It’s Official: NC Representative Marcia Morey Pushes ‘Extreme Gun Confiscation’ Bill

NC Rep. Marcia Morey, Durham Democrat
It’s Official: North Carolina Representative Marcia Morey Wants Your Guns

North Carolina –-( It’s official: Representative Marcia Morey wants your guns. This North Carolina House member from The People’s Republic of Durham and (ugh) former judge has now introduced HB 976, “Extreme Gun Confiscation for North Carolina.”

Morey doesn’t call it that, of course. She claims it is for “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” to keep all those mass killers (the ones the media endlessly encourages) from possessing guns.

Doesn’t HB 976 just keep guns out of the wrong hands?

But like most “reasonable sounding” gun control proposals, what hides behind the curtain should outrage not only gun rights supporters, but anyone who values the U.S. Constitution.

Somebody complains, and the nightmare begins…

To give you a sample of what Morey and her Democrat cohorts have in mind for you, consider what could (and inevitably WILL) happen:

  • A VENGEFUL EX (or stepchild, or roommate, or even somebody you dated ONCE…or perhaps declined to date?) decides to “get you” by filing a complaint alleging that because you own guns you are “imminently dangerous.”
  • NO TIME TO RESPOND. That complaint, however flimsy or false, produces an IMMEDIATE “EX PARTE” (EMERGENCY) HEARING, as in “24,7,365” – whether court is in session or not.
  • YOU DON’T GET TO DEFEND YOURSELF. The hearing will be held without even giving you notice that you’ve been accused. Even if you find out about the proceeding held THAT SAME DAY; even if you find a lawyer and pay him or her big bucks to defend you, should you chose to testify in your own defense, the hearing could GET YOUR GUN CONFISCATED FOR A YEAR OR MORE.
  • YOUR GUNS GET SEIZED. If the judge decides enough evidence exists for a “temporary” order (and they almost always do), you get 24 HOURS TO SURRENDER YOUR GUNS, after which THE SHERIFF WILL TAKE THEM, BY FORCE, IF NECESSARY.
  • LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Although the ex parte order is only valid for 10 days (renewable, of course), the next hearing will likely result in a FULL ‘EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDER’ valid for renewable periods of up to ONE YEAR.
  • PAY TENS OF THOUSANDS IN LEGAL FEES. Ex parte hearings, court proceedings, motions and counter-motions, incurring legal fees at $300 per hour or more. It is entirely possible you might have to MORTGAGE YOUR HOUSE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR GUNS.
  • YOUR ACCUSER CAN LIE. Although the penalty for perjury is normally 10-20 months in prison, HB 976 GUARANTEES YOUR ACCUSER CANNOT SPEND EVEN ONE DAY IN JAIL FOR LYING TO CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS – the only penalty it allows for lying is 1-30 days of community service…and that is in the unlikely event they get caught at all.
  • YOU GET REPORTED TO N.I.C.S. You will be a prohibited person in the national background check database. Even if the court order is allowed to expire, odds are it will take an act of Congress to get you out of the NICS database.
  • YOU COULD PAY UNTOLD THOUSANDS FOR ‘STORAGE.’ No maximum storage fees are stipulated, so the sheriff who confiscates your guns can charge you whatever he wants for “storage.” He can also fire them to obtain and record ballistics data. Moreover, we know anti-gun sheriffs have a habit of returning confiscated guns in less than ideal condition.
  • YOUR GUNS COULD BE DESTROYED. So congrats! You’ve spent perhaps $50,000 fighting seemingly endless court orders and motions, but you are victorious: The Gun Confiscation Order is finally lifted. One little problem remains: Now that you are broke, the sheriff wants $10,000 for “storage” in order to return your guns. Oh, yes, did we mention that if you don’t raise the money to file YET ANOTHER MOTION to get them back within 90 days, YOUR GUNS CAN BE DESTROYED.

This is your ‘due process of law’

This, the gun banners claim, is the “due process of law” you are promised under the Fifth Amendment. After all, you got your day in court, didn’t you?

Gun Confiscation Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans
YOUR GUNS GET SEIZED. If the judge decides enough evidence exists for a “temporary” order (and they almost always do), you get 24 HOURS TO SURRENDER YOUR GUNS, after which THE SHERIFF WILL TAKE THEM, BY FORCE, IF NECESSARY.

Will HB 976 become law?

The good news is that Morey’s bill, like the companion bill introduced by anti-gun Democrats in the Senate, has been shunted to the Rules Committee where such bills usually go to die.

The bad news is that gun ban advocates are holding public forums and press conferences, and issuing press releases to the fawning media as a run-through for next year, when they hope Governor Roy Cooper will sign it into law.

