NJ State Police Attempt To Confiscate Resident’s Guns without a Warrant

Gun Confiscation Squads
NJ State Police Attempt To Confiscate Resident’s Guns without a Warrant.

Millstone Township, New Jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- An Army veteran father says State Police tried to confiscate his firearms without a court order or warrant just because his son was overheard discussing school shooting news with a classmate.

Police said their visit was sparked by a conversation that Leonard Cottrell Jr.’s 13-year-old son had had with another student at the school. Cottrell said he was told his son and the other student were discussing security being lax and what they would have to do to escape a school shooting at Millstone Middle School.

The conversation was overheard by another student, who went home and told his parents, and his mother panicked. The mom then contacted the school, which contacted the State Police, according to Cottrell.

The visit from the troopers came around 10 p.m. on June 14, 2018, Cottrell said, a day after Gov. Phil Murphy signed several gun enforcement bills into law.

After several hours, Cottrell said police agreed not to take the guns but to allow him to move them to another location while the investigation continued.

“They had admitted several times that my son made no threat to himself or other students or the school or anything like that,” he said.

Cottrell said he made it very clear to the police that he was “not going to willingly give up my constitutional rights where there’s no justifiable cause, no warrants, no nothing.”

The troopers searched his son’s room and found nothing, Cottrell said.

“To appease everybody, I had my firearms stored someplace else,” he said. “That way, during the course of the investigation, my son doesn’t have access to them and it’s on neutral ground and everything and everybody’s happy.”

Major Brian Polite, a spokesperson for the New Jersey State Police, stated that the troopers that conducted the investigation determined there was no need for the weapons to be seized. He also said he could not comment on whether the incident was related to the new gun laws.

“In the Garden State, the usual approach is to confiscate first and ask questions later, and victims of this approach often don’t know their rights.  ‎In this case, the victim pushed back and confiscation was avoided — but the circumstances surrounding the incident are outrageous. A student expressing concern over lack of security is not a reason to send police to the student’s home — but it might be a reason to send police to the school to keep students and teachers safe” said Scott L. Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and a member of the NRA board of directors.

Cottrell said if the school had contacted him and talked about what had happened instead of going to the police first, “it would have been worked out right then and there.” He said he also would have understood if he’d gotten a call from the State Police to learn more, instead of the late night visit to his home.


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FOR YEARS… UNION WORKERS… HUNTERS… BLUE COLAR WORKERS… AND WELFAIR PEOPLE … have voted time and time again for liberal Democrats… This is your reward. The liberals put former blood thirsty Iraq solders in police uniforms give the machine guns, armor and grenades and they cannot wait to use them.. The end is here. When the Demos take over the congress…. things will get even worse. Civilians have lost all of their rights. Even the federal education department and EPA has their own SWAT team. He is lucky that they did not raid his home at 2 A.M., lob smoke… Read more »


When Police show up at your doors? That should not happen because no one should be able to get near your doors. There should be a double perimeter beyond your doors; as for example, a locked gate on your porch 9 feet from your door and a yard fence that prevents anyone even from getting to that gate. Cops come to your fence and can’t enter unless a warrant. You stay behind your porch gate while cops stay behind your yard fence. At least a ten foot separation. You can ask for a warrant and what they intend to do… Read more »


Good luck with that. I know of no jurisdiction that won’t allow police to come into your yard beyond a fence or gate to knock on your door. Of course you can and should ask them to leave if they don’t have a warrant.

Wild Bill

Move to the country. The farther you move away from Law Enforcement the less Law Enforcement you encounter. We see our county sheriff’s deputy once a year around Christmas time, once he had a newbie with him for “area familiarization.”


That still doesn’t change my assertion. All it means is that it’s less likely to occur.


I grew up in the country and it turned into the suburbs and now it’s almost a city ( to me it is) ! Back then we had 3 cops total , now over 30 and counting ! Moving into the less populated areas only adds to the population, the country roads get paved , street lights get installed, sub divisions crop up all over, places to actually use your guns are diminished, your rights are diminished also to the point you can’t have a fire pit in your own backyard!! Unless you vote in people who are willing to… Read more »


Do not have a door that people can knock on. Keep visitors at least behind a gate removed from the front door, like a gate to a porch or a gate to your yard w/ no trespassing on it. Do not allow police in nor any search without warrant. Talk w/ cops across a barrier like a fence. Act friendly & assure the cops that you support the police. State that you do not wish to give any testimony without an atty present, but if they suspect you of something, tell them you would like to speak in your own… Read more »

Ronald Eagle

I would hope the next move would be for the parents to meet with the State Police and find out what went wrong on the law enforcement side. Obviously the wrong reaction to an educator saying the wrong thing to police.

