Help Confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners Endorses Brett Kavanaugh
Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners Endorses Brett Kavanaugh

MICHIGAN – -( The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO) is calling on Michigan concealed pistol license holders and legal gun owners to sign our petition calling on Michigan Senators Stabenow and Peters to reverse their earlier public statements and confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. This is part of an effort with our allied state firearms organizations across the country to put pressure on the United States Senate in advance of the September confirmation hearings.

President Trump has nominated D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat. Kavanaugh, one of Kennedy’s former clerks, is a Yale Law graduate and a dedicated defender of the Constitution. Kavanaugh is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Judge Kavanaugh has applied the Supreme Court’s holding in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) that -while “traditional and common gun laws in the United States remain constitutionally permissible” -the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.

Judge Kavanaugh dissented in Heller II (2011)-the follow-on Heller case in the D.C. Circuit- from a majority opinion upholding both D.C.’s ban on semi-automatic rifles and its broad gun registration requirement.

Although Judge Kavanaugh recognized the “longstanding problem of gun violence in the District of Columbia,” he did not believe that these restrictions were a constitutionally permissible solution under Heller.

He began his dissent by noting the court’s limited role: “As a lower court … it is not our role to re-litigate Heller or to bend it in any particular direction. Our sole job is to faithfully apply Heller and the approach it set forth for analyzing gun bans and regulations.

Because the Supreme Court’s approach in Heller focused on “text, history, and tradition,” Judge Kavanaugh’s dissent did too.

Because semi-automatic rifles have not traditionally been banned and are in common use by law-abiding citizens today, Judge Kavanaugh indicated that he would have held them to be protected under Heller’s test.

Similarly, because D.C.’s registration requirement for all guns was not traditional (and was, in fact, highly unusual), Judge Kavanaugh’s dissent explained that it also failed Heller’s test.

Judge Kavanaugh’s dissent is an excellent example of faithful adherence to the Constitution and to Supreme Court precedent. It is exactly the sort of conscientious approach Americans should be able to expect from all federal judges.

Please sign the petition HERE.

Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun OwnersAbout Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners

The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Formed from just eight people in 1996, we now have thousands of members and numerous affiliated clubs across the state. We’re growing larger and more effective every day.

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Charles Peter Fountas

Confirm Judge Kavanaugh

Wild Bill

Kavanaugh is no bueno.


@WB: I’ve said the same about Trump on the 2A with Bumpstocks/Accessory Bans and the ERPO/GVRO that many in the GOP supported. But we cannot always get want we want. All-in-all, we are imperfect beings. So there will never be the perfect person for any job for every or any person’s specific interests. I do understand your concerns as I am about him on the 4A vs. nat’l sec. That being said we must always remember that there will be exceptions to every rule but I believe such things should be done as necessary on a case by case basis… Read more »


His views on guns rights are over shadowed by his views on due process. As I understand it, he feels it’s okay to suspend the 4th amendment if it involves national security.
I can’t help but think that if you ignore the 4th than how about the first, or the 2nd, depending on circumstances?

Roger Buggle

Good men with the Proper Intentions as is Judge Kavanaugh should be welcomed into the Supreme Court! POTUS selection is spot on!


Kavanaugh also believes the president should be restricted by criminal investigations – this is the main reason he is up for office. though he will have to recuse himself when trump is subpoened.

Wild Bill

Not so fast. Do we really want Kavanaugh? Is this a support Trump thing or is Kavanaugh really pro-firearms Civil Rights? Here are Kavanaugh’s own words: ” Moreover, semiautomatic handguns are used in connection with violent crimes far more than semi-automatic rifles are. It follows from Heller’s protection of semi-automatic handguns that semi-automatic rifles are also constitutionally protected and that D.C.’s ban on them is unconstitutional. (By contrast, fully automatic weapons, also known as machine guns, have traditionally been banned and may continue to be banned after Heller.)” So is it Kavanaugh’s judicial view that if a particular kind or… Read more »


I’ve done my part… + shared the petition link.