More in the Firearms Industry Should Follow Hornady’s New York Example

Why would any company enjoying the protective benefits of 2nd Amendmemt activism want to give aid and comfort to citizen-disarming tyrants? Why shouldn’t gun owners favor companies like Hornady and Barrett that side with freedom?

USA – -( “Today, the State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry,” an April 23 press release by Steve Hornady, president of Hornady Manufacturing Company announced.

“While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the State of NY or any NY agencies,” Hornady pledged. “Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.”

That is exactly the correct way to respond, and gun owners who agree should show it by making Hornady a preferred brand. It’s the best way to demonstrate that such leadership in appreciated form those who show it, and expected from those who do not.

It’s reminiscent of a 2002 letter Ronnie Barrett, President of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, sent to then-Chief William J. Bratton of the Los Angeles Police Department, about his company’s .50 caliber rifles.

“Your officer, speaking for the LAPD, endorsed the banning of this rifle and its ammunition,” Barret wrote, recounting how LAPD acted as stooges for a Violence Policy Center disinformation and smear campaign for the Los Angeles City Council.

“When I returned to my office from Los Angeles, I found an example of our need for mutual cooperation.” Barrett went on to explain. “Your department had sent one of your 82A1 rifles in to us for service.

“Please excuse my slow response on the repair service of the rifle,” he continued. “I will not sell, nor service, my rifles to those seeking to infringe upon the Constitution and the crystal clear rights it affords individuals to own firearms.”

It was not the only time Barrett has taken such a stance.

“Barrett cannot legally sell any of its products to lawbreakers,” he wrote in 2005. “Therefore, since California’s passing of AB50, the state is not in compliance with the US Constitution’s 2nd and 14th Amendments, and we will not sell nor service any of our products to any government agency of the State of California.”

“If Hawaii or any state bans the sale of the .50-caliber rifle, we will immediately stop the sale and service of all Barrett products to that state’s government agencies,” Barrett wrote to Honolulu Police Department Chief Boisse Correa in 2008. “We will also welcome all small arms manufacturers to take the same action.”

And in 2013, Barrett declared the State of New York as well as individual elected officials supportive of bans ineligible for sales and service.

These are precisely the measures gun owner rights advocates should expect from manufacturers. If a state or city discriminates against the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, those we patronize should not be giving aid and comfort to the enemy – and how else would you characterize an oath-breaking totalitarian wannabe trying to establish and enforce a monopoly of violence?

We see continuous new efforts to squeeze gun companies and gun owners out of the marketplace, with bank discrimination, insurance denials, boycotts and the like. Yet there are millions of gun owners who consider themselves Second Amendment advocates, and it’s past time they put their economic clout to effective use.

This is something national and state gun groups could take the lead on, at least the ones not afraid to rock the boat. And it’s past time gun manufacturers stopped acting like neutral parties, willing to reap the benefits of RKBA activism as long as they don’t have to take a stand.

What are the prominent anti-gun state and municipal agencies? Who supplies them with their firepower? In many cases it’s easy enough to find out.

It’s not inappropriate to publicly ask those companies where they stand, and to favor, publicize and patronize those that stand with American gun owners.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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John Galt

The “Hornady example” was set by Ronnie Barrett.

All firearms companies should abandon and refuse to do business with kalifornia, ny, nj, mass, ct. no guns or ammo for their police, their agencies and their personal details.

It is up to firearm BUYERS to stop doing business with companies that support the police state and confiscation aperatus over their customers inalienable rights


Phil Auten

Not only these states but also certain cities in other states. One member of the Austin, TX. city council is attempting to ban the trade in of police firearms on the purchase of new firearms for their police department. This trade in program has been working for over a decade and saves the city quite a lot of taxpayer dollars. All firearm manufacturers should follow the “Barrett example” and refuse to do business with cities like this.

Phil in TX


WOW? Two years later and all these comments mention NOTHING about putting together a Credit Union Account or Trust to collect funds to fight the 2A battles we all face. Amazing?


