NJ Tyrant & Legislator Loretta Weinberg’s Newest Bill Bans Travel to Free States


Gun Banning New Jersey Sen Loretta Weinberg D
Gun Banning New Jersey Sen Loretta Weinberg D

New Jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- Vociferously anti-gun NJ Legislator and rampant egomaniac Loretta Weinberg has exposed just how deeply her willful ignorance and hatred for guns and gun owners goes with a newly proposed bill.

Weinberg has introduced a Bill S2402 that prohibits any and all State-sponsored travel to 37 States that do not currently require firearms purchasers or owners to obtain a permission slip or ID card from the State.

Here’s the relevant language

“a State agency shall not permit a State officer or employee, special State officer or employee, or member of the Legislature to engage in any travel to be paid, in whole or in part, out of State funds, or to be otherwise sponsored by the State, to any state of the United States if that state has not enacted a permit to purchase firearms law. This prohibition shall also apply to any organization that receives aid from the State.”

You read right Loretta Weinberg”s latest bill would prevent state employees or organization funded by the state to travel to other states that respect the right to keep and bear arms.  Dose this mean that NJ Democrat Senator Corry Booker and Bob Menendez would be prevented from Going to Washington?

Weinberg is famously known for her animosity to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and utter contempt for her Oath of Office, once publicly claiming that anything the NJ Legislature decides to enact is defacto Constitutional until a Court says otherwise. And another hot-mic slip where she was caught calling for gun confiscation.

Weinberg believes she has the unilateral authority to arrogantly demand that the overwhelming majority of the Country submit to her will and ideology. It is shocking to see the lengths she is willing to go to take away your freedoms.

This proposal is one step removed from requiring that Citizens receive permission from the State before crossing the border. Something that Weinberg should be intimately familiar with, as it was the standing policy of East Germany for over 60 years.

For many years, New Jersey has been rightly ridiculed as “New Germany” in many quarters, as they seem hellbent on emulating the worst of that countries repressive and deadly communist ideology. Many others dismissed such comparisons as nothing more than over the top hyperbole by a small minority of disgruntled residents, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

On the willful ignorance front, Weinberg is apparently utterly clueless of the fact that multiple Court rulings that have stood for decades prohibit the licensing of a right

Licensing Liberty
Licensing Liberty

Weinberg and her defenders will, of course, exclaim that since NJ’s (or States like MD, HI, and others ) licensing schemes have not yet been struck down, that, of course, means they are Constitutional. Nothing could be further from the truth. The simple fact that these schemes survive to this date means nothing other than the Supreme Court has yet to rule on them. Remember, Washington DC’s ban on handgun possession has enacted in 1976 and wasn't struck down as Un-Constitutional until 2008.

Weinberg needs to be reminded of her place in no uncertain terms. But don't look to the voters of NJ, particularly those in her district that are steadfast supporters of whatever her next freedom crushing idea will be.

That means until a Court puts her in her place, she needs to be exposed and pay the price for her actions. Two can play this game after all. There is nothing preventing Citizens in the 37 States she is targeting from demanding their Legislators send a very strongly worded letter to Ms. Weinberg explaining they will not submit to her outrageous demands and making it clear they will take appropriate reciprocal action against NJ if this bill becomes law.

Weinberg has made it abundantly clear she will never stop on her own, so she must be stopped. And if she cant be voted out of office, then her dictator-like mindset will and should cost the State she represents.

This has worked well in the past. Weinberg is the one responsible for NJ’s draconian “Smart Gun Mandate” which has famously blown up in her face. That model can be modified and used to similar effect with regards to this bill.

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  • 80 thoughts on “NJ Tyrant & Legislator Loretta Weinberg’s Newest Bill Bans Travel to Free States

    1. ErSwnn:

      Having done so myself, I can understand people packing off to other locales. I gave up on N.Y.C. myself in 1967, having done what I could, including testifying at the dog and pony show that passed for City Council hearings, and speaking with my then City Council Person. As to people being unaware of such efforts as they might make, did they sleep through JHS or HS Civics classes?

      That said, note the following that took place at a general membership meeting of a gun club I have long been a member of. The membership were fully occupied complaining over the transgressions of their “elected things”. During a brief pause, I posed the following question. Regarding ANY matter of concern to you, when did you last contact any of your elected representatives, either way, on any issue. What I got in response was a collection of poor excuses. I do not have time. I do not know who they are. I cannot write, blah, blah, blah. I thanked the membership for their attention and thoughts, and left, before loosing my temper with these people, all of whom were gun owners, hunters, competitive shooters, you name it. I do not really believe that my experience, about outlined, was all that unusual. How come this seeming disinterest, from people one might expect to be energized.

