Remington Awarded Army Carbine Contract

Remington Carbine
Remington Awarded Army Carbine Contract

Huntsville, AL – -( Remington is pleased to announce the recent award of a contract to supply the US Army with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) 5.56mm Carbines.

This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army on behalf of key international allies.

Remington Chief Executive Officer Anthony Acitelli said of the award: “Remington is proud of our continuing contribution to public safety and our nation’s national security priorities worldwide”

“We look forward to continuing our daily dedication to the design, production, and delivery of the highest quality military and law enforcement products for our public safety officers, warfighters, and allies alike.”

Remington DefenseAbout Remington Arms Company, LLC

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) is America’s leading manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, and related accessories. For over two centuries, its products have been sought after by hunters, shooters, collectors, home and personal defenders, as well as by government users in the US and in more than 55 of our allied countries. Remington products served the US Military in every major conflict from 1816 to the present. Remington currently employs over 2,500 Americans, and operates major facilities in New York, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota and Utah.
More information about the Company can be found at

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When these so called “financial outfits” get into these companies and or buy them out right, forget it, it is done – all they care about is how much GREEN they can make and rob and steal and start producing garbage typical of all of the super high quality products sold in TrashMart all over the U.S. So, so sad and just plum wrong people.


Remington did you ask for Cuomo’s blessing for this Army contract ?

Claude Collins

Obviously whoever made this decision hasn’t seen what leaves the factory from Marlin. My recent aquirement of an 1895 gbl is a perfect example of what leaves the factory. The front sight is not even centered on the barrel. Why does the freedom group allow that to even leave the factory.

Cpl Austin

I have two Remington Model 700 Rifles , a .308 that I have built up, a 300 R.U.M. Long Range and a model 750 30-06 Semi Auto also a Semi Auto 12 guage Shotgun .
All of them are great Firearms and I have enjoyed them a lot.
Congratulations Remington for getting the Army contract.

Cpl Austin

I base my experience on how the Rifle performs for me not on the politics that may be going on with this company or that one.
In all reality firearm manufacturers have done mergers and changes within our Country and ouside of our Country for as long as Firearms Manufacturers have been around.

U.S.A. Veteran
Proud Patriot

steven j ybarra

I guess this rules out the Navajo nation from buying Remington.

Jon Van Dellen

Don’t forget who really owns Remington? Guess would the largest share holders is? Give up? George Soros yep American enemy # 1 now it will be supplying our left wing side supporting Socialest. Sorry ladyys and gentlemen it was almost out ovf business and filling chapter when a huge amount of cash influenced it’s derection. We first thought it would be parted out and sold off to the highest bidder. But Mr evil works in mysterious ways. And why a new caliber is not fourth comming for our troops. That will be for all our enemies of course like Blue… Read more »


No he fucking doesn’t put your tin foil hat on and roll your leak pipe a few times and you’ll feel better

Charles Valenzuela

the “buy” is not for our troops. it is for our allies. read the fucking article, moron


Your post would be more believable if (1) you cited a source / proof, and (2) you could spell and use punctuation.


False. Remington is owned by Cerberus which is run by Steve Feinberg. Feinberg is who Trump tapped to review the US intelligence apparatus.


Would your comment be a run on sentence?

D. Hammock

Note in the announcement above in the very large print:

This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army ON BEHALF OF KEY INTERNATIONAL ALLIES.

I believe that this means the US Army is facilitating the purchase of rifles to be then sold (or supplied) to our
foreign allies – Not to be used by the US Army.


I believe Colt owns the technical data package in perpetuity.
They will get a royalty from whoever makes guns using the TDP.
Which is required for military guns


I believe that Colt still gets some royalty payment even when other companies sell AR type carbines to the government.
Can someone confirm this?


My comment concerned not the sourcing of the contract but the content. The Army just gave congress a study that recommended all armed forces go with a common 6.2mm ammo. Yet they are ordering 5.56mm weapons?

Zed Feral Child

What 6.2 mm caliber cartridge are you speaking about? Did you mean 6mm crm or maybe the, 6.5 crm?


