Deerfield, Illinois Tells Residents To Turn In Their Guns, Lawsuits Filed

Deerfield, Illinois Residents Must Turn In Their Guns
Deerfield, Illinois Residents Must Turn In Their Guns

Illinois – -( The Village of Deerfield, IL is counting on a broad interpretation of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (FCCA) passed in 2013 to ban modern sporting rifles that have a capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition; shotguns with a revolving cylinder; and semiautomatic pistols and rifles that can accept “large-capacity” magazines.

The FCCA granted a 10 day window after passage of the law for municipalities to pass so called ‘assault’ weapon bans. It was intended as a “speak now or forever hold your peace” opportunity to ban firearm. At that time, Deerfield did not have a ban in effect and decided to pass a safe storage ordinance specifying that firearms defined as “assault weapons” must be in locked containers, disassembled, or have trigger lock when not under control of owner or authorized user.

The village board now claims they can amend their ordinance and ban these same firearms because they say the original storage ordinance was intended as a placeholder for just this purpose.

Ever wonder where we get the impression that laws restricting ownership or possession of firearms are a slippery slope which lead to firearms bans and confiscation???

How is it that a community with a relatively low level of crime, and even less crime committed with the firearms they are trying to ban, is willing to go to court to challenge state law that preempts municipalities from regulating firearms?

Fortunately for Deerfield firearm owners, the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) filed a lawsuit against the Village of Deerfield. The suit was filed in the Circuit Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Lake County, Illinois, Chancery Division.

A court hearing is set for this Friday, June 8th 2018, at 2 pm for the court to consider a request for a temporary restraining order to stop the village from enforcing the ban just days before it is to go into effect.

This is a huge lesson about elections have consequences, even at the most local level. Be ever vigilant who you elect to your local school board, village board, and county board as well as your state and national legislators. If they do not support your right to keep and bear arms, be prepared for fights like this!

Valinda Rowe

IllinoisCarry spokesperson

Illinois CarryAbout

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois.

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  • 34 thoughts on “Deerfield, Illinois Tells Residents To Turn In Their Guns, Lawsuits Filed

    1. you say, it is our goal 2 join ” The other 48 states,”? Don’t you mean the other 49 states? Please correct me if I’m wrong?

    2. They say, “those kinds…” or “military”.

      The ban includes any semi auto with the ability to shoot multiple rounds. Multiple is 2 + right. So, they are banning a legal .22 caliber firearm that could have a seven round capacity and further more fine you up to $1,000 a day for legally having it.

    3. They voted 6-0 to approve this gun ban. There was also a time in American history when municipalities also voted to enforce segregation in their communities.
      If you are pro or anti gun the fact of the matter still remains – the rights or all American should not be infringed — by the very nature of them having the vote is unconstitutional and should be a wakening to all that the government local or national is doing things their way. Not for the people and not by popular vote.

    4. Watch “Deerfield in the crosshairs” on YouTube. They use an automatic ar15 to make people think it’s a semi-auto then ban any comments from being made. That’s the media for you. Fake news again.

      1. The news stations are all run by Communist Sympathizers. To work for the news stations, u must follow their code of conduct & beliefs, which I believe is a bunch of “BULL!.” It’s like the shooting @ Sandy Hook, they said they found an AR15 in the trunk of the suspects vehicle. But in the video, the officer was shown to be opening a pump/slide action shotgun/rifle. I know this, because of what was shown in the recording was the individual, reaching into the trunk, and sliding/pulling his right arm back across to the left. That is not how one would unload an AR15.

    5. Your headlines are 100% false and misleading, I’m sure intentionally. NOTHING in the ordinance asks turn in their guns, they simply have to remove assault rifles from the city limits

      1. Well what is the difference.So-called assault weapons now,any other later. You must be a Left wing liberal.The cause of what is wrong in this country today.

        1. So… as I see it, a rock is an assault weapon, a stick is an assault weapon, a fist is an assault weapon, an index finger is an assault weapon, a forehead on a soccer field is an assault weapon, a foot is an assault weapon; this can go on ad infinitum! This begs the question, “what is not an assault weapon, and thus what will be exempt? Just as facetetious as the initial concept itself!

      2. liberal logic, they want you to certify that your toilet roll is safely outside the city limits while you are sitting on the bowl. real useful.

      3. Just what, in your opinion, makes particular semi-automatic rifles ‘assault’ rifles? All semi-auto rifles operate basically the same. You put a magazine holding at least one round of the correct caliber, into the gun’s magazine holder.(Magazine fed rifles feed ammo from the bottom of the receiver; clip fed rifles feed from the top.) Open the bolt, if it’s not already open, then close the bolt. This action strips a round from the magazine, places it in the firing chamber, seals the chamber and cocks the rifle for firing. Fire the rifle. If more than one round was in the magazine, each pull of the trigger will fire a round until the magazine is empty and the last one in the chamber has been fired.

        The color or other appearance features of a semi-automatic rifle have nothing to do with it’s designation as an assault rifle. In my opinion, no rifle is an assault weapon unless it is fully automatic or can be fired in selected round number bursts of more than one round.