Bill Seiber

This is really sad because of all the men and women who have given their lives to protect our rights.We have to let our voices be heard. Endorse the president’s choice for the supreme court,If we the people can get conservatives on the highest court in our country that is the best way to preserve our rights as free people.

Todd E.

It’s Funny to hear All these other Opinions. Don’t get me wrong You guys Are 100% Right but, I’d like to See how you respond when a rapid response team of 4+ Guys Show Up At your Doors. What are you gonna do, Draw down on them ? Do It. See how that works out for you, Your Chick & Your Kids . I’ve seen these goon squads in action and you’ll be done within 24 Hrs.maybe 48. They’ve got the Manpower, weapons, food & Water to withstand ANYTHING you can throw at them. I’ve often thought what I’d do… Read more »

Robert the Nax

Then the old saying will come true. “They will have to pry my weapon from my cold dead hands”. It is better to stand, fight and die. Than to live on your knees in fear and slavery.

Gary Siefert

N.J. is not the only state that is anti-constitutional. More and more states for following…. Thank God I don’t live in any of them!


The article opens stating the dangers to our 2nd amendment rights. It should have also mention our due process rights under the 4th and 5th amendments are being violated on a daily basis by our elected officials and the police forces acting on their instructions.


Molon labe ?

Ace Frehley

No warrant? How’d they make it in the door to search the son’s room?

Scott Larson

My thoughts exactly. How’s they get in the house without a warrant?

Jay franc

This is what law-abiding gun owners have to put up with in the state of New Jersey don’t buy house in Millstone clown residence and clowns in the Board of Education Thank you Mr. Cantrell for your service and for standing up for your rights

Terry H Lee

They are coming after us one by one and when they have our guns only the bad guys will have them. But they will still want to blame us.


Moved the guns??? Searched son’s room??? N.J. citizens are sheep!


It’s NJ, he’s lucky he even has any guns to begin with…..


@Mike….The gun grabbing ex-Goldman Sachs Globalist Traitor that is the newest Governor of NJ (Murphy) has appointed a Sikh, who always wears a turban, as the Attorney General of NJ. I doubt he has been in the states very long and probably has no knowledge of our Constitution, and could probably care less. Murphy has pledged to make NJ a sanctuary city, and to have lots and lots of diversity. That means free stuff for foreigners on the taxpayers dime, as long as they keep voting him into power. Pretty soon NJ taxpayers will be hearing all sorts of crap… Read more »


Well, all I can say is that that dog won’t hunt in my state. We have a state law outlawing sanctuary cities. And we have an extremely conservative Gov and legislature passing more and more “pro-gun” (anti-firearm prohibitive) legislation every year. And a couple of municipalities which have passed laws requiring minimum firearm possessions per household – ie., every home has to have a firearm. And every citizen is considered armed, either open or concealed, so that small disagreements don’t escalate, and we have a ton of OC in this state so there’s no mistaking it. Native of Ga and… Read more »


when the police dress like they are about to invade poland it gives them the mindset that they have that right. its a small thing but jersey and mass state police still look like nazi officers with the uniforms they wear. i would add that to the list of changes that need to be made in these out of control antigun states

Calin Brabandt

There is so much that is tyrannical and wrong here that it’s hard to decide where to start!

“He (Major Brian Polite) also said he could not comment on whether the incident was related to the new gun laws.”

This is the opposite of transparent government. Such a response and attitude from the law enforcers (police) is tantamount to secret laws!


The real “criminal class” saw that their rulers got away with the murder of nearly 3000 souls on 911, not to mention the hundreds of millions of property damage, so they are very emboldened to commit all sorts of heinous crimes. This is just the beginning. This is the police state that was instituted by Chertoff and his lackeys. And to find out who those rulers are, all you have to do is identify who you cannot criticize. They learned their lessons very well from Der Feurer, and they have lots of dumbed down low IQ, steroid riddled, robots in… Read more »


EVERY election is important! If conservative had not been setting on their hands for years we would not be in the position we are today! I have been voting for over 40 years and have NEVER missed an election. If you don’t vote you can’t cry about what is happening! VOTE!!!!