      1. Citizen apathy has been with us since time immemorial. Even our Founders experienced this problem, which gives rise to the premise of the III% folks today. The sad FACT is that most people are lazy or easily distracted by the bright and shiny things in their lives and can’t be bothered to get up off their collective butts and work to effect change. On the bright side, this proclivity of human nature is baked into the process of political discourse, hence the rule followed by smart politicos to assume that every card, letter or email represents 15-ish other voters who have the same opinion. So, even though active participants in the political process may often feel like the Maytag repairman, just remember you’re speaking for about 15 like-minded folks who agree with you but don’t share your commitment. It’s a sad fact of life but I don’t expect it to change anytime soon, so hang in there Bunky; what you’re doing is making a difference, not just for you but also for generations yet unborn.

    2. Such changes as are visible will be in one direction only, that bring the worsening of the situation regarding individual rights, until N.J. voters opt to clean house, action that they appear unable or unwilling, perhaps both, to undertake..

      1. At this point many of them are unaware of the problem and have no idea they can fix it with the vote. That slippery slope of eroding rights? NJ is a cautionary tale.

        Conservatism isn’t meant to be governance by theocratic tenets, something it’s become to many, but how we approach our Constitution and address issues. When we lose sight of that base we lose everything. Being a constitutional conservative I have grave concerns on our current directions….from both sides.

    3. This is hilarious. I wonder if she realizes what will happen if some one commits a crime in New Jersey and gets across the border to one of the 37 free states? If some one say murders a police officer with a stolen gun and gets up to New Hampshire, New Jersey will not be able to extradite him.. They can’t send an ADA to file for the Extradition in the free states courts and they can’t pay to have him returned to New Jersey. Liberalism really is a mental illness.

      1. @Fred….Either this woman is bucking for the Kalergi Plan Award, or she deserves our pity because her Alzheimer’s is so far advanced that it causes her to make a fool of herself in front of the voting public. I am inclined to think it is the former since she was caught with an open microphone saying “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate”.

    4. It has been noted, with significant validity, that people tend to get pretty much the kind of government they didn’t vote against. As for U.S. Senators and congressional representatives, I suspect that the lady and her allies would find a way round the restrictions they propose.

    5. New Jersey and it’s poor excuse of a voting population was lost long ago. They won’t be happy until they have fully embraced the slavery of the government plantation.

    6. All firearms manufactures and ammunition manufactures should refuse to sell anything in or to N.J. lets see how long the cops can control the crime without firearms or ammo. Give em what they want.

    7. Criminal Travel Protection… Steal a car or some other state criminal law violation such as murder and flee to a FREE State. NJ won’t be able to send two cops or even hired private agents to extradite. If I was a criminal I’d think this was a great idea. Don’t let cops travel.
      So not only do criminals like the disarmed victims in NJ, they will love the travel restriction.

    8. I’m glad that my parents moved from N.J. when I was 12 years old to Pa. had a wonderful life there and now reside in Mo. A little more distance from the Liberals that only want to take away and have it all their way ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! WillyD


      2. As you well know, the womn’s last name is not of Irish extraction. It is of German-Jewish extraction, as noted in another post. If you are inferring that everyone with a “Jewish” name or everyone of the Jewish faith is anti gun/anti civil rights, which by the way is the same damned thing, think again, or think for the first time. Was FDR Jewish, hell no. Is Joe Biden Jewish, again hell no. DId Bill Clinton have a Bar-Mitzva, he didn’t. DId Hillary Clinton has a Bas-Mitzvah, again she didn’t. DItto for Obama and myriad other anti gun types. Final question, are you the least familiar with JPFO, that’s Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership? Yes, there are Jews among the anti gun types, sad to note. There are also Jews who are a hell of a lot more pro gun than you sir.

      1. The people of NJ have been under the influence of anti-gun rhetoric for so long that they no longer have any concept of the right they are being denied. Then along comes a candidate who claims “I will make you safer!” by promising “common sense gun control laws”. That person is elected and goes on to make a law prohibiting a type of holster and the voters think they are safer. The cycle repeats itself to more effect each election.

          1. Some moved away, some are taking a stand….some just gave up.
            One of the contributors here was deeply involved in NJ gun rights. He moved to Texas for a better job and stronger freedoms. His kid, now 13, is a championship shooter with sponsors and invitations to major events such as the SHOT show and NRA National Convention. She has also spoke in the NJ Senate about gun rights. She was 9 at the time. My daughter would help Shy with her homework on the floor of a Philly gunshop while her father and I countered CeaseFire actions outside the store.
            Not enough NJ citizens even realize how their constitution works. They don’t seem to care either. Politicians shout “I will make you safer!” and they vote for him/her. What wasn’t shouted is the fact that “safer” actually means nothing….nothing at all.