I’ve been shooting Hornady ammo since about 1978. Bought my first two boxes at a small bait/hunt supply shop. I didn’t know anything about brands, loads, etc back then. I just needed .222 ammo for my Savage 340C. If I recall correctly, those early boxes were pretty plain looking in maybe just 2 colors. Boy did they shoot. I have been using a LOT of their ammo ever since, in a whole lot of calibers. Nowdays, being more educated, a truly appreciate a company that puts their clients first. Thank you Hornady!


Another good example is bcm winning the Milwaukee pd contract to supply them with ar15 rifles. They beat out Smith and Wesson to win the testing and contract. However, the bcm owner saw the idiotic police chief testify to the Senate in 2013 that he supported a new AWB. The police chief also lied and claimed his cops had been shot at by assault rifles when no documented cases could be found. Bcm immediately withdraw the offer and said they would not do business with people who did not support the 2nd amendment. I was impressed and became a bcm… Read more »


Agreed. Pro gun people are the majority of this country! We could make a huge PR nightmare for any of these idiotic corporations who side with the gun banners. We could also boycott and take away millions in profits to retail stores, banks, credit card companies, and even take away a lot of tourism dollars to anti gun states.

Let’s organize and get it done!


It’s now two years later… How far did you get with your suggestion(s)?

Adrian Guy

Mr. Hornady,

Thank you for your bold and brave words toward New York government. I’ll repay your commitment to our individual rights and to our community in the way most fitting; continued purchase of Hornady ammunition as my preferred practice (high consumption) ammo.

Very respectfully,


Glen Healey

Thank you Hornady outstanding support for 2A and gun owners of America

Missouri Born

Every firearm company and related manufacturers that are located in these unfriendly states should make an effort to move to friendly states who aren’t against the second amendment or who don’t have very restrictive laws on firearms by private citizens.

To Cor

Sorry I was gone for awhile…. after reading the article I had to go to Midway USA website and order Hornady ammo before I posted a comment. This stand by Steve Hornady will make me consider Hornady ammo for all my future purchases.


My reloading lab is full of Hornady equipment. I know Steve Hornady personally and he is a straight up guy. If you are ever in Grand Island, Nebraska take a free tour of their plant. It is full of people who share the same values. Please support them. They are truly on our side.


Thank you Hornady, I support you 100%. As of a year ago, I will not buy any firearms from any company that is headquartered or doing business in a state that infringes on my second amendment rights.


I agree with your sentiment but I feel that firearm manufacturers that are ‘behind enemy lines’ NEED our support. They are on our side and will close if we don’t support them as we do all the other firearm manufacturers. I don’t want to punish them. I want them to thrive in their states and I will support them.


Firearms related businesses in blue / liberal states pay MASSIVE amounts of taxes to the liberal government only to have those tax revenues used against the firearms industry. WHY support the self-destruction of these companies?

Bruce Patterson

I am all for Hornady and their actions. Thank you for aiding in the interests of the American gun owners. It is interesting that the people of New York and California fight for the right to do and say what they want, but so easily give up the ability to fight for and defend those same rights.

I have been a proponent of Hornady ammo already, but this simply makes the decision to buy more easier.

Gregory DuPont

So… When are the other manufacturerers, wholesalers and retailers who espouse their support for the RKBA but continue to act as Quislings and opportunistic enablers of The Leviathan State going to follow the example of Ronnie Barret and Hornady? I’m still angry at Smith and Wesson,Bill Ruger and HK for their past collusion and in the case of HK; their current distaste for the Non Government Sales market.
Seriously: anyone who doesn’t enable our enemies and makes a decent product for reasonable price should be encouraged. And the High End Whores of Our Betters should take note .

John Galt

It’s past time for Colt, Glock, Ruger, Sig and S&W to do the same

They are either for us or against us


You are a lout! :). You beat me to those exact words before I could utter them. If all manufacturers said “no more” and refused to sell “high capacity” magazines to any govt entity that prevented its citizens from owning them you’d see this turned around in short order.

If Maryland law Enforcement was restricted to the same firearms that its subjects are its RHINO Governor might have a change of heart in his wishy-washy support if the RKBA.