Bunker,. by the way he was much smarter than you, I assume you are attacking my post about Detroit. I am not a fan of Arabs settling in our country. I mentioned that because most Americans moved out of Detroit and left the city to whoever would live there. Take a chill pill or get a grip.


@TomCat….and speaking of that subject…I spent hours yesterday on YouTube watching videos of muslims setting up dozens of no-go military training zones of 25 to 300 acres in secluded wooded areas of the USA, and conducting military training exercises. They seem to have taken over many urban areas in at least a dozen cities including Dearborn, Michigan, where they were filmed harassing some Christian preachers. It would behoove everyone on this list to bone up in this subject. Search YouTube or Google “Muslim No-Go Zones In America”.


@TheHolyCrow, Yes I have seen many of these and the billboard signs and marques that say kill Americans. They come here as refuges and refuse to eat the free food, namely Pork. They say it dirty because pigs wallow in the dirt. As far as I’m concerned I would kiss a pig before I kissed one of them.

Robert Messmer

Quote: “Cottrell said he made it very clear to the police that he was “not going to willingly give up my constitutional rights where there’s no justifiable cause, no warrants, no nothing.”
The troopers searched his son’s room and found nothing, Cottrell said.”
Not give up his rights willingly? If he didn’t give up his rights just how did the troopers search his son’s room?

Michael Gilliam

The fact that this even occurred shows the state of affairs in states like New Jersey. I’m quite certain you would be much happier down here in Florida where we have, according to the latest study, the best quality of life in the country. There is no state tax and you will NEVER get snowed in. We are by no means perfect but the police down here are generally brave, well trained and act within the constitution. I can’t speak for any officers in the Broward County Sherriff’s Dept. but they are an anomaly. As a matter of fact the… Read more »

H. Spires

Is it possible that the kid that went home crying to his Mommy was influenced by the hysteria of David Hogg and the MSM? This was their goal. They want all legal gun owners stripped of their Second Amendment rights.


For those of you who currently live in Texas. In the coming elections the Democrats hope to increase their numbers in the Texas legislature. If you want to keep Texas from being another New Jersey or California, be sure you encourage all your friends to vote republican. The democrats would love to turn us into a socialist state and that would be a disaster.


I actually lived in Millstone, NJ in the 1950’s…my father shot woodchucks with his .22 rifle…so we would have meat to eat with our spaghetti…a couple times a week. I actually took my single shot 12 gauge shotgun to school with me and during season, shoot a rabbit or squirrel on the way home from school (we actually walked to school in those days) . At the age of 13, I kept the shotgun and ammo in my school locker and nothing was ever said….no one was ever hurt….we ate well…times have changed drastically, for the worse…I was actually asked… Read more »

Ray Miller

I’ve had similar experience growing up in N.J. I live in a shore town and would come home from school get into my hunting clothes, grab my Browning Auto 5, jump on my bike (no case) and ride about 1 mile to a pond where I trapped muskrats and duck hunted. The police would ride by and wave, never had one stop me or question what I was doing. It was great growing up in America, it’s a damned shame todays kids can’t grow up in America.


– Guns have not changed, people have and until a way is found to correct that problem nothing will fix the problem!


Have had a bitter feeling for State Troopers and also local Deputy Sheriffs Since I was in the Military. It was a cold winters night in January. I was trying to get back to my ship, and all transportation had shut down for the night. So I started to hitch hike. Along my way a Connecticut State trooper stopped and order me into his cruiser. He proceeded to a local magistrate, and a court session was held. I was fined $100 Dollars, These were the days when a hundred dollars was a full months pay in the NAVY. I was… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yep, Governments and their trigger pullers have no fear of preying upon the people that they are supposed to serve. They are out of control. This next election is critical. Get politically active. Make some connections. Support someone that the police will fear looking over their shoulder.