Where are the Republicans?

In theory, we elected a Republican majority to defend our gun rights and champion conservative ideals. So what are Republicans doing to defend against the gun ban onslaught?


  • How about Speaker Tim Moore’s School Safety Committee? Did they recommend arming faculty or even providing more armed school resource officers to defend students? Nope.
  • Has Senator Phil Berger promised to give HB 746 a hearing in order to expand concealed carry? Hah! Not bloody likely.
  • Have the ostensible “conservatives” responded with vision to provide an alternative to the endless gun control being pushed by liberals? Nope. Not a whisper.

Republicans: The Party of Cowards

When YOU elected a Republican supermajority to the General Assembly, they promised to champion conservative ideals; to not only defend your rights, but to expand your freedoms.

Instead, Speaker Tim Moore, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse are responding to recent tragedies by hunkering down in the bunker like refugees.

Instead of advocating effective solutions to school shootings such as eliminating “gun-free” zones and equipping faculty members to protect students against violent sociopaths, their “solution” is to bottle up bills in committee and avoid sticking their necks out.

Pablum for the masses

We would be remiss not to mention the “pro-gun” initiative Sen. Berger has been shopping to Republican groups – a constitutional amendment for hunting and fishing.

Yep. You heard it right. As the left dances in the streets, making plans and hanging Republicans in effigy; as the media and gun ban advocates invent new ways to steal your liberties; our side has come up with a plan.

And that plan is to placate you with meaningless pablum designed to pacify you because clearly you are stupid enough to mistake it for something meaningful, right? (Oh, yes, and it would bring a few “sportsmen” to the polls in November to vote Republican, while they’re at it.)

Tell Republicans to stop cowering and lead!

It’s time to deliver a loud and clear message to Republican leadership that you aren’t the slightest bit interested in the little “consolation prize” they are offering to compensate for their cowardice in not moving HB 746. In fact, tell them to GROW A SPINE.

  • Call AND email Sen. Phil Berger and tell him to pass HB 746: Contact Berger at (919) 733-5708, [email protected]
  • Call AND email Speaker Tim Moore on school safety: Contact Moore at 919-733-3451, [email protected] and tell him that beyond the wimpy solutions proposed by his “Select Committee on School Safety,” he should support arming volunteer school faculty members as contained in the bill currently being drafted.
  • Call AND Email NC GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse: Leave a message for Woodhouse at the GOP’s headquarters (919) 828-6423, email him at [email protected] or tweet to Woodhouse at @DallasWoodhouse. Tell him to stop telling supporters that the GOP won’t move gun bills in the short session of the legislature.

Help GRNC elect pro-gun LEADERS in November: The GRNC Political Victory Fund spent everything it had on the May primary elections. WE NEED YOUR HELP. You can donate to help elect candidates with spines by going to:

You can also still buy tickets for the SECOND drawing of the “WMD Raffle” – with the potential to win either a 12 gauge Mossberg Shockwave or its 20 gauge twin – by going to:

So please tell Republican leaders to develop spines, and then help the GRNC Political Victory Fund elect legislators with the courage to actually stand up to the left and defend your freedom!

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International
Radio host, “Guns, Politics & Freedom”

Grass Roots North Carolina

Grass Roots North Carolina/Forum for Firearms Education is a non-profit, all volunteer organization devoted to educating the public about trends which abridge the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and engaging in grass roots activism to preserve those freedoms. Formed in 1994 to conduct a highly successful rally for the Second Amendment, GRNC has gone on to conduct projects like “Remember in November: A Gun Owner’s Guide to Voting,” bringing concealed carry to North Carolina.

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Those of us who are patriots and believe that the Constitution is written in stone are becoming more and more heartsick each day. Our elected legislators are wiping their behinds with this most sacred and one of a kind document. One day they will go too far. We have all been silent watching from the sidelines. What the left does not realize is. we have all the guns and we know how to use them, many of us are ex military, retired or active duty, law enforcement, and many LEOes in the federal gov., including sheriffs and local and state… Read more »


Gun control is population control. Pure and simple. Nobody seriously talks about beefing up involuntary commitment laws for the mentally ill, using RICO laws to target gang members, or deportation of any immigrant, whether given citizenship or not, for any serious crimes. Because of the rights of these people. But the rights of a law abiding gun owner is perfectly acceptable to violate. They could have school safety tomorrow, if that’s what they really wanted. 20 years since Columbine, and no real effort to harden schools against attack the way the Israelis immediately did, when terrorists started targeting their children.… Read more »

Jerald schmaltz

I voted for republican brian mast thinking he was progun. Because he talked the talk. Now the SOB wants to ban the ar15. Just another rino.