John Dunlap

No, it probably wouldn’t. There are plenty of foreign manufacturers who would happily snap up those contracts. I don’t particularly relish the idea of Norinco becoming the primary supplier to our state and local governments. It reminds me too much of Machiavelli’s warning about inviting foreign sovereigns into one’s domestic affairs.


@Vann49: You’re right on! If the RINO’s in Maryland, the US Congress, and Trump with their antics they might as well just switch over to Bernie’s Marxist Party because they are only helping the opposition. Let’s forget the the NRA’s position on bump-stock/accessory banning.
We need help from them like an accidental gun discharge injury.


I agree 100%. As a whole, we need to support those who support us, and NOT support those who don’t.

John Galt

As you said……Ronnie Barrett set the example. As firearms consumers we should be demanding that the companies we do business with support up and this is the way ALL FIREARMS COMPANIES and accessory suppliers should cut off employees and agencies in anti constitutional states. NO department letters allowing leos to have items prohibited to citizens. CUT OFF Kalifornia, ct, ma, ny and do not sell them a cartridge…….. FOllow the Ronnie Barrett example……..nothing to the states that is prohibited to the citizens IN FACT….how about stopping arms sales to ALL DEPARTMENTS wherein the chief has signed on to banning reciprocity?… Read more »


How do people like this keep being elected? When the number of good people are outnumbered by idiots!

Hal Turner

The mass media controls the populace.

Clark Kent

No; it happens when the majority of citizens can’t bother to REGISTER to vote; much less get off of their collective fat azzes to cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.


6 million gun owners in NY state and less than 1/3 voted in the last Governors election when we had a pro 2A candidate running against Cuomo. Its the lazy gun owners who wont get off the couch and go vote who did this to themselves.


@MBH…. I keep asking myself the same question. And all I can think of is the electronic voting being rigged, and the fact that we have a fifth column in this country who has all the money a printing press can offer, and they make all of the elite office holders sign a PLEDGE. This comes from the mouth of Sen. Cynthia McKinney, who fell victim to their nefarious plots. Google “Sen. McKinney and the Pledge” for the story. I am sure that in the furtherance of the Kalergi Plan, they would also make it mandatory to sign a pledge… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

I commend Hornady for their stance,they just went up a notch in my book.

Bob Koceja

I second that!
I’m going to contact my bank, credit union & insurance company and see where they stand.
If they want my business, it’s going to cost them something too

Clark Kent

AMEN! Taking ACTION instead of mere blabbing/complaining/grousing. Ca$h talks loud!


It’s now two years later… How far did you get with your suggestion(s)?


I am going to be engaging in (what to me is) a large bank transaction. I know to avoid B of A, and Citibank. Can anyone provide a positive example so I can put my money where my heart is?

Earl Geikowski jr

I don’t know if someone already said this but last i heard kimber is pulling out of n.y. I read it one of the gun mags. But also it costs these companies millions to move and some employees lose there jobs so not so easy. Look at remington they moved and cost them plenty and had to file bankruptcy to save the company. I’m sure they will come back. So try to make our next purchase a remington to help them out.


I live in Southern California. The politicians are overwhelmingly Demoncrats! The criminals will have a field day!


Thanks Steve Hornady! They’ve been my favorite brand for decades. They stand behind me and I’ll stand by their side.

Mike Murray

Good for Hornady.
Ronnie Barrett did the same years ago with CA.

harold lutynski

Cuomo is a tyrant, he is up for election this year. and has done nothing but screw people of this state by trying any way possible to violate our second amendment rights. We the people should stand up to him and vote him out before he can do any more harm to our rights. He acts like a God and think his the only opinion that matters. What is next door to door confiscation of our arms? Right after he was elected last time he pushed thru the safe act and apposed his will on the people of New York.VOTE… Read more »


How’s that idea working for ya?

Donald Lester

It’s about time, we the people stand up to these cowards. These same people would hand our freedom, that so many have fought and died for, over to the first tyrant, that came along without any resistance. Thank you to Barrett and Hornady for having the guts to stand firm and say enough is enough.