@Bob Mc…you got shook down and robbed under the color of law. What was the charge ? Hitchhiking ? We have always had crooks in positions of authority, and every one of them has to be exposed and prosecuted. Some of them are nothing more than a local mafia enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else who can’t afford a lawyer and years of time fighting them in court. They know this, and the corruption extends to the lawyer you might hire, and the control over the jury system they have figured out how to control and get any… Read more »

David Telliho

He only partly ‘stood’ his ground. As per request(order?) he removed his guns from his home. Totally un acceptable. He knew his kid was innocent, yet his kid witnessed his dad caving in and allowing his room to be searched. The police already felt empowered to make the request. Now they feel even more so. He should have made them get a warrant. get some judge out of bed for it, and kept his guns at his home as is his right(so far). They(police) really had no basis to demand removal. He on the other hand, had a right to… Read more »


David, Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. Sure it sounds great to say that he should have told the police to take a hike,but the actual result might have been an escalation of the entire incident, and the arrest of the man, for interfering with a police officer in the course of their duties. Or any other of a dozen charges that they can throw at you at any moment they choose. Even if the man got rid of the charges, it would cost him time and money. So I think he did a good job, of defusing… Read more »

Wild Bill

@David T, I am thinking that, in that situation, it might be helpful to call all one’s friends to come over. Call everyone possible, particularly teenagers. Tell them the address and that it is a flash party and the booze is free. Police hate having crowds of witnesses watching them. Work up a common defense network, in advance. If government agents show up at your house, I will go to your house and contact the rest of the network to do the same. If government agents show up at my house, I will call you and you contact everyone else… Read more »


Maybe the youth is self educated in survival tactics, and the school could learn a lot from him. So glad I left the NE in 1958. I love Texas.


The school principal may want to meet with the accused students and parents with the state police there and have a meeting about school security .. these kids may have info and answers the excitable adults have not thought of .. That is why the government hires IT hackers instead of locking them up. The government is made up of people elected by people nothing ever says they are qualified for their jobs. So ask the experts the kids who are at risk. They may learn something , after all it is a school. NJ get with the Constitution of… Read more »


I am glad to have left NJ when I did….a long time ago….I would have done nothing wrong, had I stayed and been classified as a criminal for a variety of hobbies, habits and possessions….most Felonies by todays unconstitutional “laws”…most of my family and friends have also moved out….and I feel the pain of those who are trapped by their jobs, family obligations, etc….

duh duh

The Swatted States of America. Dead deplorables are easy to get kill by other persons.


@ Wild Bill and Vanns you both described what happened to Detroit and the outcome from the people moving out. They just packed up and left along with the auto industry. The city was so corrupt no one could survive unless you were a gang banger. The truckers changed the name from motor city to murder city. Everything went straight to nothing. They couldn’t even afford to turn the street lights on at night. It is slowly coming back after the Arabs bought the run down, abandoned, houses for ten thousand or less and the government has poured mega dollars… Read more »


Glad it turned out ok. BUT. COMON SENSE HAS DIED.. people can’t think any more a simple call like years ago would have taken care or it. Adults have to go back to basics and think. Omg


If the details in the above article are correct, The New Jersey State Gestapo seems to have gotten into waters over it’s head here. That said, court action against this uniformed mob seems very much in order, though in New Jersey, unlikely.. By the way, re their search of the son’s room, without a warrant??, did they obtain the house holders permission, or aren’t such niceties things that concern the New Jersey State Gestapo. Also, someone really needs to have a word or two with the story carrying student,and his overly excitable mother, whose antics seemingly precipitated this fiasco. Fortunately,… Read more »


There is a reason I call New Jersey, Skum Jersey. The commies have taken the West coast (Commiefornia – working on Oregon and Washington State) and have taken over a lot of the East coast (MA, CN, RI, NY (city) NJ – SJ, MD). All these people want to disarm us for “our own safety.” Thank you very much but I trust my hand guns, AR’s, etc. more than I trust my so called leaders.

Archie Bunker

Amen. It’s unfortunate we have to tolerate the commie dems and their ilk. God help me I hate the [email protected]@rds and the destruction they are bringing to every state. It’s like a sewer, you just can’t dodge all the crap. And don’t get me started on the nutty comment above saying the neighborhoods were making a comeback because the Arabs bought everything up. That’s like say a cloud of locusts is a good thing.

