FPC Statement Following Tragic Santa Fe High School Shooting in Texas

Protest Gun Free Zones
FPC Statement Following Tragic Santa Fe High School Shooting in Texas

SACRAMENTO, CA – -(Ammoland.com)- Ten of our brothers and sisters in Texas died because craven politicians and the gun control lobby that feeds them would rather attack firearm owners and our rights than address the systemic issues that confront our nation today.

Yet again we see the disastrous consequences of reliance on magical thinking and mystical “gun-free” zones. Yet again we see that evil and insane people intent on causing death, injury, and chaos simply ignore the thousands of federal, state, and local criminal laws that criminalize conduct including murder, terrorism, assault, and illegally carrying guns onto school grounds. Yet again our news outlets show us proof that the evil and insane will find a way to hurt or kill the innocent in so-called “gun free” zones until they voluntarily end their attack, commit suicide, or are stopped by a hero – often one who is armed.

Sadly, this tragedy was all-too-predictable, not because our Constitution enshrines the fundamental human right to keep and bear arms, or that tens of millions of people in America exercise it, or even that there are hundreds of millions of firearms in the United States, but because un-American billionaires and their shrill, marionette front groups for global paternalism have a vicious and relentless agenda of transforming our country into a police state that benefits their lust for power, control, and money.

Thus, to the enemies of freedom and opponents of individual liberty, we offer the following: As we have said before, all constitutional rights have social costs – sometimes tragic and heartbreaking ones. But as the Supreme Court so aptly held in McDonald v. Chicago, “The right to keep and bear arms, however, is not the only constitutional right that has controversial public safety implications. All of the constitutional provisions that impose restrictions on law enforcement and on the prosecution of crimes fall into the same category.”

Our Constitution stands for the proposition that it is preferable for the People to live in freedom at some risk, perhaps even at the cost of some innocent lives, rather than merely exist in an oppressive and tyrannical scheme that, as history shows, comes at the cost of millions of lives every century. Our social interests in public safety and order were weighed and balanced when the People established the Constitution, enshrined the Bill of Rights, and enacted the Reconstruction Amendments. Indeed, in our very social fabric is the conscious choice to value individual liberty and limited government powers at sometimes great costs, over an arrogant and false sense of security at all costs.

We recognize that some do not feel bound by our Constitution. And we are well aware that some would prefer to see much of our constitutional guarantees stricken from the books. There are, of course, vehicles for such change. Article V of the Constitution provides a lawful way for our country to evolve our fundamental principles and protections through a re-weighing of those things we as a country wish to protect.

But – and never forget this truth – our human rights do not come from the government, the people, or even the Constitution itself. Our rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, would exist with or without official constitutional recognition of them, with or without judicial enforcement of them, and with or without a desire for them to be exercised or respected. To be very clear, it is nothing short of domestic terrorism for gun control advocates and their wealthy elitist backers to continue their assault on our rights and property by using illegitimate and unlawful means, even if those efforts are joined by willing accomplices in our legislatures, courts, and executive offices.

To our members, supporters, and fellow advocates of freedom, we say this: Stay the course.

Our cause of liberty is righteous, our goals just, and our labors necessary to preserving our unique and special Republic. Firearms Policy Coalition remains focused on defending and advancing individual liberty and, through these efforts, seeks to avoid yet another less-cold conflict to maintain the Union and our civil rights.

We will continue working to pass comprehensive legislation to restore access to the right to bear arms outside our homes throughout the nation. We will continue to press for strong federal preemption legislation to eliminate state and local restrictions on law-abiding people and access to constitutionally protected arms, ammunition, accessories, and training. We will continue to support important reforms of federal statutes and regulations that are in tension with the Constitution and put people at risk of severe criminal liability. We will continue to push for tax credits for firearm safety training and storage devices. We will continue to support real and effective firearm safe handling education in homes and schools. We will continue our legal action to oppose President Trump’s lawless executive actions on “bump stocks” that will turn law-abiding gun owners into felons. We will continue to fight against the specter of unjust ‘red flag’ restraining orders that separate people from their rights without even having an opportunity to oppose the action in a court of law. We will continue to oppose poorly-crafted, unconstitutional, and dangerous policies no matter where they originate or which political party may support them.

Firearms Policy CoalitionAnd we will continue to hold true to our mission of protecting the entire body of fundamental rights so that we, our members and supporters, and others may continue to defend the individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense against unjust force—wherever it may come from.

Firearms Policy Coalition (www.firearmspolicy.org) is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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    1. Boy I sure would not want to be in his shoes [Taking a gun into a ‘Gun free zone’ I bet he gets 90days and loses his Gun!]