It’s now two years later… How far did you get with your suggestion(s)?


Latest article I read this morning…in “gun free” England, there are now on average one machete attack every ninety (90) minutes. The murder rate in London now exceeds New York City. Acid attacks and motor vehicle attacks are also on the rise. This is all because of forced immigration so that our supposed spiritual leaders can unleash the Kalergi Plan upon us. Meanwhile, down at our southern border, hundreds of members of “the Caravan” are scaling the border wall. Do you think other caravans will be arriving soon ? How about the Russian or Chinese army ? Pray tell, what’s… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TUHBird, Machete attacks? Every 90 minutes? In the UK! Huh, I wonder how their socialized medical system handles that.

Roger F. Garner

When is Kimber going to man up and quit NYS.


For the life of me I can’t understand how ANY firearm mfg. or ANY firearm accessory mfg. remains in a state that is in opposition to the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.
Why do they continue to support a states economy, with their taxes, etc., and provide employment for that states workers, who also pay taxes, etc., to such a state? Sorry to have to say this but any firearms mfg. that remains in an anti gun state is just plain hypocritical.


Because they would have to have massive layoffs.
Mive equipment.
Retrain their people.
And lets face it, it wont create any additional demand fir their product.

Best thing to do is we need to chaneg our politicians.


It’s now two years later… How far did you get with your suggestion(s)?


Clark Kent: No, when the banking industry, credit cards, business loans etc are all intermingled you didn’t fix anything, as usual.

Richard Kennedy

Why would not all ammo manufacturers follow Hornady’s lead? Lets see how well their law enforcement people do their jobs without any ammo.

American Patriot

They would then just import it from the Eurotrash countries.


John Dunlap: Norinco certainly wouldn’t be one of them since they’ve been on the banned list since 1986.

John Dunlap

Yeah, forgot about that. I grabbed the first name I thought of, plenty more where they came from. Even so, we constantly remind the leftists that none of their schemes will keep criminals from obtaining weapons and ammunition. I doubt that similar efforts on the part of patriotic companies will do any better at keeping guns out of the hands of the criminals in government! How’d this thread end up all the way up here?

John Dunlap

I applaud Hornady, just as I did Barrett in 2002. The actions these large financial corporations are taking violate every anti-trust statute i can think of, so it is once again time to flood Congress with letters, emails and phone calls. In the meantime, a more positive action is needed. I don’t have the expertise to do it, but I’m sure that the NRA, GOA, NSSF, et al could easily find thousands of people among their members who do. I’m talking about chartering a national gun owners’ credit union, which would then provide all of the services these crony capitalists… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JD, I am in the market for a couple of sets of reloading dies. I believe that those two die sets are going to be made by Hornady!

John Dunlap

I haven’t purchased any bullets but theirs for quite some time…


Nnnno, I don’t think I’d give my business to USAA:

Wild Bill

@OV, Yep, we have USAA, and they are terrific.


Bank of America (B of A) is anti-gun! Their CEO is a Constitution trashing freedom hater!

Hal Turner

More like the Jewish bankers are telling Cuomo what to do.


Back in the day it took an Amendment to the Constitution to prohibit a certain consumer good – now high and mighty governors think that they can do the same thing with things that they don’t like via executive edict. Seems to me that is more than sufficient to recall that particular governor for malfeasance. Who knows, a case might also be made that he is in violation of the PLCAA. Any legal beagles want to opine?

