Gun Owners Harassed at Annual Steppin’ Out Event in Blacksburg, Virginia

Virginia Citizens Defense League Troll Kat
Kat came with a poster saying “Guns kill kids” and the poster had a large picture of a dead toddler with a bullet hole in the side of his head. What kind of a person would have such a graphic picture at an event with children in attendance?

Virginia – -( The annual Steppin' Out event in Blacksburg was last Friday and Saturday. Virginia Citizens Defense League had a booth at the event, as we do every year, and it was successful, with many new members signing up and tons of GSL stickers being handed out.

It rained most of the day on Friday, so we were not as busy as usual. No antis came by to insult us and then run away like they usually do.

Saturday was a different story, with the sun out most of the day.

The Accidental Virginia Citizens Defense League Recruiter, Kat, Arrives

Whisked in on a broom at 12 noon sharp, one of the most obnoxious, mean-spirited, angry, and self-righteous persons you would ever hope not to meet showed up. We'll call her Kat. Kat came with a poster saying “Guns kill kids” and the poster had a large picture of a dead toddler with a bullet hole in the side of his head. What kind of a person would have such a graphic picture at an event with children in attendance?

Kat stood right in front of our booth for the rest of the day.

Kat would tell people passing by such outrageous things as:

  • VCDL opposes safe firearms-storage (In reality Virginia Citizens Defense League supported Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn's bills to exempt gun safes from sales tax)
  • Carrying a gun in public is a racist, white-male thing, that would get a black person shot
  • “I hope you never have to identify your kid in a morgue!” (her most popular refrain)

Kat's rude personality and comments so angered people walking by our booth that many people came in and told us something to the effect of, “I didn't want a sticker before, but I want one NOW! Sticker me up!” Many, especially women, would then go to engage Kat in a verbal debate.

Kat was like a human vacuum cleaner, sucking people right into our booth to get GSL stickers, sign up for VA-ALERT, and to join the group!

Thanks, Kat!

Kat's Fake Antics Make Her A Laughing Stock

Kat was obviously looking for a fight. She would shove her camera in people's faces and start badgering them. One woman who had enough of Kat's antics came into our booth to get a sticker and Kat came INTO OUR BOOTH, stuck her camera right into the face of the woman, showed the poster to the woman and said loudly in her smug voice, “Aren't you proud of that sticker?”

The woman replied, “I AM proud of that sticker.” and pushed the camera away so she could leave the booth.

The camera dropped out of Kat's hand and she immediately began screaming at the top of her lungs over, and over, and over, and over again, “I WAS JUST ASSAULTED!” So fake and rehearsed. This is what she was clearly hoping would happen if she pushed enough people.

Most everyone ignored her yelling, but a few booths away a man yelled back, “Oh my gosh, someone get a diaper!” EVERYONE EXPLODED INTO LAUGHTER!

A person at another booth yelled, “We've got earplugs!” I wish I had thought to have earplugs at our booth – we could have sold hundreds of them that day. Darn.

Police Explain To Kat That Harassing People Is Not Covered By The First Amendment

The Blacksburg police showed up a short while later to take a report. I listened to much of what was said. An officer interviewed one of our volunteers who witnessed the entire thing. He then interviewed Kat. Kat was whining about “being assaulted,” but the police officer told her several times that shoving a phone in someone's face and taunting/badgering them is not free speech, but harassment. She said that video recording someone in public was a First Amendment right and the poor officer would patiently explain it to her again. That scenario repeated several times before she finally shut up about her fake victimhood.

Kat Harassed People In The VCDL Booth, Too

Whenever she got tired of standing around alone, Kat would yell a question into our booth in her most obnoxious voice. We ignored her, so she just kept repeating the same question over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. No, Kat is NOT a ten-year-old. She's a fully grown, 40-year-old with 2 children.

Dave Hicks, who was volunteering at the Virginia Citizens Defense League booth, did get Kat to admit that she wants to see police disarmed. No surprises there.

Some Audio

For your listening pleasure, here is an audio gem featuring Kat in her best screechy voice – “I was just Assaulted!”

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 25 thoughts on “Gun Owners Harassed at Annual Steppin’ Out Event in Blacksburg, Virginia

    1. I’ve been a member of VCDL on and off for a while. I usually donate at the local gun shows, but last time I asked for a membership. II still drop off $10 at each gun show to support their efforts. This idiot buys all the crap from the anti-gun crowd. Need to ask her if there are bad people in the world who if not kept in check would do harm to citizens? How do you think we should keep them from destroying our civilization and our rule of law?????:

    2. Saw this somewhere else and the question was asked, where did she get the photo, did she have permission to have it, and do the parents/guardian of the baby in said photo know she has it?

    3. If that had been a trappers roundup, she’d have been sprayed with a bit of skunk piss.
      That makes them leave in a hurry.

    4. How could I buy a membership in “Kat’s” name? If everyone who could bought a membership in “Kat’s” name you could then show her the number of memberships she has generated for your organization, that should make her day and help VCDL in the process! Anybody else interested? It would just be a cruel joke I know but that voice deserves it! :–)

    5. she would be the first one to scream armed police to come to her aid when her home is being broken into or she was being mugged. As for abortion, she would say that is her rite as a woman

    6. Can you imagine her poor husband, having to listen to this BS daily? Or he’s a male version of poor lil kitty kat. In that case, they deserve each other, and they saved 2 other people.

    7. Of course acting alike a screaming toddler with attention issues is going to want to make people get on your side. How’s that working Kat? Loved the diaper comment!

      1. @Mark, I concur, and thank God that she is an uncivilized, discourteous, and obvious loser. She makes her own ideas, and any group that she belongs to look uncivil and ill-mannered, too! Be sure to vote in November. Kat will be.

    8. Catherine Koebel Stromberg of “The Great American Gun Melt”. Same Leftist activist who harassed NRA’s Chris Cox and his family in April, 2018.

      Clearly, she’s down with the Maxine Water’s school of public engagement.

      1. You should always use ‘Maxi Pad Waters’ full name.

        Even the internet will show her if you search on ‘Maxi Pad Waters.’

    9. Somebody needs to show these obnoxious self improvised Commie shouting interfering Domestic terroristsWhat it means to get a good old country ass whipping

      1. These people don’t care about abortion, these type of people are the true racist, black kill more black then whites kill black.

      1. Behavior like this has set the image of woman back to the stone age… I guess all the Muslim and Sharia garbage that they advocate should go well with their mindlessness.

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