    2. How about a national move to close school campuses and prevent monsters from entering those premises, similar to what we do with federal, state, county and city buildings, instead of the absolutely ridiculous notion of callin out “gun free zones”. I am 70, retired and an honorably discharged Army MP with no felony offenses, and still need to go through the CA background checks every time I want to engage in a firearms transaction, which in this state essentially means I am a registered owner, and the state could decide at any time that I shouldn’t retain ownership, but I probably could never get a CCW. More to the point even with my solid background, in a recent trip to the IRS office to pickup a form (yeah i could have downloaded but my printer was on the frizt) I wasn’t allowed past the entry door to pick up a form from a rack that I could see from the door because I had a 3” blade folding pocket knife. The jack booted thug at the door wouldn’t even let me leave the knife with him for 10 seconds, but insisted I take it back to my car. Just shows you how stupid things have gotten to.

    3. I’m a teacher, former LEO trained in ASR, former corporate security supervisor, NRA member, dad, and grandpa. I’m also a CCW permit holder. I’ve been through more background checks than you can imagine. Yet I am DENIED MY 2nd Amendment RIGHTS because of my profession.

    4. @ Old Vet
      Here ! here ! I like that, But
      You Have to Add ALL Politicians Also !
      They Make The Mess ,They Need to Live
      With it Too !

    5. quote
      press for strong federal preemption legislation to eliminate state and local restrictions on law-abiding people and access to constitutionally protected arms, ammunition, accessories, and training.

      this is NOT what is needed. What IS needed is for Congress to make it clear that the Second means what it says, that there will be NO infringements upon our right to arms at any level, from any source, for any reason.

      TheTenth ARticle of Ammendment states that all powers not granted FedGov (power to regulate arms is NOT granted) or prohibited to the states (shall not infringe does not specify who may not infringe, it says infringement shall not happen from any source this prohibiting the states from infringing) remain with the states, or the people.

      In other words, ALL 23,000 gun laws are unconstitutional. And now you want to add MORE to that list? How’s about making it crystal clear that the states, counties, cities, MUST now end their tyranny and rescind ALL gun laws?

      NOW< once that is don.e emplace severe penalties for anyone misusing a firearm (or bomb, car, airplane) in the wanton ending of multiple lives as we;'ve seen done lately in churches, schools, malls, nightclubs, parks) will be tried and convicted of mass murder the mandatory sentence being death by firing squad consisting of at least the number of dead and seriously injured in the attack. This sentence shall be carried out within thirty days of a full review of the transcripts of the trial determining that the sentence is justified. That review shall commence within thirty days of the published verdict from the original trial, and shall take no more than thirty days for the review.

      In other words, the "hero" of Broward County School District would be dead by the fifteenth of June, his life ended by a hail of bullets much like the ones he delivered against his victims.

      Allow teachers/other adults to carry their own concealed weapons at school like they do everywhere else, presenting a formidable and effective deterrent to these massacres being carried out, then DEAL severe and permanent consequences to those who make the attempt.

    6. When Was the Last Time Anyone ,
      Saw A Politician in a Gun-free Zone
      Before A Mass Shooting ( without Armed Security ) ?
      Even After They Have Tons Of Guards When They
      Come and Preach about Guns Afterwards (Armed to the Teeth)
      So other than then? Can’t Recall Seeing Them There !

      1. @Marc DV…One gun control law I would be in favor of would be , No celebrity would be allowed to hire bodyguards under any circumstances .

    7. If these antiguners stopped attacking the 2nd amendment all the money used by both sides could have a percentage of it used to secure the schools and for armed security. This would cost nothing extra and actually save all that money that goes towards attacking the 2nd and forces us to spend to defend it. It would make schools safer and save more lives than any redundant law will ever do. The fact that they will never do this shows that saving lives is not the goal and disarming citizens is.

    8. I am of the opinion that the whole purpose of gun free zones was to wait for, and possibly instigate, these evil actions.
      Reason being that the sheeple will be herded into demanding that our RIGHTS be taking away for sake of safety. Rather than providing for their own safety by standing ready and guarding the children they consider so precious.

    9. Thousands and thousands of laws and yet there is one law that has been ‘on the books’ for over 2,000 years:

      In the movie ‘Oh, God!’ – GOD (George Burns) asks Jerry Landers (John Denver) the following: “I gave you the Ten Commandments what else do you need?’

      ‘Nuff said/’

      1. I have been looking on the internet statistics about how many infringing gun laws are on the books in America across the states. There appears to be over 21,000 current gun laws, both federal and state. It is time to have these REPETITIVE laws removed. The Second Amendment plus the concept(s) covered in the Federalist Papers cover the ownership of weapons.

        1. There are more than 23,000 firearm-related laws already exist in the U.S., making American firearms THE single most heavily-regulated industry in the entire world!

