Corp quickly followed suit, and both companies are currently facing lawsuits as a result.

Then came the withdrawal of numerous companies from the NRA Member Discount Benefit Program. The impact here is somewhat unclear. Many NRA members didn't use the available discounts at all and they universally stated on social media that those discounts were hardly a deciding factor in why they joined or remained NRA Members. What's more clear is this Anti Gun/SJW driven boycott sparked a massive increase in donations to the NRA and increases in membership, including from people overseas, such as in Australia. People were joining the NRA for the first time, in a show of solidarity and support for an organization wrongly being blamed for the acts of a madman.

More recently, Citi Bank and Bank of America have jumped on the anti-rights, “assault weapons” ban demands of gun ban groups, their supporters, and the media. To the enthusiastic cheers and support of those same twisted groups.

Thomas Jefferson on Tyranny
Thomas Jefferson on Tyranny

Funny thing, Progressives normally vociferously decry “corporate activism”. Recall the outraged screams of the Left when Hobby Lobby refused to pay for birth control for their employees due to the personal beliefs of their Founder? And that was a policy that only affected employees, and no one else ! Or how the Left has actively and viciously attacked Chick-fil-A for years because of the Christian beliefs of their founder? To the point that the NYC Mayors Office actively worked to prevent the company from opening there?

They are still trying to get the now nearly 10-year-old Citizens United Supreme Court decision overturned. But when it comes to the Second Amendment, anti-gun progressives can't seem to cheer loud enough for this corporate activism, or more accurately, corporate tyranny. Of course, if the left didn't have an almost unbelievable level of hypocrisy, they wouldn't have much of anything.

While gun-control groups and their supporters are giddy with excitement over these recent “victories” they actually shouldn't be. And here’s why.

It is incredibly dangerous. Its one thing to have individuals, or in the case of Citizens United, even companies make donations to legislators or to hire lobbyists to pursue their agenda. But at least we know about it, it is out in the open, we can see it happening, there’s a level of transparency and the people still maintain the ability to thwart these efforts at the ballot box if they don't agree.

Its a totally different story when mega companies, either via pressure from social groups or due to the ideology of their Board Members or CEO’s, take it upon themselves to mete out “punishment” for not submitting to their particular orthodoxy or ideology. The Left doesn't seem to have considered the potential for having this enormous power used against them and the things they care about.

These recent developments should be terrifying to us all. What happens when Company XYZ decides you can't get a car loan, mortgage or credit card because you don't agree with their philosophy or even refuse to submit to it? Is it not a form of tyranny when the level and extent to which we are able to exercise our rights is curtailed and dictated to us by the whims of companies?

This trend needs to be stopped and stopped quickly before it becomes accepted practice, or we will rapidly discover that “buying Congress” with donations to Legislators re-election campaigns pales in comparison to being forcefully subjected to the vagaries of ideologues that run some of our largest companies.

Who will you turn to for relief? Or to take corrective measures if one day Walmart decides its in their corporate interests to attempt to use blackmail in order to compel behavior? Congress? We’ve already seen how easy it is to take Congress completely out of the equation, substituted by corporatism.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Corporate Tyranny Is Now Dictating American’s Rights

    1. funny some of these same corporations DEMAND people like photographers, bakers, venue owners, musicians, etc, be FORCED to support and participate in the promotion and approval of certain conduct that many of those same who don’t want to participat or supprt find abhorrent, or against their strongly held moral standards… they scream “pubic sector must serve all, nodiscrimination on any basis”.
      Now that shoe does not seem to fit when its their foot. There IS no constitutially protected right to sodomite “marriage”, sex “change”, murder of the unborn. There IS a constitutionally protected God given right to arms…. and here we have corporate America deliberatley choosing to discriminate against we who choose to enjoy that right.

      Can anyone else say BOGUS, IMMORAL, NOT RIGHT?

    2. It seems that outfits like Dicks may be following in the path of Sports Authority Who Stopped selling hunting and fishing equipment . Now they sell NOTHING.

    3. The reality is that we have other alternatives to these corporations and companies. I say let them. They can go screw themselves. I won’t shop there or use them. There are plenty of mom and pops places to do business with. The reality is that there are far more people who believe in freedom and if we fight back by voting with our money than real change will happen. Stick to your principles. Conservatives will get a lot richer when using cash and staying away from credit. So go ahead and make my fu-:ing day.

    4. There are a number of science fiction stories with the theme of corporation controlling society. Most of them are of concern as we are on the edge of where this could take place here. On another subject read a book called “Dies Irae: DAY OF WRATH” by William R. Forstchen if you want a chilling example of why “Gun Free Zone” for schools shouild not be allowed.

    5. I’ve done a lot of Soul Searching Lately .
      Most of it from where I spend My Money !
      My Wife and I both Have Chose to Spend ,
      Only at places that Support the 2nd Amendment
      and the President of the United States !
      We May Have to Drive a Little Farther for Some things.
      But We Feel the Choice is Right for Us. Very Few of Our,
      Friends Feel any Different . Those That Choose to Buy
      From those Other Places Know not to Say or Make any
      Remarks Over our Choice or They Would Not Be Friends
      any more ! I may Be Set In My Ways , But I’m Not Stupid !
      I Do Change (slower than the times ) But I do Change .
      Two Things I was Taught as a Kid , One was Respect ,
      the Other was Right and Wrong and if wrong admit to it .
      These Places Need to do some soul searching themselves !

      1. We do not hold accountable those that need it, weather it be bad doers, politicians, or companies. I remember when I was a kid and cokes went from 10 cents to 15 cents. So many people stopped paying that price at my uncles store that he had to take the drink cooler out. We are the customer! These companies cannot survive without us, the customer. It was a little painful, but I closed all Bank of America accounts Friday. They did not seem to care, but if we ban together they will. Legal gun owners are the least spoken out group and get pushed around more that any one. Enough is enough!

        1. Zackley ! if we stick together , we can shut’em down… Tired of the minority telling the majority what we can or can’t do. Time to remove the dogs wagging tail… Yup, enough is enough !

        2. Corporate America is attempting to destroy our 2A rights through intimidation and assistance from the “Deep State” still operating freely and openly. They know we are passive and our numbers are dwindling. They are very patient and are satisfied with “chipping away” at the “2A Rock” until it eventually crumbles away. If we don’t get more aggressive and invent new tactics, it’s just a matter of time before we hear that knock on our doors.

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