Antifa Protest Patriot Pray Free Speech Rally in Portland, OR

Seattle, WA, USA – May 1, 2015: Protesters run from gas grenades fired by Seattle police officers during May Day rioting on Capitol Hill.
Patriot Prayer and Antifa Clash in Portland, OR

Portland, OR  –-( Antifa proved once again that they do not believe in free speech by attacking a free speech rally held by the Patriot Prayer group in Portland, Oregon.

The peaceful free speech group, Patriot Prayer, was holding a rally in downtown Portland for Tusitala John Toese. Toese, who is better known as “Tiny” is leaving the country and this was going to be his last Freedom March.

The Rose City Antifa chapter decided to hold a violent counter protest to show the Patriot Prayer group that “violence has no place in Portland.” Antifa does not see what they do as violence. They justify their action as self-defense. They view words as just as violent as actions. They also were protesting against police brutality.

Antifa claims that Patriot Prayer, which is organized by Joey Gibson who is of Japanese descent, is a white supremacist organization. They also claim that the march arranged for a Samoan member of Patriot Prayer would be a “magnet for violent white supremacists and bigots” according to The Rose City Antifa’s Facebook page.

The Patriot Prayer rally held in Terry Schrunk Plaza was in progress when the black-clad Antifa showed up with their face covered by mask. Police tried to separate the two groups, but the anarcho-communist group attacked the police by throwing bottles, fireworks, and rocks at the officers working to keep the group separate. The Antifa group also chanted anti-police slogans.

According to a Fox News report, Police caught some Rose City Antifa members with knives and other weapons. Police encouraged people to stay away from the protest for their own safety.

There were also reports of Antifa using pepper spray on Patriot Prayer members, but AmmoLand could not independently verify those claims. Police did confirm that they did seize a number of pepper spray devices from Antifa members.

City officials said that neither group had permits for the rallies. Police said they tried to reach out to the groups via social media to try to insure a peaceful protest, but the Rose City Antifa members refused to work with police. Antifa view the police as a part of an oppressive system.

In the end, police arrested four people at “Tiny’s Freedom March.” They arrested two people for second-degree disorderly conduct. They also arrested one person for refusing to identify themselves. Police arrested the last person for failure to comply with a lawful order.

The Portland Fire and Rescue provided medical aid to several people. None of the people treated were seriously injured. All refused to be transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

This meeting is just the latest run-in the two groups had with each other. On December 9th of last year, both groups clashed over illegal immigration. The Patriot Prayer march was to honor the life of 32-year-old, Kate Steinle. A Mexican citizen who was in the country illegally shot and killed Steinle setting off a fierce immigration debate. The illegal immigrant was found not guilty in the shooting by claiming it was an accident.

Earlier in 2017, another rally ended in violence when Antifa attacked the Patriot Prayer rally. Portland police arrested 17 people during the melee.

Neither Joey Gibson or the Rose City Antifa group responded to our request for comment on the rally at the time of publishing.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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MadDog Mike

What they need is their asses beaten to a pulp, few broken arms, some teeth missing, then when you have their attention you tell them to get the hell out of your face.


Where is the Police??????? Maybe they will show up to draw a chalk line around our dead bodies?

Richard Gotchy

These Antifa pukes are the jack booted brown shit Natxi of the 40s.

James Higginbotham

yes they are Richard.


That seemed like an opportunity to cage the whole bunch of them and hall them off to some place they wouldn’t like maybe dumping thm in the ocean. It was good enough for Bin Laden and it seems it would be good enough for them. all kidding aside, it would have been a great time to round them up and throw them in jail for something.


ANTIFA is a domestic terrorist organization (cells). They wear masks like MS13 and other criminals. So unless this is okay for folks to rally with masks while armed like vigilantes, they should be arrested for merely organizing as ANTIFA.


That shirt says, “I met god, and SHE’s black!” Maybe, it should read, “I met god, and IT’s black!”

Heart of TEXAS

I’d be glad to help that anarchist bitch meet God.


The last 3 Mayors of Portland have been spineless wimps, who will to give up the business community in support of their Socialist ideals, and let these masked cowards freely perpetrate their crimes. It is a lost city, full of beggars and drug dealers.


The running, clueless, covered antifa c**t in the left of the picture has a “I MET GOD” shirt on….. With a bit of luck maybe she will down the road.

Roger J

Here is South Carolina, it is illegal to appear in a demonstration with one’s facial features obscured by a mask or covering. This is an anti-Klan law enacted some decades ago, but applies to everyone. Last time I saw a Klan march here, many decades ago, the marchers had their faces uncovered. It sounds as if Oregon, and many other states, needs a similar law.


Hah. The DNC’s unorganized militia (ANTIFA) wants their buntar’ soldats to have their identities concealed. That way they can continue to claim ignorance related to the anti-conservative, anti-America violence that they support.

Additionally, does anyone really think that if a conservative organization organized a ‘violent attack’ on a liberal protest that mass arrests would not have been made and the airwaves afire with ‘Those evil conservatives’ news stories? Disparate treatment much.

Heed the Call-up

I believe many, if not most have similar laws. In NY, where I grew-up, and in Virginia, it is also illegal, and not just at rallies. You wouldn’t be arrested on ski slope for wearing a ski mask, but if you walked into a bank wearing it, etc., you certainly could be. Why they allow these anti-rights protesters to do so is unreal. They are committing crimes, which is the reason that law was enacted.