Wild Bill

@Gomez, The Congress of the United States has exclusive authority and power to control interstate commerce. Notice how Coumo called on bankers to act. Notice how Coumo was careful not to interfere with interstate commerce. Notice how Coumo did not order any state agencies to interfere with interstate commerce. He is just exercising his first amendment right, but he is careful not to act. Coumo knows that it is the banks that will take the hit, not him. If he can just use words to manipulate the banks, then he will have gotten his way without risking anything. I hope… Read more »


@Bill…. How about “scumbag” ? I have no qualms in using very, very dirty language when addressing TRAITORS, as they don’t deserve the slightest modicum of decorum. In fact, Sens. Gill, WhiningBerg, and Not-So-Fine-Stone all got emails or electronic messages from me letting them know that I consider them C*NTS, and that they deserve no better language because they ARE traitors. They took their oaths and as soon as they got in office they made a career out of destroying the Constitution. Their names are on the list of those who should be formally charged, along with our new governor… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OV, Yes, exploiting, manipulative, scumbag, asshole. Yes, that is exactly what I was searching for 🙂


False. He is putting pressure on a group of banks to form a cartel to interfere with lawful interstate commerce. The State of New York is a participant in an illegal action. While Cuomo personally is not liable under the Sherman Act, the State of New York can be named as co-conspirator


Why just the firearms industry boycott of guns, bullets, repairs, and other gun related items to the Government of New York?… Why not some of the other pro gun industrys jump in on the boycott bandwagon. I am sure there are a lot of things the New York Government needs to operate, and if you could control their availability to the needed items to keep the Government of New York operational then you would control the Government. I am sure there would many that would be on board…like the truckers…no delivery of Government supplies. The suppliers of the needs of… Read more »

Newyorkers aren't all bad

I just wanted to post to give a bit of different perspective. I’ve lived in NY my entire life just outside the city in westchester county. Probably the worst place on the planet to have a gun hobby. I just wanted to let everyone out there know that despite what people think, NY is full of hard working red blooded Americans. I’ve participated in shooting sports since I was about 8, got my hunting liscence the day I was legally allowed (12), am currently in a more than 2.5 year process to get my pistol permit, and hold what’s left… Read more »

Newyorkers aren't all bad

I think they should stay because I was under the impression that our goal as 2a supporters is not to go run to another state that is pro gun and wait for the outrageous laws to follow you there. But to stop the spread of unjust legislation, and start to reverse some of the damage that’s already been done. Plus were stubborn assholes over here in ny, so if you pick up and leave, trust me you lost. The true ny way is standing your ground and fight regardless if you’re right or wrong. The real Needs to be to… Read more »


But if they stay, NY will still be getting the massive tax revenue from these companies to use against them!


I rarely get a comment posted anymore. I think Google is censoring me.

Douglas Kuykendall

All products including guns,parts for guns,accessories for guns,any loading components.Thses gun companies still in communist states should move.As I have stated before example,Savage,they make good products,but they are in a communist state.That state as well as others use taxes they pay in to fight them making their products.They don’t support what they make,people of the states can’t even buy some of their products.What the hell is wrong with this picture. You have Savage,Colt,An few others need to get out of them states.Do they have a sweet heart deal with the communist an the hall with the people who are buying… Read more »


I applaud their stance with the state of NY and would hope other manufacturers do the same. This is where we have some power since we dont seem to vote together and get pro 2A people elected. If more firms could stand together and stop supporting the looney states, we might , just might create a few cracks that can get exploited. On a second note, I would support limiting the firearms of patrol LEO’s until they can figure out they also are with us or against us. Get the unions to support law abiding citizens use of mainstream firearms.… Read more »

Clark Kent

News flash: if the police were ‘against us’ no one would put on a uniform and serve the public on a daily basis 24 hours a day 365 days a year. How old are you, twelve?


Six times twelve and maybe without cops. That might get rid of the liberal trash in that state.
Trash taking out the trash!!!!!!!


News flash to you- if the Police were with us they would not put a Uniform on to serve NY City. They put it on to serve the city Government not the people. More like tax collectors and firearms confiscators.
So how old are you ? 10 ?


Almost makes the “smart gun” a viable solution to LEO and 3 letter agencies, only sell them “smart guns” and if they misbehave with reference to the Constitutions and citizens rights, a manufacturer could turn off their guns remotely en-mass wirelessly. Would’t that be interesting. .

Clark Kent

Nope, not interesting buy extremely stupid; especially when the LEO’s firearm won’t work when the LEO is attempting to protect YOU. Nice try; no cigar.