          Firearms manufacturers (under penalty of a felony conviction):
          • must be licensed by the federal government;
          • must account for every single item produced – at every step of manufacture, storage, sale, shipping, and distribution;
          • must abide by all product-liability and negligence laws (which fully apply);
          • must obtain government permission to export its product.

          Firearms retailers (under penalty of a felony conviction):
          • must be licensed by the federal government in order to sell the product;
          • must keep detailed written records of every single item sold;
          • must obtain written approval from the FBI, in advance, for every consumer sale;
          • must adequately protect against theft of this product from the retail store;
          • must abide by strict limitations on the age and background of purchasers;
          • must abide by all product-liability and negligence laws (which fully apply).

          However, anti-gun advocates constantly (and intentionally) lie to the public – insisting that this is a “completely unregulated industry,” in order to deceitfully justify yet MORE laws (just ink-on-paper), no matter how ineffective those new laws are against crime. Enough of this shiite, already!


    11. texas shooting -= another success story for the biden death-zone supporters and the isd (indoctrinating students daily) commie libtards in education.

    12. AGAIN We See GUN FREE
      Very Sad ! Schools Need to be Like ,
      Federal Buildings, Locked Doors , Metal ,
      Detectors & Security Patrols inside & out .
      But We All Know ! Politicians Feel Their Lives ,
      Are More Important Than Our Kids !
      Take Away Their Protection Till They Get It Right !
      GOOD For The GOOSE , GOOD For The GANDER !

      1. Exactly! These Republicans that have held control of congress the past eight years do nothing to harden our schools to protect our children. They don’t want to put the money into trained security or metal detectors and continue to advocate arming the school marms because it won’t cost anything. These a-holes can put the country into debt another 1.5 trillion with a tax reform bill to benefit their fat cat donors though. If they are going to spend money like a pack of Democrats then at least put some toward saving the children’s lives of hard working Americans. Instead they will simply do nothing but take in gun lobby money while an entire generation of Americans grow up fearful of guns as shootings continue to happen and eventually try to do away with our 2A rights. These same politicians will then sell us out in a heart beat to woo those votes so they can stay in office.

        1. I could NOT have said it better!! Republicans put your vote and money where your begging mouth is!!

          1. @Jon and Raymand, School funding and education are local issues, not federal issues. Why would you want the Feds involved? Or to put it another way: The feds f__k everything up.

        2. What about the fact that it is the local school board that is responsible for the safety protocols of their schools. There is money granted to the states to disperse to do so and it is the responsibility of your LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD to prioritize it and make sure that happens. Your buddies Soros and Bloomberg like to throw millions away to marches and demonstrations to remove my right to feed and protect my family but haven’t given a dime to make it tougher on the bad guys to behave badly. But this is My fault how?????

          1. @J yes and they will blame you when this whole country is turned into a third world lawless shithole like most of South America. Who knows it may be our fault we didn’t give up soon enough.

      2. Marc, you want our schools to be like prisons? Locked up and locked down, TSA style entry at every door, fear and suspicion reigning? NO WAY.

        There are two factors enbling these shootings: first, 23,000 laws do not prevent evil people from getting their hands on guns as they claim will happen, (so WHY should we believe Law Number 23,001 will “fix it all”?) Second, there is no REAL deterrent to these perps carrying out their evil actions.

        THEY GET AWAY WITH IT long enough to create a big scene, gain norotiety in the press, etc. We already HAVE all the laws imaginable in place to deal with Factor One above. NO ONE has preactally addressed Factor Two above, except in a very few places where it has been proven to work.

        What am I talking about? In Ohio teachers and other adults who are already AT the schools daily, know and interact with the kids, nd have proven themsevels dedicated to the students, can elect to take speciaiised training, this qualifies them to be able to carry the same handgun they have carried for years, everywhere BUT school, also to carry that weapon at school just like they do every where else.

        This puts into the schools an unknown and unidentifiable number of adult individuals who may be armed and trained to meet such a scenario with lethal force to quickly end it. It also comes at NO COST to the taxpayers of Ohio. Since theprogramme has begun there has not been ONE INCIDENT in any Ohio school.
        Any putative attacker has to weigh the probability one or more of these armed and skilled adults will be close enough to make a difference and end the attack before anyone is hurt. So far, that factor has been high enough no one has even made the attempt.

        And as to the student’s peception, nothing has changed… they know SOME of the adults at their school MAY be armed, but do not know which ones. Concealed is concealed. No metal detectors, gropings, bag inspections, locker searches, no uniformed armed guards aimlessl wandring the halls looking for “issues” out of boredom…… and functioning as huge targets to neutralise first when an attacker begins to work his plan……

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