James Slemons

GET HER OUT !!!!!!!

Ian Lane

Just another militant female who is governed by her emotions!! I bet she thinks she is being nuturing and the American people need mothering! Women were not created to be leaders!! Geez, the idiots who elected her should be drawn and quartered!! Get her the hell out of there and every other elected official who doesn’t support the Constitution, don’t they have to take an oath? Bring back tar and feathering!


Ian,your right about women in power,i will never vote for any women to elected office,they’re all fing nuts!!!

Tim Goldblatt

I think it is time for this old biddy to retire. If you want total gun control and stupid killings to stop, then make into law automatic death sentence for anybody committing a crime with a gun and hold the gunners family liable for restitution!

Bob Ready

I too believe that there should be much stiffer penalties fort those who let their guns ‘get away ‘ from them. This nails down the Santa Fe shooter’s father to a tee. He still refuses one iota of culpability and his negligence is then incorrectly associated with responsible law-abiding gun owners.

Bob Ready

You are incorrect about the school safety budget. It allocates $12 million for school resource officers.

Bob Ready

You are incorrect about the school safety bill. It appropriates $12 million for School Resource Officers.


the more people NC gets from new jersey and new york,the more trouble gun lovers will have,the communist are there to stay.

Damn Yankee

I left New York because I couldn’t stand the oppressive government. I have been a gun owner and a hunter since I could walk


Who’s ready for a civil war?

Kenny Smith

More people than you think !!!

Wild Bill

@PG and KS, Almost no one is ready for civil war. We are far less self reliant, now, than our ancestors in 1861. We have no logistical system, no secure communications, no organization, no way to safely organize. If we could get the members of the Depraved Nincompoop Caucus to revolt during a conservative administration, then we could uses the federal logistical machine and “help” put down their libtard rebellion. But that would be a lot of hot sweaty work. For those that think that they are ready for civil war, I suggest testing yourself first. Take a weeks worth… Read more »

James Hollen

I am an old fart but I learned in the Marines where the trigger is and I getting that “itchy finger” if you know what I mean.


Go to and see what they have been hiding from us about the massive radiation that is accumulating all around us. We are all going to die anyway. And check out all the tank farms of highly radioactive water that TEPCO wants to dump in the already dead Pacific Ocean. And the millions of upon millions of 1 ton bags of radioactive dirt that are piling up all around Fukushima. They want to pretty-up the place for the 2020 olympics, and all those football sized lots, full of bags piled 6 to 8 high already, are quite the eyesore,… Read more »

Kenny Smith

I could be wrong , but I think Bloomberg is associated with that company isn’t he ? Another reason for those crooks to be hiding something !

Jonah Hirsh

Swamp stink.

Pa John

A quote from another era:
“You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered.” — Lyndon B. Johnson


She takes away your guns on a whim, leaving you without any way to protect yourself and your family, all the while she is protected by her armed bodyguards. Did she understand her oath of office? I think not.

Dan Schwager

You gun rights people that stay home or vote Democrat you get what you vote or don’t vote fore so don’t cry if she wins you help put her in office.

Herb Allen

Star Chamber secret hearing without accused’ presence or even knowledge……..prison time for perjury completely eliminated.
This is 100% Gestapo Third Reich FASCISM!!!




When they introduce bills that violate the Constitution there should be someone who can explain to them how they are violating their oath, maybe even some pictures would help. If that doesn’t get their attention then lock them up and forget about them until the stink gets so bad they have to remove and deodorize the cell.


These idiots thinks it’s funny when they attempt to pass gun confiscation laws. As though the police have so much time on their hands to raids on average Americans, who’s only crime (under these laws) is they own a constitutionally protected object, a gun. Every cop to whom I’ve talked has said this is a nightmare they don’t want to see happen. California is already pulling it by going after people with registered guns, when the California Dept of Justice suddenly decides that a gun you’re owned for years and properly registered with the state is now illegal because some… Read more »


That psycho bitch needs to step off , these unAmerican law makers need to be removed from office asap , they want to blame everyone because of the few , and the fact is they can’t do their jobs

Douglas Eugene White



Why do you think they want the guns, not to protect anyone but themselves. Take all of the guns away from the people and all that will be left are the thugs that are on their side. They will all have guns. No one is trying to take the guns away from the bad guys, just the law-abiding people.


Another idiot voted into office by unthinking people. Does this gal have armed guards? I bet her personal security is high on her own list of essentials. Now, your personal security is another thing. One of the main things that keeps this country safe is an armed citizenry. Criminals and Facists love an unarmed citizen. Hitler and others are historical proof.