            Me,, I would get 8 years in a NJ prison for the revolver I carry. 3 for the gun, 1 years for each HP. But just recently a guy with past convictions for selling stolen guns got just 4 years for his third offense of dealing stolen guns in NJ. 4 years. Yeah, getting that muzzle break off the shelves sure did make NJ safer right?

        1. @ErSwnn, The Anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights crowd have successfully covered up the fact that each of our Rights are a limit on governmental power. Diminishing the Right is expanding governmental power. Increasing the scope of Rights is reducing governmental power.
          The governments need to be put on a diet.

      2. @Shang…Electronic voting and rigged machines will turn up the chosen one every time. She won the election long before they had the vote. Remember, it’s not the people who vote that counts, but the people who count the votes.

    9. Rocko go theJPFO website and watch the free trailers as well as read all the other info it’s very informative and interesting info . I signing up with them today. . They are a no concessions pro second amendment organization.

    10. Here’s an idea:

      Let this bill pass on one condition: that the State of New Jersey, who are now demanding their people can only go to states with gun laws like theirs. Fine. Let them do that. In exchange, make them recognise ALL the laws relating to firearms in place in the other fifty six states…… that means, my Mother May I Card to carry a handgun WITH HOLLOW POINT defensive ammo upon my person wherever I go also applies in New Jermany. AND so does the lack of prohibition for me to carry three fifteen round magazines on my left hip in addition to the one on my right hip inside my Browing High Power nine mm handgun, total sixty rounds hollow point not counting the one always in battery. That setup would now be legal for me to carry anywhere inside New Jersey.

      She doesn’t like that? Why? She can demand MY state abide by HER state’s rules, right? Turnabout’s fair, then.

        1. That’s a sly reference to an utterance from the previous tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the “Black Alfred E Newman”©, stating that the United States consisted of 57 states.

    11. Blatantly unconstitutional on its face, And she knows it but extends her midle finger in salute to that document (and its intent) she so despises. SOME sould indict her for felony perjury, swearing an oath (of office) then wilfully refusing to abide by that pledge.

      No stat can restrict travel to other states, nor can one state impose their requriements on any other state. One of the few tasks clealry assigned FedGov is to make certain “interstate commerce” (any form of exchange between/amongst states) is “made regular”, that is, proceeds unimpeded. Art 1 Sec 8 I believe. Then we have the “full faith and credit” clause contained in th 14th Article of Ammendment, which prohibits any state from refusing to acknowledge and uphold within that state the rights and priviledges anyone is entitled to enjoy in another stat. If its legal in Kentucky or Kansas New Jersey has to accept it when someone travels from that state to theirs, or from New Jersey to the otehr state.

      NJ us such a messed up place I won’t aven go there again. Nor will I book a flight that has a changeover or stop anywhere near that SHole. I’ve read of too many honest folk having their lvies ruined by being forced to take possession of their lawfully owned/possessed handguns when the plane is diverted into Newark then no outbound flights availble so forced to stay overnight, thus forced into taking possession of their checked luggage…. and handgun… a d Newark’s Port Police somehow are informed whenever a passenger has guns in checked luggage, and are waiting there like stink on brown stuff to arrest and imprison them. NJ demand thir gun owner’s permit (unconstitutional right there) for possession anywhere in the state, but it takes six weeks or more to get it, and they do NOT issue that to non-residents. Possession without that FOID card is a felony, as is possession of EACH round of hollow point defensive ammunition.. the ONE TIME when bringing “small capacity” magazines would be an advantage. Three mags, ten rounds each, only thirty more felonies. Carry 17 rounders, makes it fifty four felonies, along with the possession one, fifty five years in the clink. For the “honour” of casting a shadow upon some patch of sacred dirt inside the state borders. Nope. Not this kid. My Mama raised me smarter’n that.

    12. We keep finding reasons to bring the Yugo back. Another grill onamate just got uncovered.

      If you had to look at that face in the mirror every morning it would pi$$ you off for the whole day.

    13. Sounds more and more, as if New Jersey is patterning itself after the old East German state, and current North Korea state, with all its restrictive laws and regulations. For the life of me, I don’t understand how or why anyone would choose to (or continue to) live there. Given the chance of violating their myriad anti-freedom, anti-constitution, anti-liberty laws, I wouldn’t risk even a short visit. My brother lives in California and I continually ask him why he chooses to live in such a repressive place. His justification is the pleasant weather and cultural attractions. In reality, it appears he’s acting more like my dog who becomes anxious anytime I remove his harness. Thomas Jefferson was right, “A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither.”