Alex W

Well Said! We live in a different age. As a young man, I would be able to walk down the road with a shotgun in the country going from Field to Field looking for Pheasants. If a cop drove up he would smile and ask if I had gotten anything today and then tell you I saw several birds in a field about a 1/2 mile back. He’d smile and wave goodbye as he went about his rounds. TODAY IF YOU DID THIS YOU WOULD BE ARRESTED FOR BEING TOO CLOSE TO A ROAD WITH A FIREARM AND ANYTHING ELSE… Read more »


You want to know what tyranny looks like? This is what tyranny looks like. Warrantless seizure on the vague suspicion of one random person is exactly what “Red Flag” laws being floated around the country are meant to achieve. It’s nothing less than complete abrogation of our right to due process. This is why we fight.


It seems that the teachers have lost all sense of common sense, BUT that that’s to be expected when you learn that most “teaching degree holders graduated in the lower third of graduating classes at any and every College and Universities. A BA in “education” doesn’t require a great deal of intelligence or effort and falls into the same class as degrees in “Woman’s studies”, cartooning, and other such idiocy as they had out these days.


Schools get paid in attendance, time to have a freedom week off for all freedom lovers, march on the capitols, go to the range for geometry, math, and science. If Jane shoots 5 rnds a minute how long will it take to empty a 30 rnd mag? Figure sd of 5rnd group, etc. Plant food plots, then, maybe just go on to home schooling perm.

I had k thru 12 as a major until I saw how I had no chance of ever making tenure. Back to admin of just us…


in my state, a stupid t**t called the police because she was nervous about someone in a park wearing a pro-2a t-shirt.


This is just the beginning. These new DEMOCOMMUNIST “red flag laws” will be constantly abused by anyone holding a grudge, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, ex-wives, pissed-off neighbors etc..etc. THIS is what the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want. They can’t our guns LEGALLY, they will develop new unconstitutional “laws” to keep trying. This not about GUNS, it is only about CONTROL. GUNS are the ONLY deterrent standing between a TYRANNICAL “government” and the Law abiding citizens.


This is what happens when ignorant Democrats try to illegally control guns in the hands of legal law abiding citizens especially when some liberal idots make unfair accusations. This has always been the fear of of those supporting the 2nd Amendment that the word of foolish liberals would impinge on rights of US citizens. New Jersey has gone bonkers!


This is as good a reason as any to join the NRA of which I am a member. How else could we organize against this kind of stupidity?

Donald L. Cline

How else? Join Gun Owners of America, JPFO, Firearms Policy Coalition, etc. etc. The NRA wants you to ask government for permission to buy a gun at a gun store, and waive your 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th Amendment rights to get that permission. And background checks have never prevented a crime or criminal access to a firearm and were never intended to: Their intent is to sucker you into giving up the above rights in some carefully contrived (by the Leftists) theory that when they are in power, they can declare the 2nd Amendment permission revoked and you… Read more »


Exactly, total ignorance. I have brought that up in conversations with antigun liberals and because of their total indoctrination they just don’t get it. If you bring up hate speech and the 1st amendment you’ll get a raging argument. But when it comes to the 2nd amendment and speech its different of course. In other words its okay to them to trample on the rights that they think is socially immoral. It’s all about the dumbing down of America. Socialism using “feel good” liberalism to advance their agenda and making people feel important by calling them social justice warriors. Americans… Read more »

Grey Ghost

Two minor children overheard by 3rd minor child, insane mother calls school VS calling the DAD = a contingency of police late at night ?? At 22:00 hours I do not care IF you are the police, you are NOT getting inside without a proper legal search warrant period end of. The insane panicked woman need to be taken care of — the Southern way. Dymn Yankees.

daryl bauer

those of you fleeing liberal , over taxed ,anti gun states who are moving south PLEASE leave the ways of your old home state there ! don’t bring your (Yankee ) ideas with you and try to change us into what you fled !! high taxes ! liberal laws ! anti gun ! liberal views ! we in the south will welcome you if you just leave everything / body alone !! We have seen what Yankee liberalism has done to every city / citizen up north and we are not interested !