Timothy Votaw

Ahh, another good reason for a revolution against this gestapo movement. The longer this continues, the more these lies and propaganda will build, with the ignorant and uninformed piling on because they simply don’t know any better. There is going to become a point in this nation where we will have to pick a side; either with the Constitition, or against it, with these plutocrats and fools. This dame is a prime example.

Douglas Kuykendall

It seems every democrat voted in,gave a judges job,stays a democrat or goes further left.A Republican who does the same jobs seems to go farther left in the same way.What is up with that.Most Republican judges turn left when they get in.Look at Roberts on Supreme Court,would not have Obamacare If not for him.Look at judge in Washington on illegals,appointed by Bush.They need to stay conservative.


It is this kind of fruitcake , both behind the trigger and behind the bench, that gave the citizen’s of NEW YORK State 111 pages of ANTI GUN LAWS. Do they work NO NO NO .


Hey, I tried to buy a chance on the shotgun but your site wouldn’t work. Specifically the number of chances space.
Is VT excluded?


contact me at [email protected]

Roy D.

Even a modicum of research will show you that this former judge is a homosexual. Therefore she is predisposed to promoting that which is not in the interest of a moral people. Stupid people elected her and elections have consequences.

Missouri Born

If she is a former judge then that means she must also be a lawyer and we all know what a thousand of lawyers at the bottom of the ocean is….a good start.


If an armed rebellion should break out in the United States over over reach of the second amendment it will be law makers such as this individual who will be rounded up first and dealt with post haste not only the law makers but their entire families. . I in no way advocate for violence against legislatures it just seems that tyrants like these forget history and repeat the same deadly mistakes over and over again. Its almost script like just look at Kosovo, Bosnia, French Revolution, American revolution, American Civil War. I could go on and on and on.… Read more »


I would agree. I could see a civil war coming, for many reasons. Plenty of hints/events already indicate growing tension. Pace is picking up. Seen many a blogs talking about the same – various reasons for it. 2nd Amendment is just of them. History repeats itself because those in position of power forget the previous outcome. Someone called it ‘Red Sunrise’ coming. America should not think it is immune from a civil war – armed rebellion. Hope it never comes to that, but the left will be the instigators and cause. They have already caused America to decline towards socialism… Read more »


Remember this when it comes time to vote!
These dummy’s still do not understand, it’s not the weapon that’s dangerous but the fruitcake on the trigger.
All these new “Laws” will do is make more targets for the bad guys for the good guys now can not defend themselves!


Republicans are voted for because tjey are closer to our ideals than Democrats. Libertarian, Green, and other small parties do nothing but splinter the conservative vote, providing victory to those who publically promote the destruction of our freedoms. The Democrats fot to be so powerful by sticking together. The consetvatives should learn from that. Once we stick together consistently, those elected by us will not feel tjat tjey have to appease liberals to get re-elected. Splintering inhibits that. Grow up. Cease with the tantrums. Coalesce the Republican party into a strong, CONSISTENT conservative grouo by being more active, both in… Read more »

So Sue Me

The Author “”gets it”” – – that republicans are neither ‘conservative’ nor defenders of liberty and (gun) rights…so why do you people continue to elect them when they only ‘talk the talk, but not walk the walk’?

…and why are some of you advocating Libertarians withdraw when it’s Libertarians you should be electing????


Bernie Sanders is not a Livertarian, he is a Alt Left Socialist Democrat! Libertarians (like Rand Paul) are the only real pro 2A party in our country! The Republicans have always been anti-2A until Obama got elected.

Heed the Call-up

Many of the “Libertarians” are anti-rights Socialists that are also looking to remove your RKBA.


This women (term used lightly) is a menace to everyone. Off with her head!

Dell Hoffert

Modern day CArrie Nation


She, Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, and Hillary (HildeBeast) Clinton, look like triplets!

Wild Bill

@founded, Or we can negate her every vote by sending one more patriot than last time to her legislature. Come to think of it, we could do that everywhere. Get out the vote, throw a barbecue!

Jacob Opperman

Here is another government official who is hiding behind armed body gaurds paid for by the same tax payers who put her in power telling us common folks we can not have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR SELVES.

James Slemons


James Slemons



Does anyone know if this sick bitch supposedly representing NC has HER OWN ARMED SECURITY
and is two faced as she looks?!! This is the typical yellow back that wants to take away our rights so she can be above the law that we serve and obey.

David Moore

# Time to support her opposition, Barry Burch Sr.
# Get the Libertarian candidate to drop out.
# Recruit a Green Party candidate to run in that district 30.