Clark Kent < Nope. I carry. I protect myself. But since I have to explain humor to YOU., I wonder who needs the protection, see the word "Almost". There, fixed it for you, as you say.LOL

Wild Bill

@MB and Cluck, Actually, the police, county sheriff, and every federal agency is protecting the groups that would tear down our country and our Constitution. If PDs, SOs, and government trigger pullers would get lost for a year, we could get rid of the betrayers, manipulators, socialist libtards, and corrupt politicians all on our own.
I like the “Smart Guns for Feds” idea!

John Galt

It’s way past time for Sig, Glock, Colt, Ruger and S&W to do the same thing.

Your either for us or against us


5/1/2018 Mr. Steve Hornady I am in total agreement with Your decision to not sell any of your Products to the state of New York due to Gov. Cuomo despicable blackballing of the gun and ammo manufactures. It is high time we all stand up and be counted. We as a country need to vote all this type of trash out of office. The sooner the better. The liberal party Has to go one way or another. They are afraid that the second amendment might need to be used against them and are running their mouths because they are scared.… Read more »


Thank you. All ammo makers should follow your excellent example. May I extend what you are doing to EVERY state, county, community that is trying to infringe the RIGHTS of LEGAL LAW ABIDING American CITIZENS’ Second Amendment PRE-EXISTING RIGHT of SELF DEFENSE.

Clark Kent

What in the world does urging banks to do or not do something have to do with the right to self defense? You are barking up the wrong tree. If a bank agrees with the governor then PULL YOUR MONEY OUT OF THAT BANK and suggest others do the same. There; I fixed it for you.

Roger J

My memory is a little hazy on this, but I seem to recall Hornady standing up to Ted Kennedy’s office in the 1990s, at the risk of losing any government contracts they had. If someone remembers this incident and can supply the details, would love to read about it. It was during one of the ammo shortages that Kennedy was trying to make worse, or permanent.


Hi Roger J
This is possible, but at the same time I don’t know anybody who has not changed their mind on something.
Mr Hornady and the company stands with the 2A and I appreciate it.


Not only firearms and ammunition, but all gun parts, specialty gun smiting tools, powder, bullets, brass, and caps

Marc DV.

I can see it Now …
Strings on the Bullets in cop Guns,
so they can retrieve them if they miss !
Plus 5 round mags only for police. Can’t be
Wasteful With the Ammo . And the return to
the Revolver. Or Pellet guns.


Or, for true economy, one bullet, kept in the shirt pocket! Whoa, Deputy Fife!

Kenneth G Maiden

Even though I support the move, it’s useless. Just to many asshat companies that will sell their soles for MONEY. Just watch them swoop in.


Governor Cuomo is an easy politician to fix and the issue is easy to fix… The ammunition and firearms industry simply needs to make some cost adjustments for law-enforcement ammunition and firearms … $10 per round and $50,000 per gun!! !! Politicians that are forced to raise taxes don’t last long .

Marc DV.

@ S L.
I agree , They can call it Uniform Insurance .
So if the City gets in to a Law Suit for a Bad ,
Shooting ,The People Can’t come after the Mfr. !
Which we all know the city would claim at fault .

Clark Kent

So why is Jerry Brown of California still around? He has raised taxes PLENTY of times. Nice try; no cigar.


DUMB to believe this.
They did not have any LE business in NY.
So they gave up nothing!!
And the LE departments would buy it from a distributor anyway.

Only dumb people fall this type of PR crap.


Manufacturers may put restrictions in contracts with distributors. If distributor breaks the contract, manufacturer can sue for breach of contract as well as cutting off that distributor.

Sure there are other gunsmiths, but generally they use factory parts. If gun is banned for civilians, no reason for parts to go into that state.


You are a smart fella.

You know that LE and govenrment business is done by a bid process.
Hornady made an announcement to not sell to a group that was not buying from them.

It was a great publicity announcement and you fell for it.


Some departments might but I know some that don’t , do you know for fact that NY City does ?
When I was a reserve oflcer , the department I worked for did not use a bid, we got discounts from certain gun stores.