Living the Gun Free Utopia Hoax, How’s that Working for you UK?


London UK rate of violent knife and gun crime is soaring
London UK rate of violent knife and gun crime is soaring.

Ft Collins, CO –-( Gun-free Utopia?

From a friend in the UK:

“Gunfire in London is no longer uncommon, even though guns are technically ‘illegal’ here!

Knife attacks are also a plague, and ever associated with deadly gang warfare. Most gangs here are composed of immigrants, almost all illegal, and they’re constantly engaged in lethal territorial disputes.

As a result, London’s rate of violent crime is soaring, now exceeding even NYC’s (where there are at least a few legal guns)!

Guns of all types (all illegal of course) are streaming into our country, by the boatload, on any navigable waterway, and believe it or not, right through the capital's main waterway, the Thames! Most are smuggled-in from the Mideast.

As in The States, illegal migrants also come unhindered across our porous (water) borders, which we will not protect as a matter of public policy.

When our cops ‘stop-and-search,’ they’re automatically accused of ‘racism,’ even when they unfailingly find these illegal immigrants laden with guns and other weapons.

In the interim, our frightened citizenry remains disarmed and defenseless.

London’s Islamic mayor now wants to ban even kitchen knives!

I live in a country populated with VBCs (Victims, by Choice) who (by law) have no means of protecting themselves and thus daily live in morbid fear of armed and violent criminals, about whom our government does virtually nothing.

We anxiously cower behind locked doors, afraid to go out.

We’ve been robbed of our personal well-being, our heritage, peace, but most of all, we’ve been robbed of dignity!

More correctly, we’ve traded our dignity for a pitiable handout and the myth of ‘safety,’ which as noted above, is a lie!

Who value their health are well-advised not to come here.

Defend your Second Amendment, or you’ll be like us!”


“Learned helplessness,” a critical axiom of leftist politics, invariably leads to the above-described nauseating personal and national degradation.

The spread of liberal/leftist philosophy relies completely on people being blind to history.

The individual possession and bearing of arms imparts to every citizen a sense of personal worth and dignity, an air of self-respect and responsibility, impossible to bring-about any other way.

Free men bear arms, Slaves do not!

History continues to confirm it.

“In these modern times, many are wounded for not having weapons, nor knowledge of their use.” ~ Achille Marozzo, 1536


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  • 24 thoughts on “Living the Gun Free Utopia Hoax, How’s that Working for you UK?

    1. Could anyone advise me regarding the deadline for Wilsons Training Contract Application? Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes to you and your family

    2. I’ve heard that in ‘Londonstan’ pubs you can’t even drink your beer out of a glass mug. Too many used as weapons in bar fights?

      1. Here — USA — many parks say glass bottles are not allowed. Sports stadiums, maybe – I don’t have direct information.

    3. They got what they wanted & voted for……I just can’t feel sorry for them, they want the same to happen to the U.S. & the rest of the world.

        1. Not all of them are saying “don’t be like us.” I believe many people in Europe want the U.S. to be like Europe because they are intolerant of people who think differently than they do and because misery loves company.

    4. It baffles me that the people of London would elect a Muzzie for Mayor. The sheeple mode has gotten full control there, apparently. A lost civilization, no doubt.

      1. @TC…I know Goaple doesn’t work , I was thinking that “muzzies” as you put it were infatuated with goats .

        1. @old vet I said muzzies because it probably wouldn’t have appeared if I would have said rag heads. Anyway next to 10 year old girls, goats are their chosen pastime, I hear you.
          The Nascar race is in Kansas tonight are you watching it or attending, or not interested. The scoreboard says Mencs, Kansas.

          1. @Tomcat…I caught muzzies . Muzzy makes a dandy broadhead . speaking of heads , we used to call them towel heads but I suppose you could call them sheet heads . My ex wife’headss maiden name was Schmidt . I used to call her horses schmidtheads . Out where I live , no cable , got aggravated at dish so I have standard broadcast . They sometimes broadcast nascar and sometimes don’t . Nascar is one thing I do miss . Bout the only sport I try to keep up on .

    5. A country and citizenry who were known for their resilience, have become country with a population of sheep. A century and a quarter ago Britannia rulled the waves. People now are dependent on a granny state government.
      The United States has unfortunately followed the same path as Great Britain, with a stronger central government with
      a population dependent on government to provide all aspects of life.
      We as people better shake off our soft chains of dependence, or we will be at the mercy of anyone and everyone.
      Please instill a need for independent thought and action, with your children. And all like minded people who vote for
      representatives who share a vision of an America that leads by being a independent nation.

    6. The british population bears a remarkable resemblance to sheep. Even those who have not had every aspect of sense and pride hammered out of ’em face prison for uttering the “wrong” words or actually attempting to defend themselves when attacked.

      1. The muzzies will hack the infidels just like they’ve always done, because they ignore laws not printed in their holy book.

    7. Isn’t it strange how the cities run by Liberals have the highest crime rate in this country and, it also appears so in not-so-Great Britain.
      If you are going to insist that the people have no means of defending themselves, then, as the government, you must provide the “storm-troopers” to protect them.
      You will have to forgo the niceties of “Due Process” and whining about “Racism”, your militarized police will have to just have to demand “Ihre Papiere, bitte!” as in Germany during the 30s and 40s.
      Otherwise, the people will begin figuring out ways to defend themselves and it won’t be pretty.

      1. @Martin, Not-so-Great-Britan… that is good I’m stealing it. Their greatest contribution to history is the Nurf brand kitchen knife, Nurf cars, and Nurf hammer.

        1. Well, the Rulers of not-so-Great Britain used to rule a good portion of the world while a goodly number of their subjects felt the heel of a despot.
          Times have changed and they are beginning to feel as though they are no longer a First World Nation, which because of all of the cretins and misfits allowed into their country by a leadership that looks back on their history as an error in time.
          The Communist (formerly Democrat) Party here feels exactly the same way about the United States and is attempting to reverse the great strides forward made by the People of this Nation.
          Beware and Stand by because they will continue to push until Our Constitution is run through the shredder and is a faded memory in the annals of the world’s back pages!

        1. Australia is already there.
          Other than having a towel head for a mayor, the report sounded a lot like most big cities here.
          The police get called racists if they stop anyone who is not white, knife attacks are through the roof, teenage gangs roam the like packs of wild dogs, people are afraid to go out at night and our political masters tell us that everything is alright and that crime rates are going down.

          1. And the gun grabbers here keep telling us how wonderful Australia is now that nobody but criminals have guns…

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