Daryl, this New York born, i.e., YANKEE, believes in an exegetic approach to interpreting the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights! As Justice Joseph Story, who was appointed to the SCOTUS by Pres. Madison, wrote the right of citizens to bear arms is the palladium of rights. Also, this YANKEE believes in the original tenets of the Republican Party, low taxes, smaller and less intrusive government, individual responsibility, less military adventurism, secure borders, defense of the rights of citizens, and holding government officials at all levels accountable for their actions. I guess that makes me an 18th-19th century CLASSICAL Liberal,… Read more »

Will Colton

Us yanks love our guns too




Now the left is using brown shirt tactics. Democratic socialism, National socialism. National socialism in German is NAZI. The left is following NAZI tactics to the letter. Rudolph Hess and Joseph Goebells said, “Tell the people a lie often enough they will believe it, and the bigger the lie the better they believe it”. So true today by the left. Accusing conservative citizens, Republicans, conservative senators and POTUS, of being Facists, Is the BIG LIE by the left. I am surprised you tube hasn’t shut down this video. I do however hold law enforcement responsible, “just following orders” was the… Read more »


The solution is simple: GET your kids OUT of the gummit skelwz. Then no busybody nannies can overhear such conversations and go on a hissy fit panic rage and call the coppers. I know 13 year old kids who would be sitting about talking about their last day at the rifle range, and making plans for the next one this Thurdsay. Call in part of theyr outdoor, and/or hysical education curriculum. Friend of min’es 14 year old daughter, opening day of deer season, went out with HER OWN rifle and brought back a four point buck for the family freezer.… Read more »


This EXACTLY the kind of thing that happens when we pass laws (or implement policies) that encourage the public to report their”concerns” and expect, or just allow, police to react as though the expressed “concerns” were realistic. When police act “out of an abundance of caution” it just means that they are responding out of fear, and it invariably deprives some people of their civil rights without good cause. This kind of BS will continue, and increase in frequency, as long as we push such policies.


Gestapo tactics, come late at night in full force. They could have just as easily sent someone to the door and talked with the guy first.


Sickening. They’re trying to make the 1st and 2nd amendmentsweapons themselves. Take away our freedoms for their tyranny and control.

State troops that showed up and the liberal moron kid and mother need to be named in a civil suit.
Happy the man stood his ground.


I for the life of me can’t understand why anyone who is a sane person lives in New Jersey.


People are leaving NJ in droves. Tepper, a hedge fund manager and Billionaire left NJ wehen he told them enough is enough. They lost millions in tax receipts from their stupidity. And continue to make the same short sighted decisions which will, in the long run, bring them to their knees quicker. NJ raised the tax rates again on both individuals making over a million and companies making over a certain amount. Dumb meets dumber in NJ politics.


I heard that New Jersey democrats actually proposed levying a tax on people who leave New Jersey…the ones who paid a significant amount of tax. Don’t know if it is true however I could see that happening. Better get out now.

Onofrio Bacigalupo

It’s called an exit tax.


It sounds like the Cottrell’s need to contact a very good 2a lawyer for legal advice of the complete situation
of moving his guns, and entering their home without court orders or warrant’s to see if they have a cut and
dry case against the school, and police dept. If the attorney says yes, then turn him loose at the city’s expense
along with the school boards expense as well for an education they need about state federal, and local laws.

George Shaffer Sr

I had a similar situation years ago in NJ but it involved my at the time daughter in law and my son ,they got into an argument at her mother’s house where they were living and she threw him out, he came to my house to wait for his mother to pick him up and take him to her house, in the meantime dil and her mother go and get the police saying that he had a weapons stash at my home and they were afraid of him, next thing I know I’m being called at work and told that… Read more »


I’m sorry for you and your situation. I’ve never been to NJ, but based on reputation alone I will never even travel through there. I wish you the best of luck in your search for relocation. MN is nice and welcoming and we’re a fairly pro-gun state. There are plenty of protections for CCW holders and most all federally legal firearms and devices are legal here and protected throughout with State preemption laws. MN does require a class for CCW but it’s painless and usually only about $100 for the class and up to $100 for the permit (good for… Read more »


Hey, this is the Communist State Of N.J., and with the Jackwads in Trenton doing all they can to disarm us, I believe this man is damned lucky to not have the guns stolen right then and there.

Roger F. Garner

You can expect nothing less from a Democrat State.


In most cases I support the police, but if they turn into the boot jack thugs of liberals the tide will turn in those states! The police should be VERY careful how that handle themselves or they may find themselves in the same boat the FBI is in now.