      4. Molon Labe David! 2nd Amendment Rights “shall not be infringed”….. what don’t you understand. You guys are looking for a fight….. I’m betting on the gun owners!

      5. Well that’s pretty much the same thing when you say commonsense wise.. Lordy..!!!

    6. The only reason they do this is because they’ll fight it out in court using taxpayer funds. It follows the principle if nobody objects it must be legal. If it’s illegal we’ll punish the taxpayers for objecting by going to court knowing we’ll lose.

    7. OK Deerfield residents. Your time to shine as American citizens. Your board members took an oath to “Support and Defend” the Constitution as part of their swearing-in procedure. RECALL them for failure to follow through with their pledge.
      If the folks in California (land of fruits and nuts) can do it, so can you. Time to stand up on your two legs and act like adults!

      1. Mike speaks for millions of law abiding gun owners. If you live in Illinois, it is high time to “grow a pair”! What the hell has happened in Deerfield that has led to a vote of elected officials voting 6 to 0 for this ridiculous travesty of justice? It is time for the law abiding gun owners to come together and hold those accountable for not protecting and defending the Constitution! Have you heard of the thing called an “election”? Mike’s suggestion of a recall of the elected traitors is the 1st best solution. If you fail, you might as well move out of the great state of Illinois…. it won’t be worth living there any longer.

    8. I do not live in Deerfield. I do own a pistol that has a standard capacity 14 round magazine, but no military style semi-automatic rifles. If ever my State, or city passed an unconstitutional law like this, I would ignore it. Requiring people to register firearms that were purchased legally, is a de facto gun registry. If the gun grabbers are successful in getting these firearms banned/confiscated, then I foresee a day when my scoped, bolt action deer rifles will be reclassified as ” sniper rifles.” And we all know that no one NEEDS one of those. Every law abiding gun owner in America must, I repeat MUST, put up a fight to stop these unconstitutional infringements. If we do not, then America in the future will be no different than England, France or Germany. Is that what we want? Not me.

    9. The village of Deerfield,Ill. oath of office for city council must not have protect and defend the constitution in it because if it does they have violated that oath and can be recalled from office.

    10. Libtards think that government can do anything that it wants, and if they get control of government they can make people do anything that they want.

      1. NO! They Can ( TRY ) 2 MAKE PPL DO WHAT THE LIBERALS WANT!!! That,s When ( WE THE PEOPLE ) Show Them, ( HOW DOES IT FEEL 2 WANT )

    11. So first off. Fk the Deerfield mayor and the state govener.
      Doing this to a small population so there isn’t a large scale resistance is pure cowardice! Blue states will wind up burning. Let’s just keep voting out the blue and end the problem.

    12. Put out the word, and invite the resistance. Not everyone can afford to file suit against their locality. It gets very expensive protecting your rights. Blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears. Do not ever forget that.

    13. Ask yourselves this question: Why are there so many adults living in this great country of ours, who are so damn ignorant that they can’t understand that those who intend to use a gun in the commission of a crime, like nothing better than firearms restrictions, gun grabs, buy-backs, confiscation, gun-free areas, etc. levied against the law abiding members of the population? Obviously, criminals don’t worry about gun laws; if they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. Anti-gun laws only punish the innocent and make them more vulnerable to attack by those who don’t give a damn. Every restriction just makes the culprit feel safer and, therefore, invites more firearms crimes. We have problems enough already; we certainly don’t need to support criminal acts by making them easier and safer to commit.

      Firearms and ammo are, and always will be, available to those who want either, whether it be legal or illegal. If you don’t have both, you don’t need either. GET BOTH NOW to protect yourself, your loved ones and other innocents.

    14. Where’s all these tough guy 3%ers at? I guess none live in Illinois, California, New York or New Jersey huh? Maybe they are just too busy getting a tat, buying swag or morale patches

      1. Listen up trolling fucktard. There has been less than 5% compliance in NY, CT and CA. So go fuck yourself.

    15. Formerly Deerfield. Now… New Chicago! Keep your head down, move to Wisconsin or Indiana and be free!

    16. I guess the only thing you can say to the Village of Deerfield is “sieg heil!” But I’ll bet the criminals are rejoicing. They are all for gun confiscation.

    17. I wonder if the board members are the ones that are going to be going to the doors to take them,…. NOT ! They will be the typical gutless TURDS, paid mouthpieces, you know….the usual board member type !
      And what happened to those who took an oath ? Oath keepers, where are you now ?
      NEVER give up your guns !

    18. NEWS FLASH !
      Cheap Property for Sale !
      Area Stats- Low Crime (for now)
      Quiet – (everybody is leaving)
      Low Traffic-(see above)
      OH ! Did We Forget to Tell You ?
      Located in Deerfield , Illinois
      Where Common Criminals Out Police !
      * ( FAKE NEWS NOT REAL )

    19. Confiscation. That’s how it started in Nazi Germany. Everyone said, it couldn’t happen here!

      1. And it won’t, but everyone needs to stop thinking this issue can be solved at the ballot box.

        1. This issue has to be solved down at the Hangin’ Tree. After a proper tar & feathering, of course ! BTW, today was the 51st anniversary of the USS Liberty attack.

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