I have read all four of the last comments. Please stop speaking your embarrassing yourself. Not one of you clearly knows anything about free market business corporate governance etc. Remington was given a contract because they have the ability to manufacture on a massive scale and the QAQC is completely left up to the government and their qualifications.


I just read that Congress slapped the hand of the Marine Corps for ordering 5.56mm rifles. Congress wants our armed forces to go to a 6.2mm weapon. Yet Army is gearing up on this 5.56mm? Just WHO is minding the store up on the hill?

Hide Behind

The contract to Remington, which is but part of a larger US owned firearms manufacturing concern, was for “Foreign Allies””, Domestic internal security concerns, and ” US State Dept. Private/ Corporate Contractors” not US military. There is nothing wrong or as inefficient killings by our US Marine spec heavy bullet 5.56 as it and 55 grain rounds as no other round since of WWII has killed and wounded so many, in the millions. For now there are only “porker elected” who are being heavily lobbied by both corporate and corporates owned military brass who are pushing for replacement. Research is… Read more »

Stephen Harrell

Seems that the foxes are guarding the henhouse…


who gives a f what congress-clowns want? paper cuts might the biggest danger most of them face. services should determine what they need, not useless d-suckers in lawyer suits.


Disgusting! Remington should have been allowed to die. That’s how innovation happens.


Remington is an example of the military/industrial complex. The assumption that an American company located within the nations geographic boundary is essential to the nations defense. This is a valid assumption, to insure the means of
production of essential defense components.


Whaaaaaaat? Which allies? I hope it’s not GB, Au, NZ,Ger, or Fr. They are most definitely NOT our allies.

dava golino



I agree on some, but Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain? They’re our best friends in my opinion. Perfect, no, but they stand by us more than anyone else.


At the risk of getting involved in a battle, Maxx is spot on, in regards to some of our friends. That the EU is a shambles, and something that we don’t want a part of goes without saying. But there are many individual countries that are very strong and welcomed allies of the United States. Try to recall the times that the U.S. went into a war, like in Iraq, or Afghanistan. There at times were only a few nations who stood shoulder to shoulder with us, and GB, Australia and New Zealand were among those who supported us, whether… Read more »

VT Patriot

Right on. Rem’s current civilian offerings have suffered from corporate greed, and the quality has decreased in a competitive market. But, the capability to manufacture large quantities of decent arms is still there. When dealing with a very competitive small arms industry, it is a different game. When dealing with the military, the # of real competitors is drastically reduced, and only the strongest and most capable survive. They have the capability to manufacture large quantities of military grade weapons, not required in the day to day ‘a fun day at the range’ shooters.


So they aren’t bankrupt?

Rick Pilgreen

Teach; Of course they’re not “bankrupt”! Never heard of “Limited Liability”? One of the great benefits of Central Banking Fiat “Money”, which isn’t money at all but something that the Corporations have loved from the getgo in 1913, CREDIT!! The Coinage Act of 1792, still on the books, defines the Dollar, defines money and there are neither Dollars nor Money in existence in America, only credit. Worry not about Remington, it still has credit and try to remember, the illusion is only for the people of America!

Wild Bill

@Rick P, Wow, you get a gold star for the day! Step one FDR orders Americans to turn in their gold. The foolish ones do. Step 2 Nixon takes us off the gold standard. The money becomes currency as it is backed by … nothing. Step three the government institutes currency controls, reduces the denominations (so that cash is not convenient), establishes the presumption that if one deals in cash they are a criminal (and have not paid tax on the cash), and passes the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act of 1984 (which gives the federal government the power to seize any… Read more »


So sad but True!


I remember hearing one “Economist” praise Nixon for “demonetizing gold”. My immediate reaction was that Nixon had “de-goldized money”, leaving paper backed by nothing but more paper and promises.

Hide Behind

They are part of an Umbrella group named Freedom Arms.
The group is made up of financial managers.
Every old line Company, Marlin especially, that Remington took over manufacturing of under this umbrella organization has been turned into cheap and cheaper cost cutting junkThat is all but their one precision 308 bolt action sniper.
They do not manufacture the sniper rounds.
There are two (2) Colt firms.