    14. Comment…I have said it before- can’t for-the-life of me understand why any company that has anything to do with the fire arms stays in New Jermany (or any blue state) . Take your business and your jobs to any of the 37 red states .
      You will find highly talented and skillful people in Kansas for instance .

    15. With the advent of REAL ID coming in 2020, we are not too far off from being required to show ID for state to state travel. Without REAL ID you can not fly (started January 2018) or enter any federal building nor military installation. Think about it, the Post Office is a federal building, they are exempt for now, but for how long?
      We are slowly becoming an Eastern European nation.

    16. Every screams (DEMS) about a border wall . Well why not build one around N.J. and see how they like it. Better yet , turn them back at their borders to other states. Let the GOOD people out, keep the rotten apples IN.

    17. Wait until the inevitable, hypocritical amendments are added that give carve outs and exemptions to law enforcement and “duly elected” officials. And you better believe the teachers union will also be in encumbered. I hate to say it, but over the last 20 years, I’ve disabused myself of the obsolete notion that these people are just misguided fellow Americans. Instead, I no longer see them as neighbors, colleagues, co workers, friends, family, etc. I see them for what they are…..traitorous bonafide domestic enemies of America who pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. America has never tolerated her true enemies, regardless of what soil they reside on. We shouldn’t start now. These traitors must be eliminated. The ONLY remedy is a comprehensive, winner take all, once and for all, Civil/Restorative War. And yes, I’m serious.

      1. I concur with all you said TrueBornSonofLiberty. I am hardly a radical but I have come to the point where there is no other solution than eliminating and or isolating these freedom hating fascists. How all this is going to play out will be interesting to say the least. One thing for sure is, it will be pretty ugly for a time. So be it. We are Americans, we are the last truly free thinkers on this earth, and we have to give our blood and treasure for this great country.

    18. If passed , other States MUST enact laws limiting TRADE with New Jersey and similar SANCTIONS !
      If NORK Jersey acts like North Korea , it should be ISOLATED the same way.

      —— B.T.W. , you can buy a Black Powder Gun out of state and legally bring it into the state for use on Private property , read ( self defense ) …. the state can’t outlaw defending oneself ! ….. ( check the laws yourself )

    19. I say do it. What do the people of NJ care if these govmt employees cant travel to other states. It will save them tons of money. Hell in my town the entire garbage department when to a conference in Las Vegas on waste management.

    20. I guess this poor excuse of a public servant has forgotten about how Germany had all the jews who owned guns have them registered, then before they were all killed or taken to death camps the police/SS knew who owned guns and proceeded to confiscate them from the jews.
      What person with a name like Weinberg or Bloomberg needs to remember is don’t put all your trust in government.

      1. @Missouri B, Yep, strange that she would want to set America up for the same thing. I wonder if she or someone in her family gets an occasional check from some corporation covertly owned by Soros or Bloomberg?

    21. “Do What I Say, Not What I Do”.
      Remember; “Communism has no idea of freedom as the possibility of choice, of turning to right or left, but only as the possibility of giving full play to one’s energy when one has chosen which way to turn”.
      Beware of these snakes in the grass, they are truly Anti-Americans.

    22. Well there is a good way of getting rid of her and her bill impeach her before she can get it passed, or vote her the hell out and start a petition to repeal it if or when it gets passed and still vote her out.

    23. “This prohibition shall also apply to any organization that receives aid from the State.” – so NJ public school – including college – staff and faculty cannot on NJ expense travel to any of the 37 prohibited states? Princeton professors cannot attend a symposium or give a lecture representing Princeton? The Governor cannot go to a governors’ conference in Vegas?

      1. @cdr-c
        She’s Gonna save a lot of money for NJ.
        She Nor any of her Cronies at the capital
        there can’t go anywhere unless it’s out of
        pocket . Could Be More than a Million $$$$
        a year . Nice save Loretta !

    24. I wonder if that would include prohibiting N.J. police from going to a state that is prohibited, under her law, to extradite a felon back to N.J.?

      1. NJ is just another one of the few communist states that are in the USA.Voters there reap what they sow.They are communist their selfs an I kinda feel sorry for the people who are not.Some Probably can’t afford to move an it’s hard to trust someone from a communist state.Point Colorado went from red to blue,there are other states that are being infiltrated.When people run for office,you need to find out where they are from,if from a communist state get the word out not to vote them in.

        1. @DK, Well, when the time comes, after we win the socialist/communist revolt against the Constitution, I know that none of you guys will want to drag an old lady out of the rest home and hang her. So… I volunteer.

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